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DIY Natural Light Fashion – Amanda Diaz


Welcome to an on-set learning experience built around creativity in fashion photography, makeup, styling, natural light, and retouching in Lightroom & Photoshop.


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Fashion Photography & Styling With Amanda Diaz

Welcome to an on-set learning experience built around creativity in fashion photography, makeup, styling, natural light, and retouching in Lightroom & Photoshop. This 25+ hour course is built around the essentials of conceptualizing various fashion photo shoots using available natural light and entry level camera gear. NEW: We now offer monthly payments through PayPal and Affirm at checkout for US based customers!

This tutorial includes 75 videos that cover 9 different models exploring various looks and concepts. Come on-set with Amanda while she works with real clients to gain insight on her entire workflow on how she creates her stunning imagery. You do not need high end gear to create stellar images, just this tutorial and a willingness to learn!

General Overview

  • 25 Hours of Digital Video Content That You Can Instantly Download
  • 75 Videos That Cover 09 Different Models & Various Looks
  • Detailed Makeup Tutorials Included
  • Amanda’s Workshop PDF’s Included
  • All Shoots Shot On-Location In Easy To Access Places
  • Post-Processing Made Simple
  • Lots Of Prerequisite Sections For Photography & Retouching
  • Introduction To Styling Your Own Photos
  • Top Advice From Magazine Owners On Submitting
  • Marketing Interview With Amanda On Social Media
  • Learn Beauty, Editorial, Commercial, Ethereal, & Other Styles
  • Introduction To Photoshop & Lightroom
  • Post Production Prerequisites Included
  • The Do’s & Don’ts of Compositon
  • Improve Your Posing Direction
  • Photoshop Actions Included
  • Learn Amanda’s Full Post Production Secrets
  • You Will Never Shoot The Same Way After Watching This Tutorial

We build the most comprehensive photography tutorials available anywhere on the internet with the worlds best instructors. We shoot everything on-location in a documentary style to give you the sense you are with the instructor. Our goal is that you learn through seeing the entire workflow and thought process. It’s our mission to cut out the frustration and guessing from your workflow. These tutorials will propel you to understand WHY and not just HOW with a solid foundation from successful teachers. Nothing is scripted, nothing is rehearsed but everything is planned. When you start one of our tutorials you are going on a immersive learning experience found only at RGG EDU.

Included with Purchase


Shooting & Retouching Essentials

Prerequisite Interviews

Crafting Your Style

  • 01-Introduction
  • 02-Finding Inspiration
  • 03-Building a Theme
  • 04-Casting your Models
  • 05-Building your Team
  • 06-Camera Gear and Essentials
  • 07-Working with Make Up Artists

Shooting Prerequisites

Essentials Before Shooting

  • 08-Compositon Do’s and Dont’s Part I
  • 09-Compositon Do’s and Dont’s Part II
  • 10-Directing the Model

Retouching Prerequisites

Essentials Before Retouching

  • 11 – Introduction to Lightroom
  • 12 – Introduction to Photoshop
  • 13 – Introduction To Masks
  • 14 – Introduction To Brushes
  • 15 – Dodge and Burn
  • 16 – Presets for Lightroom
  • 17 – Actions In Photoshop
  • 18 – Overlays
  • 19 – Textures
  • 20 – Actions Installation

Photo Shoots

Explore Various Looks

Shoots 1&2

Androgynous & Fashion


  • 21 – Androgynous Make Up
  • 22 – Androgynous Shoot Part I
  • 23 – Androgynous Shoot Part II
  • 24 – Androgynous Shoot Part III
  • 25 – Androgynous Shoot Part IV
  • 26 – Fashion Make Up
  • 27 – Fashion Shoot Part I
  • 28 – Fashion Shoot Part II
  • 29 – Fashion Shoot Part III

Shoot 3&4

Beauty & Ethereal

30 – Beauty Make Up
31 – Beauty Shoot Part I – Commercial
32 – Beauty Shoot Part II – Fashion
33 – Ethereal Make Up
34 – Ethereal Shoot Part I
35 – Ethereal Shoot Part II
36 – Ethereal Shoot Part III

Shoot 4&5

Beach & Artistic

  • 37 – Beach Goddess Shoot Part I
  • 38 – Beach Goddess Shoot Part II
  • 39 – Beach Goddess Shoot Part III
  • 40 – Artistic Fantasy Make Up
  • 41 – Artistic Fantasy Shoot Part I
  • 42 – Artistic Fantasy Shoot Part II

Shoot 7

Dark Beauty Editorial

  • 43 – Dark Beauty Editorial Shoot Part I
  • 44 – Dark Beauty Editorial Shoot Part II
  • 45 – Dark Beauty Editorial Shoot Part III
  • 46 – Dark Beauty Editorial Shoot Part IV
  • 47 – Dark Beauty Editorial Shoot Part V

Retouching Tutorials

Lightroom & Photoshop + Actions

Getting Started


  • 48 – Androgynous Culling
  • 49 – Androgynous Retouching
  • 50 – Fashion Culling
  • 51 – Fashion Retouching Image I
  • 52 – Fashion Retouching Images II and III
  • 53 – Fashion Retouching Image IV
  • 54 – Beauty Culling
  • 55 – Beauty Commercial Retouching
  • 56 – Beauty Fashion Retouching
  • 57 – Ethereal Culling
  • 58 – Ethereal Retouching Image I
  • 59 – Ethereal Retouching Image II
  • 60 – Ethereal Retouching Image III
  • 61 – Ethereal Retouching Image IV
  • 62 – Beach Goddess Culling
  • 63 – Beach Goddess Retouching Image I
  • 64 – Beach Goddess Retouching Image II
  • 65 – Beach Goddess Retouching Image III
  • 66 – Beach Goddess Retouching Image IV
  • 67 – Artistic Fantasy Culling
  • 68 – Artistic Fantasy Retouching Image I
  • 69 – Artistic Fantasy Retouching Image II
  • 70 – Artistic Fantasy Retouching Image III
  • 71 – Artistic Fantasy Retouching Image IV
  • 72 – Dark Beauty Editorial Culling
  • 73 – Dark Beauty Editorial Retouching Part I
  • 74 – Dark Beauty Editorial Retouching Part II

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