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Watch this short ‘Zero to $2,000,000’ video from NPE Gold Plus Member, Shane Doll, of Shaping Concepts, Inc. in South Carolina. He perfectly describes what you can expect if you are accepted into Gold Plus…


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Fitness Business Explosion

Zero To $2,000,000 In Less Than Four Years

Watch this short ‘Zero to $2,000,000’ video from NPE Gold Plus Member, Shane Doll, of Shaping Concepts, Inc. in South Carolina. He perfectly describes what you can expect if you are accepted into Gold Plus…

NPE Gold Plus: Fitness Marketing, Sales And Management Coaching & Training From The Leaders In The Field PLUS The ONLY Collaborative MasterMind Community of The Most Successful Fitness Business Owners In America And Worldwide

NPE Gold Plus Membership Limit: 225

Current Members: 182

Available Membership Positions: 43


“Do You Have IT?”

It Will Take You 9 Minutes To Read This Letter.  9 Minutes.  In Those 9 Minutes You Will Discover What Almost 200 Other Fitness Business Owners Are Doing Right Now To Rapidly Create Their Fitness Fortunes.  Just 9 Minutes.  The Most Important 9 Minutes of Your Career…

…If You Have IT

If You Do, And You Move Quickly To Secure One of The Remaining NPE Gold Plus Membership Positions, We’ll Give You Everything Else Necessary To Build An Explosively Profitable, Hugely Rewarding Fitness Business Within The Next 180 Days

Are You Hungry For More?  Do You Want A Fitness Business That Not Only Sustains You, But Feeds You, Inspires You And Propels You To New, Higher Levels of Performance And Success?  Do You Have A Deep Craving – A PASSIONATE DESIRE To Achieve Your Potential, To Fully Manifest And Realize Your Abilities…To Be All You Can Be?

If so, you have IT.  You are an Alpha Warrior. A 5-Percenter.

And having IT is the ONLY requirement – the only quality – the only ‘thing’ you must bring to the table.  We supply everything else…everything you need: the fitness business tools, the systems, the strategies, the coaching, the support, the accountability, the community, the expertise, the direction, guidance and environment for you to create the fitness business of your dreams, with the personal income, wealth accumulation, and quality of life you want and deserve.

And make no mistake about it – this is absolutely and completely achievable. It’s True. We’ve proven it hundreds of times over in the past 18 months.  The proof and the proven path to prosperity are right here on this page – yours for the taking – if you really do have IT.  And you move fast.

Is This A Factual Statement?

Smart People Hire You To Get Fitness Results Because You Have The EXPERT Knowledge, PROVEN Systems And Coaching/Accountability SKILLS That GUARANTEE The Outcome 100% Of The Time For Clients Who Comply

[ ] Yes      [ ] No

From: Eric Ruth

East of Brier Creek

Subject: How To Quickly Go From Good To Great In Your Fitness Business

If you checked ‘Yes’ above, then you now know precisely how and why NPE Gold Plus transforms GOOD fitness businesses into GREAT ones in record time.

Because what you do for your clients is EXACTLY what we do for you.

You know that if a client comes to you with a strong enough motivation – a strong enough ‘want to’ – and the willingness to comply – you can transform that client in record time.  It’s simply a matter of them doing what you tell them.  All they have to do is put the blinders on and follow your SYSTEM and the results are as certain as the sunrise.

When your clients comply, when they do as they’re told, it’s a scientific fact, an absolute certainty they will get the results they want.

That’s why, if you do in fact have IT – you should be feeling very excited right about now.  Because if you’ve got that fire in your belly – that determination and motivation to get the results you say you want – and the willingness to comply, to take direction and follow our PROVEN SYSTEMS – then you can transform your fitness business from good to great with the same certainty…and in record time.

IT IS A LOCK.  There is no doubt, no question, no ‘maybe’ no hesitation or equivocation.  We can show you how to get all the clients you will ever need, how to keep them longer, deliver more value to them, get better testimonials and many, many more referrals, manage your business operations like a real CEO, and ultimately have the super-profitable fitness business of your dreams.

It’s absolutely achievable. Absolutely do-able as long as you are truly ready and willing to ‘BRING IT.’  We’ve proven that over and over and over again.

And here’s more good news.

If you are able to secure one of the remaining Membership spots available in NPE Gold Plus, you don’t just get what we give you (the fitness business systems, strategies, tools and coaching you need to take your business all the way to the top)… you also get what all your peers in Gold Plus give you: the collaborative, supportive, abundant and open sharing of fitness business best practices – i.e. what’s working RIGHT NOW as proven by your fitness business owner peers who are doing it right now.

And for many fitness professionals, possibly including you, that can be the most explosively powerful component of all!

You see, NPE Gold Plus is not just Sean and me, the two guys widely acknowledged as the premier fitness marketing, sales, and business management experts in the industry, teaching, coaching, training and holding you accountable…

…you also get almost two hundred of the most successful fitness business owners in America and worldwide freely and generously sharing their advice, encouragement, advertisements, referral strategies, direct mail letters, systems and more with you – supporting and motivating you to take action, helping you with implementation, guiding and directing you to new and higher levels of success each and every month.

If you are able to grab one of the remaining spots, you can join almost 200 other very serious, very committed fitness professionals in the largest, most potent FITNESS BUSINESS MASTERMIND ALLIANCE AND COACHING PROGRAM in the industry: NPE Gold Plus.

“My advice, from one fitness professional to another…I’ve been out there, I’ve read about every book out there on building my business, I’ve listened to some of the top marketers and businessmen in the country.  This is a diamond in the rough, what we’ve got going with NPE, and there’s nothing else out there like it. There’s not a team of guys or mastermind group of fitness business owners that’s working together to help build each other’s business. It’s the best win-win situation out there if you really want to create a lifestyle for yourself that you dream about.” James ‘Hut’ Allred, New Wave Fitness Dallas, TX

We Give You What You Need, When You Need It, Show You

How To Do It, Then Hold You Accountable To Implementation

FACT: Over the past 18 months, our Net Profit Explosion™ Team has created, refined and perfected a training, implementation and accountability system unlike anything available anywhere in this industry. It is so successful because of the sequential layering of one fitness business-building strategy on top of the next. We deliver precisely what you need, when you need it, thoroughly train you on how to do it and then HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE to executing the systems.

If you can’t or won’t be held accountable; if you resist growth and expansion of your capabilities; if you stubbornly and foolishly want to remain in your ‘comfort zone’- existing only in the gray twilight of mediocrity, never knowing the triumph of high achievement; if you are complacent, lacking confidence and shackled by fear…THIS IS NOT FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU DO NOT HAVE ‘IT.’

NPE Gold Plus is ONLY for fitness professionals who are squared away, ready to work and ready to finally get the results, the money and the lifestyle you already know belongs to you if you stretch, reach out and GRAB IT!

Your ALTITUDE is determined, almost exclusively, by your ATTITUDE. We’ve come to realize, over many years of working in this industry, that our efforts, regardless of how robust and determined, are WASTED on those timid souls with an attitude grounded in fear and insecurity. And we will NOT squander the ever-diminishing, valuable hours of our time trying to be a psychologist, fixing people who are broke.

We reserve our time, our energy and our expertise EXCLUSIVELY for those who are ready, willing and able to TAKE ACTION and CAPITALIZE on the ABUNDANT wealth of opportunity available to them.  Those who have IT. If that is you, then here is our promise:

NPE Gold Plus will be THE highest leverage, highest yield endeavor of your business life to date. But the revelations and breakthroughs CAN NOT and WILL NOT occur by this time next Friday. You must intuitively understand that “QUICKLY AND EASILY” is a pandering LIE perpetuated by ethically-challenged internet profiteers.

If you understand and recognize that, then you are ready. If you are ready, we will lead you to such a high place of performance that you will look back on this day in your life and sneer with disdain at where you once were. Your new life BEGINS NOW with full commitment and unbridled enthusiasm for the accelerated growth you will achieve over the next six months.

With all that said, with your thorough understanding of the attitude YOU must bring to the table in order for this to work, and with your commitment to DOING THE WORK we assign you, without hesitation or excuse, WE GUARANTEE you will never need any other fitness business-building solution… ever.

WE GUARANTEE NPE Gold Plus IS everything Sean and I, and all our Members, say it is in this letter and WILL produce financial, client attraction, and business optimization results which can only be measured in multiples of where you are now.  200%, 300%, 500% growth is not beyond your capacity within the next six months. But YOU BE THE JUDGE. If, after six months, you can document that you have DONE THE WORK and NOT achieved EXPONENTIAL BUSINESS AND PERSONAL GROWTH, just tell us and every penny of your investment in Gold Plus will be returned to you.

If you agree to and understand the aforementioned, then let’s move on to how we do what we do, and how you’ll get what we guarantee you’ll get…

“Eric, after implementing all the great information you and Sean have provided me over the past 4 1/2 months, I am TOTALLY BOOKED. I have raised my rates $15 per session, and I am trying to juggle 50-55 sessions per week by myself, and I have recently started a little waiting list.  Thank you for everything you guys do!”  Mike Hansen, Hansen Fitness Company, Irvine, CA

“These guys are the top in the industry…not only will you get your money’s worth, but it’s tenfold”  Chuck Sproule, Nautilus Clinic Truro, Nova Scotia

“The guidance I have received from Eric and Sean has been priceless.  I started working with them in December 2006 and finished 2007 104K+ higher in gross training revenue than 2006.  (This stuff works!)  We opened a new studio in May of 2007 and have been growing extremely quickly.  In Sept. Oct. and Nov. (traditionally slow months in the industry) we started over 90 new training clients using methods (marketing, sales, etc) learned from Eric and Sean.  Our recent ad campaign pulled 20:1 ROI, producing 91 new clients in 90 days.  The bottom line is, these guys are the real deal.” Tony Maslan, Custom Fit Personal Training, Evansville, Indiana


Prepare to take your fitness business and your lifestyle to a level of profitability and satisfaction – a level of reward that, until now, has only existed in your mind’s eye.

Because everything changes when you have systems and processes, and the expertise to use them, to generate clients and profits AT WILL

And that’s precisely what you’ll have if you are accepted into Gold Plus.  Because we will push you to do more, do it faster, and do it better than you ever have before in your life.

And you will either find another gear and crank it up, achieving WELL BEYOND what you previously thought possible…or you wash out and walk home shame-faced.

NPE Gold Plus INSTALLS IN YOUR MIND and MOTIVATES YOU TO EXECUTE the LETHAL skills, systems and processes we’ve proven to work, and that any committed professional can use to succeed and prosper at the highest levels in this industry.

NPE Gold Plus is about making your business – your core business – the dominant business in your local area.  The one that everybody wants to do business with.  The one that charges the highest fees, delivers the most value, gets the most referrals, puts on the biggest and baddest seminars, has the most strategic alliances, and a steady, ever-growing, soon-to-be-exploding flow of clients, profits and prosperity.

That’s what this is about.

That’s what we’re promising you.

And that’s what you’ll get using the proprietary systems, processes and trainings we give you – and hold you accountable for implementing!

But you must understand that you won’t suddenly flip a switch and be at your destination.  There IS work involved.  Sometimes it will be hard, challenging work that you don’t feel like doing.   And…

It’s in those moments of decision that character is forged…or lost.

So I want to just check your pulse again, for the last time.  Are you willing to do the work in the short term so you can enjoy the lifestyle in the long term?  Yes?  Fine.  Excellent.  You have IT.

Here’s What Has Been Holding You Back For So Long

The #1 thing keeping you from having everything you want and deserve is the inability to master multiple areas of business and marketing expertise simultaneously – while also running your day-to-day operations at the same time.  There are only so many hours in the day.

Making the transition from working IN to working ON is the single biggest obstacle EVERY businessperson faces when attempting to grow their business.

And it is one of the primary things we work with you on closely and consistently to ensure you make that QUANTUM LEAP.  Hearing from your peers, and how they did it, will not only inspire you with the confidence that it is possible, but also instruct you in ways to expedite the process.

You get our help, and you get help from every other fitness professional in Gold Plus.  That, my friend, is a true mastermind alliance.

The Gold Plus Coaching and Training Protocol

The reason why Gold Plus works so well is because of the sequential layering of one fitness business-building strategy on top of the next, month-by-month.

Rather than just dumping a big box of stuff on you and letting you pick your way through it, Sean and I (and the rest of our team):

Teach you one system at a time.

Show you how to get it up and running.

Hold you accountable to getting it up and running so you can actually benefit from it.

Answer your questions and provide guidance to help you optimize the system.

And only then do we move on to the next system and do the same.

These steps, this protocol, is STRATEGIC — so each system is layered on top of the last, fully integrated, steadily building a rock-solid, duplicable and mostly automated fitness business machine for you.

Does that make sense to you?

I hope so.  Because I can tell you this with absolute certainty…

We Can Take Anyone With The Right Attitude And Transform Your Fitness Business Into A Marketing Machine That Spits Out Clients, Sales & Profits Like A High-Speed Conveyor Belt

Now I want to tell you about everything you get – all the benefits to you – if you’re quick enough to grab one of the remaining spots in NPE Gold Plus.

But before we get into that, I want to say a word about our…


At the start of this letter, you saw this box:

NPE Gold Plus Membership Limit: 225

Current Members: 182

Available Membership Positions: 43

Sean and I have placed a cap on NPE Gold Plus Membership in order to keep it manageable for us, and exclusive for our Members.  Frankly, most people simply don’t qualify for Membership.  Because most people (95%) don’t have IT.  So 225 is a good number.  You can see above how many current Gold Plus Members we already have.  And you can see how many positions are available.

Those positions WILL NOT LAST LONG.  Mark my words.  In fact, they could be gone any day now.

And you need to understand something else about this –

We don’t play marketing games.

This isn’t some ploy to create urgency.  Ask around.  We do what we say we’re going to do.  When we have AUTO-CLOSER™ or DUPLICATOR™ classes available, they are open to just 20 people each.  When they hit 20, we shut them down.  When we first launched Gold Plus in December 2006, we offered 100 spots.  They sold out in less than 4 days. Then we shut it down.  Since then we’ve re-opened Gold Plus two more times as demand grew and our ability to meet that demand grew. We are now opening it once again until we reach 225.  So, when we say there’s a limit – there’s a limit.

If you want to join, the time to do it is now, before the big SOLD OUT sign goes back up.

Now that we’ve got that bit of housekeeping out of the way, let’s talk about everything you get if you are able to secure a spot in Gold Plus.


Two (2) Monthly Business & Marketing Interactive Webinars ($499 Monthly Value)

Twice a month you will get on the phone and log onto the internet with us for 90 minutes of in-depth fitness business coaching and consulting.  On the first webinar we will teach you a specific marketing, sales or management system, showing you exactly how to apply it to your business, what to do, the action steps to take.  You’ll receive a detailed outline of those steps, showing you precisely how to implement.  And then you’ll get to it.

On the second monthly webinar (2 weeks later), we’ll analyze your progress, figure out if there are sticking points and show you how to overcome them.  We’ll review any applicable tools for that particular system or strategy, coach you on how to use them, and provide accountability and tracking surveys to gauge and assess how well everything is working.  Also, during this second webinar, we’ll brainstorm and mastermind as a group, sharing ideas, refining processes, constantly sharpening the saw.

Each webinar will be TIGHTLY focused, digging deep into one specific system. There will be no generic crap that you can get from any $25 marketing book.  We’ll be showing you and teaching you the killer applications, the highest level systems, the most potent strategies we’ve developed.

Here are some of the systems we’ll break down, analyze and teach you during the coaching calls:

Lead Generation Systems: How to set up automatic systems that bring you a steady flow of high quality leads every month like clockwork.  This is the foundation of every successful marketing plan.  Without leads, lots of them, you’re buffeted by the winds of circumstance, at the mercy of your clients (you can’t afford to lose one), and are constantly stressed and concerned about where new business will come from.  When you have an endless stream of leads – all that goes away.

Follow-up communication and conversion systems: Following up with marketing sequences until prospects buy or die is THE secret that bumps lead conversion 500-1000%, thereby bumping your profits by the same – and nobody except our people does it right… or even does it at all. This isn’t an option – it’s a MUST-HAVE if you want rapid and massive growth. With the right follow-up communication systems, 90% of the ‘selling’ is done well before you ever sit down with the prospect.  They come to you predisposed, pre-qualified and ready to buy.  Almost all of this can and should be automated.  We’ll show you how to do that with the most reliable and productive systems.  These first two topics are VITAL to the success of any fitness business, and 99% of them, probably including yours, don’t have them in place.  Chasing and praying for more clients ends with this one-two punch!

Service and product sales systems: Quite simply, we have perfected the highest-closing sales systems available in this industry.  Our NPE Platinum Members use these to close, on average, at 90%…for BIG packages over $2,000 each.  You’ll learn service sales systems, product sales systems (for nutritional products) and a hybrid, bundled sales system for both service and product in one beautifully profitable sale.

Referral generation systems: We go well beyond what you may have learned from any other source.  You will discover how to automate referral programming using seven proprietary NPE tactics all wrapped up in this complete strategy.  You’ll discover how to implement a systematic referral rewards campaign incorporating multi-media, multiple-contact marketing that consistently programs your clients to steadily refer time and time again.

Direct mail marketing systems: There most definitely are major secrets to effective direct mail marketing.  And we’ve jealously guarded the best ones – previously only available to our NPE Platinum Members.  We debated whether or not to even include this particular module in the Gold Plus Coaching because it’s so powerful. Now you too can have a high-powered direct mail client-generating machine.

Nutritional product marketing systems: Many of our NPE Platinum Members are doing over $2,000 NET per month in nutritional product sales…on auto-ship.  Some over $5,000 per month. They sold the products ONE TIME and their clients re-purchase each and every month automatically, without any additional work, no retail hassles, no inventory to stock. Just pure-as-the-driven-snow profits.  We’ll teach you the systems for doing the same, regardless of what nutritional products you want to sell. (Disclaimer: If you sell a crappy product, you can NOT expect this system to work for you).

Strategic alliance marketing systems: How to set up reciprocal, win-win relationships with non-competitive business owners serving your ideal prospects and drive new business to each other, piggyback off each other, host joint seminars, do endorsed offers, build strong marketing lists, cross-promote and conquer your local market together.  Few things can be as productive for you as strong reciprocal relationships. They lead to opportunities of significant magnitude.  With our coaching, you can finally leverage the efforts of other businesspeople in your community, effectively, efficiently and productively.

Advertising systems: Yes, advertising can work for you, and we’ll show you how to consistently pull 7:1 or better (that’s seven dollars returned to you for every dollar invested – ON THE FRONT END).  Advertising alone won’t make you rich, but it can be a valuable medium to use in addition to everything else we teach you.  Because one of the significant benefits of personal training is that clients tend to renew with you after the first package (or they will, after we show you LCV systems), so you can afford to invest a little in advertising…as long as it pulls.  We’ll show you how to make your advertising pull!  The BIG lesson here is that you need multiple marketing poles in the water – you can’t rely on just one marketing system if you want to grow your business.

Lifetime Client Value (LCV) systems:  Nothing will change the profit dynamics of your business and give you greater stability, control and equity than discovering how to optimize the lifetime value of your clients (i.e. increasing 2-3X’s what clients spend with you, how long they stay with you, the quality of results they get with you).

Internet marketing systems: I’m willing to bet your web site does very little to produce new business for you.  That’s a shame, and it MUST change.  Prospective clients are using the internet more and more each year to find solutions.  You must have a site that CONVERTS visitors to hot leads or buying customers/clients, and you must have TRAFFIC to your site that you can convert.  Our NPE Platinum Members are getting top five Google® rankings within months, sometimes weeks, using the simple strategies we teach them.  Now you can learn to do the same.

Information product creation and marketing systems: Want real leverage? Want power-positioning?  Want fresh, eager leads?  Information products give them to you.  They are exceptional tools in that regard. We’ll show you how to gain celebrity status and tons of hot leads with info-products – and if you’re lucky – you just might hit a financial homerun with one of them, too (just don’t delude yourself, or allow others to delude you with their nonsensical hype that this is the norm – it’s not – it’s the exception).

Small group training and coaching systems: There’s an unmistakable trend in the fitness industry towards small group training and coaching.  We’ll show you how to capitalize on this trend and triple your hourly earnings.  Keep in mind that we won’t teach you a thing about the physical training components – anyone can teach you that – we’ll focus on precisely how to market these services for maximum profit.  You’ll discover how to at least double your income this year (and make your business a lot more fun and STABLE) with small group coaching.  Leverage, diversification, business stabilization and massively increased profits are just some of the big benefits to you.

Publicity and media marketing systems: It can be a significant challenge to get media coverage unless you have systems in place for automating it all.  Media is a numbers game and you have to be in their face with compelling, interesting, timely stories on a regular basis in order to land that big story.  It can and will happen when you understand what the media is looking for and how to give them what they want.  You will learn how to establish relationships with the media and garner publicity every single month using advanced secrets from the best sources.  Want your own health and fitness column in the newspaper? How about weekly or monthly recurring radio or TV spots you don’t have to pay for?  Here’s how to get them.

Advanced Public Speaking Systems: How to find (we have a special ‘source’), secure and deliver simple public speaking presentations that quickly build your name recognition, infuse your business with red-hot leads, add a minimum of 2-4 new clients per month and make you the go-to fitness professional in your town.

Database Management Systems: How to run a real business with a high-powered database management system that tracks, sifts, sorts and delivers exponentially effective marketing results.  No business will ever achieve its profit objectives without a solid database. Not one.

Copywriting Secrets of the Fitness and Weight Loss Market: Phil Kaplan (and others) have recognized me as the premier copywriter in the fitness industry. That’s nice, but all that really matters is results. And my copy gets results (multiple millions from ‘Icing’ alone – and there are many more pieces I’ve created that pull in new clients like a freight train). I will teach you the secrets and hand you the templates for creating winning marketing pie

Here is a list of famous authors who have created online courses on topics at the website WSOBox. You can search by suggested author name: Dan Lok; Grant Cardone; Brian Tracy; Neil Patel; Tim Ferriss; Chris Guillebeau; Gary Vaynerchuk; Ramit Sethi; Tony Robbins; Seth Godin; Jordan Belfort; Sam Ovens; Amy Porterfield; Pat Flynn; Marie Forleo; Russell Brunson; Jeff Walker; Tai Lopez; Ryan Deiss; Noah Kagan; Anton Kreil; Nial Fuller; Steve Nison; Kathy Lien; Adam Khoo; Jason Stapleton; Andrei Knight; Navin Prithyani; Vic Noble; Andrew Weil; Mark Hyman; Michael Greger; Josh Axe; Sara Gottfried; Joel Fuhrman; Deepak Chopra; John Douillard; Dan Siegel; Gabor Maté; Richard Bandler; Tony Robbins; Dr. Steve G. Jones; Igor Ledochowski; Michael Breen; Paul McKenna; David Snyder; Tad James; John Grinder; Anthony Jacquin; …

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