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(Re)Defining the Core -The Key to Functional & Corrective Exercise – David Lemke



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David Lemke
5 Hours 29 Minutes
Audio and Video
Jul 13, 2018


Clinicians understand that lasting pain relief and truly improved fitness depend on core stability and peripheral mobility. But long-term results are elusive! It is generally agreed that to have peripheral mobility, you must have core stability. Functional exercise is any exercise which acknowledges this and engages the body for this express purpose.

Observe how EMG explores the primary defensive bias governing the Central Nervous System, the body’s true Core. Once we have observed this bias, which we’ll call the “Twist,” we discuss how it leads to the most common functional problems. Rather than focusing on targeting areas for strength or stability, participants learn to correct movement dysfunction by directing appropriate exercise toward the CNS. These methods can be easily learned and applied by athletic trainers and related health and fitness professionals, massage therapists, physical and occupational therapists – anyone who uses exercise as part or all of their program. You will complete this recording equipped with new knowledge and strategies to help move clients and patients through the vital steps toward lasting function: improved balance, coordination, and effortless posture.




  • Correctly defining the CORE is key to functional training
  • Rules of communication
  • How the technology explosion in healthcare impairs genuine communication
  • Why outcomes have not improved in an age of research data availability
  • The Definition Game: 10 ill-defined words we all rely on every day


  • Volunteers selected, skin preparation, system test
  • Single arm raise task in standing
  • Video and sEMG recording of test activity
  • We take requests: “Any movement you’re curious about? Let’s test it!”


  • Learning how the CNS sees muscles
  • Reviewing sEMG data to observe “chains” vs. groups
  • Muscles, mood, and movement (Cuddy, et. al. i.e. current research review)
  • CNS perspective: Opposing chains with broken links
  • Implications of CNS as CORE: Motor learning in an always on, 24/7, learning, adapting system


  • Lower quarter symptoms – most common underlying pathologies –  the Core pattern as driver
  • Upper quarter symptoms – most common pathologies – the Core pattern as driver
  • Review of definitions from the Definition Game
  • How far off were we?
  • Recognizing the simple elegance of functional chains


  • Training vs. exercise: Targeting the CNS with structured, resisted movement
  • Opposing teams or an orchestra at work?
  • Crosstraining out of the Twist
  • Any exercise NOT countering the Twist is NOT Functional


  • Workshop it !
  • Demo and practice: XC Skiing, backwards resisted walking, etc.
  • Best of the group brainstorming: FCT demo and SkiX activity
  • Signs of success: Posture, balance, and youthful boldness


David Lemke, NMT, sEMG Tech Related seminars and products: 2

David Lemke, NMT, sEMG Tech, became interested in core function as a patient with back pain. Following pain relief and functional improvement brought about by gifted and well-trained manual therapists, he began his own apprenticeship with a renowned Canadian bodyworker in 1985.

Ten years into his own practice, Mr. Lemke made a breakthrough using information from a kinesiological surface electromyography (sEMG) evaluation. His discovery: that adding a single muscle manipulation to a parascapular trigger point sequence freed a borderline frozen shoulder and eliminated nearly all the pain – with lasting results uncommon to this type of manipulation. The treatment, later described as a sequenced motor point manipulation, became the subject of studies conducted by physical therapists at Idaho State University.

Since that time, Mr. Lemke’s sEMG assessments and motor point treatments have been relied on by top performing athletes, dancers, martial artists, and those recovering from orthopedic injuries and surgeries. As a passionate interest, Mr. Lemke has enjoyed working with special education teachers treating motor coordination problems in children diagnosed with learning disabilities.

He is a Certified Dartfish Video Coach and uses slow motion video analysis of biomechanics in his clinic. Mr. Lemke’s expertise using kinesiological sEMG is well known in the field, as he has tested exercise equipment, devices, and new treatment procedures as well as trained hundreds of specialized neuromuscular massage and physical therapists.

Mr. Lemke was the primary consultant to Champions Sports Medicine (Spokane, WA) in the creation of their Biomechanics lab and consults regularly with researchers at Baylor University’s Human Motion Lab. Learn more at

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: David Lemke receives commissions from Bioperformance Texas LLC and Flexsolate for demonstration and sales of the Functional Chain Trainer, as well as consulting. He receives a speaking honorarium for PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: David Lemke has no relevant non-financial relationships to disclose.

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