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Dream life alchemy – Ariya Lorenz


So on this incredibly powerful 7-week Journey Ariya will help you connect with your Higher Self on the deepest level possible and, most importantly, make sure that you will embody your Higher Self on a day to day basis. And it’s the only way that will guarantee that you will create what is best for you.

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Introducing A 7-Week Journey Of Creating A Life Of Your Dreams

Transform & Elevate Your Health, Wealth, Relationships, Confidence, Self-Love, Career & Intuition By Embodying Your Higher Self Like Never Before

Join Master Healer Ariya Lorenz & Hundreds Of Students On This 7-Week Transformational Spiritual Journey Of Embodying Your Higher Self To Transform & Elevate Your Health, Wealth, Relationships, Self-Love, Confidence, Career & Intuition

Enroll & Try Out Risk-Free This 7-Week Journey With Ariya Lorenz, starting today

Why This Journey

Starting today, the Dream Life Alchemy 7-week Journey is a week-by-week and day-by-day life design program with hundreds of students participating where master healer healers Ariya Lorenz will help you alchemize and elevate 7 key aspects of your life, including:

  • Health and wellness
  • Wealth and finance
  • Relationships and social bonds
  • Self-Love and self-acceptance
  • Self-Confidence and courage
  • Career
  • Intuition

During the 7-week program, Ariya Lorenz will coach you, teach you, mentor you and guide you step-by-step through Lesson Days, Practice Days and Reflection Days to help you connect with and embody your Higher-Self like probably never before!

Alchemize & Elevate 7 Key Aspects Of Your Life


9 Things That Make This 7-Week Journey So Unique

01. Connect Directly To Your Higher Self

What most programs on life design have in common is that they focus on your lower self that is ego driven and conditioned by societal norms and standards of success and happiness. These programs focus on the outer outcome or the results instead of going to the very root.

Ariya Lorenz compares this with an apple and a tree. In your pursuit of creating a life of your dreams, you focus on the apple instead of nurturing your tree. Even when you succeed to manifest what you desire, it’s never enough as you still feel that something is lacking thus your life doesn’t feel fulfilled and complete.

The reason is that the only way to create a life of your dreams is in living through your Higher Self.

So on this incredibly powerful 7-week Journey Ariya will help you connect with your Higher Self on the deepest level possible and, most importantly, make sure that you will embody your Higher Self on a day to day basis. And it’s the only way that will guarantee that you will create what is best for you.

02. Shift Your Perspective On Manifestations

What you will learn and experience during this 7-week Journey with Ariya Lorenz is based on her unique perspective on manifestations. In fact, you will let go of everything you heard and even tried before in pursuit to manifest whatever you desired. What you will experience is one of most effective ways of creating a life that you want from a place of your higher consciousness. Only when you connect with your Higher Self, you are creating a life full of purpose and divine meaning. And this process is a pure alchemy.

03. Access The Universal Flow Of Infinite Supply

Whatever you want to anchor in this world isn’t coming from this 3D reality, because this reality is finite and scarce by default. It means that the only way to create your dream life full of unconditional love, joy and happiness is to go directly to the source – the universal flow of infinite possibilities that is open and available to everyone.

The only question is to know how to access it. This 7-week Journey is all about utilizing that infinite supply of energy through your Higher Self and anchoring it into your physical reality in multiple forms: whether it’s your ultimate health, wealth, loving relationships, or fulfilling career.

04. Lift Yourself From All Low Vibrational States

You know that everything is energy, and this energy fluctuates depending on your vibrational frequency. Whatever you experience in your physical reality reflects your own vibrational frequency. When you feel anxious, depressed, fearful or discontent, you vibrate on a low frequency and this vibration creates your reality. So in order to create a life full of joy, love and happiness, you must lift yourself from negative states.

During this 7-week Journey, Ariya Lorenz will help you shift yourself to the high vibrational states through simple and extremely practical techniques that you can use every single day. And this is the key to a dream life alchemy. As you transform your emotional and energetic states, you elevate your overall frequency that will inevitably get reflected in your physical reality.

05. A World-Class Healer & Trainer of Healers Comes To You

People have been paying thousands of dollars to fly to Hawaii to have sessions with Ariya or get trained by her. She even gets flown across the globe on private jets to experience her incredibly transformative energy work and be taught by her.

In this 7-week program, Ariya Lorenz comes to you, at a fraction of a price…

06. Get The Exact Week-By-Week & Day-By-Day Plan That’s Easy To Follow & Implement (Even If You’re Super Busy)

Ariya Lorenz and your facilitators will guide you through the entire 7-week Journey. You’ll know exactly what’s the plan, where to start and what to do next. By the end of these 7 week you will have acquired the habits that will guarantee you attaining your success.

07. $10,000 Of Private Sessions For A Fraction Of The Price

Hiring Ariya Lorenz for private 1-on-1 sessions, or attending one of her spiritual workshops would cost you over $5,000. You’d have to fly to Hawaii where she resides.

Not only does this program give you this for only a fraction of the price, but you’ll also have unlimited, instant, on-demand and 24/7 access to ALL Ariya’s teaching lessons and ALL guided energy sessions.

08. Harness The Power Of Group Energy & Collective Momentum

Accelerate and amplify your transformations by utilizing and tapping into the unprecedented power of collective group intention and the energy field created by all participants.

Hundreds of empowered people will start this 7-week Journey together today to encourage, inspire and motivate each other.

08. Micro-Learning & Micro-Actions For Even Your Busiest Days

The Dream Life Alchemy 7-week Journey is run on Mindvalley’s revolutionary Quest microlearning platform

In our proven results platform, you will go through the program, along with hundreds of others under guidance from facilitators, in short sessions that are only 10-20 minutes a day.

No more finding time to pour through 10-hour courses. You can achieve results just by setting aside 10-20 minutes a day in our 7-week journey.

What You’ll Experience

12 Profound Transformations That The Dream Life Alchemy 7-Week Journey Will Bring You

In this transformational 7-Week Dream Life Alchemy Journey, you’ll go way beyond traditional approaches to creating a life of your dreams.

Everything you will experience in this 7-week program is based on Ariya’s unique perspective on crafting your ideal reality as the process of alchemizing 7 key aspects of your life directly through your Higher Self. And her spiritual wisdom has been proven by thousands of her students and clients across the globe who experienced Ariya’s energy work and absolutely practical tools that she gives to create a dream life.

Here are the transformations, results, and outcomes you can expect as you progress through this 7-Week Journey:

01. Start Feeling Really Good About Yourself, Your Present & Your Future

Yes, as you embark on this journey, you will connect to the highest version of yourself on the deepest level. And your Higher Self has no judgements, conditioned notions and expectations from you and your current reality. Once you connect with your most authentic true self, you will finally start feeling really good about yourself, accepting yourself in the current state and looking positively into the future.

02. Start Looking Better, Younger, Healthier Than Ever Before

Yes, as you connect with your Higher Self and start living through your Higher Self, you will start glowing from within out. Not only will you become healthier, but this state of vibrant health will be manifested on a very physical level – you will look really great, younger and vibrantly healthy!

03. Start Enjoying & Living Your Life With Energy Every Day

In this 7-week Journey, Ariya will teach you how to connect to the very core energy of your ultimate health day-by-day. You will finally find the root cause of your health issues and eliminate them from your life.

04. Have More Youthful Energy For Yourself, Family, Work, Adventures & Everything Else That Matters

As you remove all blockages preventing the free flow of vital energy, you will start having more energy for yourself, your family and friends. You will have energy and motivation for doing things that have higher meaning and purpose. You will serve a source of inspiration to people you really care about.

05. Heal, Discharge & Recharge Much Faster

By incorporating Ariya’s energy work techniques into your daily life, you will heal, discharge from the energies you pick up throughout the day and rejuvenate on all levels much faster.

06. Amplify Relationships With Your Loved Ones

Not only will you connect with your Higher Self but also you will learn how to connect with the Higher Selves of your loved ones in order to amplify and elevate your relationships with them. You will become a role model for your children and for your entire family. You’ll enjoy a better, more playful life with your children, inspire your loved ones, and set a profound example for everyone in your family.

07. Start Loving Yourself As You Never Could Before

Ariya will guide you through a process of meeting the emanation of Divine Love so that you can connect to that source of unconditional love to cultivate self-love and worth on the deepest level possible. You will start loving yourself truly, deeply and unapologetically.

08. Start Planning Your Life From Higher Vision

During this 7-Week Journey, Ariya will help you plan your life from the higher consciousness states. As you connect deeply to your Higher Self, you will no longer struggle with planning your life in pursuit to meet social standards. You will get clarity on what you Soul truly desires and start planning your life accordingly.

09. Let Go Of Scarcity Mentality And Unlock Your Abundance

As you connect to the Universal flow of infinite supply, you will release your scarcity mentality and the energy of debt freeing that space for the energy of pure abundance.

10. Become More Self-Confident & Courageous

You will access an endless supply of confidence to charge your own confidence and anchor it in your consciousness. You will connect to your inner worth – your real worth that stems from your divine mission.

11. Discover Your Soul’s Calling

You will finally let go of any notions about what you have to do in life, conditioned by the society or even your family and find your true divine calling to create your dream life. Remember, that the only way to do it is through connecting to your Higher Self as your Higher Self knows exactly what is best for you.

12. Start Living In A State Of High Vibrations

As you start living through your Higher Self every day, you will emanate the energy of love, joy, happiness, abundance, courage, and determination. You will raise your vibration to the level that will match the vibration of the highest vision for your dream life. That’s how you will alchemize your life into the best life you could possibly imagine.

Explore The Curriculum

The Dream Life Alchemy Journey guides you through an easy-to-follow 7-week curriculum.

Each of these weeks focuses on alchemizing one of 7 key aspects of your life, including:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Self-love
  • Confidence
  • Career, and
  • Intuition.

These 7 aspects mirror fundamental energy centers in your body from your root chakra up to your crown chakra.

And as you gradually move from one energy center to another, you will be connecting to the highest version of each and every aspect of your life that you want to alchemize through the state of higher consciousness – your Higher Self.

Everything you will experience is based on Ariya’s advanced energy work and practical tools for living through your Higher Self have been proven and time-tested to work like magic for thousands of people.

All weekly lessons exercises and guided activations will be delivered by Ariya Lorenz through the pre-recorded audio sessions.

Each week is organized into 3 core elements:

  • Lesson Days: Every week you start on Monday with a lesson that highlights the main focus of the week. On your lesson day, you learn and expand your knowledge on a specific aspect of your life with your guide Ariya Lorenz. You get an audio lesson from Ariya Lorenz.
  • Practice Days: From Tuesday to Saturday. Starting from Tuesday until Saturday, you will be practicing the teachings. This is when you do a profound energy work through meditations or activations guided by Ariya Lorenz.
  • Reflection Days: Every Sunday you end your week by reflecting on your past week’s experiences, results, transformations and insights. This is when you take ample time to process and integrate the new level of consciousness.

Program Walk-Through Video

WEEK 1: Health Alchemy

In your Week 1 you will be alchemizing your health eliminating your personal root for health challenges.

Highlights include:

  • Connecting to the core energy of health
  • Finding & eliminating your personal root for health problems
  • Creating a continuous supply of healthy energy

WEEK 2: Wealth Alchemy

In your Week 2, you will be alchemizing your wealth releasing all your debt patterns.

Highlights include:

  • Creating a ‘Santa Claus Plan’ for giving
  • Releasing the energy of debt through a powerful process of forgiveness
  • Entering on the golden path of abundant life

WEEK 3: Relationships Alchemy

In your Week 3, you will be alchemizing your relationships with loved ones letting go of all bonds that no longer serve your highest good.

Highlights include:

  • Connecting with the higher selves of your loved ones
  • Letting go of relationship problems
  • Recharging with unconditional love

WEEK 4: Confidence & Courage Alchemy

In your Week 4, you will be alchemizing your personal courage reactivating your inner worth.

Highlights include:

  • Accessing the endless supply of courage
  • Finding your own inner worth and activating it
  • Embodying your ‘Higher Self’

WEEK 5: Self-Love Alchemy

In your Week 5, you will be tapping into the energy of Divine unconditional love to alchemize your self-love.

Highlights include:

  • Meeting the highest emanation of Divine love
  • Retrieving your missing parts
  • Making friends with your worst enemy, your “own inner demon

WEEK 6: Career Alchemy

In your Week 6, you will be alchemizing your inner truth to embark on the path of your dream career.

Highlights include:

  • Connecting to your Soul’s calling
  • Expressing yourself authentically in the world
  • Birthing your “Light Language”

WEEK 7: Intuition Alchemy

In your Week 7, you will be tapping deep into your authentic clairvoyance system to live in accordance with your higher guidance and integrating new states of higher consciousness.

Highlights include:

  • Recognizing and eliminating the biggest block to your intuition
  • How to hear the messages from your ‘Higher Self’
  • Activation of your clairvoyant centers
  • Integration and Blessing

Elevate Your Healings, Health, Wellness & Energy With The Revolutionary Journey Model

Soulvana Journeys combine the power of community, consistent daily micro-learning, micro-actions and immersive energy healing, clearing and activation sessions with the world’s best healers, shamans, health practitioners and wellness experts to give you a dramatically more immersive and transformational experience than ever before.

Tailored-Crafted Curriculum With The World’s Most Sought-After Abundance Coach For A Fraction Of The Price

Experience the exact same advanced energy work, practical tools and techniques that Ariya Lorenz has been using to help her students and clients experience extraordinary life transformations and alchemize all key aspects of their lives.

Deep Transformation That Builds Over Time

Now used by leading-edge schools and companies, micro-learning with micro-actions is the ultimate spiritual growth solution for busy people.

By engaging in daily bite-sized micro-lessons and micro-actions, you’ll experience massive results with minimal effort – and be 500% more likely to complete your curriculum compared to traditional courses.

We’re All In This Together

Imagine thousands of like-minded souls from all over the world joining you on this Journey, as well as supporting you, inspiring you in our private online community.

How The Journey Works

1. Start Today.

1. Start the today and join hundreds of other students.
2. You receive daily lessons, guidance and assignments.
3. You grow and expand dramatically in just 15-20 minutes a day.

2. You Receive Daily Guidance, Reminders, Lessons, Activations & Assignments.

From micro-short audio lessons, assignments, immersive clearing, healing and activation sessions, to community support with a high-vibrational group of like-minded students on our private and closed online community – you’re never alone.

3. You Expand, Grow & Transform Dramatically In Just 15-20 Minutes A Day.

Our 7-week Curriculum includes all you need to experience a profound transformation on the way to manifesting your dream life.

Our Commitment To Affordability

Our goal at Soulvana is to bring modern, non-religious spirituality to the masses, and help you take your spiritual practice, meditation, healings and growth and all areas of your life to a whole new level – for a better world, a better future and a better way of connecting together.

That’s why we’ve made Soulvana Journeys extremely affordable for as many people as possible.

For a fraction of the price and a fraction of the time required to learn, Soulvana’s powerful Journey program is a distillation of the best and proven methods to help you evolve and expand on your personal spiritual journey – at a fraction of the price and at a fraction of the time.

We’ve invested over $50,000 to bring the world’s best and healthiest healers, health practitioners and wellness experts to your fingertips. And hiring these experts for individual sessions would cost you over $20,000


This transformational journey doesn’t cost you $2,000, or $1,000, or even $500 – that’s how much you would pay for one session with Ariya Lorenz.

But this 7-week Premium Journey with the world’s master healer will be just a one-time investment of $349. You won’t find this level of life-changing transformations and results at this price anywhere else.

Powerful Learning Technology That’s A Joy To Use

You’ll experience Your 7-week Journey on our revolutionary Mindvalley Home online learning platform – which means you will:

  • Enjoy flexible lifetime access (experience any part of the Journey whenever you want).
  • Access your Journey anytime, anywhere on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Available in downloadable audio format so you can enjoy the Journey offline on your mobile device.
  • Speed up or slow down audios depending on your unique requirements.
  • Manage all your transformational experience on ONE gorgeous platform.

Profound Spiritual Experience For Astonishing Results

The uniqueness of Soulvana Journey stems from you immersing yourself into harmonious combination of numerous modalities and techniques utilized by different authors, yet they all follow Soulvana’s unique signature DNA that allows you to connect with your Higher potential and transcend the illusion of separation.

On this particular 7-week Journey the world’s leading soulset coach, and the #1 highest rated, the most popular and the most requested author on Soulvana app Regan Hillyer will be guiding you day by day on your transformational journey.

Community-Based Experience For Maximum Support & Accountability

When you experience your transformation in a passionate and spiritually evolved group of people, you not only enjoy the process more – but you’re up to 800% more likely to finish what you started, and experience profound transformations and ectivations.

Being part of Soulvana Journey, you’ll enjoy ongoing support, accountability, and inspiration, no matter where you are in the world.

Enroll Now & Get These 3 Bonus Features

BONUS FEATURE #1: 10 Transformational Group Immersions Guided By Ariya Lorenz

Group Immersions are the most unique, transformational and immersive Meditations on the planet, designed to help you connect with yourself like never before, and elevate specific aspects of your life.

Eliminating Self-Sabotage

In this Group Immersion, Ariya helps you release any self-sabotaging patterns about family, partnership, relationships, children, finance, career, health, your abilities and self-worth from your body and energy field.

Healing Your Physical Body

In this Group Immersion, Ariya helps you anchor yourself into the center of the planet and draw the life-force energy from the Mother Earth letting go of all stagnant energies from your body and energy field.

Clearing Financial Blocks

In this Group Immersion, Ariya helps you completely transform your situation around financial abundance by removing any blockages that you might have from this and other lifetimes preventing you from manifesting more wealth and abundance.

Nurturing Children

In this Group Immersion, Ariya helps you energetically heal, protect, support and empower your children and all the children of the world with love and light.

Recharging & Raising Your Energy

In this Group Immersion, Ariya helps you clear, rejuvenate, refuel and shield body’s energy centers for optimal self-healing, vibrant health, and emotional well-being.

Amplifying Your Relationships

In this Group Immersion, helps you take all your relationships and all social bonds to a new height of energetic connection.

Raising The Consciousness Of Humanity

In this Group Immersion, Ariya brings us all together to elevate the consciousness of humanity and manifest greater harmony on our planet

Calling In Healing For The Amazon

In this Group Immersion, Ariya guides us in collective unified intentions to contribute to healing and supporting Amazon by giving your energy back to Mother Earth.

Morning Group Immersion

In this Group Immersion, Ariya helps you raise the frequency of your being and whole humanity by bringing pure energy from above and below into your morning and manifest your perfect day.

Evening Group Immersion

In this Group Immersion, Ariya helps you step into the zone of high frequency energy for the deep relaxation so you can experience a rejuvenating night’s sleep, and wake up nnext day well refreshed.

BONUS FEATURE #2: 4 Healing Chambers By Ariya Lorenz

Healing Chambers are instant, on-demand and remote healing sessions with master healer Ariya Lorenz that you can use 24/7, whenever you want. In Healing Chambers, Ariya works on you and your energy filed through timespace to help you heal, clear or overcome a specific challenge.

Dissolving Your Fears

In this healing session master healer Ariya Lorenz helps you dissolve any fear, anxiety, and misperception about your future so you can live in the present moment and tak

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