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Recently we rolled out a new style of video we call the Market Review Video. In order To produce these videos, we actually go out in the public and give your product

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At VideoTelepathy Studios, we are continuously experimenting with new video formats. We are obsessed with creating new videos styles that will help your products convert much better than your competition.

Recently we rolled out a new style of video we call the Market Review Video. In order To produce these videos, we actually go out in the public and give your product to real people that match your perfect client demographic. They then try out your product and we film them giving their personal impression.

If it is something that they need to try over a period of time, we have them take your product home to try, in a week or two, we schedule a time to come back and then film their response.

Why should you be using Market Review Videos?

While numbers show that video is still the king of conversion compared to text or image-only based content, recently there has been a trend of declining conversions for certain types of product and marketing videos. Video content like long-form video sales letters, some webinars or even videos that use a lot of stock footage are simply not generating sales like they have in the past. We theorize this happens primarily because as more and more video content is introduced, the viewer has become much more discerning. It used to be that any video with a voiceover showing stock footage would perform fantastic! The reality was there just were not that many videos in the market to compete. As time progressed, video content providers started raising the bar and improving quality and as competition increased, the lower quality cheap video content and formatting simply stopped performing as well as it did in the past.

So what makes Market Review Videos different?

1. Market Review Videos are super versatile

To start with, they are super versatile because of the way they are filmed. The shot list creates clips that you can actually split up into many micro-segments! You can use the entire video or split into micro-segments on your homepage, eCommerce product page, as Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube Ads. They can also be converted into a Cinemagraph Ad, Retargeting Ad, Bite-sized 8 Second Ad, and of course, they also perform well for social content. This is just the tip of the iceberg of how flexible these videos really are!

2. Market Review Videos cater to shorter attention spans

Did you know that back in the early 1980s the average American attention span was measured in minutes? Then somewhere around the mid-1990s Just around the time the internet was becoming popular, American attention spans shrank to around 12 – 18 seconds. In the early 2000s when smartphones and social media really started to take off, attention spans plummeted even more from 12 seconds to just 8! Putting that into perspective a Goldfish’s attention span is 9!

Because the average person is too distracted to keep a thought in place for longer than 8 seconds, our videos solve the HUGE problem of customers shrinking attention spans.

Market Review Videos solve this dilemma by breaking each video into mini bite-sized transitions that are, on the average, typically no longer than eight seconds. For example, we will shoot 8 seconds of someone giving a testimonial or review statement and then transition into a shot of the product being used. This places the product in the viewer’s mind’s eye prompting them to imagine themselves using the product. After that, we transition back to another person talking about their experience for eight seconds or less and so on . . .

This 8 second segmenting keeps the viewer engaged and just about when they may drift off into Goldfish world, we switch things up and re-engage them again!

3. Market Review Video users edify your products and Edification Converts!

Here is a question for you – what do you think will help your product get more sales? You talking about how great your product is OR an actual person who has tried your product and gives an honest heartfelt review or opinion of their experience? The power of edification is this – you can spend a basketful of money and hire the best copywriter on the planet but, in reality, 99% of the time a video with a real person sharing their experience will outperform the best copywriters story all day long!

4. Market Review Videos do not require paid actors

Since we are asking real people about their experience with your product, you don’t need to waste money on expensive actors or spokespeople.

5. Market Review Videos do not require scripts

This is the best part of our videos, there is no need for expensive copywriting. We simply ask ‘real people’ what they think about your product Because of this there is no need for sales copy. The product reviewers and testers sell the product for you!

? Market Review Video for Sleep Artisan ?

Our “Secret Sauce” formula

Although Market Review Videos appear super simple, there is always a very specific format that we use to ensure that each video converts with maximum results.

The introduction:

In this section, we state what we are going to do in the video. “We asked real people what they thought about our new Snow Lip Treatment.” This statement is designed to create curiosity so they will continue watching and also let them know we are asking real people, not actors, which helps boost the credibility of the statements made and also lowers the fear barrier to purchase.

We keep each segment at 8 seconds or less:

We keep each segment to 8 seconds or less always remembering ‘the Goldfish. We start with a 5-8 second intro, then 5-8 seconds of the 1st person talking about their experience, then a 5-8 second shot of the product being used. While the product is being used, the viewer begins using the product in their mind’s eye.

We make use of interesting backgrounds and backdrops:

We keep the viewer’s attention and things interesting by filming in multiple locations. For example, we might shoot one interview at the beach, another in a park and another in a city setting. Multiple interesting settings provide one more way tho keep the viewers attention and helps them to remain interested and focused on your product.

We Alternate Shots:

We switch between user interviews, products demonstration shots. This way we prevent the viewer’s attention from drifting off and clicking away from the video.

Talk about benefits and pain points:

One of the great things about Market Review Videos is if you were to brag about your product and tell the viewers you have the greatest product on the planet, even if it is, no one will believe you. Why you might ask? Because you have a vested interest in selling your product. On the flip side

if there is a real person actually using your product and giving their honest opinion, they have no horse in the race, so to speak which is why there is nothing more effective at increasing sales and conversions.

We ask questions that relate to what makes your product unique, how this product has improved someone’s life, what struggles they may have had with similar products and how your product has helped to solve those challenges.

We ask framing questions that make the responses look like a statement:

We ask the product testers questions in such a way that it looks like they are making a statement opposed to answering a question.

For example, instead of us asking a question like this:

VideoTelepathy: “ Did you like the product? “

Product tester: “Yes”

We would frame the question so that the answer looks more like a statement like this,

VideoTelepathy: “Tell us your experience with this lip treatment compared to others you that you may have used?” Also please repeat the question before you give us your answer?

Product tester: “What I really like about this lip treatment compared to others I have used in the past is it goes on so easy and lasts a long time. Others I have used in the past were very messy and I had to keep applying because it wore off almost immediately.”

Now the tester sounds much more believable and everything is totally true and totally ethical!

We create a call to action

Last, but most importantly is the CTA or call to action. Since we have laid all of the groundwork in advance, and the viewer has watched the video to the end, the CTA should be short and sweet.

In this segment, you just tell them whatever action you want them to take. “ Click below to purchase” or “ Click here to find out more” etc…

And that CTA is simply short and sweet but super effective! We never want to confuse the viewers and to always make it a simple and easy decision to click the button and buy your product.

We spend a great deal of time creating videos that sell and the Market Review Video is a sure-fire way to increase your conversions, get folks to interact with your products and click the ‘Buy’ button.

We do all of the work for a super affordable price. What this means to you is that while you are doing the other things involved with creating and running your business, we are gathering up a group of reviewers that match your avatar, setting up the shot locations, dispersing your products in advance (if necessary) coordinating the production schedules for all parties concerned, filming, editing and last but not least using our secret special sauce techniques to create a video that converts your prospects into buyers!

We only produce 4 Market review videos a month so if you are interested click the link below to set up a time to chat to find out more and get started!

Get started with the most versatile highly converting video around now!!!

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