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Freedom Wholesaling Course – Anonymously


This Wholesaling Real Estate Course is a 4 week course in which you will learn step-by-step everything you need to know and more on how we were able to go from completely clueless in the business to now consistently closing over 7 Figures Every Year!

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[UPTO 70%] for the Freedom Wholesaling Course – Anonymously $80.10 course. The course content is always complete and of the same quality as the sales page. Save money and learn more with WSOBox

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Freedom Wholesaling Course

Achieve Financial Freedom Through Real Estate! With Little To NO Money!

This Wholesaling Real Estate Course is a 4 week course in which you will learn step-by-step everything you need to know and more on how we were able to go from completely clueless in the business to now consistently closing over 7 Figures Every Year!

We will go over:

  • The hottest marketing streams to use in today’s market that are actually working
  • How to determine a property’s worth with extreme accuracy
  • Exactly how we’ve been able to go out and get a deal in a new market with $0 or little amounts of marketing in the first 30 days
  • The “Do-Not’s” of wholesaling to ensure your business runs smoothly and effectively
  • The differences between virtual and local wholesaling
  • My highly effective phone system for managing your leads
  • Our secret, high converting seller script
  • How to negotiate with sellers like a pro
  • How to use my “Quick Offer Formula” to determine what you should offer to the seller
  • Step-by-step walk through on how to present and sign a contract with the seller
  • How to ensure that your buyers can make a decision on the property in hours
  • How to find a trustworthy and effective title company/closing attorney
  • How to effectively build and utilize a massive buyers list
  • How to get the highest price for your properties
  • How to sign a contract with your buyer
  • What to expect on closing day and how to ensure you get your $10k+ check



You’ll also get access to our private group that will allow you to get questions answered, find JV partners, help find trustworthy title companies, and much more!


You’ll get instant access all of my contracts, scripts, and other tools that I use every day in my real estate investing business. You’ll be prepared with everything you need to do your first deal and more!



Look…Let’s be real. Most courses are sold with fake or user based scarcity. I am not keeping this open for long.

Yes. Really. There is no fake scarcity on this page. After this offer is filled up, it’s gone. The end. I cannot afford to share this program with 1000’s of people.

This is the ultimate key to my businesses and allows me smoke my competition while making tens of thousands of dollars each month. I have priced this insanely low and this your chance to get access. If you wait, you are going to miss out and it will take you WAY WAY WAY more than the cost of this course (more than likely thousands in ad spend) to figure out and replicate my what I do.

*UPDATES: I will be continuously adding videos and tools to this course as time goes on! If I make any changes in my own personal business you can expect a video or post on why I made those changes and how they can help

Course Curriculum

Intro To Freedom Course

  • What It Takes To Be A Real Estate Entrepreneur (5:21)
  • 4 Week Training Blueprint (2:57)
  • Access To Our Exclusive Facebook Group! (1:02)

Wholesaling Real Estate Blueprint

  • What Is Wholesaling (How & Why It Works) (12:12)
  • The Do-Nots Of Wholesaling Real Estate (4:48)
  • Local Wholesaling Vs Virtual Wholesaling (Explained) (4:08)
  • What You Need To Know About Virtual Wholesaling (6:09)

Finding Deeply Discounted Properties

  • Generating Seller Leads (Core Marketing Channels) (10:25)
  • How To Pull High Equity Absentee And Owner Occupant List With Listsource (11:10)
  • How To Pull A Tax Default List From Rebogateway (6:03)
  • How To Pull Our FAVORITE “Secret List” In Any City (7:07)
  • 2 Amazing List Providers That You Need To Check Out (5:54)
  • Driving For Dollars Breakdown (12:25)
  • Bandit Sign Breakdown (11:36)
  • Cold Calling Breakdown (18:07)
  • Direct Mail Breakdown (8:38)
  • FSBO And Zillow Offer Breakdown ($0 Needed) (17:35)
  • Craigslist And Virtual Bandit Sign Breakdown ($0 Needed) (9:21)
  • The Best Skiptracing Service Out There! (5:34)
  • The Best Phone Number Systems For Your Wholesaling Business (4:10)
  • The Best System To Properly Manage Your Leads (6:48)

Prospecting For Seller Leads

  • How To Talk To Sellers & What Questions To Ask Them (9:40)
  • How To Build Rapport With Sellers (10:01)
  • How To Set A Phone Appointment With A Motivated Seller (2:11)
  • How To Set An In-Person Appointment With A Motivated Seller (5:04)
  • Meaning Of ARV & MAO (1:43)
  • How To Find The ARV (23:54)
  • Using The Quick Offer Formula To Make An Offer (3:34)
  • Live Call Examples

The Art Of Closing The Seller

  • Our Simple Seller Script (11:59)
  • How To Present Your Offer On The Phone (5:19)
  • How To Present Your Offer In Person (8:22)
  • First Impression With Seller (3:09)
  • Walking The Property With A Seller (15:24)
  • Crushing Objections! (2:38)
  • Ninja Negotiation Tactics (5:29)
  • Why Making Verbal Offers Over The Phone Are KEY To Beating Out The Competition! (4:22)
  • Acquisitions Secrets & Tips (10:20)
  • The Importance Of Follow Up (3:09)
  • How To Deal With Tenants (4:18)
  • How To Take Pictures Of The Property (2:44)
  • Using The Purchase Contract & How To Sign (18:45)
  • Bonus Contracts

Closing The Deal

  • What Is EMD? (1:33)
  • How To Find The Right Title Company – Closing Attorney (3:10)
  • The 3 Methods To Get Paid On A Wholesale Deal (4:16)
  • Finding Cash Buyers For Your Real Estate Deal (5:29)
  • How To Market Your Property To Your Buyers List (1:57)
  • How To Always Maximize Your Sell Price On Your Deals (5:49)
  • Making The Deal Easy For Your Cash Buyer (2:46)
  • How To Deal With A Showing Of The Property (Disposition Tactics) (14:19)
  • Signing The Assignment Contract With The Buyer (5:38)
  • Transaction Coordination (2:13)
  • Closing Day & How To Finish The Process! (5:24)
  • What To Do After You Close Your First Deal! (5:17)
  • Join Our Community
  • Resources For Your Wholesaling Business


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