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LLC Master Machine Asset Protection System – Al Aiello


The LLC Master-Machine Asset Protection System: The Complete E-System for the Formation, Organization & Opeation of Limited Liability Company in All States, Specifically For All Types of Real Estate Investments


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The LLC Master-Machine Asset Protection System: The Complete E-System for the Formation, Organization & Opeation of Limited Liability Company in All States, Specifically For All Types of Real Estate Investments…Without Expensive Lawyers.

  • Give you ironclad protection of your peronal valuables
  • Give you the ability to save substantial amounts of taxes every year
  • Give you the power to defend yourself against IRS attacks
  • Prevent legal disputes and save you $1,000’s in legal fees
  • Enable you to succesfully operate your real estate business

*New* Automated Software: Documents are automatically completed without manual preparation?simply by filling in 7 blanks in a one page ?Auto Doc Input Data Form?, hit ?Submit? and the following LLC documents are instantly & simultaneous generated without doing anything else…

  • Minutes of First Members Meeting
  • Membership Certificates for each Member
  • Resolutions (14 of them) For Member Authorization of 14 Important LLC Decisions without meetings
  • PLUS, Automatically Transfer Your LLC Membership Interest Out Of Your Name Into The Privacy of A Trust To Protect Your LLC Ownership (And Other Personal Assets) From Costly Lawsuits And Time-Consuming Probate.
  • Easily add or remove LLC members
  • Properly Worded Protective Legal Language For Each of These Customizable Documents Already Done For You
  • All The Essential Legal Documents To Protect You And Your Family, Instantly Generated and Completed!…Without Lawyers!!

The Real Estate Operating Agreement Extraordinaire: The operating agreement (OA) is the nuclear LLC document. It is the ?heart & soul? of the LLC. But most are worthless. With ironclad untwistable language, the OA Extraordinaire is the most Powerful OA ever, adaptable in all 50 States (and DC). It?s 121 pages simultaneously gives you: An Impenetrable Legal Shield, Tax Savings, and IRS Audit Defense. These special documents can even be used to also restructure your existing LLC with these same great money-saving benefits. ($1000 Value)

  • 121 Page Blank format with table of contents to review
  • Adaptable in all 50 states
  • Specifically designed for your real estate so that your LLC will give you optimum legal protection and maximum tax savings
  • Checklist Of step-by-step procedures to get you started on the right path to protection
  • Techniques to keep the your private information off the public record
  • How to transfer your LLC ownership interest (shares) into a superb family trust for privacy protection
  • Sample documents already filled in for you
  • IRS audit proofing and asset protection.
  • Special LLC resolution to give to a bank, when opening an account so there is no giving up privacy and no delays or other inconveniences
  • Resurrect and restructure existing LLC?s

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