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Feng Shui For Real Estate Success – Lillian Too


How Many Real Estate Deals Are You Losing Right Now Because You Don’t Know Anything About Feng Shui?

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How Many Real Estate Deals Are You Losing Right Now Because You Don’t Know Anything About Feng Shui?

Hi, it’s Lillian Too here

All through my life I have been buying property and selling property. I find that my knowledge of feng shui gives me some kind of insurance knowing that whatever I buy can easily be sold or resold again. And for sure this house that I built, the house that I live in today is a house built with good feng shui.

You see, despite what some people would like you to believe… feng shui really does work… and it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, more and more luxury real estate is being sold today by agents using the ancient art of feng shui. There are some extremely potent formulas that can help you sell a house quickly (despite the market) or find a home most suited to you, your client or your entire family. In fact, what you think may be a perfect house for you, might actually be one that will cause much distress, loss of income and unhappiness in the future. So you simply must know how to get it right.

The basic principles of feng shui have not changed for thousands of years… and are still practiced by Asian land developers, real estate agents and everyday homebuyers and sellers throughout the world today. There is no reason you should not know and use these secrets of real estate success…  just as they do. The feng shui knowledge you will possess at the end of this course is something that will continue to serve you throughout your life.

If you are a realtor in the business of buying and selling property for your clients or if you are someone trying to sell your home and/or purchase a new residence, if you are an investor and want to flip houses… or if you are simply looking for an apartment to rent, then my new “Feng Shui For Real Estate Success” is a practical online course that you need and it will be of great benefit to you. Believe me, knowing what I am about to teach you will definitely give you the edge on any upcoming real estate transactions… whether you are buying or selling!

Finally! What Every Real Estate Agent, Broker And Home Buyer Needs To Know About Feng Shui!

  • You’ll have all the tools you need to make the right decisions when buying and/or selling property, including many basic feng shui formulas that are easy to apply. This is not difficult or complicated… I’ve made it easy to understand.
  • This course is comprised of 6 video modules shot at my residence in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You’ll visit inside my home and see many of the feng shui features that I have personally put into place.
  • You’ll learn what properties to avoid at all costs when you are house hunting… and why there are some properties you simply must walk away from… even if they look like the dream home you have always longed for!
  • Discover why your astrological horoscope sign plays a very important role in what house you buy… and how to maximize your purchasing decision.
  • Learn from Lillian what to tell your clients when they are considering putting their home on the market… and become the most sought-after listing agent in your community.


The most important thing I want you to know is that the feng shui principles taught in this course can be practiced in the context of modern single family homes, apartments in large cities, condominiums, rural homes and commercial real estate buildings. Everything that we cover in this course can be applied to all types of residences and buildings.

Why Do You Need To Know Feng Shui?

If you want to buy or sell any property you must know Feng Shui. When you buy the right house that has good feng shui, it is very easy to live in that house. You’ll be happy, things will go smoothly for you and obstacles and illness are not frequent occurrences. Your marriage becomes happier or your love life improves, your children grow up to be nice people… and your career takes off. It may not happen immediately… but these are the benefits of good feng shui. By learning the simple principles that I outline in this course, you can confidently recommend the right home to your buyer. And a house with good feng shui is always much easier to sell! 

However, if you are unaware of certain feng shui taboos then all kinds of misfortune can occur… serious problems… believe me I have seen it happen time and time again. And the sad thing is that it is usually totally avoidable! If you make your living buying and selling real estate or you are simply searching for a new home you must know what to look out for… and be able to warn your clients as well.

None of this could have happened without feng shui….

You see, I never would have made it to Harvard Business School or become the first woman managing director of the sixth largest bank in Hong Kong… or started my own online business with my daughter Jennifer (at exactly the right time) or written my first best selling book on feng shui (over 600,000 copies sold in a few months) if I had not utilized my knowledge of feng shui.

And one thing I know for sure: I have the best job in the world because I help people like you improve their lives everyday! Nothing makes me happier than knowing you are making the right decision when you buy or recommend a particular property… or that you used one of my potent real estate suggestions to sell your home at top price in a less than robust market!

Unleash the Hidden Powers of Feng Shui Quickly and Easily

There are certain fundamental concepts in real estate feng shui that you need to know. Once you have the fundamental knowledge you can go deeper to really fine-tune your feng shui… but honestly if you just get the basics down that I teach in this course you will do wonderfully well!

  • Landscape Feng Shui – how do you assess the surrounding landscape and neighborhood you are planning to move into? What about the surrounding structures, the roads, proximity to lakes and water? Is the home on a hillside? At the end of a cul de sac? Why you must avoid property that is triangular shaped or homes that have certain corners missing.
  • What is the facing direction of the home? Why is
  • your astrological horoscope sign so important when choosing a home? What do you do if you already live in a home that is not compatible with your sign?
  • I’ll teach you the East-West House Theory and why it is critical to your success, love life, good health and prosperity. Your clients will appreciate your insight and expertise in this area as you explain to them which is the best bedroom for their son or daughter and why the bed in the master suite should be placed against a particular wall.
  • You’ll soon become a real-estate feng shui detective and know what to look for when purchasing a home… the main door (is it made of wood, glass or metal?), the entry, the living and dining areas, where are the toilets and kitchen located? What about the staircases? What’s underneath your staircase that could be harming you? And mirrors… lots of taboos here that you need to be aware of.
  • You’ll learn why the “open concept” of a house layout works so well, how to assess the flow of chi in the home, what you can do about structural beams and “confrontational” house layouts
  • Taking care of your children. How are they doing in school? What brings them bad luck? Good luck? Don’t worry… there are ways in feng shui to take care of all these kinds of things.

Get Your House Ready For Sale… And Sell It QUICKLY!

Once we’ve covered the fundamentals in the first four modules, you’ll learn what you need to do to get your home ready to put on the market. In addition to a good cleaning and the usual cosmetic touch ups, there are certain cosmic rituals that will definitely enhance the sale.

Let me explain first that there are three dimensions to feng shui. There is the space dimension – what exists all around us – the landscape features, the neighborhood, your environment and surrounding area. Then there is time dimension – the changing energy and life cycles of feng shui that you must understand that significantly affect when you buy or sell a piece of property – the question of timing is very important. And the third dimension is the spiritual dimension, because yes there are what I call “cosmic rituals” that will actually help you get the house ready for sale!

Discover Lillian’s Techniques and Secret Cosmic Rituals To Sell Your Home Quickly and For Top Price!

  • Learn how to say goodbye to your old home or apartment with cleansing rituals to prepare it for the new owners before you move out! This is a little known secret that will create good yang energy and cause the property to sell more quickly. Most people just pack up and leave… but not you!
  • Lillian explains a simple “clapping” ritual or clapping cure to balance yin and yang energy. Youll need to know how to do this when you go to a new place and you are looking over the property.
  • Use the singing bowl (either metal or crystal) to create beautiful energy in any property and learn how sound frequency can make a space kinder and more welcoming for potential buyers. This is an excellent ritual to do before holding any open house.
  • Energy stagnation (yin) makes selling a home difficult. Lillian teaches you how to avoid this problem using what she calls “yang energy maintenance”.
  • Lillian shares the very, very powerful “Bird Energy” ritualthat is simple and sure to find you a good buyer and sell your home for the price you are asking… and probably more!


SPECIAL TIP! AN ANCIENT TAOIST RITUAL THAT ALWAYS BRINGS A GOOD BUYER! Lillian teaches a very powerful cosmic ritual that always gets a house to sell. It’s called the Red Packet ritual and all you need is a red packet (like those given on Chinese New Year) a few things from your garden and some coins. In this course she explains exactly what to do and how to do it… and it’s very easy!

I have given this tip to so many people and guess what? Our success rate is 100 percent! It really works all the time.”

These magical tips and rituals for getting your house ready for sale really work… and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using them every day… whether you are a real estate agent helping your client or selling your home on your own. These are potent selling enhancers that really work… and imagine how impressed your clients will be when you share these secrets with them!

Choosing the Right Date and Time And Rituals For Moving Into A New Home or Office

  • You must choose a good date that does not clash with the buyer or the seller for signing documents and moving in… and you don’t need a fortune-teller to figure it out. You’ll even discover the best times to hold an open house! Lillian gives you the perfect tool to get this right every time and you will always have it at your finger tips for easy referral!
  • Become familiar with the feng shui of moving in! Lillian teaches the “Auspicious Moving In” ritual that is used by thousands throughout Asia to ensure good fortune in the new property and a happy smooth life without obstacles. This will really help and impress your customers and they’ll be very grateful for your added advice!
  • Learn why wearing LONG PANTS when moving in is a must…you must never wear shorts no matter how hot the temperature is outside!
  • More rituals! How to enter your new home, preparing the first meal, chanting mantras, and making offerings. What to do on the first night in your new home… with auspicious rituals before you go to sleep for the first night in your home.


Now you may say this is all very superstitious and indeed it is!

But what’s wrong with that? It costs you nothing and it makes for a more fortunate and good life… and it makes you and your clients happy. That is what living with good feng shui is all about… and why it is very important to observe these very special rituals! The spiritual aspects of feng shui give great potency to all of these practices because spiritual feng shui is what empowers the actions that you take.

This is the ultimate way to learn the basics of real estate feng shui on line. Everyone will benefit from this course – it’s perfect for those with little or no feng shui knowledge and for those who have studied with me before! You don’t have to understand every single intricacy of feng shui to get started. However you do need to get it right and Lillian shows how easy it is in this online course.

Let’s get started right now!


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