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Dirty Talk Mastery – Charles Black


And Only Open It Again During Sex After You Discover The Secret Language ?That Bypasses The Rational Mind Of Any Woman And Directly Talks To Her Inner Animal Instincts


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And Only Open It Again During Sex After You Discover The Secret Language ?That Bypasses The Rational Mind Of Any Woman And Directly Talks To Her “Inner Animal” Instincts

*Regardless of her age, marital status, or upbringing

BECAUSE if you don’t know what you are saying or how you are saying it during sex…you are doomed to failure.(You’ll be slapped, dumped, or worse… she’ll laugh in your face)

But IF you get it right…?(and on this page, I’ll show you how to QUICKLY and EASILY master this “secret language”)

…then she’ll be waiting for you in a sexy school uniform… insisting YOU be her private teacher for this “secret language” class that is IRRESISTIBLE to her ears!

From the desk of world renowned sexcoach Charles Black:

Sitting in front of me in a doggie position…

Making a “perfect curve” with her back…

Featuring her round, cellulite-free ass…

Her “body language” was so inviting, it’s like her ass came alive and seductively shouted at me:

– “Come here, I’m yours!”

And if you think, that is the “secret language” I mentioned before…

…nothing could be further from the truth!

Her body language was VERY seductive…

…but, by that time, I had seen a lot of perfect bodies in all forms, sizes and colours… all with pretty appealing body language.

What made this woman (Let’s call her “Hotchick” for the purposes of anonymity) unique and “unforgettable” to this day, was the way she started talking to me…

…while I was penetrating her in that same doggie position.

– “Don’t you want to slap my ass harder, Charles?” she said.

This was my first introduction to “Hotchick’s” private “secret language” class.

As you may discover a bit later on this page, Hotchick made a very smooth transition to her first sentence — thanks to the “softener words” she had used.

Without saying a word, I slapped her ass harder.

– “Now, that is better!” she said, right after she moaned as a result of my hard slap.

I didn’t know it at the time, but months later I discovered that this was another “trick” she used on me (in fact, two different psychological techniques) to make me do more of what she wants me to do.

Her plan was working perfectly.

And I was naively thinking that I was the one getting all the benefits…

…While She Was Turning Me Into Her Sex Toy!

(And, in her defence, who would be a better candidate for her as a male sex toy — with all the bedroom skills that I have?)

That is right!

She was turning me into her sex toy… using only a few words and some primal sounds.

The words on this page can’t do justice to Hotchick’s unique ability to seduce me with her moans, groans, words, and stories… but she was a MASTER of dirty talk!

Still the best female dirty talker I’ve ever seen to this day.

And I hate to admit this…

But at that time, my understanding of “dirty talk” was limited to saying a few vulgar things during sex.

She gave me a new definition for dirty talk.

That is why I like to use the phrase “secret language” more often than the commonly misused and misunderstood “dirty talk” term. (But from here on, for lack of a better term, I’m going to use both interchangeably).

Hotchick was so good at talking dirty during sex…

…in pursuit of turning me into her sex toy, she started teaching me more and more.

But I Was Determined To Turn The Tables…

So I started observing and noting Hotchick’s words and commands…

Reading on the topic (and I hate to tell you this, but there is a lot of crap out there!)

Interviewing my network of friends (including porn stars and top dating coaches…)

And most importantly, putting what I had been learning about this “secret language” to the test, on other girls that I was sleeping with.

The results were astonishing!

Using this “secret language” system I was able to awaken the inner slut of any and every woman — easier than ever before!

This was like learning a new language (like Russian) and getting access to a totally new breed of women… in terms of how they look and behave in bed.

In fact, this “secret language” was better than learning a new language…

…because when done right, it bypasses the logical brain of any woman and directly talks to her “inner animal” instincts… and opens new doors in her mind to turn your fantasies into reality.


There Is One Downside…

This secret language, which I’ll call “dirty talk” from now on… …has a unique set of rules, principles, and techniques. For example, I’ve created these three mottos to represent the three most important rules for dirty talk.

  • If you’re not a mute, don’t act like one.
  • There are levels to this shit.
  • Speaking French, does not make you French.

I know, they are somewhat cryptic, but they will become crystal clear once you start to understand the principles and secrets behind them. These secrets and principles are important…

…because, opening your mouth in bed WITHOUT knowing them will create disastrous results.

You’ll be slapped, dumped, or worse… get accused of verbally raping her!

But IF you get these SECRETS right… she’ll be waiting for you in a sexy school uniform… insisting YOU be her private teacher for this “secret language” class that is IRRESISTIBLE to her ears!

“How Can I Get My Hands On These Secrets Now?”

One way to get your hands on these secrets would be to get “one-on-one coaching” from me. But right now… you CAN’T do that. I don’t offer one-on-one coaching anymore. Why? Because I have amazing places to go… beautiful photos to take… poker tournaments to win… gorgeous women to fuck… good friends to hang out with… and a dozen other hobbies that I’m passionate abou In other words… I have a LIFE. (And here’s some unsolicited life advice for you: If you don’t have a life, close this page, shut your computer or smartphone down… and, go get a life! If you don’t have real-life women in your life (inflatable ones don’t count!) do NOT chase after these secrets… they won’t do you any good). And I never liked that one-on-one coaching thing to be a part of life… …that’s why I haven’t coached for a few years now. But I have a new hobby that I’m VERY passionate about… …and it’s writing stuff! That’s why I send you an email every single day, and I post blog posts several times a week… …and I write *books* whenever I see an opportunity to share my genius and marvellous writing skills. Recently, I put the finishing touches on my second book… …and you don’t need to be a genius to figure out that it’s on “Dirty Talking.”


“Dirty Talk Mastery”

The Only Book You Need BEFORE You Open Your Mouth In Bed


Let me be upfront with you: I wrote this book for my own selfish needs… which, to my amusement, happen to be serving your greedy heart too. As a result, this is a “no holds barred” book on the subject of dirty talking. And a fair warning:

This book will give you great power over women.

And like all powers, they can be used for good or evil. And frankly… I don’t give a fuck.

Do whatever you want with it, including:

Think of your darkest, kinkiest and most fucked up fantasy you’d like to play out with a woman.

  • How would you feel if she did?
  • How would you feel if she’d BEG for it?
  • Sounds good?

Well, in this book you’ll learn exactly how to brainwash her so she will do this with you – and she’ll even enjoy it.

I give you ready-to-use lines to say in bed. You’ll use those lines to get her into new sexual experiments and you’ll use them to awaken her submissive (or if you’d like, dominant) side.

You will even use those lines to make her cum on command. Sex will be more exciting, and she will behave like your submissive little slut (even if she is the most ‘innocent’ girl on the planet right now).

And if you want her to not only behave like your personal sexslave, but you also want her to scream this out at the top of her lungs… then this book is for you.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Dirty Talk Mastery:


  • More than 363 proven and field-tested dirty talk phrases that you can literally “steal” from me and use as YOUR OWN. (In fact, if you plan to use any words or phrases that are NOT listed in this book, be prepared to experience “hell” in your bedroom — because it’s very easy to offend a woman the second you move away from my time-tested list. Cling to it like a leech!)
  • The #1 principle of dirty talk. (Get this: It is not a “technique” you can use on a woman. No, not at all! This is a solid principle that requires you to have a strong attitude). Master this, and any woman’s dirty self will slowly reveal itself to you… regardless of her age, upbringing, or marital status!
  • How women watch porn? And why having this “rare insight” about women is super important for you to understand one of the most potent “stimulants” of female brain? (Hint: Women don’t *watch* porn. See page 9 to learn what they do instead).
  • Plus… how to stimulate that section of female brain… WITHOUT ever touching her… or without saying a single word? (Yet it will change your sex life for the better!)
  • “Six Stages of Sexual Awareness” — an astonishing “guidance” model that I created which lets you “pinpoint” the EXACT words, phrases, and fantasies that you can safely use with your partner. (Once you know about it you’ve just increased your ability to use the right dirty talking sentence or fantasy by 600%… without ANY risk of offending her!)
  • The dumbest mistake most men make while they are “moaning” in bed — and how to avoid it using one simple technique. (See page 11).
  • Why is it totally okay to suck at dirty talking when you first try it? And how to navigate out of the suckiness land QUICKLY? (Warning: It’s NOT what you think. Nike commercials have been misleading you from the get-go).
  • One sentence you should never – EVER – say to a woman during sex. (In fact using just two words from this “disastrous” sentence is enough to ensure you’ll never see her pretty face ever again).
  • WARNING: Your woman will always fantasize about other *new* men no matter what — regardless of how good-looking you are or how much of a sex god you might be. Check page 94 to learn how to use her natural instinct to seek novelty to your advantage.
  • How to be the kind of man that has the powers to help any woman to “escape” from her day-to-day struggles of life, and open the doors to her dirtiest, deepest, darkest and sometimes even perverted fantasies? (Very advanced stuff!)
  • ?How to use words and simple language patterns to unleash your woman’s deepest, darkest sexual desires… and awaken her “inner slut” — even if at the moment she thinks “BJ” stands for Ben & Jerry’s.
  • 19 lines to subtly introduce Dirty Talk into the bedroom without her feeling uncomfortable (when you have no experience with talking dirty these lines are crucial).
  • The secret word that makes the most decent, nice girls BEG to be called a slut or whore.
  • How to tap directly into her primal urges with just a simple change in your tone of voice. Use it correctly and she will get the uncontrollable urge to obey your voice.
  • The single most important technique you can use to improve the way you talk and to develop your masculine voice — even, and especially, when you’re having sex — it’s so easy, yet ILLEGAL to do in almost all countries! (Don’t worry, I’ll also show you how to eliminate the risk of getting caught and avoid going into jail for using it!)
  • 37 Best dirty talk sentences for beginners. You can NEVER fail with these (they’re the result of years of shameful and painful mistakes).
  • Stunning HARD CORE dirty talk sentences that bring your bedroom game to the next level… and bring her up to levels of ecstasy she didn’t know existed… You won’t believe your eyes.
  • What to say to a woman BEFORE she comes and AFTER she comes. The difference between these 2 situations is HUGE and if you’re aspiring to become a great lover, this is essential to understand.
  • The 5-star hotel trick to make her fall madly in love with you after sex. (Not what you think it is).
  • ?You’ll consider yourself a “masterful lover” when you can give her multiple, spine-tingling, “explosive” orgasms, right? Wrong! It’s the other way around. (Page 4 shows you the ultimate Litmus test that is the *pinnacle* of sexual powers).
  • When “hating yourself” is actually better than “embracing yourself” despite all the “garbage” self-help advice out there that tells you to love yourself as you are? (There is a time and place for that shit, but NOT when you are making this devastating mistake that I point out on page 28. Violate it at your own risk!)
  • What is a “stretch goal” and how to use it effectively to AVOID boredom in your sex life. (Explained in detail in Chapter 3).
  • One important question that you need to ask her about your sexual performance…which she’s almost “guaranteed” to LIE to you about. And the surprising reason why her answer (which, in its essence, is a lie) will work in your favour in the next step. (See page 43!)
  • Plus… a follow-up question — when honestly answered by her — will surely “shatter” your male ego! (But you should ask it regardless). And how to use this painful, but important information to give her the sex she’s only dared to dream of before.
  • How to use softener words to “sugar coat” your dirty sentences to make the medicine slide down her throat easily! (Both figuratively… and literally!)
  • ?Can Martin Luther King Jr. help you to be a better dirty talker in bed? (On page 108, I’ll show you how I shamelessly “channel” one of his best-known public speaking techniques to make women squirt in my bedroom!)
  • Cement ideas and suggestions into the “primal brain” of your partner to make her think about you long after the sex is over.
  • How to make her orgasms last up to 90 seconds LONGER. “YES”, really – up to 90 seconds… saying that this will make her wild is the understatement of the year.
  • Simple commands that will make her get down on her knees and swallow everything while looking at you with puppy eyes, excited for what’s to come.
  • The police officer trick that turns every ‘well behaved’ and ‘independent’ woman into a cockcrazy submissive nymphomaniac that will beg you for sex. Every day. (And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with handcuffs).
  • Which 3 words you NEVER – I cannot stress this enough… NEVER want to use outside the bedroom, but which work wonders inside the bedroom.
  • What to do when she screams so loud, she wakes up the neighbours. By the way, this is a very REAL possibility when you get good at dirty talk.
  • Why “going slow” is more important (even required!) than “going fast” for multiple different aspects of dirty talking? You’ll be surprised!
  • Two deadly ideas that pretty much all the guys believe in as the ultimate truth. (Regarding either of these two stupid ideas as true is a guaranteed way to back yourself into a corner where sex is always — yes, always! — tedious and monotonous!) Avoid these two ideas like the plague!
  • Why popular TV series like The Newsroom, The West Wing or Mad Men are shattering your confidence… and what “exactly” you need to do to repair your damaged confidence! (You’re busted, Aaron Sorkin! On page 53).
  • How to be the “bad boy” with your girlfriend of wife… WITHOUT ever hurting her.
  • My 4-step formula that’s *guaranteed* to make you talk like a masculine man during sex. Miss any one of these four steps and women will treat you like Mickey Mouse — even if you have the looks of Brad Pitt. (Very crucial stuff!)
  • What the ‘John Mayer Mastery’ principle is – and why you should use this to become the sexgod that every woman wants. (You and John Mayer will have ONE thing in common: women begging for sex).
  • 29 ‘filler lines’ to prevent awkward moments during sex – these are so effective that you can use them in any situation, on any woman, in any position.
  • How to use the Fast and Furious technique to give women intense next level orgasms. This technique is so strong that you might confuse the shaking of her body and her gasps for breath for an epileptic seizure.
  • The 2 unwritten ‘rules of compliments’ (+16 example lines) that will get you more sex than 94% of all human beings on this planet.
  • A complete arsenal of dirty talk lines, varying from ‘sweet and tender’ to ‘dirty and nasty’ (HINT: There’s a time and place for both of them and you’ll discover exactly when to use which).
  • The perfect script to make her (or your) kinky and weird sexual fantasies a reality. (Without this script your lady will be more boring than a burka-wearing woman in Saudi Arabia).
  • The most unexpected time to compliment her “after” sex… and 4 practical examples of how to do it right. (This will turn you into a “superstar” in her eyes… even her friends will think so!)
  • Reward your partner and make her feel like the lovechild of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein for having the brilliance to answer one of your sneaky questions. (This field-tested line that I’m offering on page 44 will work like wonders!)
  • Why some of the world’s most famous mentalists teach you the “romantic” way to influence women (and people, in general) — but you’d better hope and pray that you’ll get into bed with a “stunt” rather than a real woman who loves you and respects you, because the chances of these “snap a finger… and poof!” influence techniques working in your favour are ZERO. (Take that, Derren Brown!)
  • How discoveries of a “dead psychologist” who tortured mice in order to understand human nature will help you to make your woman do MORE of what you want her to do — without even telling her — she’ll “instinctively” know what you want!
  • ?Are you speaking at the right volume during sex? (See my “ultimate” answer to this question on page 23, get this wrong and everything else I teach you will have the opposite effect, she’ll laugh you out of the bedroom).
  • Why “true” dirty talking is surprisingly similar to a Trojan horse on your laptop? (Even the most experienced men don’t understand this simple concept… and they mistakenly believe dirty talk is nothing more than saying vulgar things while penetrating her. I’ll show you what it *really* is).
  • How to make your woman do slutty things, yet make her feel like a princess? (Getting this right will liberate you and your partner… and will open the doors to guilt-free pleasures for both of you!).
  • A “psychological trick” where you tell her the total OPPOSITE of what you want her to do in order to achieve the results that you want to get. (No! This goes beyond the basic “reverse psychology” idea, and I explain “deeper” reasons for why this trick works so well on page 105- 106).
  • “One bedroom skill” that if you master is even better than being the owner of Prada with a Nigerian-sized dick and an unlimited credit card?
  • The surprising truth: How treating your girlfriend or wife like a queen in real life will make her “act” like a whore in the bedroom? (Some dating coaches tell you to never compliment a woman or buy her gifts at any phase of your relationship… and why following that bad advice will be the surefire way to have a miserable sex life).
  • How to inject “future memories” into her innocent mind so that she’ll think it’s her own idea to try the next dirty fantasy — which you had been planning all along). (Unlike Gaslighting her, this is totally ethical, and certainly more pleasurable!)
  • Two sentences that you should NEVER say to her face. But “texting” them will help you to experience one of your wildest fantasies with her!Plus, a crucial timing trick that’ll quadruple the effectiveness of these sentences.
  • Unleash any woman’s “deepest” and “darkest” sexual FANTASIES using these three questions. They are stolen from the training manuals of the world’s most feared interrogators — which they use to get the answers that they want to hear! (Even BETTER than the interrogation scene from the “White Christmas” episode of the “Black Mirror” TV series — because these three questions can be used by anyone).
  • What’s the most important app on your smartphone that will get you talking with full confidence? (This powerful tool has been sitting in your pocket the WHOLE time!).
  • What is the “first step” to learning dirty talk? The way I start teaching this is so easy, even a man who stutters every word can effortlessly do it. (And this will also be your first step to “stealth mind control” over her. Two birds with one stone!)
  • What to say to make her swallow or let you come anywhere on her body. (She won’t just let you, she’ll be excited about it.)

Here are 2 amazing bonuses to sweeten the deal:


Bonus 1: Keeping Up With The Cunts

The comprehensive nymphomaniac owners guide to maintaining domesticated nymphomaniacs in the 21st century.

As soon as you will start applying your new-found knowledge you will soon realise it comes with new problems.

It is not uncommon for women to have a complete sexual revolution. Their sex drives will be completely rejuvenated. They will become the young boy that just discovered that he could masturbate.

They will want to do it as often as they can. They will want to push the boundaries. They will want to see how dirty they can get. They will want to see how many times they can do it in a day.

In other words:

Their libido will become that of a 16- year-old boy on steroids.

And that can cause a problem.

At first it will be great, but after a while her sex drive can be annoying. And lets be fair. For most of us guys having an orgasm once or twice a day is more then sufficient. We care about our sleep, hitting the gym, drinking with buddies and occasionally there is something good on TV.

We like the wild nights every once in a while. But every night spending 5-6 hours with your nymphomaniac partner can quickly become a chore like cooking. With the only difference being that this is one a man is supposed to do.

It is like Hitler once said: “It is one thing to invade Austria. Keeping it is a whole different story”.

So what do you do when your partner craves sex all the time? How can you keep her satisfied, ready to go when asked and still be able to watch the game?

That is what I will be talking about in this short little piece of writing.

Bonus 2: Dirty Talk Fast Track

5 Rules to sound confident on your first attempt at dirty talk – even if you feel like shitting your pants.

If you are insecure about trying Dirty Talk… Don’t expect me to sugarcoat it you.

If you fuck it up, you will fuck it up for good.

So if your biggest fear of trying dirty talk is that she will freak out, it means you are smart.

If you feel insecure about saying dirty stuff for the first time, it is not an indicator of cowardliness. It proves you have a working brain.

But there is some good news as well.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

As a matter of fact. If you knew what I know now, you would not ever have to worry about this. With the right tips and tricks you can say the dirtiest stuff while looking and sounding like a complete pornstar.

But, you will not feel that way.

I am not a magician for fucksake. I can’t control you feelings. And if you feel confident the first time you’re trying dirty talk, you are a fucking alien. There is something wrong with you. You should live on weirdo planet and leave me the F alone.

Every normal guy feels insecure when trying out dirty talk for the first time.

But that is not what this book is about.

I can’t stop you from “feeling” insecure.

But there is something I can do.

I can help you to sound, look and act completely confident. I can help you prevent yourself from having the experience I had the first time; being utterly humiliated.

I agree. It is not perfect. But I do not ever want you to feel like the humiliated idiot I felt like.

So to prevent that… I will give you a 100% airtight method for hiding your insecurity when trying it for the first time.


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