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Disguised Hypnosis – Jonathan Conrad Groves


Covert hypnosis was created to persuade and influence people in the first place… can it be denied that how you manage your relationships and social interactions with other people is more vital to your success in life than anything else?


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Everyone has heard this saying, “It’s not what you know. It’s who you know”.

And because…

  • Covert hypnosis was created to persuade and influence people in the first place… can it be denied that how you manage your relationships and social interactions with other people is more vital to your success in life than anything else?

And isn’t it true that…

  • The most powerful and important decision you can make is to transform yourself into a magnetic and powerful personality who will instantly gain access to more people who have more resources and who will happily exchange and combine their resources with your resources?

And as you are now in the process of noticing that…

  • You may also deeply enjoy the benefits of peacefully and effortlessly discontinuing and refusing to be in unhealthy relationships by wasting time on people who only drain your resources by continually tossing problems and uncertainty in your life…and because THE most important resource anyone has in life is time…you cannot waste your time continually solving the manufactured problems other people create that don’t even exist!

Let’ face it, everything you have in life….your job, money, relationships…even your future, is inevitably connected to other people. This means man management protocols are very important, and because man management is related to crisis management and crisis management involves the groups of the individuals you want to persuade, influence, and hypnotize, you must have this knowledge embedded into your behavior if you want to master The Art of Persuasion.   

Warning…One HUGE hypnosis secret is about to be shared with you…right here and right now! This means you should not underestimate the value of what I am about to tell you just because I’m giving this important secret away for free…

“It is not just the individual’s critical factor that you need to bypass when you are hypnotizing a person…you also need to bypass the critical factor of the groups whom they are connected to if you want to be a successful communicator and covert hypnosis practitioner.”

This is true because a person’s conscious and unconscious mind is inevitably connected to the value systems and social norms of the groups whom they are associated with…

This means that even if a person who you are trying to persuade is willing to go alone with what you are suggesting, that their friends and associates can get in the way and resist your suggestions that you are suggesting to the person to the point where the person is no longer willing to go along with what you are suggesting.

Sometimes the critical factors of a person’s social environments can be even more difficult to bypass than the person you are trying to persuade! For instance…ever tried to get a date with someone when their friends or family didn’t approve of you? This means you must familiarize yourself with group management in covert hypnosis!

Dear friend,

Make no mistake about it, Disguised Hypnosis is an extremely powerful covert hypnosis program that not only systematically teaches you the most important aspects of covert persuasion in a logical format that you can easily understand and learn from, but disguised hypnosis also uses conversational hypnosis to deliver and embed this life changing information into your unconscious mind.

This means that Disguised Hypnosis communicates powerful covert hypnosis information to both your conscious and unconscious minds at the same time. Keep reading this letter to discover exactly how Disguised Hypnosis does this….

“Does Jonathan Conrad Groves Have The Appropriate Hypnosis Training To Create An Entire Covert Hypnosis Program This Sophisticated?”

You bet! Take a look at some of my hypnosis credentials by viewing the image below:

As you can see I have quite a bit of training. Not only by a company that is commonly referred to as, “The biggest NLP company on the planet”, but I’m also certified by a reputable and respected conversational hypnosis board of hypnotherapy.

This means that if you are interested in learning powerful information about covert hypnosis and actually becoming transformed into a covert hypnosis practitioner, that you’ve come to the right place because Disguised Hypnosis was designed to do both of these things for you. It’s important to bypass a person’s critical factor in a covert hypnosis program because information alone isn’t enough to create changes in the person who is studying it.

Remember this paragraph!

It may baffle you to deeply consider how even though many hypnotists are aware that hypnosis is a requirement to effectively bypass a person’s critical factor in order to effectively embed positive and powerful information into your unconscious mind in order to create powerful changes in your behavior, that many covert hypnosis programs are not created in ways where any type of hypnosis is actually used to create life changing behavior modification within the people who are studying the information in those programs”.

“Conversational Hypnosis Was Necessary To Embed These Powerful and Life Changing Hypnosis Secrets Deeply Into Your Behavior.”

Listen, if just information alone changed people, then dieting would be so easy for people that there would never have been the need for weight loss hypnosis because all people would need to do is gain access to a good dieting plan and follow these instructions.

This means hypnosis is a necessity that you need to create powerful and positive behavior changes within you, because let’s face it, you can learn all of the hypnosis techniques in the world and yet still not be any more of a persuasive and influential communicator because your inner person was never changed.

And because hypnosis is the chosen mechanism to best embed powerful information into people’s unconscious minds and behavior, you can change who you are on the inside through the power of this Disguised Hypnosis Program to the point other areas of your life will change for the better too.

Now don’t get me wrong…it’s true that learning about covert hypnosis, the different types of covert hypnosis, and how you can use covert hypnosis in real life situations IS important information. But there is a big difference between learning something and actually being transformed into a personality that is congruent with the information you’re studying. And because it isn’t easy becoming effortlessly and automatically transformed into a living and breathing manifestation of The Art of Persuasion in real life social interactions, this means you can tremendously benefit from this covert hypnosis program in more ways than you ever could imagine.

“Discover An Important Life Lesson About Mind Control Hypnosis that Comes Straight From The Martial Arts.”

When I first began my martial arts training at around the age of ten, I began studying what are known as the hard arts. The hard arts are basically the types of martial arts that resist people’s energies. I must admit many of the techniques that I learned looked really good in pictures, but in real life situations many of those techniques meant very little. The attackers were often bigger than I was, or if they weren’t bigger, they were stronger.

It would take me years to begin studying a more powerful martial art known as, “The Southern Praying Mantis”. The Southern Mantis is a form of Kung-fu that is in the category of what are known as the soft arts.

The soft martial arts were invented for the same reason as the hard martial arts: To control attackers who are trying to control you(notice how controlling an attacker is a form of controlling another person).  One thing that I liked a lot about the Southern Mantis is that it didn’t require me to worry about the strength and size of an attacker because you are taught how to use your opponent’s size, strength, and aggressive behavior against them with ease.

In fact, the harder an attacker attacked, the more energy you would have at your disposal to redirect as a force for good (can it be denied that protecting yourself is a force for good?).  My instructor used to always say, “If we can touch a person, then we can control them”, because all it really takes is just a soft touch to enable you to determine where an opponent’s aggression is aimed at so that you can easily begin to redirect their power. This means there is a difference between resisting a person’s power and redirecting their power.

Now, obviously it isn’t just martial arts that I am talking to you about here, and because covert hypnosis can be compared to a psychological martial art, you just learned an important life lesson that you can apply towards your understanding of what is referred to as, “Mind control hypnosis”. You see, covert hypnosis need not be practiced like one of those hard martial arts I recently described, so that a person is taught to run around and resist everyone’s energy and freewill so that they could have their own way all of the time.

Not only are those types of control systems unethical, they are also unrealistic because they would simply require too much of your energy and free time to practice. Besides, if a person makes it a habit of attempting to control other people all of the time, isn’t it true that they are the one who is being controlled by other people?

This means that it is just as important to learn how not to use covert hypnosis as it is to learn what the best areas of your social interactions are to apply covert hypnosis within, and as I began to learn how easy it was to simply redirect an attackers power in ways that benefited me, I began to apply what I was learning to The Art of Persuasion.

Listen, there are always going to be influences in life coming from other people that you don’t want to be consistently exposed to. It would drive you nuts to try to resist everyone…let alone take the time to even identify the covert mechanisms they were intentionally or accidentally using against you. So, why not condition your mind to automatically process those negative influences as stepping stones that you can use to enhance the quality of your life?

Bottom line: Don’t fight hard. Fight smart.

But there is yet still an important question we must ask ourselves, and this question is this: If controlling others is too difficult, and if trying to control all of our social environments is too difficult, then who, or specifically what, does a covert hypnosis practitioner seek most to control?

“Attention Please: This Ancient Wise Saying Sheds Light On A Covert hypnosis Teaching That Many People Overlook Because They Think It’s Too “Basic”…

First, allow me to bring to your attention how powerful the basic and yet easy to overlook things in life can be! Anyway, take a look at what Lao Tzu says,

“He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still”. Lao Tzu

So you see, it is in our consistent practice of controlling ourselves that eventually gives us control over the center of the board (the other areas of life).

This ancient wise saying also helps us build upon a conversational hypnosis teaching that teaches you to first control your emotional state before you attempt to influence another person’s emotional state.

This is specifically why Disguised Hypnosis uses Conversational Hypnosis to present the timeless principles of covert persuasion to you, because by using hypnosis to teach you covert hypnosis, Disguised Hypnosis actually transforms a person’s personality as they continue listening to it.

Please make a note of this: Changing the way you think, changes the way you behave, and when your behavior changes, your actions change, and when your actions change, your life changes for the better too.

Needless to say, there isn’t a more powerful way of achieving mastery over yourself than actually transforming the core foundations of your inner person into the very personality you wish to possess.

You simply MUST change in order for your social interactions with others to change, and this is why hypnosis is so important. For example, weight loss hypnosis programs do lots of change work within individuals, and so does stop smoking hypnosis…but for whatever reason most covert hypnosis programs just give people information.

Wait a minute”, some of you may be asking…. “If changing ourselves is the core element of creating change in others, then isn’t self hypnosis the answer that?” In spite of how effective self hypnosis can be in a variety of areas of self-improvement, self hypnosis is likely to yield little results in transforming a person into a Covert Hypnosis Practitioner because it is difficult for a person to suggest to themselves the characteristics of a personality that they do not initially possess.

“And By The Way Did You Have Any Idea That Many People Are Using Hypnosis against You in Nearly Invisible Ways?”

Many psychologists refer to this as “Bullying Hypnosis”. You may not have known about this, but many people are within your social environments that are overtly or covertly controlling individuals who consume other people’s resources and energy in a variety of ways. They are often referred to as: Emotional Predators or Workplace Bullies, and because workplace bullying has become such a big problem for so many people, as everyone needs to go to work, a lot of disguised hypnosis was designed to help people control the control mechanisms that other people are using to control them.

But what if it isn’t realistic to have complete control over each and every mechanism another person may be using to control you? If a person cannot have complete control over those mechanisms, then the next logical protocol to follow is for you to least neutralize their control mechanisms in order to do damage control.  This way you can neutralize the controlling behavior and emotional bullying of other people.

And because there are many areas that a person may socially interact within, you need to keep in mind the same lesson about “control” we just talked about, and this is that it takes too much of your time and energy to try to control too many things. This means that it also isn’t practical for you to try to control each and every social environment that you happen to be a part of. “Well then”, you may be asking, “What is the solution to that problem because we need to try to wield our influences at least somewhere, don’t we?” Keep reading to uncover the answer to that very good question…

“Introducing Covert Hypnosis… The Art And Emotional Science Comparable To A Game Of Chess.”

Covert hypnosis reminds me a lot of the game of chess, because chess is all about strategy, conserving your resources, and wise thinking. Chess masters always teach that the most important area of the board to control is the center of the board. “Control the center of the board”, they say…and you will eventually have almost effortless control of the other areas of the board too.

Covert hypnosis and conversational hypnosis practitioners alike can all learn an extremely important lesson about mind control from the chess masters, and this is to control the areas of life that matter most, because by controlling the important areas of your life,you will soon have much more leverage to control other things. And one thing you need to control in this life are the dangerous behaviors that come from your social interactions with other people. These dangerous behaviors include:

  • Emotional blackmail
  • Workplace bullying
  • Gossip that can destroy your reputation
  • Bullying from elevated financial positions
  • Overt aggression
  • Covert aggression

Almost everyone in the covert influence business is talking about workplace bullying these days.

“Covert Hypnosis Can In Fact Be Learned And Mastered”…

And just like any other skill in life, there are real abilities that people receive as a result of them having mastered covert hypnosis. And it is true, as you deeply consider some of the benefits of becoming transformed into a covert hypnosis practitioner, that some of these benefits seem too good to be true…maybe almost criminal. This is where the topic of ethics often comes up in covert hypnosis.

In a nutshell…the doctrines of ethics in covert hypnosis teach us to use our abilities in ways that help other people…so that we create win/win situations. That is a very good teaching…and because covert hypnosis is perhaps the most powerful skill a person can learn in life, wouldn’t it be unethical to teach people to not use covert hypnosis to protect themselves and look out for your best interests too?

Nothing is wrong with protecting yourself from the overt or covert emotional aggression of other people, especially when they are using covert hypnosis against you to attack you in passively aggressive ways you may not even have been aware of. This means that because covert hypnosis is in many ways like a psychological martial art, and that because it should not be argued that self defense is unethical, that a covert hypnosis program need not necessarily be a Mr. Nice Guy Hypnosis Program.

So Just Imagine Having The Personal Power To…

  • Command more respect in every social environment.
  • Turn gatekeepers into allies that are willing to open doors for you.
  • Always come out of a crisis on TOP!
  • Elevate your social value: get the best jobs and opportunities.
  • Put an end to the gossip in the next cubicle and stop unfair treatment by your co-workers.
  • Improve the way you socialize and gain the respect you deserve.
  • Win over a difficult boss and start gaining better treatment at work.
  • Extend your personal influence and authority.
  • Manage the “class systems” in ways to get more of what you want out of life.
  • Climb the ladder of success more quickly and easily.
  • Prevent yourself from being manipulated and dominated by others.
  • Shield your loved ones through difficult times.
  • Become instinctively aware of the persuasion tricks being played on you.
  • Fly completely under the radar as you grab the workplace bullies around you by the horns.
  • Gain tremendous personal power and leverage in unsuspecting times.
  • Learn from the chameleon and switch your strategies if and when the leadership changes.

“This Is A Covert Persuasion Program on Steroids“

SESSION #1: 1 Hour 3 Min 08 Secs

Disguised Hypnosis – Practical Persuasion Systems

This session covers the nuts and bolts of the persuasion process. You’ll get an immediate understanding of the necessary foundations of covert persuasion. An art cannot survive without the basics, so this is an extremely important session.

  • Free yourself from the epidemic of “elementary persuasion tactics”.
  • “The basics” and “Elementary persuasion techniques” are two entirely different things.
  • Easily gain leverage in your social interactions by playing “The Insurance Game”.
  • Erase your flaws and mistakes through the secret technique of “Logical Offsetting”.
  • Use the infamous “View Cycle” to influence people’s opinions and preferences when you need to.
  • Harness the power of “Salvation Hooks” when damage control is needed to fix a problem in one of your relationships.
  • Secure higher ground by establishing “Elevated Positions” that will give you increased leverage in ANY social setting.
  • Employ the “secret” weapon politicians wield to get virtually everyone to go along with anything they want.
  • Unbelievably Revealed: One guerrilla psychological warfare tactic you can use even if your personal resources are limited.
  • Unlock the mysteries of the ground (hint: In The Art of War, Sun Tzu said this was one of THE most important principles of victory).
  • Instantly absorb the foundations of persuasion to build a powerful protocol of persuasion and influence that NO ONE will want to resist because you are creating win/win situations.
  • Discover an ironclad game – developed by the ancient Chinese – to empower you to influence people with offers they can’t refuse.
  • Learn an important secret about boundaries: Discover how to defend yourself against how other people alter your boundaries and personal space by progressively distorting your decision making processes.

Session #258 Min 42 Secs

Group Management Foundations

Managing and controlling groups has tremendous power. Having the ability to influence the minds of other people and have groups at your disposal is far more powerful than almost any covert persuasion technique. Groups are everywhere. Learn how to manage them and you’ll gain power, respect and security.

This session discusses powerful principles of group management. It will help you master the secret art of “group devotion” and help you understand the building blocks of strong relationships. When completed, you’ll gain more control over your social structures and be able to dominate them – at will – so they enrich your life.

  • Discover the scientific principles that govern relationships. (Attention: To manage groups you must first learn how to manage individuals.) Create a safe haven at your workplace. Empower yourself using group management and multiply your opportunities and job security.
  • Protect yourself in hostile environments, as you equalize the hostilities of other groups and wield the power of a Group Shield.
  • Double your hypnosis power by using the ingenious practice of high jacking Groups. (WARNING: It’s vital to stop others from doing this to you.)
  • Effortlessly skyrocket your social value by using 4 simplistic group management systems guaranteed to send your social value through the roof!
  • Crack the hierarchy of any group by influencing its chain of command. (With these mind-blowing techniques, groups will be at your disposal when you need them, ready to rally for your cause.)
  • Learn about Group Wars and how you can win them.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of Group Management. Groups can give but groups can also take away “IF”: you’re not careful.
  • Exit Wounds… what they are and how to avoid them. Plus, discover a failsafe way to minimize them.
  • Three Grand Strategies: These strategies are so powerful and easy to use that managing groups will be as easy as tying your shoelaces.

 SESSION #352 Min 08 Secs

Breeching the Class Systems Through Hypnotic Pressure

Class Systems provide the gateway to what you need. This session uncovers the secrets surrounding class systems. Use this knowledge to begin the process of transferring the power of any class system to your goals and objectives. To open the doors of opportunity and instantly increase your social value, learn how to master “class systems”.

  • Enlighten your knowledge of social conditioning and use it to impact the persuasion process. Gain a positive advantage that very few people know about.
  • Establish a domino effect using key allies, (so influential this alone can breech entire class systems).
  • Create credibility through the power of artificial Class Systems.
  • Discover the vulnerability of higher class systems. (Hint: Lions are vulnerable when you take them out of the jungle.)
  • REVEALED: The Mysteries of Hypnotic Pressure. Use the powers of persistence to diminish any resistance getting in your way while you are in the process of achieving your goals.
  • Discern who the gatekeepers are! When gatekeepers are attached to a Class System, you must pay an extra amount of attention to them.
  • Transform stubborn Class Systems into stepping stones. (As Machiavelli said: You should use your enemies as a ladder to attain the heights of greatness.)
  •  Know thy enemy. Class systems often get in a person’s way because people don’t fully believe or understand that Class Systems are a part of reality.
  • Discover the power to generate artificial needs within class systems – needs that only you can satisfy through artificial forms of satisfaction (marketing companies use this principle all the time to create artificial needs for products that only the products they happen to be selling can fulfill).
  • Let nothing go to waste! Learn how to manage everyone in a class system to your advantage… no matter what their rank is.
  • Safeguard yourself using the parachute principle. This powerful principle will consistently create security in any group of class systems.
  • Unleash the unmatched power of the “Obvious” and breech, even overthrow, fancy and sophisticated Class Systems. (Sophisticated class systems often forget how to defend aga

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