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Marketing for Deals Home Course – FortuneBuilders


It was only few years ago that I was in your seat. I just started in the real estate investing game; closed a couple of deals and I was hungry for more.

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The Marketing Machine – How to Build Your Marketing Team and Create Systems to Dominate your Marketplace manua

What’s Included:

  • Marketing For Deals manual with 178 pages of practical information.
  • The Marketing Machine – How to Build Your Marketing Team and Create Systems to Dominate your Marketplace manual
  • The Marketing Machine – 2 Audio CDs
  • Marketing Forms, Scripts, and Templates – This disk includes materials that have been tested and that are currently being used in my real estate business. All you have to do is put the CD in the computer, enter your real estate company information and the campaigns are ready for mailing.

It was only few years ago that I was in your seat. I just started in the real estate investing game; closed a couple of deals and I was hungry for more. I got a sweet taste of success I always dreamed about, but I didn’t know how to replicate it and transform it into a consistent income stream. At the time, my solution was spending endless late nights and weekends trying to convert the few sporadic calls from non-motivated sellers into profitable deals. Unfortunately, in the process, I started to sound like a used car salesman who would do anything to convert calls and convince people on the phone to do business with me. I was acting as a motivated buyer instead of talking to motivated sellers. I knew that something was missing. This wasn’t quite the auto-pilot money making machine I heard about from the numerous conferences I attended.

It was at that point that I decided that I needed to take a step back and analyze what was the best use of my time and money. I also wanted to learn what worked for other business owners, so I set out to interview successful investors and entrepreneurs, not only in the real estate business, but also across different industries. It was only then, that I truly started to understand what it was all about. MARKETING, MARKETING, MARKETING!!! I realized that in order to make my real estate investment business successful and in order to build the life that I always wanted, I had to develop real estate marketing techniques and systems. I had to become an absolute expert in real estate marketing.
Since this revelation, I’ve closed hundreds of deals across the country and built a multimillion-dollar real estate investment company.

Researched, Tested and Evaluated

The million dollar question is always: “How did you find all these deals?”

In Marketing for Deals , I give you an answer to this critical question. I analyze 17 different methods of advertising that I’ve applied in my own investment business. I break each down into advantages and disadvantages, cost effectiveness, distribution and other factors. These are the very methods I have used and tested in my company.

I’ve spent countless hours researching, implementing and testing my real estate marketing systems. Now, I’m giving you the opportunity to bypass those countless hours and thousands of dollars invested in testing these marketing techniques by sharing the results in Marketing for Deals . You don’t have to re-invent the wheel, and you shouldn’t. The solutions are right in the course and ready to be put into action from day one.

Who Should You Invest in This Course?

Now, let me warn you. Marketing For Deals is not for everyone. This real estate course was designed for investors who want to dominate their marketplace and find deals on a systemized basis. Mediocre investors find deals; great investors find deals consistently. Before you invest in this course you must ask yourself whether you want to be a mediocre real estate investor or a great investor real estate. And if you are OK with being an average investor who struggles to find a deal or two a year, than this course is probably NOT for you. However, if you want to take your investment business to the next level and assure secure and a prosperous future for yourself, your spouse and your children, keep on reading.

In Marketing For Deals, you’ll learn how to:

  • Generate over 100 leads each and every month
  • Find lists of motivated sellers to contact for FREE
  • Analyze and beat your competitions’ real estate marketing efforts
  • Find hidden value in some properties and create value in others
  • Get other businesses to pay you so you can run your ads for FREE
  • Make realtors, mortgage brokers, and attorneys call you every week with leads
  • Implement marketing systems to work for you so you don’t have to
  • Build your marketing team and completely outsource everything
  • Use the internet to put your business on auto-pilot
  • Develop a database to follow up with sellers effectively
  • Create publicity and use the media to create FREE publicity for your business
  • Build instant rapport and handle any seller or buyer objections
  • Execute multiple exit strategies to profit off more leads
  • Limit risk in your real estate business

Additionally, in Marketing For Deals I share all of my own business strategies:

  • 7 reasons why marketing fails
  • 17 of the best ways to find motivated sellers
  • 20 of the most common mistakes to avoid that will save you serious money
  • Autopilot wholesaling techniques to create monthly in cash flow

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