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Masterful Lover Super Conference 2009 – David Shade


For the first time ever, I will be putting together all the many elements of my Masterful Lover Methods and creating a sort of ‘road map’ of the techniques.



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You Too Can Spend 3 Amazing Days With Some of The Most Innovative Minds In Seduction, Sensuality And Sexuality!

Early Registration Is Almost Closed…

Dear Friend,

I’ve put together my best and most exciting live event ever and I’d love for you to join me there.

Not since 2004 have I had the honor of so many A-list guest speakers join me on stage. Men and women with cutting edge knowledge of seduction, sexuality, and exciting relationships.

And I’ll be presenting four important sessions this time, starting with a long overdue request I’ve had from many men to tie how all my teaching, techniques and programs all fit together.

The Masterful Lover Road Map Revealed

For the first time ever, I will be putting together all the many elements of my Masterful Lover Methods and creating a sort of ‘road map’ of the techniques.

Over the years I have created many programs to teach important concepts such as the methods to Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms, Phone Sex, Dirty Talk, Advanced Sexual Hypnosis and more.

But this isn’t just a re-hash of my material, this will be a comprehensive theme over the two days of the Super Conference so that by the end, you will have a comprehensive and deep understanding of what it means to be a Masterful Lover and to give women Incredible Pleasure beyond what most people even dreamed was possible.

Listen… my programs are very complete and all-inclusive when it comes to female sexuality. But sometimes, it’s hard for guys to know what are the truly important things and why these elements are essential.

I will discuss in depth the things in the Masterful Lover method that you absolutely want to focus on to get maximum results, and why you want to make sure you do.

In short… I will tie it all together for you.

In fact, this will become the outline for all men to follow when they set foot on the path to becoming a Masterful Lover, no matter if they are beginner or very advanced.

If you have had any questions about what goes where… and when… then this will clear it all up for you. And there will be a lot of question and answer sessions for you. This is one huge advantage of being at a live event with me.

How would you like your woman to “want it” ALL THE TIME?

And for the first time ever, I’m going to show you how to make your woman highly responsive to you and how to keep her in a constant state of sexual desire and thinking about YOU.

This will be a new and powerful technique you can use to have your woman thinking very naughty thoughts about whenever you are apart.

How To Use Mental Foreplay To Drive Your Woman Crazy With Lust Hours Before You Get Near The Bedroom

Plus, I’ll be giving extra attention to two topics which I have realized need more focus. In particular the concept of Mental Foreplay and how to use it to drive your woman wild in those moments when you are apart.

Mental Foreplay is a concept that is lost on most men, and one of the biggest reasons conflict arises in the bedroom instead of rip-up-the-sheets sex.

And, even in the growing community of Masterful Lover alumni, the full power of Mental Foreplay has rarely been let loose. Virtually every man could stand to use Mental Foreplay more often with his woman.

How To Easily Identify Hot Sexual Women Who Secretly Dream About Meeting A Masterful Lover

The second topic I will focus on is how to Choose Wisely. Though this is a common theme in my programs, I realize there are just way too many men who choose women based on looks and don’t bother to screen for the important qualities that make for an off-the-charts sexual relationship, or they don’t know what to screen for and why.

If you have ever ended up with a woman who doesn’t enjoy sex because deep down she won’t allow herself to have pleasure, then this is one you won’t want to miss. Learn my foolproof criteria for finding the RIGHT kind of woman, and the covert tests I use, and you’ll never have a train-wreck relationship again.

Over the past many years, I have developed a complete system for how and why to select a particular type of woman. This complete system has never been released before. I will reveal all of it to you at my Super Conference.

I may literally save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime, and save you unimaginable pain, by sharing this system with you. Remember, if you choose the wrong one, you will pay for it for a very very long time!

Success for a Masterful Lover begins by choosing wisely. I will show you how to select the women who will be highly responsive to you and will stay with you through thick and thin. And you will understand why.

Plus, I’ve arranged a special session with an expert in a technique that allows you to discover a woman’s true personality traits in less than 10 minutes. You’ll know more about her than even her closest friends, and she will willingly provide you everything you need to know.

You’ll know if she is honest or if she’s a chronic liar. You’ll know if she is highly sexual or highly frustrated. You will even know if she has a high self-esteem or not.

This is potent stuff, and it’s also fun!

Life is way too short to deal with drama and having to work to get a woman to enjoy the sexual pleasure she deserves. Leave fixing women to the professionals, and instead find the woman who will appreciate you for all the incredible pleasure you give her, and she will make you the happiest man on earth!

Plus, I will reveal my latest Advanced Sexual Techniques

  • How to make her super-responsive to you from the very beginning. This even applies anywhere within an existing relationship!
  • How to use Phone Sex to do the same thing as hypnosis, without even doing hypnosis!
  • How to give her one long continual vaginal orgasm starting from the time you slip it in and going until minutes after!
  • How to stack her orgasms on top of each other. All happening at the same time, one right on top of another!

More Than Just A Seminar, It’s An Event Packed Weekend

My vision for this event was to go beyond the seminar room and have fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Plus provide you with a way to spend time with all the guest speakers and the other Super Conference attendees.

1. Meet & Greet Cocktail Mixer!

On Friday night before the first day of sessions, I’m hosting a cocktail mixer in the lounge at the Fabulous Rio Hotel.

I’ve learned that the more everyone knows each other, the more open and frank the questions and discussions are during the seminar portion of the program. This is your chance to meet the guest speakers and to meet the other attendees.

2. Two Full Days of Cutting Edge Training!

You’ll have access to the some of the best minds in the world when it comes to Seduction, Sexuality, and Sensually exciting relationships! Everything from the importance of being an Alpha Male for your woman, to a woman’s perspective on the importance of sexuality in a relationship.

Plus for the first time ever, I’ll be creating a road map that ties together all the different pieces of my Masterful Lover Methods, starting with How To Choose Wisely.

And I’ve got a special guest instructor who will be showing you an amazingly powerful way to know within 10 minutes deep personality traits of a woman that even her best friends won’t know.

3. Saturday Evening Events!

After dinner on Saturday night, you will have a choice of activities to participate in and enjoy the nightlife Las Vegas offers.

We will have choices of activities for you, including some optional evening outings with some top dating and attraction instructors for the single men who want to improve on their skills at meeting women (and choosing wisely).

There will also be groups going to various entertainment venues, and of course you are welcome to hit the casinos if that is what you want to do.

Note: If there are any costs associated with these outings, you will need to cover them as they not included in the ticket price.

4. Special Guest Panel Discussion!

There will be so many bright minds at the Super Conference, I wanted to provide a way to tap into their collective knowledge and give you the opportunity to ask questions of this illustrious group.

So I’ve scheduled time on Sunday for a panel discussion which will be based on the questions the audience asks. And ANY QUESTION IS FAIR GAME!

This is your opportunity to ask any nagging questions you might have and to get the guest speakers to give advice on any topic about sexuality and relationships.

5. Sunday Evening Social!

Monday is a holiday in the USA, so many people will stay an extra day to enjoy Las Vegas before heading home. With that in mind I decided it would be fun to have everyone get together for a social event.

We are looking into options such as a Stage Hypnosis show as Las Vegas is ground zero for fun shows like this. We will get a head count on Saturday and attempt to arrange a group discount for all who want to attend.

Note: We will not be paying for your ticket, drinks or food as this in an optional activity.

Why You Won’t Want To Miss This Event!

This will be a fantastic weekend and is already proving the be the best event I’ve ever put on. Why do I say that? Simple… in addition to the A-list of guest speakers I have put together, the extra activities and of course the crown jewel of fun cities in America- Las Vegas…

The reason I know this Super Conference will be the best ever is this fact: Already one third of the people to be attending are women!

I’ve always said women are my biggest fans. Now for the first time ever I have single women signing up for one of my events.

And I have arranged for some of the couples to share their experiences with Masterful Lover Methods.

Plus you’ll have access to the guest speakers all weekend to ask any and all questions you have. I’ve arranged for all the guest speakers to stay at the conference hotel, and make themselves available to you throughout the weekend so you can pepper them with questions until it’s time to fly home.

And I hope you take the time to say hello to me while you are there. I enjoy meeting and spending time with my clients. It’s one of the reasons I put on events like this, and it’s why I’m buying dinner for EVERYONE who attends on Saturday night.

Loads of New Material

One concern Masterful Lover Alumni have is if there will be enough NEW material to get them excited.

Of course there will be much offered by the Guest Speakers that has not been presented before on any of my existing programs. And I plan to be in the room during each presentation as I have learned very valuable insights from each of them before.

As for my sessions… through out the weekend I will be covering some new material with the insights of Mental Foreplay and how important it is for really hot sex. I’ll also be going into depth on How To Choose Women Wisely, and laying out the Masterful Lover Road Map.

Some of what I cover will be familiar, but I do intend to shed new light even on what you may already know.

Plus, if you are attending with your woman… you can be confident that my presentations will have your woman completely subscribed to the Masterful-Lover philosiphy of giving women incredible pleasure. She will be completely on-board with you to see to it that it all is successful.

The chance to meet and learn from other couples who will be there, including some who will be sharing their experiences… will be invaluable. Only at my live events is something like this possible.

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