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Awakening The Atlantean Heart with Poseidon & the Whale Consciousness – Dragon Wisdom School


In this workshop Poseidon is going to work with you to reawaken the Atlantean heart codes within. These were shut down at the end of Golden Atlantis as the consciousness of humanity started to drop.



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Alphedia Arara invitations you to enroll in her, the God of the Oceans Poseidon, and the Whales as they provide to rouse your Atlantean coronary heart. This is a Full Moon rite for the Scorpio Moon in Taurus. The complete moon happens at 4.31am BST. This is a awesome moon because of this that that the recuperation may be amplified and at 9.01pm BST Pluto actions into retrograde. This is a completely strong day for change.

Scorpio is the signal of deep feelings and the ocean is the consultant emotional frame of the Earth.

In this workshop Poseidon goes to paintings with you to reawaken the Atlantean coronary heart codes within. These had been close down on the quit of Golden Atlantis because the recognition of humanity began out to drop.

Now we on earth have the opportunity to reclaim, to reawaken, the Atlantean heart.

It was during the epoch of Atlantis that humanity gained cognitive ability but that has now led to an imbalance where heart based intuitive living and decision making has been lost.

The whales are known as the Melchezideks of the ocean. They are the anchors of the earth grid. They are the stabilisers and they are the wisdom keepers. They have been holding within the whale matrix grid of the planet the Atlantean heart codes safe within. They will bring forward their healing guidance and support to download into your matrix that which they have been carrying for Earth all this time.

This will be a powerfully advanced transmission for those who were on earth at the height of Golden Atlantis and for those who have come in as star seeds to carry this new way of being, humanity requires now to make this inner shift.

This inner shift into the awakened heart where peace, joy, and compassion resides.

You will receive powerful healing to allow you to look at what lower frequencies are still held within your heart matrix the Scorpio Moon supporting you to delve into the depths of your emotions. Some of you may have been feeling like you have been processing and releasing emotionally for a long time and this is the moon that will truly bring forward the seismic shift and change within your matrix. Many on Earth are unaware that their hearts are shut down. Are unaware that they are not living in true heart based oneness.

You are being asked now if you are ready to live this life of unity, if you are ready to be a pioneer in supporting the Whales and their great work for the Earth and in supporting humanity as it makes this seismic inner shift into heart centred conscious living going forth.

As always, Alphedia Arara will channel live from the consciousness and deity.

  • You will be led on a beautiful guided tuning in meditation to connect with the Super Moon and to set your own personal intentions for healing.
  • You will experience a self realisation exercise where Poseidon and the Whales will help you to realise what is still causing separation in the heart for you from unity consciousness living.
  • You will receive an Ascension Sphere attunement with Poseidon prior to this to help you regain your knowledge and then you will receive a Whale Consciousness Matrix attunement to remember your work with the whales in the past.
  • You will also receive deep healing from the whales and on your Whale Matrix Chakra which is located beneath your Earth Star Chakra. This will be activated and reopened fully for you.
  • You will then be led on the beautiful Full Moon transmission healing supported through Alphedia Arara’s channelling, light language transmission, and sound healing experience.

This will be a beautiful opportunity for you to truly honour yourself, to truly honour the deep seismic inner emotional shifts that have to occur for humanity going forward and to aid you in grounding fully into this new heart centred way of being.

The whole workshop ceremony will be completed with a healing from Rosina, Alphedia’s grade A Rhodochrosite crystal skull.

Crystal skulls of course materialised into physical form during the Atlantean Epoch and are here to assist us as humanity moves forward.

Channelled Message from Poseidon:

“Greetings, greetings, I am known as Poseidon, God of the ocean. I was one of the souls present in the Atlantean Epoch. In fact, the Great Temple of Poseidon in Atlantis resides deep on the ocean floor now on Earth and I have come forward to take you to the Temple of Poseidon. Deep within, this sacred space is still energetically holding the Matrix Grid of the Atlantean Heart. This temple was the Heart of Atlantis and again it is ready to reactivate on Earth.The Whales have been the guardians of this energetic portal and now the portal is ready to reawaken in this Scorpio Super Moon time. Not only am I calling forward the great Atlantean souls, I am calling forward the Star Seeds who are here on Earth to support humanity’s evolution on Earth, to assist with the great awakening in this Aquarian Age. We are calling you forward not only to awaken the Atlantean Heart within but within all of Earth so that all living beings are able to benefit from the reawakening of the Temple of Poseidon once again.

This has been waiting until the ley line activations have occurred and more activations with the New Earth Dragons will proceed this Full Moon Portal. The New Earth dragons have been working with us for many of the vast ley lines reside under the ocean.So as well as receiving personal healing, you will be fulfilling part of your mission as awakened souls, to help bring not only the balance of residing within the heart, but to remind humanity that this is the place to exist, to be from. But also to assist the animals, the whales and marine life, the birds, the reptiles, the trees and the plants.You are all unified in your oneness on Earth, Adoni.

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