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Local Media Launch Accelerator 2017 – Mike Cooch


If you don’t start thinking like a media company and prioritizing brand along with content, you are going to lose. This is the way the world works.


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…that works to sell physical products, information products, and services WITHOUT having to be an ‘expert’ or ‘marketing genius’.

Is This For You?

This presentation is designed to help you if:

  1. You are just getting started building your online business and want a clear formula for success…
  2. You already have an online business selling information products, physical products, or promoting affiliate offers that feels ‘stuck’ and you want clarity on how to grow to seven-figures fast…

My Goal Today

  1. To give you a proven, straightforward path to get your online business to seven-figures…WITHOUT having to be an expert, a funnel-builder…and even if you don’t have your own products to sell yet.
  2. To demonstrate to you that the ‘Media Business’ is the business you need to be in and that the model I’m showing you is the easiest way.


  • Got online when selling services to SMBs…
  • We’ve built seven-figure businesses in services, eCommerce, and information publishing…
  • Sold one business for multiple seven-figures…
  • Currently run three businesses with lean, remote team.


First, we did it the HARD way!

  • We bought all of the ‘guru’ courses…
  • We invested in the most expensive mastermind in the industry for four years…
  • We tried every ‘business model’, hack, and technology in online marketing…

And what we had to show for it was distraction, lost time, and lost money!

Game-Changing Advice

If you don’t start thinking like a media company and prioritizing brand along with content, you are going to lose. This is the way the world works. This is where the attention currently is. Content is the cost of entry. If you want it, and you are building something you hope others will use, then this is the article for you.

Our Challenge!

How to build our ‘media’ without…

  • Having to be a ‘guru’ or ‘expert’…
  • Producing tons of new content every day…
  • Spending all of our time updating ten different social media properties…
  • Selling high-ticket consulting or webinars…
  • Experimenting with unproven models on our dime?!

Earnings Disclaimer

  • I am NOT telling you that you are going to start making seven-figures overnight…
  • YOUR execution of what you learn is THE most important factor in your success…
  • What I’ll share with you today is ALL YOU NEED to get on a path to seven-figures.

I’m Going to Show you…

Secret #1: The Seven-Figure ‘Attention Engine’

“The practically foolproof way to create ‘media’ that SELLS. WITHOUT spending all of your time creating content!”

Secret #2: The ‘Non-Guru List Building System’

“How to build a big, hungry list of customers QUICKLY and AFFORDABLY…even if you aren’t an expert!”

Launch Your Seven-Figure ‘Attention Engine’

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Identify your market…
  2. Find relevant content sources…
  3. Send them curated content they’ll love…
  4. Mix in offers (yours and other people’s).

Secret #1: The Seven- Figure ‘Attention Engine’

“The practically foolproof way to create ‘media’ that SELLS… WITHOUT spending all of your time creating content!”

The ‘Non-Guru List Building System’

“Selling stuff is hard…giving stuff away is EASYT

Step #1

Find stuff that your market already loves…

Step #2

Give away the stuff that your market loves…

Step #3

Add them to your newsletter and keep in touch!

Secret #2: The ‘Non-Guru List Building System’

“How to build a massive, hungry list of prospects and customers QUICKLY and AFFORDABLY…WITHOUT creating brilliant lead magnets!”

Secret #3: The ‘Rapid ROI Conversion Process’

“The ONE THING you need to rapidly grow a massive list and scale your revenues faster than ever before!”

Mike & Josh have the practical experience and passion for entrepreneurship to help you succeed

The Lab’s CEO, Mike Cooch, is a “serial entrepreneur” who generates 6-7 big ideas before breakfast (conservative estimate) each day.

Mike has a Texas-sized passion for sales & marketing, business development, technology, and entrepreneurship. He has founded successful, seven-figure businesses in technology services, agency services, publishing, and ecommerce (and flopped on a variety of attempts as well…keepin’ it real!).

His businesses have been named to the INC Magazine List of Fastest Growing Companies three years in a row, and were also nominated as a Best Place to Work in their respective cities.

He has an MBA from Babson College (the #1 ranked entrepreneurship school in the world 24 years running – go Beavers!), where he has been a regular guest lecturer on the topic of ‘Managing a Rapidly Growing Business’, and a BS in Finance from Colorado State University.

He is married with three children, an avid skier, hiker and traveler, and is learning to surf in his new hometown of San Diego.

The Lab’s COO, Josh Clifford, is an expert in building distributed teams that leverage technology to execute rapidly and efficiently.

He has utilized his ‘Profitability Leverage Formula’ to build and manage businesses in technology services, agency services, publishing, and ecommerce – growing them from bootstrapped startups to multi-million dollar, profitable growth companies.

Josh holds a B.A. in Psychology from Skidmore College, is married, and the father of one rambunctious son known as The Maximal.

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