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10 Million Dollar Marketing Secrets – Dan Kennedy


Discover the ten secrets Dan Kennedy has not only used to personally build his legendary status, but that Dan has also taught his personal coaching clients over the years.


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10 Million Dollar Marketing Secrets – Dan Kennedy

Dan S. Kennedy exposes the “Ten” Million Dollar Marketing Secrets extracted from his work consulting with over 250 first-generation millionaires and multi-millionaires with 7-figure annual incomes his clients have used to make a fortune.Discover the ten secrets Dan Kennedy has not only used to personally build his legendary status, but that Dan has also taught his personal coaching clients over the years. Use the same information that has made Dan and his coaching clients Millionaires and Multi-Millionaires to start generating exceptional results, perhaps even transforming you into the next Millionaire. Considered to be his most revealing seminar on insanely fast business transformation ever presented, this is GUARANTEED to reveal things you are NOT doing that you should be.

  • Bust Through Barriers Into The Money-Making Stratosphere
  • Become Top Dog In Your Industry, Niche Or Marketplace
  • Gain The Ultimate Competitive Advantage


Ten $1,000,000 Dollar Secrets

Skyrocket income and multiply earnings whilst you find out what your commercial enterprise may also unknowingly be doing wrong, why the manner you’re coming near commercial enterprise is precisely what maintains you from succeeding, how to show even a failing commercial enterprise right into a worthwhile one, a way to double, triple and quadruple the energy and effects of your advertising, a way to get better the earnings you’re leaving at the table, a way to emerge as absolutely extraordinary, and lots more.

The EXACT Strategies Used By Dan and his First Generation Millionaires

Find out the unique techniques Dan has taught his customers that quadruple prices at the same time as preserving customers covered up out the door, permit you to rate 9 instances as plenty as competition and keep an aggressive advantage. Includes the approach that has helped customers make extra money than something else Dan has done.

31 Full Stories From Entrepreneurs At The Top of Their Industries

Learn from those who have gone against the grain and busted through barriers to stand alone as the TOP DOGS in their respective industry, niche, or marketplace. Hear the full stories from 31 entrepreneurs who share how they are breaking the mold, charging much higher fees than competitors & still excelling to the top.

Transcription Manual and Presentation Materials

Quickly refer back to Dan’s most important points with two manuals—one containing a full transcription and a second with ALL of his presentation materials.

Professional Recordings of Dan’s “Ten” Million Dollar Secrets Presentation

Become “Millionaire-Maker” Dan Kennedy’s next success story by listening to his content-rich 127 minute presentation that will help you transform your business or sales career. Includes 2 Audio CD’s.

Who Is It For?

Designed to produce BIG financial results, this is for any entrepreneur, business owner or salesperson who wants:

  • To learn, internalize and apply ten key concepts and behaviors that will produce bigger financial rewards, allow you to become Top Dog and Top Earner in your industry.
  • A detailed answer to the Burning Question: How does Dan do it? How is it that everything Dan, his private clients, and Members of his coaching group touch turns to gold?

What Do I Get?

Become “Millionaire-Maker” Dan Kennedy’s subsequent achievement tale via way of means of paying attention to his content-wealthy 127 minutes presentation to help you rework your enterprise or income career. Plus you’ll be capable of fast refer returned to Dan’s maximum essential factors with manuals—one containing a complete transcription and a 2d with ALL of his presentation materials. Includes:

  • Dan’s presentation on 2 audio CDs
  • Presentation Materials manual
  • Transcription manual

Duration (How long does it take to complete.) This course contains over 2 hours of information-packed content.

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