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EFT Specialty Series 2 – Stephen Daniel, PhD. Dr. Larry Jebrock Don Blackerby, PhD. Alan Handelsman


This Library contains all 3 of these popular DVD sets:

EFT Specialty Series 1
EFT Specialty Series 2
Borrowing Benefits


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This Library contains all 3 of these popular DVD sets:

  • EFT Specialty Series 1
  • EFT Specialty Series 2
  • Borrowing Benefits

Overview and Benefits of The EFT Intermediate Library: Expand your EFT abilities so you can achieve deeper benefits on a wider variety of issues. In the EFT Specialty Series 1 DVD set you will start with 6 solid hours of wall to wall business ideas from EFT Founder Gary Craig, including how he made EFT a worldwide success while keeping prices low. From there, 4 EFT specialists take you by the hand and show you ways to use EFT for Relationships, Weight Loss & Addictions, Sexual Trauma and Severely Disturbed Children.

Then, in the EFT Specialty Series 2 DVD set your education will continue as 8 EFT experts give you an endless list of ideas for Chronic Health Issues, Vision Issues, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Substance Sensitivities, Allergy Antidotes, Peak Performance, Trauma/PTSD and Dr. Patricia Carrington’s Choices Method.

Finally, you will enter the priceless domain of the Borrowing Benefits DVD set. In a nutshell, this stunning EFT discovery allows you to identify an issue of your own and achieve relief for it by simply tapping along with the people you will see on stage. This is so, even though the issues on stage are different from your own. Once you learn this simple procedure, you can use it with the countless EFT sessions contained in our various EFT DVD sets.

Contents of the EFT Specialty Series 1 DVD set

Overview and Benefits:

  • 14 hours on DVD plus a handout on CD, all neatly compacted on 2 DVDs.
  • Learn as experts make presentations on EFT’s uses regarding Business, Addictions/Overweight, Sexual Trauma, Relationships and Severely Emotionally Disturbed Children.
  • Enjoy six full hours on business how-to’s and collapsing the “mental comedies” that limit our business success (presented by Gary Craig, EFT Founder).
  • Instant replay any video segment for thorough learning.

Contents: Here is a thumbnail sketch of what’s included (followed by a more detailed description of each section).

  • Doing Business with EFT – Gary Craig
  • Weight Loss and Addictions – Dr. Carol Look
  • Relationships – Paul and Layne Cutright
  • Sexual Trauma – Lori Lorenz, MA
  • Emotionally Disturbed Children…AND…Getting EFT Accepted by Institutions – Ann Adams, LCSW

Doing Business with EFT – Gary Craig

90% of this 6 hour presentation involves new material never before seen on our web site or my other training videos. We begin with the critically important “mental set” and spend major time discovering our mental blocks to financial success.

You may tap along with me and the audience as we reduce these mental blocks to “comedies”. This part of the presentation is wall to wall to humor as we go about the business of erasing some of the limiting financial “writing on our walls”. We then have a full live session with Stacey (an audience volunteer) on two of her business issues (including fear of rejection). You are encouraged to tap along with us and, by so doing, are likely to get movement on your issues.

Here are some of the other topics covered…

  • How to find for yourself unique ways to do what you want even when you have run out of ideas–it’s called your “antenna”.
  • Several techniques for low cost promotion & advertising
  • 11 phrases you can use to build bridges to your customers’ belief systems
  • How to more than triple your earnings AND effectiveness by applying EFT in GROUPS
  • Several ethical persuasion principles
  • The Law of Contrast–a critically important communication principle that will help “sell” your ideas
  • The Rule of Reciprocation and how to use it ethically to build rapport and reputation

Weight Loss and Addictions – Dr. Carol Look

Dr. Look’s superb success in these challenging areas is clearly evident in the standing ovation she received at the end of her 2+ hour presentation. She works with many people live on stage to illustrate her various points. In fact, you can tap right along with the participants to achieve results for yourself.

  • 20 limiting beliefs that block success
  • Why diets don’t work
  • Why we use drugs, alcohol and food as tranquilizers
  • Compulsions vs. Obsessions
  • Treatment vs. Healing
  • 9 Intake questions for new clients
  • 8 emotional themes to look for and treat
  • 6 primary Psychological Reversals
  • 8 questions to find aspects of the problem from the PAST
  • 10 questions to find aspects of the problem from the PRESENT
  • 12 questions to find aspects of the problem into the FUTURE
  • End-result imagery
  • Affirmations/Vibrations
  • 9 step smoking cessation protocol
  • 6 thoughts on self-image

Relationships – Paul and Layne Cutright

In their 2+ hour presentation, this professional husband and wife team take Relationship counseling to new levels with their creative uses of EFT. The old method of “talk about the relationship and then go home and somehow work together” is easily replaced by Paul & Layne’s insightful protocols and uses of EFT. They show you many ways to FIND the true problems and then RESOLVE them so that impressive progress can be made. Their style and beautiful compatibility with each other add vibrancy to this standing ovation presentation. Here are some of the topics taken from their handout.

  • The 6 parts of their creative Relationship Energy Repatterning Procedure
  • 12 Belief Point Statements
  • The 5 Stages of Partnership–Attraction, Power Struggle, Cooperation, Synergy and Completion
  • Essential Skills
  • What to Avoid

Sexual Trauma – Lori Lorenz, MA

This “behind the scenes” 2+ hour presentation takes you into all the intricacies of Sexual Abuse by someone who has “been there” herself. In Lori’s words…. ” The percentages quoted for sexual abuse vary widely. I’ve heard them run from 25% to as much as 90%+, depending on the definitions which can be as limited as only penetration to as broad as counting sexual innuendo and suggestive looks. And those figures refer primarily to abuse of girls–the numbers for boys are so under reported that we have no idea how pervasive it is.”

Not only will you visit the inner thoughts of both victims and perpetrators but you will also discover ways to find core issues and ways to use EFT to effectively resolve them. This presentation is a must If you are either a victim of sexual abuse or a therapist treating this problem. Here are some of the topics from Lori’s handout…

  • The role of “body memory”
  • How victims are often “silenced” about the abuse and what to do about it.
  • Several ways to reframe the abusive experience.
  • Confusing love and abuse
  • Sexual abuse with violence
  • Memories–what you don’t know can hurt you
  • Retrieving memories
  • The role of anger
  • Useful thoughts on forgiveness
  • Self-Trust–The Root of Peace and Safety
  • Boundaries
  • Self-Care for the Practitioner
  • 81 different EFT Set-Up Statements to use for these issues.

Emotionally Disturbed Children…AND…Getting EFT Accepted by Institutions – Ann Adams, LCSW

Learn from this master in this 2+ hour presentation as she tells how to gain rapport and deliver EFT to the severely emotionally disturbed children in the residential facility of which she is an executive. You will hear example after example of how EFT is used to calm down and enhance the lives of these angry, immature and badly abused youngsters. The stories are touching and the practical techniques are priceless.

Ann, in her executive position, also qualifies as a bureaucrat (a delightfully humorous one, however). Thus she is thoroughly familiar with the methods and politics of getting a new idea (like EFT) installed in places like schools, hospitals and other institutions. She knows how bureaucrats think (including what motivates them) and freely shares how to open these important doors. This is an insider’s look that you will rarely see elsewhere. Here are some of the topics from Ann’s handout.

  • 15 ways to introduce EFT to children
  • How to use the child’s words in the EFT Setup Statements
  • A step by step process to teach EFT to children so they will use it.
  • Top 10 things you need to know to get EFT accepted by institutions
  • The 10 “what’s” administrators want to know
  • How to get an application approved for CE credits
  • The top 10 business strategies that generate referrals

What People Say

“I’ve gotten more out of your videos than any other seminar or workshop that I’ve ever attended. What empowering work!” – Jennifer L. Koerner, CHT –

Contents of the EFT Specialty Series 2 DVD set

Overview and Benefits:

  • Over 16 intriguing hours on DVD.
  • Eight expert specialists give their inside tips on Chronic Health issues, vision, ADD, Substance Sensitivities, Allergies, Peak Performance, Trauma and The Choices Method.
  • Learn from 8 EFT experts as they detail their specialized uses of EFT.
  • Instant replay any video segment for thorough learning.

Using EFT for Chronic Health Issues – Stephen Daniel, PhD

As you will see in this 2+ hour presentation, Dr. Daniel has a remarkable success rate with some of the most intense and debilitating physical ailments and he gives many practical uses for diagnosing and delivering these important procedures. This includes a live demonstration. It is a must-see presentation if you are addressing important health issues.

  • Why the energy paradigm is important in healing
  • Why isn’t my body doing this healing?
  • 3 control mechanisms to health: Energy, Beliefs, Internal pictures
  • Self-testing and surrogate testing
  • Major belief categories influendcing health
  • Major issues in addressing chronic vs. acute illness
  • Beliefs that lock in fear
  • The importance of being specific

Using EFT for Vision Issues – Dr. Larry Jebrock

When EFT audiences are asked to indicate whether or not they have a vision issue, about 90% raise their hands. Our eyes, of course, require the perfect coordination of numerous tiny muscles, nerves and capillaries in order to work properly. Since our emotions can affect any or all of these vital procedures, it is no wonder that we can improve our vision by using EFT to resolve the appropriate emotions.

Dr. Larry Jebrock, unlike most other optometrists, considers our emotions a leading cause of vision impairments. His fascinating 2+ hour presentation reflects that. Here are some highlights….

  • The structure of the eye.
  • How emotions cause vision impairment.
  • Ways to improve vision.
  • What is your left eye saying to you?
  • What is your right eye saying to you?Exercises to help establish what may be wrong with your vision.
  • Many insightful questions from the audience.
  • Why many people may not need their glasses or contact lenses.

Using EFT for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) – Don Blackerby, PhD

Dr. Blackerby, an educator by background, has taken a profound interest in ADD and has become one of the world’s most knowledgeable experts on this subject. By adding EFT to his other skills, he generates a 95% success rate in eliminating ADD.

To correct ADD, of course, we must first know every detail about the process. In his fascinating presentation, Dr. Blackerby delivers these details and gives many examples to emphasize his points. He also gives the audience (you) an exercise designed to give you first hand experience of what it is like to be have ADD. It is an unforgettable exercise and will leave you with a deep appreciation for this problem.

  • Belief changes and why they are important in ADD
  • Searching for new aspects of the problem using his 6 Logical Levels of experience
  • How students are traumatized repeatedly in schools
  • How to change limiting beliefs
  • The symptoms of ADDThe subjective experience of students with ADD symptoms
  • 8 questions to find aspects of the problem from the PAST
  • Why the ADD person often has suppressed anger and rage
  • Potential causes of ADD symptoms

Using EFT for Substance Sensitivities – Alan Handelsman

The whole subject of substance sensitivities and allergies is so important that 2 presentations on this topic are included in this video series. Both Alan Handelsman and Sandi Radomski are acknowledged experts in this field and present different creative approaches to the problem.

  • Defining allergies
  • Simple approaches
  • Why using EFT with allergies is like using EFT with most anything else.
  • Diagnosing for whether or not a substance is toxic to the client.
  • A creative and easy form of muscle testing.
  • Why a substance doesn’t need to be present in order to test for its toxicity.
  • Possible payoffs for having an allergy.
  • How to work with the emotions behind an allergy
  • A useful form of age recessing to discover the origins of the allergy.

Allergy Antidotes Using EFT – Sandi Radomski, ND

The whole subject of substance sensitivities and allergies is so important that 2 presentations on this topic are included in this video series. Both Sandi Radomski and Alan Handelsman are acknowledged experts in this field and present different creative approaches to the problem.

  • Using EFT to reprogram the body to no longer react to the problem substance.
  • How and why allergies are increasing.
  • The “Rain Barrel Effect” and what to do about it.
  • 18 common allergy like reactions.
  • How some emotional symptoms have a physiological basis.
  • How the body wrongly identifies a substance as a danger to its existence.
  • Identifying allergy like reactions.
  • How inside air pollution is 2-5 times greater than outside air pollution.
  • The top 6 toxins.
  • The top 7 reactive foods.
  • Basic treatments and “Surrounding the Dragon.”

Using EFT for Peak Performance – Steve Wells

This popular 2+ hour presentation by Steve Wells (from Australia) was met with a standing ovation. His depth of knowledge regarding EFT’s many uses for Peak Performance brought about many insightful questions and comments from the audience. Steve’s delivery is fast paced, filled with humor and contains wall to wall gems for self improvement.

  • The 7 steps to achieve Peak Performance.
  • Why deciding is a critical first step.
  • Using EFT to eliminate the emotional barriers to success.
  • How to perform consistently.
  • The importance of values clarification.
  • Be prepared to prepare–separating those who are committed from those who are only interested.
  • Identify role models and model their success.
  • The important levels of commitment. I wish to, I want to, I plan to, I will….
  • Why surround yourself with successful people.

Using EFT for Trauma and P.T.S.D.- David Lake, MD

Dr. Lake, from Sydney, Australia, is a seasoned expert at EFT and has used it with consistent success on highly traumatized people. This includes those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.)

In his engaging 2+ hour presentation, Dr. Lake tells the true story of his own daughter’s experience during a terrorist attack. This riveting story, and the uses of EFT to unload the trauma, helps illustrate many facets of EFT’s versatility. His presentation also includes a live demonstration.

  • Defining PTSD.
  • Features of PTSD.
  • Why use EFT.
  • Treating global concerns first.
  • Why it is often useful to work on physical concerns before addressing the trauma.
  • Personal work and growth with EFT.
  • Useful questions to ask during the EFT process.
  • Self help with EFT.
  • Some negative beliefs that can block EFT treatment.
  • Processing information using EFT.
  • Difficulties and drawbacks using EFT for Trauma.

Using EFT with the Choices Method – Patricia Carrington, PhD

Dr. Carrington’s highly popular Choices Method for delivering EFT is given detailed treatment in this informative workshop. Audience questions and participation, together with a live demonstration, punctuate this important 2+ hour presentation.

  • The Choices protocol
  • The Choices trio
  • How to create a proper Choices set up phrase
  • The wording of Choices
  • The first rule of Choices: Be specific
  • The second rule of Choices: Create a pulling choice
  • The third rule of Choices: Go for the best possible outcome.
  • The fourth rule of Choices: State your choices in the positive.
  • The fifth, sixth and seventh rules of Choices:
  • Why isn’t “I choose to have Mary love me” a good Choices candidate?

What People Say

“The Training DVD’s are invaluable. They drew me into them. It is as if I was there in person. I even was drawn to answer the questions Gary posed to the people in the audience.” – Ruth Spires –

Contents of the Borrowing Benefits DVD Set

Overview and Benefits:

  • 15 hours on DVD.
  • This DVD set revolutionizes the delivery of quality healing to the public.
  • You get detailed instructions followed by 13 high quality live sessions that you can “tap along” with.
  • Ideal for workshop presenters and for professionals who want to give clients quality “homework.”
  • After some simple instructions you can dive right in and begin collapsing your issues. Relief is usually immediate.
  • You can achieve results even if you have no previous training in EFT. You may wish to formally learn EFT later if you are a professional or a serious student and wish to take EFT to even higher levels.
  • These videos are capable of very deep work and have collapsed many, many issues that conventional techniques couldn’t touch.
  • They are “Universally Useful” for you because each of them is capable of addressing thousands of different issues.
  • They are re-useable. Pick out your favorite sessions and use them over and over again for as many issues as you wish.
  • Each video is engaging and entertaining.
  • You can go even further with the aid of a proficient, highly skilled EFT practitioner.
  • Borrowing Benefits works whether or not your issues match the issues on the videos. In fact, it is often preferable that they don’t match.
  • “Borrowing Benefits never ceases to amaze me. You can feel the shifts happening inside you even when tapping along with someone else’s different issue. In all my years as a therapist, I’ve never seen anything like this”. Betty Moore-Hafter, CHt

Special benefits for professionals and serious students:

  • In addition to the above, over 30 different creative approaches and reframes are displayed for your study. Adopting them is almost certain to enhance your practice.
  • The videos often serve to uncover hidden issues. Thus loaning copies of these videos to your clients for homework will often result in their bringing back core issues for quality work. This substantially reduces the time necessary to do “detective work.”
  • You can effectively use these videos in your own Borrowing Benefits workshops. They are ready made for this and highly efficient.


  • Instructions
  • Stacey: Money blocks
  • Roger & Mary: Couples counseling
  • Kim: Molested at age 6
  • Betty: Putting herself forward–“Mr. Smythe dealt me a mortal blow”
  • Gary: Spiritual growth
  • LaVern: Rejection–“I don’t want to dance!!”
  • Kathy: Fear and dread of making presentations to unknown people.
  • Andy: “I could never do anything right.”
  • Patricia: Social discomfort & “Momma didn’t want me”
  • Yvette: Overweight & “I don’t want to be controlled”
  • Lucille: Claustrophobia and related items
  • Tam: Repressed memory–childhood school trauma
  • Sarah: Alcoholic mother & “I must fix the world”

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