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Magnetic Mindset – Cory Skyy


You heard me. I’m no longer afraid to say it. There are way too many how to pick up women” companies that teach guys nothing but how to creep women out.


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“The Only Natural Who Knows How To Transform Ordinary Guys Into ‘Girl Magnets’ Is About To Blow The Lid Off The Community!”

An injustice has gone on much too long and it’s time I let the world know how pissed off I am about it. It would be easier to just keep quiet and let it slide, but it makes me so sick that I’m moved by a force within me to act. I’ve been wrestling with it for a while now, but I can’t keep my mouth shut anymore. Here it is:

“The Community” Is Nothing But A Clueless Group Of Creepy Wannabes!

You heard me. I’m no longer afraid to say it. There are way too many “how to pick up women” companies that teach guys nothing but how to creep women out. We know it as “The Community”. True, it started off as just a group of guys sharing information on the internet, but it has mushroomed into a multi-million dollar rip-off.

You probably know how it works… a “pickup guru” takes a group of guys… usually 3 or 4… out onto the streets or into bars to learn how to “approach” women. Every single time I go out in any major city I see them. I can pick them out like a hippo in a modeling contest. It is that obvious.

But here’s something you don’t know… It is a marketing scam. Recently, many of these “pickup gurus” have been flying to sunny Florida from around the world asking me to fix their own problems with women. They knew something was off with the way everyone was teaching, but just couldn’t put their finger on the problem.

As soon as they explained what they do, I saw the problem as clear as day: All they knew about meeting women were canned pickup lines and “routines”. They really didn’t see anything wrong with what “The Community” had taught them because they experienced a tiny bit of mediocre success (which was more then they had before).

But after working with me… and internalizing the correct mindset… they have all experienced amazing results with women. (I’m talking rockstar results here.) On top of that, they now have a completely different view on “The Community” and what it teaches. They thank me over and over for helping them to see the light. And they all say the same thing: “Cory, I wish I had known this when I was younger.” Practically overnight, I’ve become the “pickup guru’s pickup guru”.

The sad fact is that for much too long, many teachers that claim to be world-renowned “pickup artists” are sucking guys’ hard-earned money out of their wallets to supposedly show them how to be good with women…

…while hiding an ugly little secret!

Here it is: Most of them are NOT even getting laid themselves! And the worst part is that every “method” they teach is a useless heap of garbage! A few of these tricks may work with some of them personally, but it is far from being a true pickup artist and definitely NOT the way women want to be approached.

Nobody is telling the truth about the “The Community”, and it is time somebody made a stand. I will probably catch a lot of shit about this, but I can no longer keep my mouth shut. My silence is eating away at my conscience.

I want to ask you two questions and I want you to answer from your gut:

Are you getting what you want from your relationships with women?

Have you spent tens, hundreds, even thousands of dollars to learn technique after technique, only to go home alone every night?

  • If you have ever “negged” a woman and had it backfire…
  • If you have ever felt like you needed to talk 90% of the time…
  • If you have ever felt like you needed to qualify yourself to women…
  • If you have ever felt like you needed to approach every beautiful woman you see…
  • If you have ever asked an opinion opener…
  • If you have ever bantered with a woman and creeped her out…
  • If you have ever referred to a woman as a “target” and her friends as a “set”…
  • If you just feel like things are not natural when you talk to women…
  • If you’re not getting laid like a rockstar frequently…
  • If you feel like you’re not getting what you deserve…
  • If any of this has ever happened to you,

It is NOT your fault.

It is the fault of the group we have come to call “The Community”.

If you haven’t heard of me, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cory Skyy, and I am what is known as…a natural. I’ve been seducing girls since I was twelve years old. You probably remember guys like me in your own past. I was that guy back in high school who was fucking cheerleaders in supply closets while you were in algebra class.

If I ignored you back then or I was just a dick, my apologies. I was too busy having sex with the hottest girls to notice anyone even existed. I’m here now, in part, to make up for my crude behavior.

That was the Cory Skyy then. The Cory Skyy of today is here to help you. I get a kick-ass sense of personal satisfaction from helping guys hook up with the hottest women. There is nothing like the look on a student’s face when he finally “gets it”. It’s a rush like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It is almost a better feeling than actually hooking up with women myself.

It hasn’t been easy for me to understand what it is I do and have done since I was twelve, but after some sleepless nights staring at my computer screen and a few brainstorm sessions with some great friends, I’ve figured out that…

Becoming a “natural” can be taught!

To prove it, I set up a series of workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions and to put it mildly, the results are astounding. Even I didn’t think it was possible for guys to change so quickly and dramatically as my students have.

I’ve figured out how to take an ordinary guy who isn’t very good with women and give him a successful “mindset makeover” that, on its own, will attract beautiful women into his life.

  • It is NOT about tricking women into liking you.

  • It is NOT about trying to be somebody you’re not.

  • It is NOT about learning the right “routine” to say at the right time.

  • It is NOT about building “conversational skills” or developing “hypnotic powers”.

(No guy that is naturally good with women would refer to them as “targets”. We love women.)

It is about developing a magnetic mindset that literally attracts women to you. Once you master this mindset, women will approach YOU. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s the God’s honest truth.

Now, I’ve pulled out all the pieces of what I do, written them down, re-assembled them, and recorded them on CD. I wasn’t going to do this. I am more than content to live my happy lifestyle here in sunny Florida… helping guys one-on-one to harness the secret to getting all the women they want.

But since finding out about “The Community” a little over a year ago, I’m obsessed with getting the truth out there. I keep telling myself it’s not worth the bother, but every time I see an ad for some new useless program ripping guys off for thousands of dollars, I get furious!

See, I know exactly how it all works in the real world, not the world you see on VH-1 or YouTube. I take guys out… smart guys who have usually been to somebody else’s bootcamp or read somebody else’s material… and I show them my magnetic mindset in action.

I walk into a bar and girls are magnetically drawn to me because of my powerful mindset. I’ve proven it to guys over and over again and they always say the same thing to me:

“That’s totally fucked up, Cory! How the fuck do you DO that?”

That’s what your friends will be asking you when you master this magnetic mindset. You may also be shocked and surprised when you find that acquiring this new mindset will also bring you new friends, more money, and just about anything else you used to think was a struggle in life.

Recently, a CEO of a major company paid me an insane sum of money (think five figures) to learn this method that I teach. I cannot divulge his identity, but if I were to mention his company you would know it instantly. This individual makes more money per month than most of us will make in a lifetime, but he couldn’t meet women to save his soul.

After working one-on-one with me for just a few weeks, he was able to rip out his fears and frustrations, destroy his limiting beliefs, and install a bulletproof mindset that transformed him into a chick magnet. Since then, he has become so successful with women that he can’t fit them all into his busy schedule.

Women call him day and night, creating an entirely new set of problems. He just called me a couple of days ago to say, “Cory, you’re fucking evil! You’ve made me into a monster and now I need to learn how to put the brakes on a bit!” He readily admits, though, that too many women is a better problem than none at all.

It’s not about having a lot of money. It’s not about pulling up to the bar in a Ferrari. It’s not about pickup lines. It’s not about “routines” or “sharing emotions”.

It’s all about mindset

All of this pent-up frustration I have against “The Community” is why I’m releasing a limited edition CD set entitled Magnetic Mindset. This is the essence of what I teach. All of my own success with countless women flows from this mindset. All of my students’ successes are directly due to this mindset. A magnetic mindset is the most powerful element of your success with women.

Here’s some of what you will learn in this groundbreaking new program:

· The difference between being confident and being sexually confident… and how being sexually confident attracts women to you without saying a word.

· A simple step-by-step exercise that you can do daily to build this sexual confidence within you.

· How to be “in the moment” with a beautiful women.

· How to look into her eyes and tell her you want her without saying a word.

· The simple secret to exploding your memories of past failures and supercharge your future success with women.

· An exercise that, performed every day, will set in motion a new set of beliefs about what you can accomplish. (It’s like erasing old tapes and recording over them—no matter how bad your past has been!)

· How to get rid of those silent messages you’re unconsciously sending to women that scares them away… (Once you shut them down, women will start to see you as a powerfully sexy man.)

· How to “flip the switch” to turn on a sexuality that projects itself into a room.

· The truth about “approach anxiety”, and how once you have the right mindset, you’ll never utter this useless phrase again… because women will approach you!

· A few simple things you can do to get women to qualify to you.

What I promise you is simply this… If you study my methods and apply them, your life will be transformed and you will begin to have the women that you have always wanted in your life. What you will find here is not anything that has ever written about before…It is truly unique.

It is NOT some theory on how to put yourself in a peaceful place and meditate.

It is NOT some gobbldygook about how to feel your inner child.

It is NOT some garbage about feeling good.

It is NOT manipulating trick to get women into bed

It IS the real deal. I have enjoyed my time as one of the few men who can walk through the world and really connect with women on a deeper level. I know I can seduce any woman, any time, any place. Now it is time for me to pass my skills with women on to you.

I feel strongly that due to the damage that has been caused by “The Community”, it is my obligation to contribute to more than just the select few I have been working with one-on-one, giving more guys the opportunity to learn this magnetic mindset.

You deserve to know the truth!

I am only publishing 500 copies of Magnetic Mindset. They will be made available to the first 500 people who order. I’m limiting the number because I want to be able to personally answer any e-mail or phone questions you may have about the CD’s. I’m a firm believer in quality so I want to keep the number of clients manageable. More than 500 would be too much for one man to handle, especially with my busy coaching schedule.

After that, it will be gone forever!

I’m serious. Don’t even try to convince me to sell you one after the first 500 are gone. Sob stories will NOT change my mind.

This information has, up until now, only been shared with few men in the world who know what the real game is all about or those I have taught in my coaching programs.

But, now I want to share it with you because “The Community” is misleading you and gnawing away at my soul. I’m truly disgusted by what I see. I can’t stand anymore to witness the desperation some men have displayed after letting “The Community” into their heads. (I even had to walk out of a leading pickup company’s seminar several months ago because I thought I was going to puke!)

So, I am letting this information go at an incredibly low price of $149.95 for the entire CD set.

Ask yourself… How much would you pay for knowledge that can lead to a lifetime of success with women? Many men have built multi-million dollar empires thinking that money would attract women to them. (In the end, they found out that money is not the answer at all. These are the guys who are calling me now for one-on-one coaching.)

After the 500 CD’s are gone, I will pull these CD’s off the market forever and the Magnetic Mindset will only be taught in my coaching programs for thousands of dollars.

Bonus: if you are one of the lucky 500 to get in on this deal, you will find a gift inside: a 5% discount card. If you decide you would like to purchase any of my coaching programs within 6 months of purchasing the 3 CD set, you will get 5% off of any package I offer… including my Boot Camps.If you truly want to become great with women…

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