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Anxiety, ADHD and Anger in the Classroom -60 Activity-Based Coping Skills to Effectively Manage “Big Feelings” – Janine Halloran



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Janine Halloran
5 Hours 43 Minutes
Audio and Video
Apr 20, 2018


Managing the emotional climate of your classroom is crucial to learning. When children are struggling to manage anxiety, ADHD and anger, they can’t focus on the academic tasks expected of them in a classroom setting. By teaching kids simple, healthy and safe ways to express their emotions and calm their bodies, they will be better able to concentrate on their work during the school day. The positive impact healthy coping skills will have on a child’s academic performance is truly transformational.

In this seminar, we’ll learn how coping skills impact a student’s nervous system, and how to use that knowledge to help kids calm their bodies and get ready to learn. Join coping skills expert and experienced school counselor Janine Halloran, LMHC as she shows you coping skills and techniques ideal for a classroom.

  • Walk away with a coping skills toolbox
  • Deep breathing printables
  • Check in sheets
  • ”Anxiety thermometer”
  • Relaxation exercises
  • ”What’s your play personality?”
  • And many more

Be prepared for experiential learning and movement as we try different coping skills like grounding techniques, breathing exercises, and big body movements throughout the workshop.



Coping Skills Overview

  • The autonomic nervous system & coping skills
  • 4 types of coping skills: calming, physical, distraction and processing
  • Coping skills checklist to identify current skills and strengths
  • Preventative interventions

Skills and Strategies: Interactive Exercises
Deep Breathing – Beyond “Taking a Deep Breath”

  • Props – pinwheels, bubbles, stuffed animals, Hoberman sphere
  • Words – to encourage deep breaths, “smell the soup, cool down the soup”, etc.
  • Shapes – star breathing, lazy 8 breathing, square breathing, triangle breathing
  • Your Body – your hand, whole body movement

Coping Skills for Anxiety/Stress

  • Mindfulness Practice – one mindful minute, spiderman mindfulness, audio and visual mindfulness scripts, Grounding Techniques – 54321 grounding, alphabet grounding
  • Identifying and taming anxiety – take-home worksheets to help identify anxiety, including a thermometer for anxiety worksheet, “sources of stress” worksheet

Coping Skills for ADHD

  • Plan movement and sensory breaks
  • The importance of play, hobbies, and having fun: calming jars, fidgets, sand trays, zen gardens
  • Coping skills for stress
  • Manage stressful times – the importance of play, hobbies, and having fun
  • Sensory Ideas – calming jars, fidgets, sand trays, zen gardens

Coping Skills for Anger/Frustration

  • Small physical movement activities to manage frustration – squeezing play dough, scribble drawing, bubble wrap, ripping paper
  • Big physical movement activities to manage anger – jumping jacks, running, wall push ups, obstacle courses, yoga
  • Processing anger – comic strip processing, what I can control vs. what I can’t control worksheet

Practical Implementation Ideas for the Classroom or Office

  • Make a coping skills toolkit for your room – fidgets, coping skills cue cards and other visuals to help, include distraction coping skills like word searches, hidden pictures. etc
  • Creating a calm down spot/calm down room – identify a good spot, create an area that is peaceful and relaxing, include the coping skills toolkit
  • Practice your own coping skills – mindfulness and self-care worksheet



Janine Halloran, LMHC's Profile

Janine Halloran, LMHC Related seminars and products: 6

Janine Halloran, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 17 years of experience working with children, teens and their families. She is the founder and CEO of Coping Skills for Kids, where she creates and curates tools & resources to help adults teach kids healthy ways to deal with stress, anxiety and anger. She is the author of the Coping Skills for Kids Workbook: Over 75 Coping Strategies to Help Kids Deal with Stress, Anxiety and Anger (PESI, 2018) and Social Skills for Kids: Over 75 Fun Games & Activities for Building Better Relationships, Problem Solving & Improving Communication (PESI, 2018). She is an NBC Parent Toolkit Expert and has written articles featured on their blog. In addition, she has written for several other publications, including Hey Sigmund, Confident Families Confident Kids and Bay State Parent Magazine. She’s worked in a variety of settings, including schools, residential programs and outpatient mental health facilities. She is in private practice and offers consultation.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Janine Halloran is in private practice. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Janine Halloran has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.

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