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Advance Your Cultural Competency in the Clinical Setting -DSM-5® Guidelines, Ethical Standards and Multicultural Awareness – Jose F. Vasquez




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Languages: English; Combined file size: 6 Hours 17 Minutes; Included files: (Audio and Video)

Jose F. Vasquez
6 Hours 17 Minutes
Audio and Video
Mar 26, 2014


  • DSM-5® cultural formulation and cultural genogram
  • 6 Hours of Ethics
  • Tools to build rapport with diverse clients

The DSM-5® has changed the cultural criteria in both assessment and treatment of mental health. Integrating these new approaches is essential to ethical and competent practice. Watch this seminar with expert Dr. Jose Vasquez, and you will learn how to incorporate the new DSM-5® criteria and adapt evidence-based models in a culturally sensitive context. By identifying cultural influences and breaking down stereotypes and biases, you can build a stronger rapport with your diverse clients and achieve better therapeutic outcomes.

You will develop the skills to:

  • Navigate through language barriers
  • Overcome religious and cultural issues in mental health
  • Adapt treatment for specific groups
  • Identify cultural trauma and psychosomatic distress
  • Promote resiliency in your clients

Using case examples, exercises, and plenty of humor, Dr. Vasquez will help deepen your cultural mindfulness in the clinical setting. You will leave feeling confident dealing with diverse clients and better equipped to overcome the challenging demands of cultural competence.


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DSM- 5®: New Guidelines for the Integration of Cultural Competencies

  • Cross-cultural variations in presentations
  • Cultural concepts of distress
  • Assessments and diagnostic protocols
  • DSM-5® cultural formulation
  • Cultural factors influencing clients’ perspectives of their symptoms and treatment options
  • Cultural genogram with families

Culture and Ethnicity in the United States

  • Populations: African American, Euro-American, Asian, American Indian/Alaskan Native/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders; Hispanic/Latino
  • Multi-ethnic families: diversity within diversity
  • Complexity of identity within groups; subcategories of larger communities
  • Multi-ethnic identity; gender and ethnic identity
  • Trends in locale specific migration patterns, variation and mental health needs

Cultural Competencies in Mental Health

  • Mindfulness-based approach to cultural competence
  • Acknowledge cultural differences: terms of reference, racism, stereotypes
  • Understand your own culture(s) and ethnic influences
  • The Fabric of rapport
    • Make cultural connections
    • Acquire knowledge & skills
    • View behavior within a cultural context

Ethics, Competence & Professional Practice Issues

  • Ethical standards for culturally competent practice
  • Strategies for responding to the spectrum of professional practice and boundaries
  • Micro-aggressions in everyday life and the clinical setting

Language and Religious Considerations

  • Work with limited English proficiency and bi/multilingual clients
  • Make the most of translation services
  • Intersection of religion and culture
  • Religious experience, counseling and mental health

Interventions and Therapeutic Concerns Across Cultures

  • Engaging identities; transference and counter transference issues
  • Medications; use and belief systems
  • Tips for working with traditional practitioners & natural healers
  • Guidelines for working with specific groups
  • Innovative group therapies
  • Culture-based positive psychology & resilience strategies
  • Historical trauma and grief assessment
  • Integrate cultural interventions into substance abuse programs
  • Modify evidence- based practices & identify best practices
  • Case studies and examples


Jose F. Vasquez, Ph.D., Psy.D., LMHC's Profile

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Healthy Options Enterprises, LLC

Jose F. Vasquez, Ph.D., Psy.D., LMHC , maintains a private practice in West Olympia and Tacoma, Washington. Dr. Vasquez has provided mental health services to families of all races and cultural background for the last 20 years. He is committed to delivering high-quality mental health and crime victim services to those who need help regardless of cultural background, ethnicity, religious belief, or social status.

Dr. Vasquez earned his doctorate degree in psychology from California Southern University, his Ph.D. in human services from Capella University and a Master’s degree in marriage, family and child therapy from the Phillips Graduate Institute in Chatsworth, California. In addition, Dr. Vasquez has presented at national conferences and to general audiences on the topics of juvenile delinquency, cross-cultural issues for mental health clinicians, sexual assault and traumatic brain injury (TBI), and minority counseling issues. He is also a contracted cross-cultural issues trainer for the University of WA.

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