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Financial Mastery University Seminar – Tony Robbins


Mastery University promotes life-long learning to help you create your most extraordinary life. Immerse yourself at four of Tony’s most life-changing live events


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Mastery University promotes life-long learning to help you create your most extraordinary life. Immerse yourself at four of Tony’s most life-changing live events. Learn new skills directly from Tony Robbins, his hand-selected experts and these events. And, receive 1:1 coaching between events, so you can finally master all aspects of your life – mind, body, emotions, physical health, finances, time and business.


Over $24,000 worth of value for a fraction of the price! Experience decades of growth through life-long learning and totally immersive experiences, including access to four of Tony Robbins’ most life-changing events. This is the only way to receive over 2 weeks of total immersion and dedicated 1:1 coaching to help you decide what you want from life and determine the path to achieve it.


Mastery University was created with flexibility in mind. You customize your journey to make sure you attend events in the order that works best for your life and schedule.

  • You have 30 months to complete all items in the package
  • You can attend each of the 4 events separately
  • There is no set order – you pick what’s best for you!
  • Along your journey, you will have a personal representative to help you proceed or answer any questions you have



Date With Destiny is an exploration of self-discovery and renewal, and Tony’s most intimate event! Over 6 days LIVE with Tony Robbins, embark on a journey to uncover what truly motivates you. Discover how to reignite passion and how to design the life of your dreams. Make the decision to live life on your terms – your destiny is waiting!


  • Discover Who You Are
    • Understand the primary drivers behind your behavior and emotions.
    • Discover the three core decisions that shape who you are.
    • Realign the rules and values that operate your life to enhance your joy and fulfillment.
  • Ignite Passion in Your Life
    • Discover the secrets behind finding, creating and maintaining lasting, passionate relationships.
    • Strip away fears and remove beliefs that are keeping you from true connection.
    • Learn about the power of polarity and discover the type of person that will be the best partner for you.
  • Design The Life of Your Dreams
    • Learn to think from the heart and gain the courage to be yourself no matter what.
    • Create an actionable, personal blueprint to define your life’s direction moving forward.
    • Integrate the tools you’ve learned into your psychological state and physical body to create the life you desire.



Life Mastery is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to reclaim and rejuvenate your life. Set in an awe-inspiring tropical paradise, this event will help you improve vitality, empower your mind and re-establish balance and fulfillment in even your most hectic moments. Packed with thrilling adventures, a custom detox and cleansing program and exclusive access to Tony’s hand-selected speakers, this isn’t just another retreat – it’s a pivot point to transform your mind, body and spirit.


  • Revitalize Your Body – Cleanse & Detox
    • Eliminate unhealthy cravings and behaviors, and free your body of unwanted toxins.
    • Discover the healing power of nutrient-rich vegetable and fruit juices, fresh wheatgrass, essential oils and raw foods.
    • Develop a new level of focus, alertness and vitality similar to your youth.
  • Discover Your Inner Strength
    • Rip open your limitations and develop a renewed level of confidence as you climb a 50-foot pole and free yourself from the limitations that have been holding you back.
    • Receive strategies and insights to take control of your health and well-being, with exclusive access to Tony’s hand-selected speakers and experts in the field.
    • Deep dive into a bonus Relationship Breakout to explore topics like your ideal mate, creating passion and lasting love.
  • Achieve Balance – Emotional Mastery
    • Learn to shift emotions in an instant and approach any situation with calmness and confidence.
    • Overcome beliefs and thoughts that aren’t serving you to enhance the joy in your life.
    • Develop the conviction to face obstacles head-on and become a force to be reckoned with.



Wealth Mastery is a 3 day live event bringing you the most cutting-edge insights in the world of finance and investing. Learn about the psychology of wealth and get expert insights from Tony’s trusted partners in the field. Gain the tools necessary to navigate tough economic times, and discover money management secrets that Tony uses to build wealth and eliminate unnecessary risk. It isn’t enough to understand your financies – you need to take control of them to achieve financial independence. Start making big changes and protecting your assets today.


  • Develop a Wealth Mindset – Psychology
    • Discover the true definition of wealth, and learn why more people aren’t wealthy (so you can avoid common obstacles to financial freedom).
    • Learn tools to navigate change and model successful strategies used by the top financial minds.
    • Get expert advice from some of the world’s most successful investors, traders and Tony’s trusted financial partners.
  • Navigate Change – Grow Wealth in Hard Times
    • Learn how to take advantage in any economic environment through tools like Asset Allocation.
    • Discover the top 4 guiding principles that Tony learned from his interviews for Money: Master the Game.
    • Grow your understanding of alternative financial vehicles to minimize risk and build wealth.
  • Own Your Own Financial Future
    • Get exclusive access and financial tips from Tony’s personal financial advisor, Ajay Gupta.
    • Learn the 5 Financial dreams and receive your personalized plan to create lasting wealth.
    • Hear from top wealth entrepreneurs, like Futurist Peter Diamandis, on why the opportunities are more abundant than you think.



Unleash the Power Within is a 3 1/2 day event with Tony Robbins designed to help you unlock and unleash the forces inside that can help you break through any limit and create the quality of life you desire. Return and discover how to surpass your own limitations to achieve your new goals and take control of your life.


  • Creating an extraordinary life on your terms
    • Overcome new barriers that stand in the way of your next level of success.
    • Re-condition yourself mentally, emotionally and physically to achieve the results you’re looking for in each area of your life.
  • The Psychology of Success Conditioning
    • Tap deeper into human emotion and create greater emotional strength.
    • Further your ability to create instant rapport in your personal and professional life.
    • Learn to more deeply inspire those around you to consistently perform at peak levels.
  • The 12 Principles of Vital Life
    • Renew your energy and vibrance.
    • Re-commit to living healthy.
    • Bolster your immune system to improve your overall health.



Keep your momentum going after and between your live events with your own dedicated 1:1 coaching sessions. Trained in Tony Robbins’ proprietary tools and methodologies, your Results Coach helps you break through limitations, set new goals and keeps you accountable. From mindset to accountability, strategic thinking to 


Discover What Drives You Learn your behavioral style and align your strengths to enhance success

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