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Fast Facebook Results – Mari Smith


Don’t Get Left Behind – “Getting it right” on Facebook has never been more important.. All businesses, big and small, are adjusting to the new changes… Don’t let your business’ message and your offers get pushed out of the News Feed and totally lost. You need to learn the new rules of the game and avoid making costly mistakes. 

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Facebook’s Top Focus is VIDEO FIRST: Are You Ready To Cash In?

Don’t Get Left Behind – “Getting it right” on Facebook has never been more important.. All businesses, big and small, are adjusting to the new changes… Don’t let your business’ message and your offers get pushed out of the News Feed and totally lost. You need to learn the new rules of the game and avoid making costly mistakes. 

  • 12 information-rich, on-demand video training sessions with top Facebook Marketing Expert, Mari Smith & special guest experts
  • Plus, additional micro video tutorials on Facebook ad topics
  • Results guaranteed!
  • Plus FAST ACTION BONUS!! Get 3 months’ free membership in Mari’s Inner Circle Social Media Mastermind. ($300 value)

Everything in Level 2, PLUS:

  • Your own dedicated Facebook Strategist for 1:1 support to provide guidance on your Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing & Facebook Ad Campaigns (this service is in HIGH demand! Only 12 spots available!)
  • Plus FAST ACTION BONUS!! Get 12 months’ free membership in Mari’s Inner Circle Social Media Mastermind. ($1,200 value)



3-pay plan also available

For the past two years, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and his team have been focused on a VIDEO FIRST strategy for the platform. 

BUT, most businesses struggle to properly integrate, optimize and monetize VIDEO in their content marketing efforts.

If that’s you, I’d love to help you! 

I’ve created a powerful new training program designed to help you massively grow your reach, results and revenue on Facebook!

Here’s How To Increase Your Reach, Results and Revenue with VIDEO on Facebook!

Create top quality video content that easily attracts people who love you, and love to BUY from you!

Apply Mari’s proven Facebook video marketing methodology that consistently generates quality LEADS, SALES and PROFITS!

Demystify Facebook ads and learn how to INCREASE your organic reach and conversions and DECREASE your costs!

4 Reasons MOST Businesses Struggle With Video on Facebook

 1. Whether it’s producing Facebook Live broadcasts or any other kind of online live broadcast, or creating recorded video… it all takes time, effort, money, the right tools, the right team and other resources to produce quality, professional video content.

2.  It’s very noisy out there. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out

3.  Facebook keeps changing – every time you log on, there’s something new to try and quickly understand and even master to stay ahead of your competition.

4.  Facebook organic reach is way, way down… more on this below.

To really succeed on Facebook and get your video content seen by the right audience, you need to be placing ads. BUT, over 90% of companies are not doing Facebook ads right! …let me help you succeed with the power combo of VIDEO + ADS on Facebook!

NEW! Online Training Course Lead by Premier Facebook Marketing Expert, Mari Smith



In this powerful new online training program, you’ll discover exactly how to increase your reach, leads and sales using video on Facebook, including Facebook Live.

Results guaranteed or your money back!

Want additional 1:1 support with your video marketing and your Facebook Ad Campaigns? Upgrade to our VIP Level – click the button below to find out more. Only 12 spots available.

Discover How To Monetize All Your Facebook Videos and Live Broadcasts!

In my new FAST Facebook Results program, let me show you exactly how to:

  • Produce quality videos consistently using the right tools
  • Set up an inexpensive studio with the right gear for TV-quality shows
  • Keep your audience fully engaged during your Live broadcasts
  • Attract your hottest prospects
  • Convert your viewers to paying customers
  • Make sales directly from your live broadcasts
  • Get paid to go Live!
  • Get headhunted for television interviews, speaking engagements, book deals and more!
  • Add the right call to action buttons
  • Integrate Messenger bots to increase engagement & conversion
  • Apply my “Mari Method” proven system for amplifying organic and paid reach
  • Put a system in place that monetizes all your videos and Live broadcasts!

Don’t Get Left Behind – “Getting it right” on Facebook has never been more important.. All businesses, big and small, are adjusting to the new changes… Don’t let your business’ message and your offers get pushed out of the News Feed and totally lost. You need to learn the new rules of the game and avoid making costly mistakes. 

Facebook is the most powerful and efficient marketing platform in the world … but you need to invest wisely to succeed!

These days, to get your content seen in the News Feed of your fans and target market, you have to allocate a proper budget. (What can be even more frustrating for some Page owners is they’ve already paid to build their fanbase and are now being forced to pay again to have those same fans see even a fraction of content. It’s just not fair, right?)

It’s all about relevance.

The good news is that Facebook ads provide the MOST targeted traffic your advertising dollars can possibly buy online. And, you don’t have to break the bank to see terrific results.

In terms of Facebook ad relevancy, Mark Zuckerberg says the company is focused on improving the QUALITY of ads, rather than just increasing the quantity:

“Our goal is to reach a point where the ads are as relevant and timely as the content your friends share with you.”  — Mark Zuckerberg

Wow, imagine that?! How do you create video ads that are not interruptive and don’t feel like marketing messages – yet still compel your target audience to take ACTION?

How exactly do you place promotions in the Facebook News Feed that have the same feel as posts from friends?! Well, it can be done!

But, all this can get very unwieldy, confusing and just plain overwhelming for most small to medium sized businesses!

Good news, though – help is at hand!

Get Results on Facebook FAST!

The FAST Facebook Results program is a 2-in-1 power combo of: 

(1) Facebook Live Success Secrets and

(2) ‘FAST’ Facebook Ads Strategy Training!

This power combo is designed to help you properly optimize professional videos, including live broadcasts, plus maximize your reach and results using proven Facebook advertising campaigns.

My goal for you is that you achieve measurable results FAST! You should see an increase in reach on Facebook and Instagram, an increase in video views, an increase in engagement (reactions, comments and shares), an increase in click-throughs, and an increase in conversion–leads and sales!!!

Weekly LIVE Training Sessions with Mari & Guests

The FAST Facebook Results program comprises a series of recorded VIDEO training modules, released once per week that you can study on your own time. 

PLUS, we meet for LIVE, interactive training sessions each Thursday via Facebook Live.

TIMES: All live sessions are held at the same time each week: 

12pm PT / 1pm MT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET / 8pm UK / 5am +1 Sydney

NOTE: For all LIVE Sessions, we use the Facebook Live video conferencing appBlueJeans inside our private Facebook Group – all participants are invited to actively participate via webcam on these live sessions as they are tremendous practice for your live on-camera experience, plus receive feedback, support and more. 

At any time, you can certainly watch the Facebook Live broadcasts inside the Facebook Group, without coming on camera! And, the beauty of this system is that each live coaching session is also an instant replay in case you’re unable to tune in live.

What’s included in FAST Facebook Results

Facebook Live Success Secrets includes the following topics:

  1. LIVE BEST PRACTICES: Proven best practices for your Facebook Live broadcasts before, during and after to better optimize and monetize your efforts.
  2. TOOLS: The best (and most affordable!) software to use for your needs.
  3. GEAR: Learn exactly what camera, lighting, microphone, switching and editing tools the pros use, and how you can set up your own simple studio on a budget.
  4. STUDIO SET: How to get a simple yet professional green screen set up. What is distracting and what adds to your set backdrop. How to create that lovely depth of field effect and look like a professional TV host (we’re bringing in special guest expert trainers on this topic!).
  5. ON-CAMERA TRAINING: Not everyone is a natural on camera. It takes practice! We’re partnering with veterans in the news anchor arena to bring you the best secrets.
  6. STYLING: What to wear, what not to wear – what is flattering for your style and what is not for both men and women. Choosing the perfect accessories, camera angles and more.
  7. CONTENT: How to storyboard your video broadcast to get the exact right content in the right flow so you optimize your lead generation and sales while Live!
  8. SHOW: Top tips for creating your own regular digital television show. And, how to catch the attention of mainstream TV producers. 
  9. MONETIZING: Proven ways to get your audience to take the action. How to generate highly qualified leads and turn them into paying customers. PLUS, we’ll review a variety of proven ways to monetize your video efforts including brand ambassador work, sponsors, affiliate partners, product placement and ad breaks. 
  10. COMMUNITY: How to focus on relationship marketing methods and build an audience of raving fans who love you, and love to buy from you!
  11. SPONSORS: How to find and work with sponsors to monetize your live video broadcasts.
  12. SELLING: New tools from Facebook and Shopify and other platforms to allow instant sales.

FAST: Facebook Ads Strategy Training includes

  1. END-TO-END STRATEGY: This piece is missing in 99% of the clients I work with when we first meet. So many businesses and marketers are missing the mark by too narrowly focusing on just ads; it’s time to rethink your approach and build a holistic strategy – I’ll show you how!
  2. ADS: A deep dive into the very best and proven methods for getting your Facebook and Instagram ads to work, bringing you more qualified leads and sales!
  3. REACH: How to maximize your organic and paid reach using Mari’s proven methodology. Learn how to decrease costs and increase conversions!
  4. TARGETING: The very best ways to deeply hone in on your perfect customers, whether B2B or B2C. Plus, how to expand your customer base quickly and easily. 
  5. RETARGETING: Best practices for warming up even your coldest audiences and converting them into excited, paying customers!
  6. CTAs (calls to action): How to get your audience to take action naturally — no need to be ‘salesy’ or ‘hypey.’
  7. EXAMPLES: We’ll be reviewing fabulous examples throughout the course of what’s working and what’s not

LIVE VIDEO Training Sessions lead by Mari Smith & special guest experts

You’ll get better results faster as we pick up speed and you apply that momentum directly to your business. You’ll be excited to see real-time results as you make changes to your Facebook video marketing throughout this course and beyond.

Plus, note:

  • You have unlimited access to the archives of ALL materials (PDFs, downloads, videos).
  • Our Facebook group is available 24/7 for you to receive support, guidance, masterminding and more!

Everything you need to create SOLID, measurable results with your Facebook video marketing is included in this program. All you need to do is SHOW UP and take ACTION! 

Training format – complex made easy!

One of my favorite things to do is take the complex, SIMPLIFY it and teach it to others. I promise you will not be overwhelmed with technical jargon, geek speak, myriad choices, or impossible goals!

What seems like an unwieldy task, with many moving parts, suddenly starts to become clear when I walk you through, step-by-step. I’m “in the trenches” with you, helping you achieve specific, measurable results with your Facebook marketing.

You’ll get simple, actionable steps from each of the 12 training sessions so you can win every day at your Facebook marketing efforts… without spending a fortune, and without spending all day on Facebook!

Who should join this program

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to seriously ramp up their Facebook video marketing results in 2018, starting immediately.
  • Personality-based brands – such as speakers, authors, trainers, consultants – especially those who are feeling all-consumed by trying to “do it all,” but are ready to expand and create a smarter marketing approach.
  • Marketing managers who want to bring a more systematic approach to creating Facebook Video Marketing results.
  • Independent professionals who want to break away from the pack and create superstar success using Facebook.
  • Social media managers, community managers and virtual assistants who want to learn a more systematic approach to Facebook success.
  • People in business who may be feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and like they can never keep up with Facebook’s changes… BUT who are ready for a totally fresh approach that absolutely works! Guaranteed

Get the maximum value

Seriously, in order to get the maximum value from this program, it’s important that you have these basics in place at minimum:

  • a proven business model, products and/or services to offer, a website (doesn’t have to be totally up to date),
  • an email management system (e.g. Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, etc.),
  • an ecommerce system (to accept credit cards online),
  • a Facebook personal profile (it’s okay if you have the privacy locked down),
  • a Facebook business Page,
  • ideally an Instagram account,
  • a good headshot,
  • and ideally access to resources such as graphic designer and VA/assistant. (If you don’t have good vendors, I can hook you up with my recommended resources!)

UPGRADE TO VIP LEVEL and get 1:1 Facebook Support!

WAIT! Upgrade to VIP LEVEL and get personal 1:1 support to improve your Facebook Video Marketing & your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Want to get on the FASTEST TRACK? 

Check this out! I love leading group trainings — it’s certainly one of the most enjoyable, efficient and affordable ways for my students to learn. Often, there will be hundreds of students going through my courses at the same time, which is awesome for the amazing camaraderie, support, ideas and input you’ll be able to give and receive. 

However, you may also qualify for the VIP LEVEL, where you alsoreceive the support of our experienced Social Media Business Development & Facebook Ads Expert, that I’ve hand-picked for you!!

Even just a couple of tweaks can lower your Cost Per Lead and Customer Acquisition significantly. In the group training, you’ll certainly receive a ton of highly actionable ideas and an exact step-by-step process to follow. But, with the VIP LEVEL, you’ll have additional valuable time with one of my lead Facebook Experts, personalized just for you.

Over the years, I know how valuable it can be to have an extra set of experienced eyes review your Social Media Marketing and Facebook Ad campaigns with you and then provide solid suggestions for immediate improvement, answer your questions and direct you to further resources specifically for you

Register for the VIP upgrade and you’ll receive:

  • Everything included in the regular program listed above, all training modules, live sessions, replays, materials, Facebook support forum, and more
  • 1:1 Social Media Strategy Sessions to support you with your Video Strategy and Facebook Ad Strategy and Campaigns.
  • In-depth 90-minute personalized virtual meetings with Team Mari where we’ll go over your Social Media Audit + Facebook Marketing Strategy Session + Business Development Coaching, plus two follow-up sessions

PLUS, you’ll receive:

  • Your own dedicated Social Media Strategist and Facebook Ads Expert, hand selected by me to work with you one-on-one. 
  • Additional access via email and virtual meetings as needed for 90 days. 

All this will ensure you gain proper momentum to increase the ROI of your Facebook marketing efforts.

You are welcome to invite your team members on these Strategy Sessions. Get 1:1 support for maximizing your video and ad campaigns.


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