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Feng Shui For Life – Marie Diamond


Discover The Easy Way To Harness The Science Of Feng Shui, Accelerate Your Manifesting Power, And Attract Greater Success, Prosperity, Love & Wellness Into Your Life

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Introducing The New Home Training Program From One Of The World’s Most Sought-After Feng Shui Masters…

Feng Shui For Life With Marie Diamond

Discover The Easy Way To Harness The Science Of Feng Shui, Accelerate Your Manifesting Power, And Attract Greater Success, Prosperity, Love & Wellness Into Your Life

Why This Program

The energy of your living and working spaces shape your life in surprising ways – but until you consciously direct that flow of energy to your advantage, you may often find yourself stuck or falling short, even if you already practice other forms of personal growth. In the Feng Shui for Life program, you’ll join Marie Diamond, one of the world’s most sought-after Feng Shui masters, as she reveals simple, practical, and affordable steps for harnessing the positive energy from around you. In just 8 weeks, you’ll begin experiencing profound elevations in your abundance, wellbeing, relationships, and happiness, as you finally begin mastering this essential element to optimal living.

How The Feng Shui For Life Program Upgrades Your Life:

  • You get simple, practical steps for optimizing positive energy in your living spaces
  • You amplify your manifesting power by harnessing the energy of your surroundings
  • You turn your living spaces into 3D ‘vision boards’ of your greatest life
  • You rapidly dissolve energetic blocks that have quietly held you back for years
  • Your work space becomes a magnet for abundance, success, and productivity
  • Your home becomes a conduit for unshakeable love, empathy, and health
  • You experience joyful and fruitful interactions with others in your living spaces
  • Your rate of success with other personal growth practices is greatly increased

Is Feng Shui The Missing Link In Your Personal Growth Practice?

1. Mastering The Mind

2. Connecting To The Universe

3. Harnessing Spatial Energy

If you’re like most students of personal growth, you know how important it is to harness your mind in creating your best life. And if you’re one of those who looks deeper, perhaps you may have also explored subjects beyond your mind – such as your destiny and your soul purpose. But do you still find yourself inexplicably stuck ats times? As if there’s something else blocking your ascension and progress through life?

According to ancient Eastern science, there is a third aspect to optimal manifestation and self-mastery that shapes an entire one third of your living experience: and that is harnessing the energy of the physical spaces around you. This concept is still relatively untapped in the West – yet to this day it has been used for over 4,000 years by some of history’s most successful individuals and nations.

Billionaires, thought leaders, and captains of industry use Feng Shui. Architects and city planners in prosperous nations like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan use Feng Shui. And today, thanks to accessible Feng Shui masters like Marie Diamond, more and more people across the world are also starting to harness this powerful ancient science to live far happier, healthier, more effortlessly prosperous lives.

At Mindvalley, we’ve been observing this phenomenon for years. And as the social proof and scientific evidence accumulate for more and more of these ancient Eastern practices, we believe it’s now time to open our minds and explore this fascinating subject. Which is why we’re thrilled to bring you our first ever Feng Shui training curriculum, in collaboration with one of the most acclaimed experts on the planet.

Mindvalley Founder Vishen Lakhiani On Feng Shui

Dear readers,

I’ll be honest: I paid little attention to Feng Shui in the past. Unlike meditation or visualization, I assumed it was an unscientific, even superstitious practice – until I met Marie Diamond back in early 2016.

Apart from being a Feng Shui consultant to some of the world’s most successful people, Marie came highly recommended from many of my close friends. And when I started taking her advice, I noticed surprising improvements in my business, my relationships, even my health.

I’ve been using Feng Shui consistently over the past few years, and my perspective on it is now this:

When you look closely, you’ll see many of the practices we use in the field of personal growth originated from ancient Eastern methodologies. Like yoga. Meditation. Acupuncture. In recent years, modern Western science has found an increasing body of evidence that validates many of these practices. They’re not just old superstitions. There’s something more going on here.

As for Feng Shui, most of us can agree there are energetic points and currents flowing in our bodies. Treatments like acupuncture for example are now recommended by more and more doctors and covered by some insurance companies. Feng Shui suggests that this ‘energy’ is influenced by our spaces. I approached it with caution – but quickly experienced a series of synchronicities happening just as I began readjusting my living spaces based on Marie’s advice.

I now actively apply Feng Shui in the orientation of my office and homes. I can’t explain it scientifically – but the results show me something extraordinary is indeed happening. For example, one business I owned had been losing money for 7 months straight. After a simple Feng Shui readjustment from Marie, the business took off in month 8, and made enough many to cover the previous 7 months of losses. Two years later, the business is still thriving more than ever – and the office is still in the orientation Marie suggested.

Instructor Profile

Meet Marie Diamond, Your Feng Shui Master

From A-list artists like The Rolling Stones and Steven Spielberg, to legendary teachers like Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marianne Williamson – when some of the world’s most extraordinary people need Feng Shui advice, they pick up the phone and call Marie Diamond.

Marie is one of the Western world’s most in-demand Feng Shui masters – celebrated for her uncanny ability to deconstruct ancient energetic methodologies into simple (and often intimately personalized) adjustments anyone can make to instantly channel positive energy into their living spaces and lives.

Even in her early childhood, Marie demonstrated profound spiritual and healing gifts. By working with her spiritual master, she survived a near-fatal road accident at the age of 15, and went on to connect with her soul’s purpose: to help elevate 500 million lives across the world.

Today, Marie is an international bestselling author, speaker, and consultant not only in Feng Shui – but also Quantum Physics, the Law of Attraction, and other branches of ancient wisdom.

The Feng Shui for Life program is a wonderfully accessible way to learn Marie’s unique approach to this 4,000-year-old science – without getting on a 12-month waiting list, or investing the five and six-figure sums all her high-end clients gladly pay.

The 8-week journey you’ll embark on with Marie is the next best thing to hiring her as your personal consultant. She’ll coach you on the basics of Feng Shui in a clear and enjoyable manner. She’ll guide you through each of your living spaces, and show you how they’re influencing different areas of your life. And she’ll even personalize your experience by calculating your Personal Energy Number – and using that number to customize a Feng Shui plan that honors your unique energetic characteristics.

How Feng Shui For Life Elevates 5 Key Areas Of Your Life

01. Success & Money

Discover simple modifications to your living room and office space that boost your productivity and focus, accelerate the flow of opportunities, and turn you into a money magnet.

02. Health

From your bedroom to your kitchen to your bathroom – you’ll be surprised at how even a little decluttering and rearranging can soothe and even heal your mind and body.

03. Personal Relationships

Learn how to create living spaces that reduce conflict and friction, and instead encourage the flow of love, empathy, and good conversation with the people who matter.

04. Professional Relationships

Get fast and easy steps to laying out working spaces that are conducive to harmonious meetings and mutually beneficial negotiations with clients and co-workers.

05. Personal Wisdom

Through Feng Shui you can shape a life of clarity, flow, and open-mindedness for the wisdom that exists in all shapes and forms, within you and around you.

How The Quest App Works

1. Your Community Support

One community, one program, eight weeks: we’ll move towards the finish line together, as we support and uplift each other every step of the way.

2. You Receive Weekly Guidance For 8 Weeks

From pre-recorded Q&A calls with Marie herself, to regular check-ins with your Mindvalley Tribe Facilitator on our private Facebook page – you’re never alone.

3. You Grow In Just 90 Minutes A Week

90 minutes a week is all you need to watch your video lessons, practice your exercises, and awaken the power of Feng Shui in every area of your life.

What You’ll Learn

What You Learn In The Feng Shui For Life Program

Embark on an 8-week adventure with Marie Diamond and thousands of other students from across the world, as you discover simple, fun, and practical ways to apply the fascinating science of Feng Shui in every area of your life.

Each 90-minute week focuses on a unique aspect of your life through a series of easy-to-follow video tutorials filmed in real homes, exercises and meditations to lock in your learnings, and pre-recorded Q&A sessions, all guided by Marie herself. It’s an intimate experience designed to closely simulate having her as your personal Feng Shui coach.

By the end of the program, you’ll have transformed all your living and working spaces in alignment with both universal Feng Shui principles, and your own Personal Energy Number. And because you have lifetime access to the entire curriculum, you can refer to it over and over to accommodate your changes in circumstances and living spaces.

Enroll today to lock in your 27% Masterclass discount, and begin this 8-week program with the global community. And remember, your experience is completely risk-free thanks to our 30-day money back guarantee.

Program Curriculum

Part 1: Introduction To Feng Shui

Explore the origins of Feng Shui from Marie’s unique perspective, and discover what you must know about Feng Shui before it can begin impacting your life.

Highlights include:

  • A meditation that fills you with deep awareness of the energy surrounding you, and how it’s influencing you
  • Mastering Space Feng Shui and Time Feng Shui: the two types of Feng Shui that together shape your living experience
  • Why an entire one third of your manifesting success relies on Feng Shui (if you’re struggling to attract your desired outcomes, this is the reason)

Part 2: Your Personal Energy Number

Follow Marie’s intuitive process for discovering your Personal Energy Number, which will form the foundation of your personalized Feng Shui plan.

Highlights include:

  • The surprising ways your Personal Energy Number influences your daily life
  • How to arrange your living spaces in perfect alignment with your Personal Energy Number
  • A muscle testing exercise that intuitively reveals the 4 key directions of your life

Part 3: Your Home As A 3-Dimensional Vision Board

Learn how to turn every room of your home into an energetic magnet for the positive moods, emotions, people, outcomes, and material items you want to attract into your life.

Highlights include:

  • How to harness specific colors to attract health, wisdom, abundance, and more
  • Configuring different rooms to achieve specific goals in your life (career, romance, money, etc.)
  • How to integrate multiple Personal Energy Numbers into one harmonious space

Part 4: Feng Shui For Success & Business

Discover precise ways you can rearrange your living and working spaces, and spark a quantum boost in your career and financial success.

Highlights include:

  • Calculating your Personal Success Direction in your office (a small readjustment can make a huge difference)
  • The correct way to harness flowing water to multiply the flow of money into your life
  • Home and office decluttering exercises that instantly amplify your focus and productivity

Part 5: Feng Shui For Health & Wellbeing

From plants to strategic empty spaces – learn simple steps you can take to create living spaces that promote the energy of healing and serenity.

Highlights include:

  • A guide to amplifying the flow of healing energy in your kitchen (makes your food more nourishing too)
  • Widely available candles that are most effective in vaporizing stress and anxiety – light them up and reap the rewards
  • A meditation that harnesses specific colors to align you with the energy of health and healing

Part 6: Feng Shui For Personal Relationships

Nurture an environment of love, empathy, and intimacy for your spouse, children, parents, and the people you love the most.

Highlights include:

  • Where to place your photos (and where NOT to place them) for an optimal flow of love throughout your rooms
  • Optimizing your living room and bedroom: the two focal points of your personal relationships
  • The best colors for creating a space of free-flowing empathy and connection

Part 7: Feng Shui For Social & Professional Relationships

Apply these brilliant adjustments to your living and working spaces to show up as a better co-worker and community member – and bring out the best in others too.

Highlights include:

  • How you can attract more clients just by placing comfortable chairs in one specific spot of your office
  • Steps for creating a conducive and productive work environment for teams of any size
  • The one color you should use more often if you want to nurture teamwork and collaboration

Part 8: Feng Shui For Personal Wisdom

Learn how you can harness Feng Shui to accelerate your spiritual and personal growth, by opening your mind and drawing in wisdom from around you.

Highlights include:

  • Power positions and alignments that enhance the effects of meditation and prayer
  • How keeping certain books in your living space can decrease the flow of wisdom (avoid them at all costs)
  • A guide to using your living spaces to sharpen your intuition and creativity

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