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Foundation for Successful Trading – William McLaren


Bill McLaren’s 30 plus years of trading, including blowing out (or in laymen’s terms – losing all of his money) 3 times early on in his career, and trading for one of the World’s biggest funds, qualifies him as the best person to guide you and help build that foundation.


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“If you truly want to be a trader you need a firm foundation. A great foundation is essential and this is it.”

How You Can Get a Strong FOUNDATION


  • A 2 DVD 1 Day Seminar with
  • CD Manual with Charts and Workbook.
  • A companion to Gann’s Master TIME FACTOR DVD

If you truly want to be a trader a firm foundation is essential.

“Hello Bill, …. you’ve changed the way I look at market…… I feel that now I am finally seeing the true foundation to trading. It all starts to make sense. Thank you so much.

Again, thank you for putting ground under my feet after 14 years of studying technical analysis.”

Bill McLaren’s 30 plus years of trading, including blowing out (or in laymen’s terms – losing all of his money) 3 times early on in his career, and trading for one of the World’s biggest funds, qualifies him as the best person to guide you and help build that foundation.

This Powerful Professional Presentation DVD and CD Rom Set gives you the grounding you need to trade any market.

It is highly useful for beginners and experts alike: the best foundation for the Next step.


It is the first of a two seminar series. The second will gives all of Gann’s important Time Trading Secrets is out now.

30 Years Plus Market & Trading Experience for so little and so well presented is what every trader should have.

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Bill’s awesome video training program is now available!

This two video program complete with CD Manual and workbook teaches you how to trade from looking at a bar chart based on Bill’s 38 years of active trading experience.

Foundations for Successful Trading (DVD format)

The purpose of this DVD program is to give you a firm foundation for trading and investing.

You should be able to trade and position successfully from a bar chart and volume. All else is built upon this knowledge, this foundation.

If your foundation is not strong, all else may eventually collapse.

Bill McLaren strongly recommends Gann Traders becoming very familiar with the Foundations material before going on to Time.

The foundation analysis is divided into five chapters.

  •  Pattern is of critical importance and is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the different types of trends. Our basic purpose in this business is to find the start of a trend and stay with that trend until it becomes “at risk” of completing. We must therefore have a thorough understanding of the counter trends (sell offs in an up trend and rallies in a down trend) which conform to those specific types of trends. This knowledge allows you to safely enter trends with limited risk to capital and alerts you to a possible change in trend.
  • Volume is the driving power behind the markets and shows whether supply and demand are increasing or decreasing. Volume can be used to confirm the significance of price levels and the termination of trends and counter trends.
  • Momentum can be described as the velocity of price in any given direction. Its value lies primarily through an understanding of patterns of trends.
  • Wave structure is the number of drives and reactions to a trend. This can be very helpful in determining when a trend is at risk of completing.
  • Price is an understanding of support and resistance levels. All highs and lows are exact proportions of previous movements. Using this premise you will be able to forecast specific price levels where the markets will find support and resistance.

“Foundations for Successful Trading” is Part one of Bill’s Trading Education Program and is considered a prerequisite for Part two “The Time Factor” which has just been released in DVD format and is available from this website.

You’ll get in your Foundations for Successful Trading Course

  • 2 * DVDs crammed full of Bill McLaren’s 30 Plus years of Trading Knowledge
  • five hours of DVD instruction plus
  • CD with all the Resources
  • a 180 page workbook plus

an 80 page Work Shop Manual

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