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Let me ask you a question. How alike are females compared to males? And for that matter how different are younger females (i.e. teens and twenties) from more mature females (i.e. Thirties and above)?

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A Complete 8-Week Online Program To Master The Female Metabolism

Let me ask you a question. How alike are females compared to males? And for that matter how different are younger females (i.e. teens and twenties) from more mature females (i.e. Thirties and above)?

Think about it for a minute. Do men deal with a menstrual cycle? Do they know what it is like to have estrogen and progesterone levels change throughout the month?

Do younger women know what it is like to go through pregnancy? Or deal with the stress of a high powered career? Or what happens when you hit peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause?

The answer to these questions is an obvious and resounding NO!!!

Then why do health and fitness programs treat men and women young and old exactly the same.

Consider this for a minute. You know first hand how different you are from men and how crazy it is to assume your metabolism is anything like that of a female in her teens and early twenties. Yet, every single diet and exercise program you have probably ever done takes none of that into account.

And that is why they fail again and again and again. It is time for a change and I am going to show you exactly what it required.

Who Am I?

My name is Dr. Jade Teta and what I’m about to share with you comes directly from my 25 year experience as a personal trainer, integrative physician and a guy who has been working with women trying to lose weight since I was fifteen years old.

My first “client” was a high school classmates mother who turned 40 and found her body no longer responded to diet and exercise the way it once did. Sound familiar? Then this article is for you.

As a personal trainer ninety percent of the people I worked with were women. And almost all of them were women in their thirties, forties and fifties dealing with metabolic changes caused by stress, pregnancy and menopause.

They were frustrated with lack of results, overwhelmed with busy lives and confused with all the contradictory information in the world of health and fitness.

In my personal experience, these women were hard workers and took their body change efforts seriously. They were willing to do whatever anyone asked, but they eventually became disillusioned by their lack of progress.

I was failing my clients

In the beginning I was like every other trainer out there. I was giving one-size-fits-all protocols that were really derived from male bodybuilding programs. If a woman did not get results on these programs, I just assumed she was not being compliant at home with her diet.

And the truth is, almost none of my clients got great results with these programs.

Later I started working with young female fitness competitors. Things for these girls were a little different than the male bodybuilders. They did a little more cardio and a little bit different weight training.

But again I found the women who were a little older or had kids or careers did not respond much better to these programs. It was either too much for them to fit in or just did not produce the same results that younger women could achieve.

Little did I know that the very things I was doing with these women were the exact things that were making it almost impossible for them to stick with any program.

Then something happened. Through a series of frustrating failures with several women and a couple of pretty memorable “ah ha” moments, I figured out exactly what these women needed.

If you are a student of health and fitness, you are likely going to be shocked at what I discovered.

My Three Most Important Clients

After living this schedule for nine months, and suffering the debilitating fatigue and unrelenting hunger and

All three of these women were amazing teachers to me and I am forever grateful to them and the lessons they taught. To make it is easy for youth follow this story I will give them each a descriptor. They were Ms. Executive, Ms. Mom and Ms. Retired.

Ms. Executive was in her early forties. Ms. Mom was about ten years younger. Ms. Retired was about ten years older.

I worked with these clients all around the same time when I was a personal trainer in Seattle. I got a very good understanding of their challenges compared to the young twenty something females I worked with.

While at the time I did not realize the lessons they taught, later the lessons I learned from them became the catalyst for developing a new way of working with women that made me one of the most successful female weight loss experts in the country.

Ms. Executive was a high powered serious business woman. She had no children and was not married. She traveled a lot. She worked late hours. She was under deadlines constantly. And she took her health and fitness seriously, yet remained overweight.

Ms. Mom was a single working mother. She was on the go all the time. She had a beautiful little girl she raised by herself. I am not sure how she even managed to fit exercise in, but it was important to her to remain fit and healthy.

Ms. Retired was married and had kids that were out of the house. She was well off and worked hard to be able to retire early. She had remained thin and fit into her late forties but then her fifties and menopause hit. When that happened, she said her metabolism changed completely. She gained weight and could not lose it.

All three of them had been struggling with weight and had tried everything. Between the three of them they had done Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Zone Diet, Atkin’s Diet, curves and several other popular programs and protocols. Nothing worked.

In the beginning the stuff I was doing with them did not help either. They just seemed to get “bulky” with weight training. Not bulky like you might think, but bulky as if you were putting a jacket on over a sweater.

They were growing some muscle, but not burning any fat. This made them look bigger and they would complain about their thighs and arms looking big.

How It All Changed

Back in those days, the late 90’s and early 2000’s, I was constantly learning and trying new things. It was a fun time because I was in medical school, reading research all the time and using myself and my clients as guinea pigs.

Through a series of articles, research studies and things I was learning about the hormonal differences between chronic stress and acute stress I got an idea. What if instead of training my clients longer, what if I trained them harder? And what if instead of training them just with weights, I mixed weights and cardio together?

This idea came out of several different goal sets. I was finding I had less time to train as studies picked up. I needed to maximize my time as a trainer. At the same time many of my clients were missing some of their workouts. They might make our weightlifting session but miss the cardio sessions or vice versa.

So I tried this approach at first moving from 60 minute workouts to 30 and 40 minute workouts. And I also did the weight training in a way that eliminated the rest periods and started training clients faster.

All of a sudden, things started to become apparent. My male clients who were trying to build muscle stopped making progress. But my female clients, especially the busy one like Ms. Executive and Ms. Mom saw immediate results.

Ms. Retired saw better results too, but she still struggled a bit. There were several other tweaks I made along the way for women like Ms. Retired, but those changes are beyond the scope of this article.

There was one other change to all three of these ladies workouts that was significant, although if you asked me at the time I would have told you there is no way this change could have that effect. These three women taught me different.

The Goldilocks Metabolism

You know the story of Goldilocks right? Not too much, not too little but just right? Well, that is what I discovered.

This principle is true of the human metabolism in general, but it is most pertinent to the female metabolism.

What I discovered back then, and research confirms today, is that the female metabolism is more sensitive to stress. Unlike the male metabolism that has testosterone working for it, the female metabolism is more stress reactive.

This stress causes changes in estrogen and progesterone which are required for women to develop and keep the beautiful hourglass shape that is the hallmark of the female physique.

Workouts that are too long, too intense and too frequent can overwhelm the female stress sensing mechanisms in the brain and cause issues with multiple hormones including thyroid, adrenal hormones and estrogen and progesterone.

By decreasing the workout time and combining cardio and weights I was able to decrease some of the stress on the metabolism, but still deliver just enough of a stimulus to get results.

I developed a special type of workout just for women called the 10-20-30 workout. It combined cardio and weights in a short 30-minute intense workout and then reduced stress with 30 minutes or more of low intensity relaxed training.

The Results

When I combined this approach with a similar dietary philosophy my female clients started getting amazing results.

I discovered a way to help women pinpoint their Goldilocks point with diet and exercise and the results were fantastic. Ms. Executive and Ms. Mom each begin to steadily lose weight and over the next 2 to 4 months had each lost about 30 pounds!

Check out some of the results of women I have worked with over the years and what they were able to accomplish with a similar more balanced approach, one aimed at the way the female metabolism actually works.

The two top pictures took places over an 8-12 week time period. The second picture from the bottom took a little over a year. The last picture is from one of my favorite “clients” and a person I never actually worked with in person, but rather strictly online.

In fact, all of these clients except one were online success stories. Pretty cool right?

So how do you start implementing this for yourself?

Well, I have the solution for you. A completely online program that teaches the principles used by the women you see above and countless other successful clients of mine.

But before I share it with you, let me tell you why it is so powerful and how I created it.

An Individualized Approach

I have twenty five years in the personal training industry, a degree in biochemistry and I earned a doctorate in natural medicine. All of this education helped me to understand what most people miss.

Imagine working with real women just like you, who are struggling with weight loss resistance.

Imagine you are tasked with helping them. And imagine you understand all the mental hurdles associated with the necessary changes they must make. Then, through trial and error, you realize that is only a small piece of the puzzle.

It is not just a matter of discovering what works and what doesn’t, it is a matter of being able to put things together in a way that is simple, easy to apply in real life and still allows for people to honor their own personal preferences.

The acronym for my company is ME. That tells you all you need to know about the approach we use to help people realize success.

One-size-fits-all protocols do not work. You are not a twenty year old male bodybuilder or female fitness competitor. You need an approach that works for real women who live real lives.

But even more important than that is the idea that you are different from every other woman out there. You may share another woman’s age. You may be alike to other women in that you have kids or a career, but you are still different.

You are as unique on the inside chemically as you are on the outside physically. Perhaps more importantly, you have very individualized personality and psychology. And what about your personal preferences? That is hugely important if you ever hope to make change stick.

The Female Fat Loss Formula

All of the information I have learned from the countless women I have worked with over the years is available to you in a complete 8-week virtual internet program.

Anyone can do this program and participate. If you have an internet connection, can read this page and receive emails you have everything you need to use and benefit from this program.

The Female Fat Loss Formula outlines for you exactly how the female metabolism is different. You will learn how estrogen and progesterone and their ratios one to the other influence female body shape and metabolic function.

For example, did you know that there are receptors for estrogen and progesterone all over the female body including in the muscle, fat tissue and even the brain?

This is why certain times of the month can lead to cravings. When estrogen and progesterone fall at menses, it changes levels of brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. Knowing this, there are very simple things you can do as a women to combat these changes. This is the valuable information you will learn.

If you are a women dealing with hormonal issues like estrogen dominance, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), breastfeeding (i.e. high prolactin) or menopause this program will teach you the solutions I use at my clinic to deal with these special cases.

If you struggle with certain stubborn areas like hips, butt, thigh fat or cellulite, this program gives special education just for you.

It even has a module on for female endurance athletes who wish to compete and achieve a better body in the process. Which is a very tough thing to do without understanding a bit about female metabolism.

Most of all this program is for the busy women who is frustrated and overwhelmed about why she is not able to lose weigh despite following all the popular weight loss books, blogs and programs available.

Let me share with you some of the common mistakes women make with weight loss programs that this program addresses.

Big Mistake #1

Training like a man!

This one should be self-evident, but it is not. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say, “it does not matter, there are no differences in the way men and women should train. The principles of burning fat and building muscle are the same.”

Of course this is almost always stated by men. And the truth is they are right from one perspective. The human metabolism is mostly exactly the same between men and women. In fact, 99.9999% is the same.

Yet, there is a reason women look like women and men look like men. The major reason comes from the hormonal influences of the sex steroids estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

These same hormones do impact the metabolism is subtle ways that change the way men and women may want to train. For example, a man who trains with heavy weights will build muscle and burn fat. This is due to the heavy influence of testosterone and human growth hormone.

Women make more use of estrogen for their muscle making potential. It is not that testosterone does not impact them the same way, it is just that they have less of it. Estrogen also makes them store fat in certain places and burn fat from others.

Estrogen and progesterone both impact brain chemistry and cravings thereby impacting whether a women craves to eat junk food.

And while women have less testosterone from exercise they generate more HGH (growth hormone) during exercise than men and they also burn more fat at all exercise intensities compared to men.

This means women can train in a way that exploits these unique metabolic differences. Rather than train with heavy weights and go slower, which works great for men, women may benefit from training just a little lighter, going for the burn and keeping their heart rate elevated during exercise.

In other words, women may be more well suited for mixed metabolic conditioning regimes. But they also have to be more careful as they are more sensitive to the stress of exercise.

The Female Fat Loss program will teach you a very specific workout that addresses these concerns.

Big Mistake #2

Training like a young women!

That last part about training stress that I mentioned above is important here. Estrogen and progesterone are anti-stress hormones. This is a good thing as they decrease the negative impact of cortisol and therefore keep the body more insulin sensitive.

If a woman is overstressed, overtrained or just as a natural consequence of aging she will see drops in estrogen and progesterone. This can lead to a increased belly fat even if the woman is getting leaner every where else.

I realize this is a hard idea to conceptualize so I included an image right out of a study on this subject. This study looked at women who had high waist to hip ratios. These were women, who regardless of whether they were skinny or heavy, had higher proportions of belly fat.

This study showed that the women with the highest amounts of belly fat were also the most stress reactive. They were suffering the consequences of cortisol due to stress.

As a women, this is critical for you to understand because there is a time in every woman’s life where she will encounter a similar situation. That is the time of menopause.

The point I am making is that the female metabolism changes as a woman matures and/or when she is under stress. A young woman can handle these changes just fine, but older women have a more difficult time.

This is why you don’t want to overdo exercise and try to keep up with those young female athletes in their early twenties. They can handle that type of training stress just fine, but you may want to be smarter in your approach.

The 10-20-30 workouts you will learn about in The Female Fat Loss Formula program will help you master this concept.

Big Mistake #3

Following protocols.

The final big mistake is the protocol problem. I realize all humans crave certainty. We love to believe there is only one way and all we need to do is find it and do it.

That is not actually how body change works. Losing fat and getting healthy is a process, not a protocol. In other words, it is like learning a new language or a new instrument.

You have to learn the basics and then you have to integrate the information in the way that it works for you. At that point practice, practice and practice some more.

But here is the problem, each person is different in the way they learn. Some are visual learners, some more auditory and others are more tactile. Of course others need a combination to really get it.

You can think of body change the same way. Each woman is different from any another women. This means you must learn and honor your own metabolic tendencies, psychological sensitivities and personal preferences.

Rather than avoiding carbs because you read you shoot or it works for your friend, you need to explore whether or not that is true or false for you.

This idea may indeed be the most important concept you can learn and it is dealt with in detail inside The Female Fat Loss Formula.

You’re being scammed!

One of the biggest scams I see in the weight loss world is the gurus and experts who have a one-size-fits-all solution to the problem.

They tell you, “just eat this way and it will be fine.” Or “just do this exercise and it will be fine.” Or “take this shake and these supplements and this “isaology cleanse” and you will never have an issue.”

Nothing could be more misleading!

What’s actually required is a smart, doable approach that involves diet, exercise and lifestyle changes that are adjusted to you.

Like I have mentioned, the acronym of my company Metabolic Effect is ME.

That is because we are experts in helping people understand and honor their own unique needs related to body change. We specialize in getting individuals results in a way that works with their individuality.

Our programs are built so you can learn how to fit them to you, rather than trying to fit yourself to a one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf protocol.

The 8-Week Female Fat Loss Formula Program is a complete online program that helps you pinpoint the hidden, and sometimes counterintuitive, that are killing your results in the gym.

The program was built from my own personal experience dealing with these exact issues in female clients just like you. I know the issue inside and out, because I have seen it.

Not only that, I have helped thousands of people with the same struggles get back to function with this exact system.

You Have A Choice

So now you have a choice.

You can do nothing, which obviously will get you nowhere.

You could also opt to take this new information and try to go at it alone. But that is what you have already been doing haven’t you? Are you any better off? Are you any closer to figuring it out?

Your third choice is to begin working with ME and this program. This choice allows you to be guided step-by-step through the diet, exercise and lifestyle factors holding you back.

You wont be going at it alone anymore because now you will not only have my personal experience to guide you, but the Metabolic Effect coaches there as well.

When you enroll in this program our coaches are available every day to answer your questions and help you trouble shoot. Yes, they will be there for you every single day. You will never be waiting for guidance or help.

You will also be able to work side-by-side hundreds of other members who are traveling the same journey. This program has a private coaching community. Here you will teach, learn from and be inspired by others just like you.

What is in the program?

Take a look at the program screen shots below as well as the program description. As you can see this is a completely guided approach laying out each week in detail for you. This allows you to focus completely with no guess work. The program also comes with 8-weeks worth of emails to guide you through the education and give you more information on male specific health and fitness. It is also completely online.

If you can read this page, you can do this program!

Module 1. The Introduction:

  • Program Step by Step Guide
  • Introduction to the 10-20-30 workout
  • Female Metabolism 101
  • The Workout Program
  • The Nutrition Program

Module 2-9. Each Week In Detail:

  • Each week you will expand your knowledge in nutrition understanding what and how to eat
  • The Workouts. Detailed breakdown of which workouts to do when.
  • Lifestyle tweaks, tricks and tactics to make the program stick.
  • Behavioral and mindset hacks for the female psyche

Module 10. Educational Modules

  • Full length 10-20-30 video workouts.
  • Download or stream
  • Video, audio and written format

Module 11. Educational Modules

  • All the special topics any health conscious man would want to know.
  • Each one with video education and/or PDF protocols


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