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Fearless Ad Lab – Ben Adkins


Your Step-by-Step System for Setting Up, Tracking, and Scaling Facebook Ads

So You Can Grow Your Business Using the World’s Largest Social Network.

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Your Step-by-Step System for Setting Up, Tracking, and Scaling Facebook Ads

So You Can Grow Your Business Using the World’s Largest Social Network.

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The Problem With Trying to Grow Your Business With Facebook Ads.

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What’s Inside of Fearless Ad Lab? (all of these areas are constantly updated with Facebook’s Current Changes)

Ad Lab Area 1:

Value: $499.95

Foundation of an Amazing Ad

One of the main reasons that people fail when running their ads is that they haven’t done the “non ad work” that is necessary to have a successful campaign. In this area of Ad Lab we’ll be laying the foundation of everything you need to setup before even setting up your first ad inside of Facebook.

Inside Lab Area 1 You’ll Learn How to:

Understand Your Audience’s Real Needs

If you don’t truly understand what your audience is looking for, all the work that you’re about to do to dial in the perfect campaign will be wasted. Inside of this section you’ll learn how to dig deep into your audiences needs and really figure out what they really want and need.

Create Your Profit Focused Sales Funnel

There is nothing worse than sending perfectly targeted traffic to a not so perfect sales funnel. It doesn’t matter how great your ad is if your sales funnel is broken. In this section you’ll see the methodology behind a great online sales funnel. You can turn around and instantly apply this model to your business and be ready to send Ad Traffic to it.

Tap into The Ad to Sales Flow Cycle

If you don’t understand the psychological changes that someone goes through as they go from browsing Facebook to buying a product, it can be hard to build out your ad and sales funnel. In this section we’ll show you the powerful psychological changes that happen during the ad to sales flow cycle so you can take advantage when building your ads and business.

Create The Perfect Ad Blueprint

Once you’ve gone through the foundational exercises above and laid the groundwork, we’re going to show you an overview of how to build amazing ad campaigns every time. This section will get you ready to attack all of the other areas inside of Fearless Ad Lab.

Once you get through Area 1 of Fearless Ad Lab you’ll be Ready to Start Building Ad Campaigns and doing it the right way using the other Ad Lab Areas.

Ad Lab Area 2:

Value: $999.95

Professional Ad Targeting

In this Area of Ad Lab we’ll dive in deep with targeting like a professional so that you can get the right exposure for your product for the least possible cost.

Inside Lab Area 2 you’ll Master:

Ad Setup Hierarchy

(Campaigns, Ad Sets, Ads explained)

The Audience Insights Tool

Location Targeting

Detailed Interest Targeting

“And” Targeting

“Income” Targeting

“Exclusion” Targeting

Custom Audience Targeting

Inside of this area of Ad Lab you’ll become a master of all the various targeting options and you’ll be able to use them together to craft audiences that no one else on the planet has at their disposal. This is what separates the professionals from those that lose money on FB Ads.

Value: $499.95

Ad Lab Area 3:

How to Build the Perfect Ad

Once you’ve mastered how to target your ideal audience you’ll want to move on to Area 3 and start building an ad that speaks to them in the most perfect way possible. In this Area of the Lab you’ll Learn exactly how to do just that.

Inside Lab Area 3 you’ll Learn About:

The Anatomy of a Great Facebook Ad

We’ll walk you through an overview of the key pieces of a great ad and how it all fits together. This will set you up perfectly for the sections that follow.

How to Create the Perfect Ad Image

You’ll learn how to create, source, modify the perfect ad image. This image will get your target audiences attention and ultimately get the click to your sales funnel (all the while keeping ad cost low).

Ad Copy and Psychology Explained

We’ll go through the step by step methodology of writing good ad copy that perfectly transitions your audience to your sales funnel.

How to Build the Ad in the Ad Editor

You’ll see exactly how to go into the Facebook Ad Editor and build your ad the right way (this is useful even if you’ve been using Facebook Ads for years.)

How to Split Test Ads the Right Way

Split Testing Ads is absolutely essential to creating powerful Facebook Ad Campaigns. In this section we’ll show you how to setup a split test

Inside of this Area of Fearless Ad Lab you’ll master the keys to building a great Facebook Ad that Catches Attentions and Gets the Right People to the top of Your Sales Funnel.

Ad Lab Area 4:

Value: $499.95

Pixels Explained (Conversion Tracking and Retargeting)

The most important thing you can do when running any type of ad is tracking your conversions and building upon the money you’ve invested to make your life easier down the road. That’s where tracking pixels come into play. In this session we’ll cover exactly how to use pixels to grow your business and know if your ads are effective.

Inside This Lab Area you’ll Master:

The Facebook Pixel for Retargeting

In this section we’ll talk about the various ways you can use the Facebook Pixel to build retargeting list (which you can use to get even cheaper ads with big ROIs).

The Facebook Pixel for Tracking Conversions

In this section we’ll talk about using the Facebook Pixel to track the effectiveness of your ads.

External Pixel use with Facebook Ads

In this section we’ll go over a very special method of tracking that uses an external (non FB) pixel. This is especially useful when you can’t use the FB pixel to track everything.

When To Kill An Ad Set or Campaign (and when to stick)

In this section you’ll learn the exact method that we use to kill of ad sets so that we maximize our ad budget and get cheaper clicks over time. (most people kill their campaigns before they are profitable, when they should just be peeling off unprofitable pieces of the campaign.)

When you get through this Area of the Lab you’ll understand how to use Pixels to track your ads effectiveness as well as how to grow you own custom audiences (this is where a ton of money gets made).


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