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Master Your Options – Eric Crown


I am a strong believer in Human Psychology and the underlying principles of Evolutionary Psychology which has given me the upmost conviction that it is Investment of that which is valuable


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Master Your Options

The Art Of Derivatives

This program was designed after a decade of experience of learning the Art of Trading from several Master’s on NYSE Arca and CBOE. From there I synthesized the knowledge down and applied it specifically to the world of Options and designed my own unique Trading Strategies for the purpose of producing success over the long term.

Now the first rule of learning ANYTHING and this especially applies to the Art of Options is simple – Invest in YOURSELF!

Let me explain..

I am a strong believer in Human Psychology and the underlying principles of Evolutionary Psychology which has given me the upmost conviction that it is Investment of that which is valuable to us as human beings such as Time and Finances that creates value. Really, think about it, I’m sure you know someone who always seems to be complaining about their job saying things like “”Oh I hate my job”” or “”my job sucks”” or “”if only I had a job that allowed me to be free and travel and make money passively I’d be happy””. Now while I’m sure that same person has been complaining for ages and ages has a direct connection to the world wide web or ,at the very least, a library. BUT while there’s a plethora of knowledge available for free in your local library on how to create an online business and achieve financial freedom they never even bother to consider using it.

Well of course they don’t! They don’t have the “”buy-in”” factor because they don’t believe it has value simply because they did not have to work for it! No investment = no value. Simple as that! Our evolutionary brains have been wired for hundreds of thousands of years since becoming anatomically modern homo sapiens to value that which we invest in.

How about another example about the opposite scenario.. Have you ever had a relationship with a girl (or a guy) and as the relationship began to deteriorate you logically understood it probably was not the best idea to stay in it but emotionally you just couldn’t seem to detach. Well simply again, because you Invested Time and likely Resources into that relationship you valued it emotionally.

It is by no mistake that this Program is designed to engineer that same sort of critical “”Buy-in”” factor that makes learning a new skill such a the Art of Options a nearly automatic process as your brain will be hyper focused and sponge like soaking up all the information included. In it’s entirety this Program is nearly 25 hours in it’s totality, however, you will most likely re-watch the modules multiple times over the years as your understanding of the materials includes takes on a new evolved meaning. This is by design

Not only that but I wanted to reflect both the Time and Effort I put into the making of this Program visualized through the price as well as the decade of time I spent learning this information making my own trade of Time and Finances in exchange for Knowledge and Experience.

In this Program I will reveal all I know about the very strategies that I use and can verify have worked for myself in creating long-term successful trading habits.

This Program has 41 Modules included that go over these very topics as well as *special access* to the Krown Trading Proprietary Fibonocci and access to a Hidden VIP Discord.

This is a curated group of highly dedicated individuals who have not only invested their time and finances but, more importantly, their passion towards learning and succeeding within this skill. This group is where I and the members of this community convene to share ideas and talk about the specific strategies and setups discussed within the Program, as well as, points of clarification from the Program itself. I triage my time and attention towards helping the members of this community first and I update my thoughts on the market and things I am seeing first within this channel as well.

To gain access to this exclusive Tribe send a private message to me on Discord with the email you have signed up with.

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This last 1.5 months gained about 1.2 BTC for me is really good. I keep that up and I can trade full time haha. Getting excited watching these options video though. Lots of more opportunity –Dampkinparty000

Learning to think correctly about options this quickly is also a pleasure. Seriously, man, what a pleasure – The Whore (Discord)

long/short is so “”last year””… GO OPTIONS GUYS… start saving an buy krown’s Options program, especially if you want to start sleeping again – M B (YouTube)

Module 4 – Before moving on. Great module, lots of value in there that you can’t find on investopedia – Tiels (Discord)

Class Curriculum

Introduction and Fundamentals

  • Start Module 1 – Master Your Options: Think Like A Market Maker (4:26)
  • Start Module 2 – Introduction to Options (27:58)
  • Start Module 3 – In Plain English (13:15)
  • Start Module 4 – In or Out (25:01)
  • Start Module 5 – Meet The Greeks (35:03)
  • Start Module 6 – Before Moving On.. (17:33)
  • Start Module 7 – Introduction to Deribit (31:29)

Laying The Ground Work

  • Start Module 8 – The Synthetic Long Call (10:04)
  • Start Module 9 – The Synthetic Long Put (18:48)
  • Start Module 10 – The Covered Call (19:14)
  • Start Module 11 – The Covered Put (20:27)
  • Start Module 12 – The Call Spread (22:19)
  • Start Module 13 – The Put Spread (18:07)
  • Start Module 14 – The Long Straddle (23:36)
  • Start Module 15 – The Short Straddle (19:57)
  • Start Module 16 – The Long Strangle (13:22)
  • Start Module 17 – The Short Strangle (16:45)
  • Start Module 18 – The Calendar Spread (20:10)

Options Trading Strategies

  • Start Module 19 – The Long Call Butterfly (17:19)
  • Start Module 20 – The Short Call Butterfly (20:52)
  • Start Module 21 – The Long Call Iron Butterfly (18:06)
  • Start Module 22 – The Reverse Iron Butterfly (18:41)
  • Start Module 23 – The Call Condor (22:22)
  • Start Module 24 – The Long Iron Condor (21:10)
  • Start Module 25 – The Reverse Iron Condor (20:52)
  • Start Module 26 – The Long Call Ladder (21:52)
  • Start Module 27 – The Short Call Ladder (17:50)
  • Start Module 28 – The Long Put Ladder (19:50)
  • Start Module 29 – The Short Put Ladder (15:46)
  • Start Module 30 – The Call Backspread (18:33)
  • Start Module 31 – The Put Backspread (14:15)
  • Start Module 32 – The Long Put Butterfly (18:17)
  • Start Module 33 – The Short Put Butterfly (19:54)
  • Start Module 34 – The Strap (12:41)
  • Start Module 35 – The Strip (25:06)
  • Start Module 36 – The Guts (20:03)

Evolution – Bringing It All Together

  • Start Module 37 – Understanding The Market Maker (16:58)
  • Start Module 38 – The Conversion (27:58)
  • Start Module 39 – The Reversal (26:50)
  • Start Module 40 – The Collar (17:41)
  • Start Module 41 – The Covered Strangle (23:02)

***Bonus Modules***

  • Start The Krown Trading Fibonacci (21:30)
  • Start Historical Volatility Percentile (18:05)

Live Trades and Position Management

  • Start Module 43 – December 7 Expiry Position Management (8:50)
  • Start Module 44 – December 7 Expiry Position Management (15:03)
  • Start Module 45 – December 7 Expiry Position Management (17:47)
  • Start Module 46 – December 7 Expiry Finale & December 14 Position Rolling (16:29)
  • Start Module 47 – December 14 Expiry Position Management (12:29)
  • Start Module 48 – December 14 Expiry Position Management (12:00)
  • Start Module 49 – December 14 Expiry & December 21 Position Rolling (11:23)
  • Start Module 50 – December 21 Expiry & December 28 Position Rolling (13:16)
  • Start Module 51 – December 27 Expiry Position Management (7:30)
  • Start Module 52 – January 4 Expiry Position Management (7:15)

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