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Marketing for Developers – Justin Jackson


One of the biggest mistakes developers make is they think they know what people need. But building something that meets a need isn’t enough.

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Only one factor predict’s a product’s success

It’s not the quality of your code.

It’s not “scratching your own itch.”

It’s not the programming framework you chose.

It’s not test-driven development or continuous integration.

What makes an app successful? Having product/market fit!

Programmers who earn significant revenue from their products validate demand before they start coding.

One of the biggest mistakes developers make is they think they know what people need. But building something that meets a need isn’t enough. You have to create something people want.

Hey Justin,

I loved the book! The content is concise and damn actionable. I am a developer and a product designer. I’m pretty confident in how to build a product. However, when it comes to marketing and launching I had no clue where to even begin or what steps to follow. Marketing for Developers is my guiding light – with it I am not just a confident developer, but a confident founder!


Pranav, Cadet

How do you build something people want?

“I’m a software developer who’s already launched some projects. None of them generated any revenue. I got this course to help me fix that. I want to build a SaaS that makes enough income to pay my rent, preferably more.” – Marketing for Developers student

Tired of making software that no one wants? Discover what people will pay for before you start coding.

Marketing for Developers takes you through this process:

Good marketing isn’t about employing the latest growth hack. At its core, good marketing is correctly identifying a legitimate problem that people will pay you to solve.

Marketing for Developers is the guide you’ve been waiting for

The book and course will teach you everything you need to know.

  • The beginning: everyone starts with no audience, no product, and no revenue. It’s OK if you’re just starting out!

  • Build something people want: you’ll learn how to choose your target market, understand what motivates them, and pick a product idea.

  • Use the lean marketing stack: identify the right tools, configure them, and track the right analytics events.

  • Pre-launch: design a landing page that converts, write blog posts, optimize for search and build buzz.

  • Launch and grow: promote your application with confidence, get more traffic, creating campaigns that convert, and get your first paying customers.

Launched in 2015, it’s sold 5,000+ copies.

The full bundle includes:

  • 27 video lessons on everything from building an audience to running Facebook ads

  • A copy of the 5-star rated Marketing for Developers book

  • 15 interview videos with experienced founders like Des Traynor, Josh Pigford, Tracy Osborn, Nathan Barry, Ryan Hoover, and Brennan Dunn

  • Interactive workbooks: write down your notes, save them, export them as PDF

  • 18 downloads and bonuses: Product Hunt Handbook, competitor survey questions (PDF), launch checklist, and more!

Who is this for?

Marketing for Developers is for programmers who want to earn an income from the products they create. I wrote it specifically for these three stages:

  1. “I want to build a product, but haven’t found an idea.”

  2. “I’m building a product, but haven’t yet launched.”

  3. “I’ve launched, and I’m looking for my first 100 customers.”

These tactics will also be useful for startups and teams to review together.

My friend Patrick Mckenzie has this great quote:

“As developers, you can create things, which is magical.”

You can build the application; this Marketing for Developers will help you to launch it to paying customers.

Confession: I’m not a good software developer.

You’re probably a better programmer than I am.

But I’m really good at is building products people want.

I’ve been working with SaaS companies since 2008. I was the Product Manager at Sprintly and Mailout, and have consulted on marketing & growth for startups in London, San Francisco, Boulder, and Portland.

In 2016, I decided to stop consulting and work on my own products full time. I now earn an independent income from the things I make.

I’ve heard from thousands of developers who have the same dream:

I’ve created and launched lots of products. None gained much traction. I want to launch an app and make a living from it! My goal, to start, is to get 100 paying customers by the end of this year.

Here’s my story and how I can help you, as a software developer:

Question: “If this guy is so good, why is he sharing his advice? Why not keep it to himself?”

I think my friend Adam Wathan said it best:

“I always thought I wanted to run a software business, but lately I’m convinced I like teaching more.”

Since 2008, I’ve worked with dozens of software companies as a Product Manager and a consultant on product marketing. I’ve helped other people launch profitable web apps. On the side, I’ve launched profitable side-projects (a WordPress plugin and a site template system).

But what I’ve enjoyed the most is working with a variety of different people on their products, and helping to make them better.

Similar to Adam, I love teaching. I have 9 years of experience as a Product Manager, and 10 years of experience in marketing.

Whether you’re selling software, services, or books and courses, the ultimate aim is to help your clients make progress. My desire for this book and course is this:

To help software developers earn an income from their projects so that they can gain more freedom and independence.

Marketing for Developers reviews:

Vadim Demedes says:

“????? What can I say – amazing! A specific checklist on how to market & launch your product”

Ricardo Gomes says:

“????? This is an amazing resource. Justin knows his stuff and gives very actionable advice. I recommend this to any developer that can’t seem to figure out what the marketing “gurus” are talking about.

Here is a list of famous authors who have created online courses on topics at the website tech:Reg. You can search by suggested author name: Dan Lok; Grant Cardone; Brian Tracy; Neil Patel; Tim Ferriss; Chris Guillebeau; Gary Vaynerchuk; Ramit Sethi; Tony Robbins; Seth Godin; Jordan Belfort; Sam Ovens; Amy Porterfield; Pat Flynn; Marie Forleo; Russell Brunson; Jeff Walker; Tai Lopez; Ryan Deiss; Noah Kagan; Anton Kreil; Nial Fuller; Steve Nison; Kathy Lien; Adam Khoo; Jason Stapleton; Andrei Knight; Navin Prithyani; Vic Noble; Andrew Weil; Mark Hyman; Michael Greger; Josh Axe; Sara Gottfried; Joel Fuhrman; Deepak Chopra; John Douillard; Dan Siegel; Gabor Maté; Richard Bandler; Tony Robbins; Dr. Steve G. Jones; Igor Ledochowski; Michael Breen; Paul McKenna; David Snyder; Tad James; John Grinder; Anthony Jacquin; …

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