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Lucid Dreaming Kit – Bradley Thompson


Bradley Thompson guarantees total success using this brand new system. Read on to discover the amazing experiences YOU are missing every night!


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Millions of People Have Tried Lucid Dreaming and FAILED.

WHY? Because There’s a SECRET to Getting Started.

I’m Going to Show You How to Master This AMAZING SKILL…


Bradley Thompson guarantees total success using this brand new system. Read on to discover the amazing experiences YOU are missing every night!

Dear Friend,

After years of research… I now know more about ONE SECRET SKILL than almost anyone you’re ever likely to meet. It’s a skill that can literally change your life… OVERNIGHT.

And the crazy thing is that you ALMOST have this skill already. You just need someone to steer you in the right direction.

And I’d like that someone to be me.

My name is Bradley Thompson and I’d like to tell you that 99% of people who visit this page LEAVE without taking any action whatsoever. If you are a casual surfer then please leave now. It’s best you DON’T KNOW what you’re missing out on, if you aren’t going to take action.

What IS this secret skill?

It’s something you may have already heard about, or could have even tried. It’s something so powerful that when you truly experience it, you’ll WISH you’d known about it years ago. It’s something that can guarantee almost ANYTHING you desire.

It’s the world of LUCID DREAMING… also known as Astral Travel or Astral Projection.

You Probably Don’t Realize It… But RIGHT NOW, You Are Wasting EIGHT HOURS of Every SINGLE Day!

Here’s How YOU Can Reclaim That Lost Time…

Right now, you are wasting EIGHT HOURS of EVERY SINGLE DAY.


It’s true! The eight hours you spend sleeping every single day are going to WASTE. You’re dreaming… but you’re not doing anything WITH your dreams. And I’m writing to let you know that you could be achieving SO MUCH MORE.

What if you discovered the ability to become AWARE when you’re dreaming… to wake up “”inside”” your dream… and then begin to CONTROL that dream… ?

It’s a skill called Lucid Dreaming

And it allows you to enjoy AMAZING EXPERIENCES every single night, tapping into the other 90% of your brain for encounters that will simply blow you away.

When you master this skill, you will automatically reclaim those lost eight hours EVERY night. You’ll discover a secret world where you control everything… a world MORE REAL than real-life itself. An exciting world where you can make ANYTHING happen… where things just flow… where you enjoy experiences that leave you thrilled and exhilarated for WEEKS afterward.

I promise you’ll be absolutely AWE-INSPIRED when you first use lucid dreaming to…


  • Chat with Einstein, develop new ideas, come up with fresh inventions
  • Watch your fiction ideas play themselves out on a huge cinema screen
  • Discover inventions NOBODY ELSE has even thought about
  • Develop new skills and talents, let Tiger Woods improve your handicap!

2. Overcome your fears and phobias with Lucid Dreaming!

  • Confront your fears in perfect safety, get rid of troublesome habits
  • Become an expert public speaker, stop being afraid of spiders
  • Sit on the couch with your own psychologist help move your life forward

3. Discover Lucid Dreaming Sex ENJOY SEXUAL ADVENTURES!

  • Explore totally real, totally safe fantasies in glorious Technicolor!
  • Discover an amazing world of crazed passion and wild thoughts
  • Act out your secret inner desires and rid yourself of social constraints

Can you imagine it? If NOT — I can promise you ONE THING. Lucid dreaming is better than ANYTHING you’ve ever experienced before

And YOU could be enjoying regular lucid dreams like this within the NEXT 7 DAYS


This Is The Reason Why Many Lucid Dreaming Students FAIL

— And How YOU Can Avoid Their ONE FATAL Mistake!

(Hint: It’s All About Perspective!)

The first thing most people ask when they discover lucid dreaming is…

“”When can I begin??””

But after their initial enthusiasm, the vast majority of students GIVE UP.

They don’t realize that lucid dreaming can be extremely difficult to master. It can take literally years. Even with expensive electronic stimulation devices, such as the discontinued NovaDreamer, it can still take MONTHS of effort to notice even the smallest of effects.

Why do ALL these people FAIL?

Because they’re ALL approaching it from the WRONG angle.

And those that are approaching it from the RIGHT angle either don’t realize it, or don’t want YOU to know about it.

With one SLIGHT SHIFT in PERSPECTIVE, even the most frustrated of lucid dreamers will be able to experience dramatic and exciting success — and discover creativity, fulfillment and adventure, while you sleep.

I’d like to personally show you how to experience ALL of this… within 7 days!


But who am I to make such a claim? My name is Bradley Thompson and I’m a self-development leader.

I pioneered the famed Subliminal Power tool, currently installed on over 1 million computers throughout the world, and praised by Olympic athletes and business leaders. I’ve written a series of self-development books, including “”Be Psychic!”” and “”Developing Your Own Subliminal-Studio.”” I also designed the commercial Subliminal CDs and Binaural Beats collections. And I’ve just finished creating the world’s largest hypnosis superstore,

I’m not a small name: you can research my work on the Internet. I’ve dedicated my life to discovering human potential and have an extensive client list to prove it. Corporate clients of Self Development Network include the IBM, FedEx, British Telecom, AT&T, UPS, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Network Solutions, Sun, Deloitte & Touche, Dow Jones, Merrill Lynch, the Discovery Channel, Time Warner, Nationwide Insurance, Xerox, Microsoft – even the US Army!

But more importantly, I actually WALK THE WALK. I use lucid dreaming almost every night to boost my waking life.

However it hasn’t always been like this…

Five Years Ago I Was a FAILED Lucid Dreamer…

Then Something Changed — And It ALL MADE SENSE.

Here’s My Story… London, Students & “”The Lucids!””

Five years ago, I was one frustrated lucid dreamer…

Although I continuously wrote about self-development, I still wasn’t enjoying lucid dreams on a consistent basis. It had just “”happened”” on a few occasions, but I could never tap into that part of my brain “”on demand.”” I knew there had to be a way… I just needed to discover it.

And I did.

Let me tell you that I bought EVERY single lucid dreaming product on the market.

As a writer, I was also invited to review all the latest courses and new devices. Some tools worked short-term, others had mere placebo value. But along the way, I found a few gems that I added to my “”good”” list.

Over the past five years, I’ve built a small network of friends and colleagues interested in lucid dreaming (we call ourselves “”The Lucids””!). We’ve tried and tested literally EVERYTHING. We’ve followed university studies and “”homegrown”” courses. I’ve even invented my own special techniques that you’ll find NOWHERE ELSE.

And you know what?

There’s a way to experience lucid dreaming, ON DEMAND. GUARANTEED.

I taught a number of my techniques late last year in three week-long courses in London, England. These were offered to select UK customers of my Subliminal Power tool. I personally guaranteed that I’d turn EACH and EVERY attendee into a lucid dreamer before the end of the week. And if I didn’t, I would return treble their course fee.

EVERY SINGLE STUDENT experienced at least one lucid dream within the week. Half experienced three or more.

And you know what? I’ve never taught such a bunch of ENTHUSIASTIC individuals. Every day, a handful of faces came in BURSTING with energy. They were rushing to explain how they’d spent the night flying with the Wright brothers, or sat in a room discussing new product ideas with Da Vinci, or enjoying the company of a roomful of Californian models.

The atmosphere was amazing. ELECTRIFYING.

I never… NEVER… intended to release what transpired during that week as a commercial course. It was only ever going to be a one-off sharing of the techniques that have changed my life over the past five years. But the demand following those three weeks was HUGE. Even the original attendees wanted MORE.

And so, I’ve spent the past five months working with Self Development Network to produce…

Here Are the SECRETS My Students Discovered…

All Inside My BRAND NEW and 100% EXCLUSIVE Book: “”Lucid Dreaming in Seven Days!”” (Or Less!)

It hasn’t been an easy task…

However, I’ve finally managed to condense ALL of my secrets into ONE EXCITING PACKAGE.

Many self-development courses leave out certain bits of information, so they can try to sell you a subscription or extra products after your first purchase. Well, that’s NOT me. I’ve worked long and hard to ensure this is the ONLY lucid dreaming package you will EVER NEED.

Now, the main part of the kit is my brand NEW book: “”Lucid Dreaming in Seven Days!””

This is my Magnus Opus. It’s the result of five years of research and collaboration. It’s EVERYTHING the individuals in my week-long seminar learned, and MORE.

It’s sixty pages of nothing but absolute KNOWLEDGE. And if you follow my instructions, I GUARANTEE you will be lucid dreaming in UNDER ONE WEEK.

Here’s just a tiny sampling of what I’ll share with you…

  • How to enjoy your FIRST LUCID DREAM, by following the SEVEN DAY course plan
  • The FOUR secret methods for going “”lucid”” whenever you want
  • The exact times you dream every night – and why only THREE of these times are important
  • How to REMEMBER all of your dreams – even if you think you NEVER dream
  • The ULTIMATE lucid dreaming tool – and you probably already have it!
  • Exactly why you SHOULDN’T drink Calea Zacatechichi tea!
  • The 90-minute technique that increases your chances of a lucid dream… BY 2000% !!!
  • The AMAZING Logical Feedback technique – enter your lucid dream consciously, without ANY preparation
  • Your SIX unique reality checking points – and why they’re CRITICAL to your success
  • LITTLE-KNOWN techniques for controlling your dreams, including HOW TO FLY and how to stop yourself from waking
  • The SECRET TWO WORDS you need to shout to INSTANTLY make your dreams clearer
  • The simple drink you can buy anywhere, which can seriously BOOST your dreaming
  • How you can turn nightmares into GREAT DREAMS, with one simple trick
  • The Pajama technique that rockets your dream memory
  • Your personal CHEAT SHEET, showing everything you need to do to guarantee a lucid dream… TONIGHT!

Sound exciting?IT IS. And that’s just the beginning.

PLUS: Discover These NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN Bonus Tools for ROCKETING Your Lucid Dreaming Experience! (PS. You cannot get these ANYWHERE else!)

I have some GREAT NEWS for you!

The production of the Lucid Dreaming Kit came with a FANTASTIC development budget.

And most of that budget went on taking my “”old-fashioned”” lucid dreaming techniques and turning them into BRAND NEW tools we could distribute with the kit. I’m talking about exclusive bonuses NEVER BEFORE SEEN by the lucid dreaming community, all developed under my direct supervision.

Firstly, there’s the Audio Stimulation Program.

Attendees of my original course were provided with a powerful program, created using the latest binaural beat technologies. This amazing recording helped to influence brainwaves and absolutely ROCKET the chances of lucid dreaming success!

Well… We REMADE that program and updated it to include binaural beats, auto-pan modulation AND monaural beats too… each incredibly powerful standalone brainwave technologies. PLUS, we added a whole series of expertly-timed “”reality prompts”” to practically GUARANTEE a lucid dream without ANY EFFORT AT ALL.

The Audio Stimulation program is the crown jewel in the Lucid Dreaming Kit. Just put the program on loop before going to bed and you’re DONE. You don’t need to think about it… you don’t even need to have read my book… it’ll still work JUST AS WELL.

Trust me. The Audio Stimulation program is the ULTIMATE lucid dreaming accessory!

And you won’t find it ANYWHERE ELSE.

And you know what? THAT’S NOT ALL.

This course is also includes a bundle of special Windows SOFTWARE TOOLS that my original students NEVER had access to.

These are all TOTALLY EXCLUSIVE utilities built JUST for this kit. They AREN’T freeware, they AREN’T revamped versions of old products. These are tools that Self Development Network has commissioned to complement my lucid dreaming course.

On the HUGE Lucid Dreaming Kit software program, you’ll find:

  • My Dream Log – Your password-protected dream diary, with specially designed searching functions
  • Reality Prompter – Your unique Messenger-style tool that prompts you to perform “”reality checks””
  • Lucid Dreaming Screensaver – Beautiful animated dreamscapes with hidden lucid dreaming cues

These are all hi-tech, UPDATED versions of primitive lucid dreaming tools I’ve personally developed over the past few years. This is quality software — and you won’t find it ANYWHERE else.

You’ll find that all of the tools work together, too. For example, the same reality prompt sounds used on the Audio Stimulation program are found in the Reality Prompter. This ensures you enjoy the most powerful, integrated experience possible. I promise you’ll be amazed at the quality of these tools.

So: FIVE YEARS of my personal life research, FIVE MONTHS of course preparation, and upwards of $11,000 in development costs.

And just imagine… you could benefit from all of this hard work in just SEVEN SHORT DAYS!

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