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Arcturian Parallel Worlds Intensive mp3s – Gene Ang


In this recording of a one day intensive we will be exploring both intellectually as well as experientially the concept of parallel worlds and parallel lives

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In this recording of a one day intensive we will be exploring both intellectually as well as experientially the concept of parallel worlds and parallel lives. This is a transmission based class with an attunement to a healing frequency based on the Arcturian Healing Method. No prior experience or courses are necessary to attend. Participants will be attuned to the Arcturian Parallel Worlds Healing Frequency by the end of the training.

The inspiration for this course came from a profound experience Gene had last year after a talk from the founder of Biogeometry, Dr Ibrihim Karim. Dr. Karim mentioned the existence of alternate universes that he had experienced and explored with his methodology. That evening Gene had a lucid dream in which he experienced an alternate universe which was shaped much like a torus of light. It came so close to when Dr. Karim gave his talk that it was as if a transfer of information occurred through resonance from Dr. Karim’s experience to Gene’s lucid dream experience. This lucid dream experience was an experiential confirmation that indeed these parallel universes exist on some dimensional plane in addition to our physical universe.

Based on this synchronicity and other experiences, Gene has decided to work with the Arcturians to make these parallel worlds or universes more understandable and also accessible to as many people as possible. This one day intensive is open to both on-line as well as in-person attendance. We will be creating another Galactic Grid by connecting into a larger universal energy field and group pillar. Previous hybrid events with both on-line and in-person attendance have been powerful.

The course is separated into two segments running from 10 AM ET to 12:30 PM ET and another segment running from 2 PM ET to 4:30 PM ET. In each segment we will be roughly covering the following material.

10 AM ET to 11 AM ET-a deep dive into the what Parallel Worlds means and why understanding this concept expands our worldview and our spiritual path

11 AM ET to Noon ET-a deep transmission of 45 minutes called the Arcturian Parallel Worlds Transmission #01. This transmission as well as the second one in the afternoon will attune participants to the Arcturian Parallel Worlds Healing Frequency. This healing frequency allows not only access to parallel timelines but also information from parallel worlds where we do not exist simultaneously, Pure Lands that are awakened in nature, and a place referred to as the Fields of Peace. The Fields of Peace is a dimension very close to the Earth Plane where ascended masters, spiritual initiates, and spiritual lineages are located and are helping humanity more directly. In essence this more ideal dimension is a template for which our physical dimension is aspiring to manifest in the future.

Noon ET to 2 PM ET-Lunch Break to Integrate

2 PM ET to 3 PM ET-a second deep dive of 45 minutes with the follow-up Arcturian Parallel Worlds Transmission #02.

3 PM ET to 4 PM ET-healing exchanges utilizing the Arcturian Parallel Worlds Healing Frequency. These can be partner healings as well as self-healing. The healing exchanges will help participants see how they can utilize this unique frequency to help others as well as directly access these parallel worlds for rapid spiritual development and understanding.

4 PM ET to 4:30 PM ET-Conclusion on what Parallel Worlds means moving forward and how to work with Higher Beings, Inter-dimensional Beings, and the Arcturians to help accelerate the spiritual evolution occurring on the planet.

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