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Traditional employment is prison. Do what you’re told, when you’re told. Don’t ask questions. Show up on time, give up 40 good hours per week. In exchange, we won’t fire you and you won’t starve (today). But you’d better play by the rules and don’t ever be late.

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Start a Freelance Business. Escape Corporate Prison. Sprint Toward 6-Figures Even With No Degree, No Experience, and No Portfolio!

Are you 2000% fed up with 9-5 slavery?

It sucks not having any control over your time, energy, or income.

Traditional employment is prison. Do what you’re told, when you’re told. Don’t ask questions. Show up on time, give up 40 good hours per week. In exchange, we won’t fire you and you won’t starve (today). But you’d better play by the rules and don’t ever be late.

Also, you can forget non-work appointments. Don’t even THINK about taking time off to be with your kids. You live here now. Your desk is your home. Your boss is your warden. The break room is where you take your vacations.

This is a life sentence without parole. Be on your best behavior for the next 20-40 years and you can retire at 65 or 70 or maybe 85 with just enough money to live in poverty thanks to inflation. But hey, at least you get to pay $800 a month for our “excellent benefits package!”

Remember all those years when they told you how easy it was to get rich if you just go to school, get good grades, get a job, put away 10% of your paycheck every week, and hold out for the long haul?

But they forgot to mention the part where you get shit on every day for 40 years. The part where you don’t get to enjoy the money you make because what you don’t spend on food, housing, utilities, and other necessities goes to the IRS. 

It sucks, but it’s the ugly reality of a life where you work for someone else because of, you know… “stability.” But what if there was another way? What if you could control when you work, where you work, and how you work? What if you could decide exactly how much you earn, and when to give yourself a raise?

Maybe you can…

Introducing: Freelance University

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join Us

As soon as you join, you’ll have unlimited access to ALL of my freelance courses and trainings, as well as exclusive insider access to my private discord chat for FU members only. This is the same training that has produced numerous 6-figure freelancers from scratch!

Start a Freelance Business

Enjoy a step by step technique that walks you thru EXACTLY a way to begin a contract commercial enterprise although you have no earlier experience, or even in case you by no means notion you may run your very own commercial enterprise before.

Learn In-Demand, High-Value Skills

Inside, you may have get right of entry to to publications that educate extraordinarily high-cost talents like copywriting, article writing, income, exposure outreach, running a blog and extra, with extra talents publications coming withinside the future.

Embark on a Journey to Quit Your Job!

Once you get going, you may see ability begin to get up from out of nowhere. You CAN update your earnings and stop your task much like lots over others have already done.

Sprint Toward 6-Figures in Year 1

Even in case you’ve by no means earned extra than $10/hr, begin a direction in the direction of 6-figures on your first actual 12 months. I will display you precisely what it takes, and the way I did it in my first 12 months too (after which how I did it once more from scratch).

Current Course Catalogue

Here is each direction this is presently to be had in Freelance University. Once you be a part of, you get limitless get right of entry to to all of those, in addition to each new direction I upload.

Start a Freelance Business: Take Back Your Freedom Now!

YOU Focus Applied: Applying YOU Focus on Upwork!

Upwork Proposal Templates: Write Awesome Proposals Fast!

Leveraging Credibility: Discover Your Authority & Earn More Now!

Get Approved on Upwork: How to Get Approved on Your First Try!

Proposal Writing I: Foundations of a Great Upwork Proposal!

Advanced Upwork Proposals I: Tips to 10X Client Responses Fast!

Advanced Upwork Proposals II: More Responses More Results!

Advanced Upwork Profiles: Craft a Magnetic Profile Now!

Advanced Upwork Interviews: How to Sell Yourself on Live Calls!

Freelance Mindset: Become an Unstoppable Freelance Force!

Freelance Copywriting: Write Dirty. Go Big. Start Now!

Freelance Article Writing: Write Your Way to Pay Today!

Upwork Client Psychology I: How Freelance Clients Think, Decide, & Act!

Due Diligence: Spot Fake Guru Scams and Save Your Cash!

Difficult Clients: How to Deal With Good Clients Gone Bad!

Upcoming Courses, Training & Templates

These publications and education applications are below improvement proper now or are deliberate out for the approaching 12 months. When you be a part of FU, you get get right of entry to to all of those as they come to be to be had.

Upwork Profiles II: An Updated Version of Advanced Upwork Profiles – November (2021)

Pressure Points: Collecting Money From Non-Paying Clients – November (2021)

Upwork Profile Templates: New Templates to Create an Attractive Profile Fast!

Lex’s Sales Call Recordings: Listen to Lex’s Private Sales Call Wins & Failures!

The Ultimate Freelance Website: Attract the Highest-Paying Clients with Simple Web Design!

Proposal Language Guide: Words to Use & Avoid in Your Client Outreach!

Competitive Edge: Discovering Your Secret Freelance Advantage!

Brand Copywriting I: The Seductive Art of Identification!

Funnel Marketing I: Build Simple Effective Funnels Fast!

Beyond Upwork II: New Ways to Find Clients Outside of Upwork!

Freelance Agreement Templates: Contracts to Keep Your Business Safe!

What You Get Inside

Here’s the whole thing you get while you be a part of the FU network!

1 Access All Freelance Courses & Training

Right now there are extra than sixteen publications, with new publications coming to be had every month. There are infinite hours of education substances inside, inclusive of over four hundred freelance video, audio, and textual content training to assist you resolve each freelance hassle possible from getting began out to promoting your self at five and 6-determine rates. 

2 Access All Legacy Courses & Training

When you be a part of, you get get right of entry to to all of my beyond freelance and Upwork education applications, in addition to my psychology, copywriting, article writing, patron management, and income trainings. These blended trainings have over 2 hundred pages (2,090) five-famous person critiques from satisfied students.

three Private Insider Community

Our developing network is incredible helpful. Not most effective do you get exclusive, precedence get right of entry to to me, however others withinside the network are continually satisfied to assist as well. With our members-most effective chat channel, you narrow out the noise of the principle chat so that you can address any roadblocks rapid and get lower back to creating money.

four High-Value Proposal Templates

Instead of achieving out to customers and looking to determine out precisely what to mention for your very own, use my custom designed templates to make your outreach so rapid and smooth that you positioned your cappotential to earn large wads of coins nearly on autopilot. Plus, I replace my templates from time-to-time in order that they by no means get overused.

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