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Emotional Clearing – Six-Week Guided Training – John Ruskan


I started to tell you about my new audio program on the home page. I’m sure you can sense how excited I am about it, and how I believe it will provide a powerful means to jump-start you on the Emotional Clearing path.


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I started to tell you about my new audio program on the home page. I’m sure you can sense how excited I am about it, and how I believe it will provide a powerful means to jump-start you on the Emotional Clearing path.

Reading a book is a left-brain experience. But to effectively start clearing negative feelings, you need to shift to the right-brain, and beyond, to the Witness. The Emotional Clearing book tells you how to do it, and I strongly recommend that you read the book so you know what we’re about, but these audio programs are designed to take you there.

You will be transported to a relaxed, serene Alpha State.

You simply become the Witness, watching as emotional transformation effortlessly takes place.

Through a well thought-out, dramatic combination of spoken guidance, music, and binaural-beat technology, I believe I can coax you out of your left-brain and into the relaxed, spacious, imaginative, intuition-based right-brain – the doorway to authentic feeling and healing.

You’ll experience a wonderful sense of me being there for you – you’ll have real support. And this is not just your imagination. Written or spoken words can be imbued with power; and that power – to heal, to grow, to transcend the limited ego-self and launch into the spacious, joyous Higher-Self consciousness – that’s what I’m going to give you.

Please allow me to describe in a little more detail what went into making these programs:

First, it’s me speaking. I mentioned on the home page that I’ve been counseling clients since 1993. All through that time I found my skills constantly growing. These verbal skills are calculated to relax you, to build trust, to make you feel safe and comfortable as we gently focus on inner feelings, the place you’ve been avoiding and thereby creating your pain.

Then we begin the Emotional Clearing Process:

Similar to meditation, you close your eyes and I lead you with a special induction into the relaxed, Alpha-State, right-brain. In order to bring you there, I must be there myself – it’s my vibration that pulls you in. I’m speaking from the right-brain. I’m not talking intellectually.

I’m talking from the heart, with feeling.

It’s the feeling in my voice that I believe you will first respond to. You’ll start to drift into a pleasant, peaceful altered state – a place you’ll enjoy immensely. After you’re established here, we cautiously open the door to feelings, but our emphasis is always first and foremost on being safe and comfortable.

I want to be sure you get that this program is not just me lecturing you, or giving you information, reading from a script. That’s all left-brain – what we want to get away from. The is a right-brain, intuitive journey I’m going to take you on – a super guided meditation into the world of feelings.

And I also want to make sure you get that this is not just a pleasant, superficial journey inward that invites you to visualize pleasant imagery or to re-program, re-condition, or replace painful memories with positive ones. This is exactly what we do not do, and what I feel is more harmful that beneficial.

Our goal is to be present with what is on the emotional feeling level with no agenda – with the mind out of the way so clearing can occur. That’s what this work is all about, what my skill is all about, and that’s why you won’t find any product on the market like this.

All this is furthered by the music. I’m very pleased with how the music turned out. Drawing upon my lifetime of experience as a musician, I play all the sounds on electronic synthesizer. It’s soft, simple, non-obtrusive, supportive energy you can sink into. It doesn’t try to force anything on you, but is neutral and transcendental – it gives you space to let you feel what you are feeling, and then lifts you above.

You start to go inward

Our work is primarily about feeling and witnessing what is, on the feeling level, and reversing the unconscious resistance and self-rejection that keeps the feelings trapped.

It’s about rebuilding the capacity to feel, because many of us have almost lost or have lost that ability in our modern left-brain culture.

Memories may emerge, feelings may bounce up for validation, body sensations may appear, but all the while you’re safely seated in the Witness. You just dispassionately watch, safe and serene, supported by my energy.

It’s the witnessing, without the mind interfering, that precipitates the clearing.

Paradoxically, as you feel exactly what is – what’s going on inside you – you come out the other side. The Witness spontaneously engages, and you shift to transcendental consciousness – authentically serene, not some idea of peacefulness or feeling good created by the dualistic, ego-driven, left-brain mind in order to escape from pain.

This is where I’m going to take you, and teach you how to release feelings as well.

Then, there are the binaural beats


This technology has been around for years, and has proven itself effective in inducing the Alpha-State, where healing spontaneously occurs, as well as the more relaxed Theta and Delta levels. Applying my music engineering skills, I’ve created binaural beats on sophisticated electronic gear as good as anybody’s and subtly interspersed them in the programs along with the music.

Binaural beats lock the brain into a low-key frequency, relaxing you, and force the left- and right-brains to communicate, so that the whole brain hears the resultant beat and becomes “entrained” to that frequency (for example, 8 cycles per second from two slightly different sine-wave frequencies, 440 and 448 cps, played into each ear.) To learn more about binaural beats, refer to the AlphaJourney Manual.

Integrating left- and right-brain like this is vitally important for emotional release work, because it can be said that much of the resistance we unconsciously hold towards feelings, which keeps them suppressed and troubling us, is due to a lack of left-right brain integration.

Reversing this condition starts to reverse suppression and stimulate feelings into consciousness, where they begin to release, but you can’t just listen to any binaural beat CD and hope it’s going to give you emotional healing. It’s critical that you know how to handle the feelings as they come up.

You need to apply some methodology to keep from re-suppressing the feelings, to stay safe and comfortable, and to allow the release cycle to complete without interruption.

As feelings release, your behavior changes

Very soon after first listening to these CD programs, you will start to notice changes. Not only are painful feelings starting to lessen, but miraculously, your experience changes.

  • You no longer attract the negative conditions that correspond to your suppressed negative feelings. Life changes spontaneously, without ‘efforting.’
  • You find yourself able to enter and go with the FLOW.
  • Your behavior changes – you are no longer compulsively driven by negative feelings such as lack, scarcity, weakness, inadequacy, sadness, or depression into self-destructive patterns.
  • Addictions fall by the wayside easily and spontaneously because they are no longer needed to keep feelings suppressed and give you extra energy just to function.

Our work is ever to just be with what is on the feeling level; not to willfully change it, but to allow it to transform itself, under the guidance of the Higher-Self intelligence.

The many tools and techniques you will learn here are ways to help you effectively and easily be with the feelings.

So jump into it right now, if you want. You must listen on earphones. Lie down, close your eyes and make sure you won’t be disturbed. Scroll down a half page to DISC 1 to start.As promised, I’m eager to have you experience all this, and that’s why I’m making available here free the first 40 minute program of the collection, Deep Relaxation, for you to listen to as often as you want. It’s where you begin. Just coming into this state will start to work on you to release trapped feelings.


Are you ready for the most exciting adventure of your life?

If so, then get ready to meet . . . . yourself!

The 12 CD collection is intended to teach the Emotional Clearing Process experientially, in as effective a setting as possible, short of working with a skilled Emotional Clearing Facilitator. In some ways, it may exceed or compliment the benefits of a personal facilitator, with the various elements that have been combined. These elements include:

  • A carefully-conceived spoken dialogue designed to take you through a moving, significant, right-brain guided process, and to provide an energetic ‘anchor’ and companion for you as you work with feelings.
  • Embedded binaural beats to induce the relaxed Alpha brainwave state and lower.
  • Repetitive, ambient, non-intrusive music carefully designed to induce deep relaxation.
  • A guided breath count with alternating left-right beats to stimulate left-right brain integration.

A Six-Week Program

My recommendation is that the first 6 disks be experienced in 6 weeks. Listen to one disc per week, in the suggested order. Listen to that disc 3 times during the week to embed the information into the subconscious.

Each disc increasingly hones your skills in the Emotional Clearing Process, creating new neural pathways with which you will begin to automatically process experiences as they happen, while giving you an experiential opportunity to release feelings.

The remaining 4 disks cover other important aspects of the work that you can use anytime, in any order, after the 6 week course.

Each disk is approximately 40 minutes long.


BODY LEVEL: To say this program gets you deeply relaxed is an understatement.

If you have any stress or anxiety from the day, from ongoing issues, or even about this work, you’ll be taken to a place where negativity vanishes.

You’ll find yourself floating on an energy wave, deep into the dreamy, soft, right-brain, transcending the negative left-brain lower-self, supported and soothed by my voice, the music, and the entrainment technology.

If feelings from the subconscious do emerge, don’t be afraid of them or try to make them go away. Just watch in a detached, relaxed manner, maintaining a smooth, easy breath.

This is a very powerful program, but you shouldn’t listen to it more than once a day, to avoid overexposure to the entrainment technology, which ranges from 8 to 4 cps. Be sure to use stereo headphones.


The complete Emotional Clearing Process, so you can get an overview and start to release feelings.

This program guides you with concise, easy to understand verbal directions so you can confidently apply the Emotional Clearing Process to release feelings.

You gently open the door to the subconscious, under the guidance of your unconscious Higher-Self or any other non-physical guidance you may call upon, however you may conceive of it.

Trust that just the right amount of feeling will be presented to you. You will not get more than you can easily handle. You take this feeling through the steps, releasing it.

All the time, you are safely and comfortably witnessing. You are established first in Deep Relaxation and witnessing before feelings are accessed.

Negative feelings start to drop away as you feel the levels of your being aligning and supporting the spontaneous release process.

You can go back to this disc at any time and use it as your companion for emotional processing.

In this and all remaining programs, the binaural entrainment stays around the Alpha-Theta border (8 cps).

Programs 3-6 provide in-depth training in each of the steps of the process, as well as giving you additional opportunities to process feelings, emphasizing that step.



INTELLECTUAL LEVEL: You can’t really start to work on yourself until you are aware of your feelings! And many times we are not aware of the core feeling behind our reactionary emotional response.

The Emotional Clearing schematic of feelings is linked to the 10 chakras that we use. This disc starts by taking you on a guided tour of your chakra system, giving you a short experiential glimpse of all the feeling potentials that are hard-wired into a human being.

You will likely be jolted into the realization “Yes, that’s a feeling I have!” – something that’s been in the background but now can be released since you’ve become aware of it.

The other part of awareness is owning or taking responsibility for the feeling. Contrary to being an burdensome task, owning is empowering.

When you own, you reclaim and withdraw the power you have unconsciously given to others when you buy into your projections, thinking they are responsible for making you feel a certain way.

When you reclaim feelings and own them you immediately feel the surge of power coming back to you that you have been allowing the other person to steal from you.

You do feel good – not because you have pushed negative feelings away – but because you have taken control of yourself, your energy, your experience, and your destiny. The program leads you through a sequence that instills owning deep into subconscious neural pathways.


MENTAL LEVEL: Resistance of feelings takes place on the mental level. We are in a constant state of unconsciously resisting our feelings. Resistance of feelings causes them to become suppressed – to accumulate in the subconscious, forming the Pain Body. As we replace resistance with acceptance, we reverse suppression.

But do you know exactly how you resist your feelings?

It starts with an unconscious negative mental attitude about your feelings, and extends from there into certain kinds of negative behaviors. Many of the behaviors you assume are justified, logical, or appropriate are actually unenlightened habits that keep you shooting yourself in the foot.

It’s not enough to simply verbally affirm that you accept yourself in order to have success with releasing feelings. You must become aware of how you continue to resist your feelings through mental stonewalling and unconscious behavioral acting out.

In this disc, I coach you from resistance to acceptance of yourself and your feelings, embedding an attitude of acceptance deep into your subconscious, utilizing the suggestibility of the Alpha-State right-brain and the principle of repetition. Acceptance becomes part of your being, not just an intellectual concept you may not have fully integrated.

You will start to feel the vitality that may have been missing from your life, as it is redirected from dissipating self-resistance and self-rejection into vitalizing self-acceptance and self-approval.

Note that it is not our circumstances that we accept, but our feelings relative to them.


FEELING LEVEL: Here, we finally allow ourselves to experience the feelings that we have been resisting and avoiding. But the big thing to understand here is that the feelings are not painful like they were when they first occurred.

First, you’re already in the right-brain Witness – you’re watching, detached (which is different from clinical disassociation.) You’re in the Higher-Self, watching the lower-self. And this is not just empty talk – you will have the experience of being in the Higher-Self. The negative feelings don’t really seem to touch you even though you are not avoiding them.

Then, the most amazing thing happens –

The feelings are no longer feelings but just energy patterns in your body!

You’re noticing pressures and currents, positive and negative. It’s actually quite interesting. You’re in an altered state. You’re on your way to a place where only a very small percentage of people go. And yes, there is some constriction and holding, blocking and dark areas, but that’s what we are in the process of addressing.

Just by being fully in the moment with the left-brain on hold, the emotions and feelings become energy patterns, and start to dissipate and release.

This disc emphasizes experientially bringing you into the moment, stopping the mind, shifting your perception to a Direct Experience energetic reality.


SPIRITUAL LEVEL: Witnessing is one of the key elements in the Emotional Clearing Process. It is the sense of stepping back, detaching, “witnessing” your inner experience without being enmeshed in it.

Witnessing is, in itself, a traditional spiritual practice; but here, we apply witness consciousness specifically to feelings, something I have not found particularly emphasized in traditional spiritual teachings. As you practice witnessing feelings, you are shifting your consciousness to an actual, tangible experience of the Higher-Self.

In order to jump-start witness consciousness, we use the ancient Yoga technique of activating the Third Eye. This is an advanced Yoga technique, something you will have to go deep into esoteric teachings to find.

Activating the Third Eye transports you into higher consciousness and the Witness, and also brings you into contact with a transpersonal intelligence that guides your process, resulting in internal catharsis and unexpected creative external change.

This means that when you witness feelings, turning their resolution over to the transpersonal intelligence of the Higher-Self, change will happen that you couldn’t conceive of from your limited left-brain viewpoint.

Creative adjustment occurs spontaneously, without conscious control. This unexpected, creative balancing of internal and external is a pure joy to experience.

Whenever I see this in myself or my clients I am awed by the power of this process. This is what you are aiming for. But it doesn’t come about by you visualizing what you think you need. It comes about by surrender – letting go, going beyond the mind, and letting the higher power make the adjustment.

Activating the Third Eye results, in modern terms, in what is known as bi-lateral stimulation. This means that left- and right-brains are being stimulated into communicating, and this is a very potent mechanism for emotional releasing. Lack of integration of the brain hemispheres can be directly correlated to the resistance of experience.

You may have heard of “eye-movement” therapies. They work the same way. But there is no need to laboriously move your eyes from side to side; just looking into the Third Eye works even more efficiently. If shifting your eyes from side to side was more effective, you can bet the ancient yogis would have noticed it and included it in their practice.

With Third Eye activation, Emotional Clearing offers you a streamlined, innovative application of an ancient technique. We use it before we start to process feelings, and then go back to it throughout the process to apply maximum integrative power to the feelings coming up.

This disc guides you step by step through the activation of the TRANSCENDENTAL WITNESS.

discs (7-10) focus on more specific guidance:


This disc trains you in – doesn’t just explain to you – a three-step emergency intervention to stop you from getting swept away by strong emotions that come up in stressful situations.

  • Stop reacting, acting out, and responding with negativity to the negativity you perceive being directed at you – you’re only creating more negative Karma for yourself.
  • Maintain positive composure in the midst of stress.
  • Contain your feelings for processing and releasing at some later time.

As you get into doing this work, you will become more aware of how you are at the mercy of your projections. You are unconsciously projecting all the time, especially when strong negative situations and emotions come up. It’s vital that you learn how to not react to your projections, but to withdraw projections and recognize – when it’s happening – that feelings are coming up from the subconscious to be released.

This program trains and empowers you to be non-reactive and to maintain equanimity in the face of turmoil.


Relationships of all types are a primary arena where feelings are played out, but this program focuses on romantic attachments.

  • Get free from pain that comes from dependent attachments.
  •  Learn how to use your relationship as a pathway to growth instead of as a battleground.

Pain arises in relationship because we are attached. This attachment is a reflection of where we need to work on ourselves. We experience pain when these attachments are threatened.

Emotional Clearing provides you with a method to gradually release dependencies and build self-reliance, enabling you to enter and enjoy relationships with less and less stress.


Although Emotional Clearing tends to focus on present-day experience, you may spontaneously recall memories of childhood experience as you enter the deep Alpha-State process. This program tenderly speaks to the child, facilitating release of painful traumatic memories.


Addictions are rampant in modern society. Recognizing and eliminating addictions of all types is vital in any program of self-work.

  • Be courageous enough to admit that you are addicted to possessions, people, children, status, activity, work, chemical stimulates, food, sex, TV, and so on.
  • Release addictions effectively, safely, and gradually by recognizing that they are attempts to compensate for negative feelings.

As you release the feeling behind the addiction, the addiction falls away easily and naturally.


BONUS DISK 1: Music 1 (40 min.) From disc 1 with 4 min. breath count and binaural alpha to theta stimulation.

BONUS DISK 2: Music 2 (60 min.) Compilation from all discs with binaural alpha stimulation.

These music discs are the same as the original but without the voice so you can lead yourself through the process, still taking advantage of the binaural technology and the music.


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