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Email Prospecting Blitz – Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte


Discover why conventional ‘Old School’ mass email marketing doesn’t work, but our system is killing it.


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An Open Letter To Consultants who’ve Tried Email Prospecting…



“Discover why conventional ‘Old School’ mass email marketing doesn’t work, but our system is killing it.”

“How To Land $5000 Local Clients With Just Email:

…Without Spamming.

…Without Harassing Them.

…Without Risking Your Email Account.

…Without Spending A Nickel.

Pay close attention to this message, since NO ONE else is revealing this approach.”

An Urgent Message from 2 FORMERLY frustrated and broke consultants…

Most offline marketers are struggling to land clients by cold calling, expensive direct mail, and time consuming face-to-face selling.

Us? We used to spin our wheels like that, but now we use our Private Email System to turn cold prospects into Hot Paying clients like clockwork.

BTW, Aloha from Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte! (Nicks the tall guy, I’m the better looking one) 🙂

We’re full-time offline consultants in Maui Hawaii.

Every week we provide marketing services to local businesses and they pay us handsomely.

That allows us both to live pretty sweet lives here in paradise.

But before you get jealous, let me share a secret with you. 

When we first started we struggled getting clients.

We HATED cold calling and lived in fear of doing it.

We didn’t have money to run expensive direct mail campaigns.

Face-to-face door knocking selling was time consuming and extremely frustrating.

So we turned to the only option left. Cold email.

We followed the so-called gurus advice and used software to scrape email addresses and send out hyped-up emails pitching our services.


We didn’t get ANY new clients. In fact, almost no one responded to our emails!

We asked other local marketers what success they’ve had with cold email and to our surprise most of them were in the same boat as us.

The Ugly Truth About Cold Email

The GURU’s Won’t Tell You.

Connecting through cold email the way 95% of offline marketers do, doesn’t work, it Backfires!

Most offline marketers:

  • Use software to scrape email address and send out hundreds to thousands of emails. 
  • Pack their emails with hard sell copy.
  • Aggravate their prospects with excessive follow-up emails

Prospects are busy… Their inboxes are crowded… They get hammered by hundreds of other marketers trying to sell them through cold emails every day.

The sad truth is, the more you spam their email, the more they HATE you.

Sorry, but thats’ the truth. if you do what everyone else is doing…you’re guaranteed to fail.

Swear on a bible, a nine year old child can do this, and heres proof.

Our Million Dollar Discovery

After testing the standard approach to cold email prospecting, we discovered what most offline marketers are doing… just doesn’t work.

So, we figured “nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?”

  • We dug into EVERY nook and cranny of Cold Email Prospecting.
  • We researched what was working for anyone – NOT just offline marketers
  • We tested and observed results (our own and others)
  • We refined our approach to make it easier and faster
  • WE continue to fine tune and test RIGHT UP TO THIS LAUNCH, so nothing is outdated!

How We REINVENTED Email Marketing

And Got 500% More Clients with Almost NO Hassles!

Get ready for the “Quality Over Quantity ” Offline Email System.

  • Instead of mass emailing, we focus on a small number of decision makers and make sure we have their KEY DETAILS.
  • Write Unique Powerful but REAL subject lines and emails that set you apart in the prospects inbox and compel them to respond.
  • We developed a formula to write emails that got RESULTS…opens, calls and appointments.
  • AND we use our ‘Secret Sauce’ to turbo charge this system 500% More.

Imagine The POWER you’ll Have when you can literally land clients at will…WITHOUT spending any money.

Imagine the respect you’ll get from family and friends once they see with their own eyes how your client base grows.

Imagine the bigger, more robust income you’ll enjoy month after month as new clients come onboard.

Get ready for the “Quality Over Quantity ” Offline Email System.

Inside Our Step-By-Step New Training:

Why Most People Fail At Cold Email Prospecting

– The psychology of the email

– Do the Pros of Email Outweigh the Cons?

– Expectations and Reality

– The Value Of A Single Client 

– Email Is Misunderstood

– Email Replaces The ‘Foot In The Door”

 Writing Cold Emails That Get Results

– Fundamentals

– Writing Subject Lines That Get Emails Opened

– Cold Email Formula

– Screencast Technique

– Cold Email for Landing Bigger Companies

– Generating Direct and Indirect Referrals

– How to Follow-up Like a Pro

Finding Potential Prospects

– Where the Best Ones are

– Getting Them for Free

– Using Software to Make It Easy

– Little Known Email Lead Sources

– How Mailing Less Makes You More

How to Handle Common Responses

– Can You Send Us More Information?- Can You Follow up later?

– What Do You Charge?

– Who Have You Worked With?

– Handling Prospects That Don’t Respond

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