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Personality Disorders and the DSM-5 -Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management of PD – Gregory W. Lester




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Gregory W. Lester
5 Hours 32 Minutes
Audio and Video
Apr 30, 2015


Dealing with Personality Disorders
Although widely acknowledged to be the most difficult of all mental health conditions, few professionals are properly trained to assess and intervene in cases involving personality disorders. These disorders are almost always the driving force behind stalled treatment; stressful and frustrating case management; and confusing, resistive, and seemingly unmanageable clients. Unless practitioners understand how personality disorders are unique, and learn the specific methods that are required to treat and manage them, their effectiveness will be sharply diminished and the stress caused by this clientele will be unnecessarily high.

This recording is the long-anticipated DSM-5 update of the longest running, largest attended seminar on personality disorders in the world (formerly titled, “Personality Disorders in Social Work and Health Care”). This revised recording features an updated and expanded intervention section; the DSM-5 diagnostic changes; and the most current and comprehensive information available about the identification, treatment, and management of personality disorders. Designed for practitioners who know very little about the phenomenon as well as those with highly developed assessment and intervention skills, attendees gain new understanding of the phenomenon and acquire powerful interventions for the management and treatment of their most difficult and frustrating cases.




  • How personality disorders differ from psychiatric disorders
  • Why the DSM-5 eliminated Axis II
  • Why so few professionals understand personality disorders
  • The unique mindset required to deal with personality disorders


  • Defining a “personality disorder”
  • Why personality disorders are the most difficult conditions to assess
  • Why personality disorders are difficult to identify accurately
  • Why psychiatric medication does not work with personality disorders
  • Why traditional psychotherapies do not work with personality disorders
  • Why personality disorders appear to be increasingly prevalent


  • What a personality disorder does to the patient
  • What a personality disorder does to the family
  • Why people with personality disorders make problems worse
  • How professionals keep from getting caught


  • The DSM-5 and personality disorders
  • Effective and quick screening for a personality disorder
  • Clinical confirmation of a personality disorder
  • The four essential pieces of data that a diagnosis provides
  • What each DSM-5 diagnosis actually means
  • Research findings about the cause of personality disorders


  • The single reason most professionals do poorly with personality disorders
  • The relationship style that is effective in dealing with personality disorders
  • Why patient “history” is not the important element in effective interventions
  • How treatment repairs a disordered personality


  • The common principle guiding all effective interventions
  • “Treating” versus “Managing” personality disorders
  • Treatment that is designed to produce optimal functioning
  • Treatment that is designed to produce adequate functioning
  • Treatment that is designed to produced targeted improvement
  • Management for harm-reduction
  • The fundamental reframing management procedure
  • The fundamental behavioral management intervention


  • Typical marriage pairings of individuals with personality disorders
  • The occurrence of personality disorders in youth
  • Prognosis of the different personality diagnoses
  • How to evaluate the “treatability” of  individuals with personality disorders
  • Self-care for the practitioner
  • Crises 


Gregory W. Lester, Ph.D. Related seminars and products: 9

Gregory W. Lester, Ph.D., is a clinical, consulting, and research psychologist with practices in Colorado and Texas. Dr. Lester has presented over 2,000 personality disorders trainings to over 200,000 professionals in every major city in the United States, Canada, and Australia. In his nearly 40 years of clinical practice, Dr. Lester has treated over 1,000 personality disorder cases and has performed psychological evaluations on over 2,500 individuals.

Dr. Lester has served on the graduate faculty of The University of St. Thomas and as a special consultant to The United Sates Department of Justice. Dr. Lester’s office served as one of the original research sites for the DSM-5® revision of the personality disorders section where he collaborated with Emory University, the New York State Psychiatric Group, The University of Missouri, The University of Kentucky, and the late Dr. Robert Spitzer, chairman of the DSM-3 committee.

Dr. Lester is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Texas Psychological Association, and the Colorado Psychological Association. He is the author of nine books, including Power with People, a manual of interpersonal effectiveness, Shrunken Heads, an irreverent memoir of his graduate school training, and Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management of Personality Disorders, which is the largest-selling front-line clinical manual on diagnosing, treating, and managing personality disorders.

Dr. Lester’s research and articles have appeared in publications including The Journal of the American Medical Association, The Western Journal of Medicine, The Yearbook of Family Practice, The Journal of Behavioral Therapy, The Journal of Marriage and Family Therapy, The Handbook of Depression, Transactional Analysis Journal, Living Word Magazine, The Priest Magazine, and The Houston Lawyer.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Gregory Lester is in private practice. He receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Gregory Lester is a member of the American Psychological Association; the Colorado Psychological Association; and the Texas Psychological Association.

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