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Filmmaking & Storytelling 2022 – Casey Neistat


Become a better filmmaker and storyteller in 30 days. During this one-month class, learn from filmmaker and YouTube pioneer Casey Neistat.


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Money Magic

Many people believe that money is “bad” or hard to come by.

Many think that it isn’t “spiritual” to charge money for their work.

Many people get stuck in the fear and continuous cycle of feast and famine, struggle and worry when it comes to money.

But the truth is that money is an ENERGY that is here to support us on our journey and spiritual path.

It is an energy that we can harness to do good in the world.

It is an energy and a resource that never ends. The Universe is a never-ending flow of abundance and wealth.

Money is an energy that you get to receive in exchange for all of the energy and gifts that you are meant to share with the world.

Money is something that you are

always worthy of receiving.

You get to do and experience amazing things, be of service AND receive massive compensation in return.

The key is learning to tap into that energy and receiving that flow into your life.

How do we do that?

By digging in and letting go of the energetic blocks that are stopping the flow of money from coming in.

By releasing the energy of scarcity and lack from the past that are still affecting you today.

By recognizing the Divine power that you hold.

By knowing your worth and true potential.

By opening up your heart chakra and energy to receive the abundance that you truly deserve in your life.

Introducing… MONEY MAGIC!

A POWERFUL online course with Cristina Aroche!!!

This is a LIVE 4-week workshop where you will dive deep with the guidance of the angels to support you in:

Healing and letting go of what is holding you back from true financial freedom.

Shifting your energy in how you view and perceive money.

Applying the energy work and practical tools that are necessary to increase your financial flow.

Learning the most effective way in paying down debt.

Increasing your awareness and confidence around receiving money, whether it’s at your job or your business.

Always being in the energy of overflow!

And so much more!!!

This course includes powerful healings with the angels, channeled guidance and messages every step of the way.

If you are ready to feel freedom around money and raise your potential in the financial flow in your life, then this program is for YOU!

What We Are Going To Cover:

Week 1

Getting clear and understanding what you want regarding your relationship with money and what is holding you back.

Week 2

Integrating the energy of empowerment, wealth, worthiness and support. Creating and aligning with new belief systems.

Week 3

Understanding your true connection to money and creating a new, empowering relationship with money.

Week 4

How to manifest and create the money that you desire. Step by step practices of creating wealth in your life!

Week 5

Attuning to the next level of wealth and money that you desire in your life. Shifting your vibrational energy to align with it.

Week 6

Understanding what overflow is, how to connect with it and how to call it into your life.


  • 6 Weekly Lessons and Healings
  • Lifetime access to ALL Course Material and Recordings

y%20Neistat%201.jpg” alt=”” data-cke-saved-src=”/Uploads/shop1/images/Course/Business/Filmmaking%20and%20Storytelling%202022%20-%20Casey%20Neistat%201.jpg” />Renowned filmmaker Casey Neistat teaches you his entire filmmaking process in this month-long class, transforming the way you share your own stories. Immerse yourself in Casey’s unique process and leave the class with 2 finished films and a new set of lifelong skills.

Film #1 – Storytelling & Filmmaking Fundamentals

For Film #1, Casey shares his start-to-finish filmmaking process. Using just his phone, he creates an entire movie from scratch, sharing his full range of techniques along the way. You’ll follow along with Casey’s process step-by-step and create an original, story-driven film of your own.

Film #2 – Cinematography & The Complete Toolkit

For Film #2, Casey dives deep into his full set of filmmaking tools and techniques as he creates a more ambitious film. In this film, he uses a wider range of gear, shooting methods, and narrative techniques to create a more cinematic movie. You’ll again follow along and create a second, larger film.

Level up your filmmaking and storytelling skills

During this 30-day class, learn the full set of filmmaking and storytelling skills Casey Neistat uses to create his movies. This class meets you where you are and pushes your skills to the next level.

Finding Ideas & Stories

Casey finds ideas everywhere: from his environment, the people around him, and a lifetime of experiences. You’ll learn how he identifies promising film ideas, conveys universal themes, and shares stories that connect with an audience.

Cinematography & Visual Storytelling

From time lapses to extreme close-ups, Casey uses a range of shots, angles, and camera techniques to enhance his narrative. In this class, learn Casey’s methods for capturing the most cinematic shots to frame the world around you.

Editing, Pacing & Rhythm

Casey shows how he selects, arranges, and cuts together the most interesting shots to keep his narrative well-paced and his video fresh and compelling. Learn how he blends audio, video, and graphics in the edit to create an engaging film.

Setting the Tone with Music

Casey uses carefully selected songs to set the tone, create intrigue, and drive momentum in his movies. Learn how he finds the perfect track, cuts it together with footage, and polishes the audio to support and elevate his narrative.

The Three-Act Structure

For Casey, the three-act structure is an essential tool to craft and communicate a great story. In this class, you’ll learn how he develops a compelling narrative in three acts, from a sharp, engaging hook to a resolution that leaves the viewer satisfied.

Getting the Most Out of Your Gear

Casey is a one-man crew who makes the most out of his gear in inventive and non-traditional ways. In this class, he’ll show you how he captures cinematic shots whether he’s carrying his whole vlogging rig or using just the camera on his phone.

Vlogging & Spontaneous Filmmaking

Casey’s process is largely spontaneous, allowing for a great deal of creative freedom as he shoots his movies. In this class, you’ll learn how he embraces the environment around him and lets his story evolve organically as he films.

Titles, Text Graphics & Overlays

Casey’s simple text graphics are an essential element of his style, giving context while allowing the subject of the movie to shine. In this class, learn his approach to adding graphics that inform the viewer without distracting from the story.

Introducing Characters & Settings

Casey films an array of people and locations, from strangers on noisy streets to family in intimate spaces. Learn how he develops characters in his movies, immerses the viewer in his environment, and adds detail to his story.

Keeping Your Audience Engaged

Casey uses cinematography, well-paced editing, graphics, and audio to keep his viewers watching. Learn how he captures the most compelling shots, keeps his story interesting, and uses cinematic elements to heighten the mood of his film.

Keeping Your Audience Engaged

Casey uses cinematography, well-paced editing, graphics, and audio to keep his viewers watching. Learn how he captures the most compelling shots, keeps his story interesting, and uses cinematic elements to heighten the mood of his film.

Sound Design, Effects & Editing

Casey uses audio effects to enhance his movies and the story he is telling. In this class, you’ll learn how he finds the right audio effects, adjusts and balances additional sounds in his edit, and weaves them seamlessly into his videos.

Filmmaking Tricks & Casey-isms

Casey’s style has been emulated and adapted since he established himself as a pioneer of online filmmaking over a decade ago. Learn the secrets, tips, and tricks that have secured his status as a genre-defining vlogger and filmmaker.

Creative Problem Solving

Over the course of the filmmaking process, obstacles naturally pop up. You’ll see Casey troubleshoot and work through creative challenges, like resolving missing audio and adjusting his story when it takes unexpected turns.

Develop Your Voice as a Filmmaker

Across hundreds of films, Casey has defined and refined his own style, elevating his work while staying true to himself. In this class, you’ll acquire the skills and the critical eye to develop a filmmaking voice that’s uniquely yours.


Learn through a step-by-step curriculum

Drastically improve your skills through in-depth video lessons, projects, and feedback sessions. It’s a world-class curriculum and unforgettable learning experience designed to level you up.


Pre-class: Onboarding and Introduction

Before class starts, there are few things you’ll need to do to be ready to go on Day 1. Casey explains how to get set up and what you’ll need to have and know ahead of time to get the most out of the class.


Days 1-16: Storytelling & Filmmaking Fundamentals

In this part of the class, Casey walks through his full filmmaking and storytelling process by creating an original movie in real time, from start to finish. He walks through his entire process of creating a short film, including how he finds a compelling idea for a movie, shoots his film, finds and adds the perfect background music, edits his footage together, and reviews and finalizes the polished film. You’ll follow along with Casey step-by-step and end Part 1 with your own original movie.


1. Introduction to the Class

Casey explains how the class is structured, how to get the most out it, and what you’re going to learn during the intensive 30-day experience.


2. Finding Ideas Around You

Casey demonstrates how to discover promising film ideas and identify underlying themes using the environment around you.


Project 1A: Find Your Idea

In this project, apply what you learned from the previous lessons to find an idea for your first film of the class.

DAY 1-2

3. Shooting the Spontaneous Film

Casey shares his principles for capturing interesting and effective shots as he films his movie and develops his story on the fly.


Project 1B: Shoot Your Spontaneous Film

In this project, use what you learned in the previous lessons to shoot your first movie of the class, based on the idea you discovered.

DAY 3-7

4. Editing: Establishing Story & Tone

Casey shows how he establishes the tone and narrative of his film in the edit with hooks, music, and engaging shots.


Project 1C: Start Your Edit

In this project, apply what you learned and begin the rough edit of your movie, setting the tone for the rest of your film.

DAY 8-11

Feedback on the Edit in Progress

Receive personalized feedback on your edit in progress. Learn what you’re doing well and how you can improve.

DAY 12

5. Editing: Finishing the Movie

Casey demonstrates how he brings his film to a satisfying conclusion and reviews and polishes his own work.

DAY 12

Project 1D: Finish Your Movie

In this project, you’ll finish your rough edit, then take another pass at your movie to get it just right.

DAY 12-15

Feedback on the Final Movie

Receive personalized feedback on your first movie of the class. Learn what you’re doing well and how you can improve.

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