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A miracle.

A cure for anything.

A treatment for anything.

Any sort of diagnostic tool.

A means for achieving any sort of diagnosis.

A preventative for anything.


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A miracle.

A cure for anything.

A treatment for anything.

Any sort of diagnostic tool.

A means for achieving any sort of diagnosis.

A preventative for anything.

Replace, displace, override or negate the need for professional qualified medical advice and/or treatment.

Replace, displace, override or negate the need for professional qualified psychological advice and/or treatment.

Healing you.

This program is designed to be, and only be, an AID to help and direct you to heal yourself and relieve your own emotional pain, to whatever extent that is possible and safe to do. It will not heal you; it is just a set of instructions made subliminal. It will direct you to heal yourself if that is possible and safe to do.

This program uses the latest build techniques and technologies, including:

The Naturalizer: Allows the changes taking place to be accepted much more readily, and proceed naturally so that the change is as easy as possible.

HyperSpeed Technology: Vastly increases the speed and efficiency of information processing of subliminal input.

Self-Optimizing scripting: Allows HST to instantly, constantly and automatically adjust itself to the brain state of the listener, so HST is always tuned for perfect performance, even if multiple people are being exposed simultaneously.

The Optimus Engine [Version 3.0]: A specialized script and technology set that generates an intense focus on achieving the goal and finding creative and effective ways to do so that utilizes the full scope of your subconscious knowledge.

MaxSpeed: Allows certain types of programs to produce initial results in between 4 minutes and 45 minutes, depending on the specific goal, person and type of goal.

In-The-Moment State Shifting: Seeks to change the state of your awareness very quickly and while you listen to the program to better fit the achievement of the goal of the program.

Triggered State Shifting: Seeks to change your state of awareness whenever you encounter a fear trigger, or a fear would otherwise be experienced. This requires longer term usage and possibly refreshing.

Automatic Self Training: scripting designed to trigger your subconscious to automatically train itself to achieve the goal it is directed toward.

Self Optimizing Amplifier: Designed to amplify the effects and effectiveness of the program to exactly what is most useful and helpful, while remaining safe.

Audio to Silence Ratio Balancer: This 6G back port technology allows Massive Data Input and Processing (MDIP) scripting to run at maximum efficiency in real time without exhausting the brain. Provides much better experience and much smoother program execution.

HyperCompression Technology #1: This backport 6G technology allows the program to achieve word-per-minute rates that average about 650% of standard 5G, meaning each hour of listening is the equivalent of listening to about 6.5 hours of a standard 5G program.

Conscious/Subconscious Mind Alignment: This 6G backport technology causes the conscious and subconscious minds to align with one another to achieve the exact same goal, such that there is little to no possibility of subconscious self sabotage or resistance. It therefore actually reduces the amount of energy required as you use it more, and allows a much faster and smoother achievement of the goal.

Massive Data Input & Processing scripting: (MDIP) scripting designed to allow for 2+ times the data input limits of standard 5G program scripting.

This makes EHPRA 2.0 the first subliminal that can be properly classified as 5.5G instead of 5G standard.

The Emotional Healing & Pain Relief Aid 1.0, which we made (and still have available) free, was the inspiration for Version 2.0. We listened to people give their feedback on the forums for more than a year and came to understand that while that program is very good for helping people to heal themselves, there are cases where it can be improved upon. This version improves upon the original in a number of ways, including:

Version 2.0 is designed to be significantly gentler in it’s approach to helping you heal yourself.

It is also designed to balance assertiveness in healing yourself with maintaining a safe and effective speed of progress, so that you never go too fast or try too hard, while working to prevent avoidance of and distraction from achieving the goal.

It is designed using a number of 6G back port technologies, which make it significantly more technologically advanced than the original version.

It now incorporates a number of modules that do not exist in the old version, meaning it deals with a much broader range of concerns.

Inherited from Version 1.0, this program helps you with with:

Emotional pain relief

Emotional healing

Guilt/shame/fear release

Mental/emotional maturity improvement

Self forgiveness

Forgiveness of others

Letting go of the past

Self Validation

New in Version 2.0 are modules to help you with:

Healing and regenerating yourself mentally and emotionally.

Healing from emotional damage as a result of sexual dysfunction, trauma and abuse.

Training yourself to heal and regenerate automatically.

Self compassion and self consideration in all the ways that maximize your self-healing, self regeneration and emotional pain relief.

Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear 5G (full script), plus additional tweaks to that script not found in the release version of that program as a stand alone.

Training yourself to overcome guilt, shame and fear.

Outgrowing guilt, shame and fear.

Learn whatever is necessary to outgrow guilt, shame and fear.

Projection of part of the awareness into the future in which the goals have been safely and successfully achieved, and then pulling the “now” self to that future through the connection.

Optimus Engine 3.0 directed at achieving all the goals of the program safely and successfully.

Focus on overcoming guilt, shame and fear.

Disconnect from guilt, shame and fear, and allow yourself to work with them safely and as objectively as possible.

Make the process of overcoming guilt, shame and fear as enjoyable as possible.

Appreciate yourself in all the right ways to allow for maximum success in self regeneration and healing.

Let go of and stop needing/seeking the approval of and permission of others for your self-healing and regenerating.

Give yourself approval and permission to live the life that allows you to heal and regenerate, stay healed and regenerated, and allows you to be genuinely happy, and to genuinely heal and regenerate.

Overcome The Victim Mentality (full script).

Deservedness for healing and regenerating and being healed and regenerated.

End and prevent self pity and any desire to engage in it.

End and prevent any desire to have pity from others.

End and prevent self sabotage in self healing and regeneration.

Physical, mental and emotional relaxation to maximize and benefit healing and regeneration.

Positive Thinking, Positive Attitude (full program script).

Neutralize internal negativity and make yourself immune to internal and external negativity.

Allow for happiness, self healing and regenerating through genuine gratitude and appreciation.

Make yourself worthy of your own self love, and allow you to be loving towards yourself.

Fill yourself with unconditional, non-specific loving, healing and regenerating energy, and use it to help you heal and regenerate.

Like yourself, and if necessary, make yourself deserving of self liking and self love, and adjust yourself to be someone you can like and love.

Generate and maintain hope.

Generate and allow all necessary self confidence for healing and regenerating.

Transform anger into a positive that assists in healing and regenerating not only the self, but the causes for the anger.

Self esteem/respect/self worth and validity enhancement.

Let go of and heal and regenerate anything that might hold you back from healing and regenerating, and move on into a state of healing and regenerating.

Mental, physical and emotional stress relief.

Overcome the urge to change subs to avoid dealing with things the program is helping you with.

Take full responsibility for your beliefs, thoughts, actions, choices and outcomes, and the results you get from using this program.

Learn what is necessary to let go of the past, so that you can let go of the past.

Repair yourself mentally, emotionally and sexually.

Self enabling and allowing for self healing and regeneration.

Forgive those who it would benefit you and your healing to forgive – including yourself.

Achieving balance mentally, physically and emotionally.

This program is, as you can see, significantly updated, expanded and improved from the original.

Please note that this program is also designed to help with sexual trauma and emotional damage. It should therefore be helpful to people who have had sexually traumatic experiences.

It should also be helpful to those who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, regardless of the source or type. For this reason, we at Indigo Mind Labs have decided to make this program available for free to anyone who can prove that they are a current member of any branch the military of the United States (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard), or have been honorably discharged therefrom. To take advantage of this offer, you must send us an e-mail requesting it for free, and show verifiable proof that you are currently a member of, or have been honorably discharged from, the United States military.


Do not expose this program to anyone who has or is being treated or medicated for any mental illness, condition or disorder without proper and appropriate medical and/or psychological supervision.

Do not expose any child under the age of 18 to this program without proper and appropriate parental, medical and/or psychological supervision.

If at any time use of this program conflicts with the opinion, treatment or instructions of your medical or psychological professional, always follow the opinion, treatment or instructions you are given by your medical or psychological professional.

To use this program, simply calibrate the volume and choose the track you wish to use. Then, play that track on loop for 8 to 21 hours per day, up to the amount you can handle. This program is designed for extended use in increments of 1, 3 or 6 months at a time. The longer you use it, the more deeply it will work.

If it is possible for you to do, it is recommended that you ease yourself into using this program. Start by using it for an hour, then give yourself several hours to observe any effects it may have. Then do two hours, and so forth, until you are using it for the intended amount of time per day. Expected optimal usage per day will be between 8 and 12 hours for most people. Your mileage may vary.

This program uses both In-The-Moment state shifting and Triggered state shifting to direct your state of mind, body and emotions to the optimal state for accomplishing it’s intended objectives. Therefore, do not perform any activity while this program is running, which requires your concentration, such as driving, operating heavy machinery or the like. Also do not drive or operate heavy machinery or do anything else that requires concentration while the triggered state shifting is in effect. TSS will be triggered while you are not using this program, but experiencing something that requires emotional healing or pain relief, such as the death of a loved one.

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