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FullTime Funnel Designer – Gusten Sun


Fulltime Funnel Designer: “The ONLY Step-by-Step Course on How To Successfully Start & Grow A 6 Figure Funnel Agency”
…without ANY previous experience, any tech skills, any photoshop or coding required. And NO, we don’t cold call, cold email or send out proposals…

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[UPTO 70%] for the FullTime Funnel Designer – Gusten Sun $59.40 course. The course content is always complete and of the same quality as the sales page. Save money and learn more with WSOBox

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Fulltime Funnel Designer: “The ONLY Step-by-Step Course on How To Successfully Start & Grow A 6 Figure Funnel Agency”

…without ANY previous experience, any tech skills, any photoshop or coding required. And NO, we don’t cold call, cold email or send out proposals…

Our Mission:

“To Help Funnel Agencies Create A LEAN Sales Machine That Gets Their Clients Results”




I Wish I Had This, Too

Fulltime Funnel Designer is everything I wished I had when I got started on my Funnel Agency journey.

Had I known then what I know now, I would’ve been able to save so much money and time in the process…

Fulltime Funnel Designer™ teaches you everything you need to know to grow your Funnel Agency to 10k/m from scratch… even if you’re not a techy person or don’t know design well yet…

“Why Funnel Agency, Gusten?”

The truth is there’s a lot of “Shiny objects” out there…

But very few that are actually ‘profit-friendly’ while lifestyle-pleasing…

I know… cause I’ve tried them all.



Ads agency.

And yes, it worked, I made some money… But I wasn’t happy.

I wasn’t creatively fulfilled…

I didn’t feel like I was working with dream clients… aka “my people”. 


I got my agency to 10k/m and beyond but realized it wasn’t a ‘passion’ of mine…

So after months of trying to figure out what to do, with a daughter and wife at home,

I knew I had to do something…

I had to create a business that served our lifestyles too… not just monitarely.

So I did.

I followed my own advice and “Created My Own Reality”

Nobody told me “Hey Gusten, start a funnel agency”

But I’m glad I saw the movement Russell Brunson created (cause it changed everything for me)

He did most of the marketing, and still does, and gets people into his community…

He then teaches them to grow their business and outsource things they don’t wanna do…

Well… that’s great news for us – Funnel builders and designers.

Now All You Have To Do Is Know How To:

  • A) Attract those dream clients to you (I teach you how to do that
  • ?B) Close the clients (I teach you how to do that, without phone calls or proposals)
  • ?C) Build funnels (and deliver them in a beautiful way so they buy more funnels and refer more people to you)

And here’s the best part… the part I want you to experience as well…

Imagine you spend the next 7 days setting up your Funnel Agency, and then start closing clients within your first month…

You’d get to build funnels for a living (without having to manage people ads all day)

You’d get to be creative (and actually turn a vision into a high converting design + copy)

You’d get to do this from home (without tons of meetings, I have like 1 per week now)

You’d sell these without sales calls (DM Slosing + Portfolio Closing)

You’d set 7 to 10 days turnaround on your services and build a lifestyle too so you can eliminate the ‘daily stress’ of client expectations…

You’d be able to decline clients you don’t wanna work with because 1 funnel per week at 2.5k is already a 6 fig funnel business.

You’d be able to create recurring revenue through what I call ‘package upsells’ where you first build 1 funnel and then sell 2-3 more to the same person (building their value ladder funnels)

These are just a few of the benefits, but that’s not all…

There’s so much pleasure in building something great… and working with entreprenenurs who are great.

If this sounds like you, and this is something you’re interested in, 

You’ll love FullTimeFunnelDesigner™.

We’re doing a Special Deal this week only so make sure you get in while spots still last…

Read below to see what’s inside!

These Funnels Below Are Just a Few Examples of What You’ll Be Able To Build (And Clients Will LOVE You For It)

Imagine if all these funnels below paid you on average $2.5k – 4 funnels per month or just 1 per week… doesn’t sound so unbelievable now does it? 

The LAST Course You’ll Ever Need On Funnel Design & Conversions

Here’s why: Check out some of the videos inside the Fulltime Funnel Designer course! These could be yours in just a few clicks!

1) Business Accelerator Blueprint

  • 90 Day Accountability Checklist
  • ?Perfect Niche Planner
  • ?Positioning Like A Pro
  • ?Signature Blueprint Builder
  • ?Create a Clear Elevator Pitch
  • ?The Relevance Story Script
  • ?Predictable Profit Ladder
  • ?The Ultimate Freedom Calculator
  • ?Get 14 Days FREE of Clickfunnels & Import Your First Template
  • ?Launch This Simple Funnel In 10 Minutes (24H Challenge)
  • ??The Funnel Launch Checklist
  • ?How To Add Your Domain To Clickfunnels
  • ?How To Create Products and Upsells
  • ?How To Integrate Your Email Autoresponder
  • ?How To Integrate Your Calendar + Application
  • ?Zapier – The Automation Shortcut

2) Clients Secrets

  • Funnel Clients Secrets Masterclass
  • ?The Automated Client Onboarding Funnel
  • ?The Portfolio Closing Funnel
  • ?How To Create Funnel Mockups For Social Media Posts
  • ?The Exact DM Scripts I Use To Close Clients
  • ?The 7 Elements of a Converting Profile Funnel
  • ?How to Design Your Cover Photo For Conversions
  • ?My Funnel Design Vault (Find Design Inspiration)
  • ?How to Get More Leads & Clients Organically
  • ?What Text to Post Along With Your Funnel Designs
  • ?Real Life DM-Closing Series #1 – Closed after 3 Weeks of Follow Up
  • ?Real Clients Case-Studies #2 – Easiest Close I’ve Ever Done

3) 7 Figure Funnel Roadmaps

  • 7 Figure Funnel Roadmaps – Part 1
  • ?7 Figure Funnel Roadmaps – Part 2

4) Converting Offer Creation Systems

  • My Unique Process of Creating Converting Offers
  • ?These 10 Pillars Will Make or Break Your Offer
  • ?Understanding The 3 Reasons People Don’t Buy
  • ?How To Overcome Objections Through StorySelling
  • ?How To Create Converting Offers for Info-Products
  • ?How To Create Converting Offers for Service Providers
  • ?How To Upgrade The Quality of a Current Offer

5) Striking Sales Copy & Messaging

  • How To Write Compelling Sales Copy That Converts (The 9P’s)
  • ?The Problem – Part 1
  • ?The Painpoints – Part 2
  • ?The Promise – Part 3
  • ?The Proof – Part 4
  • ?The Product – Part 5
  • ?The Persona – Part 6
  • ?The Price – Part 7
  • ?The Process – Part 8
  • ?The Priority – Part 9

6) 7 Figure Funnel Design Hacks

  • Why and When To Use Canva
  • ?Understanding The Canva Editor
  • ?How I Design Images In Canva
  • ?How To Create Layers in Canva
  • ?How To Design Great Background Images
  • ?How I Create Digital 3D Product Mockups
  • ?How To Add Blobs To Your Backgrounds
  • ?Why and When To Use Sketch
  • ?Understanding The Sketch Editor
  • ?How To Create Gradient Designs
  • ?How To Create Perfect Shadows
  • ?How To Mask Images
  • ?How To Design Modern Shapes
  • ?How To Recolor Any Image or Icon
  • ?How To Edit Illustrations in Sketch
  • ?How To Create Background Patterns
  • ?How To Create Icons in Sketch
  • ?How To Create Beautiful Imagery
  • ?How To Create Wider Sections
  • ?How To Use Custom Fonts in Clickfunnels
  • ?How To Create Multi-Color Bold Headlines
  • ?How To Create Beautiful Button Shadows
  • ?How To Design Gradient Buttons
  • ?How To Create FAQ Dropdown Sections
  • ?Adding Shadows in Clickfunnels
  • ?Bigger Image Size & Overflow
  • ?Section Overflow, Layers & Visibility
  • ?Where I Find Illustrations
  • ?Where I Find Icons
  • ?Where I Find Fonts
  • ?Where I Find Brand Colors
  • ?Where I Find Great Background Images

7) Email Marketing & Automation

  • 1.1 Abandoned Cart Email Sequence – The Roadmap
  • ?1.2 Abandoned Cart Email Sequence – The Integration
  • ?1.3 Abandoned Cart Email Sequence – The Emails & Copy
  • ?2.1 Webinar Email Sequence – The Roadmap
  • ?2.2 Webinar Email Sequence – The Integration
  • ?2.3 Webinar Email Sequence – The Emails & Copy
  • ?3.1 Optin Email Sequence – The Roadmap
  • ?3.2 Optin Email Sequence – The Integration
  • ?3.3 Optin Email Sequence – The Emails & Copy
  • ?4.1 Launch Email Sequence – The Roadmap
  • ?4.2 Launch Email Sequence – The Integration
  • ?4.3 Launch Email Sequence – The Emails & Copy
  • ?Newsletter Email Profits
  • ?Back-end Profit Maximization
  • ?The Storytelling Formula

8) Spreadsheets & Secret Tools

  • Productivity Profits
  • ?Weekly Success Planner
  • ?90 Day Accountability Tracker
  • ?The Client Tracker
  • ?The Freedom Calculator
  • ?Your Positioning Statement
  • ?The Sales Message Builder
  • ?The VSL Builder
  • ?Yearly Planner
  • ?Offer Creation System
  • ?The Storytelling Formula
  • ?And many many more…

9) 7 Figure Funnel Templates

  • Lead Funnels
  • ?High Ticket Funnels
  • ?Website Funnels
  • ?Local Business Funnels
  • ?E-Commerce Funnels
  • ?Event Funnels
  • ?Webinar Funnels
  • ?Low-Ticket Funnels
  • ?And much more… (you also get to request funnel templates and I will PERSONALLY build them out for you and the other students)


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