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Shamanic Knowledge for Fruitful Getting old – Tom Pinkson


Access the Rejuvenating Power of Nature and Ritual to Embody a More Spirit-filled Quality of Life That’s Heart-based and Deeply Fulfilling.


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Apply Historical Indigenous Practices and Shamanic Knowledge to Rework Your Later Years Right into a Lovely, Productive and Exhilarating Time of Life.

Entry the Rejuvenating Energy of Nature and Ritual to Embody a Extra Spirit-filled High quality of Life That’s Coronary heart-based and Deeply Fulfilling.

Are you over 50 years previous and end up fascinated about how one can dwell the remainder of your days in a method that brings you pleasure and provides like to the world?

Have you ever ever puzzled if the story of your life has already been written… or in the event you can alter and reshape it based on your goals and intentions?

Would you be shocked to find that the key to a brighter future might lie within the distant previous?

That’s the place you’ll discover the Indigenous knowledge and shamanic practices that may enable you to thrive as you consciously and joyously enter your elder years.

By drawing on ideas and practices from Indigenous spirituality and shamanic perception techniques — bolstered by fashionable scientific analysis — you possibly can skillfully use them to develop into your fullest blossoming and the easiest model of your self.

This historical knowledge may also help you harmoniously align with the true nature of the universe — and open the doorway to extra significant and purposeful getting older so you possibly can hear what your soul is asking you to do within the final third of your life.

All of it begins moderately merely — by shapeshifting your perspective on getting older. Within the shamanic sense, shapeshifting means shifting your expertise of actuality.

Is that basically attainable? You guess it’s.

You see, there are two primary realities: goal actuality and perceived actuality. Goal actuality consists of no matter exists in materials kind. Perceived, or subjective, actuality consists of all the things else.

In different phrases, they method you now view the world isn’t “simply the way in which issues are.” It’s really the way in which you understand issues to be.

While you acquire readability about the way you understand the world, getting older and life itself, you possibly can select to shift your perceptions, which then shifts — and transforms — your actuality.

The implications of that assertion are staggering. Just by shifting the way in which you understand your self, your getting older journey, and primarily any scenario you end up in, you possibly can change your actuality.

That’s proper, your actuality. The remainder of your life can turn out to be one of the best of your life as quickly as you acknowledge that your notion of actuality is uniquely your personal.

By embracing the inherent energy of this shamanic knowledge, you’ve gotten an incredible alternative torework your life in exceptional, stunning and lasting methods.

The Energy of Perception

Analysis exhibits that our beliefs about getting older immediately influence our longevity, vitality and enthusiastic engagement with life. But, as Wayne Dyer famous, a perception system is nothing greater than a thought you’ve thought time and again.

Should you view your later years as a time of decline, marginalization or loneliness, that’s what you’ll are likely to create for your self…

And underlying messages in our tradition reinforce the concept that when you attain retirement age, you not have a significant function to play…

So it’s comprehensible, as you grow old, why you would possibly begin to really feel irrelevant… or that your greatest days are behind you… or that the legacy you have been meant to go away ought to already be in place. You may additionally discover your ardour waning and lose sight of a bigger imaginative and prescient for the following stage of your life.

Nevertheless, as Indigenous knowledge has taught us, your beliefs about getting older can work each methods…

Should you imagine in an empowering “coronary heart path” imaginative and prescient to your getting older journey, one through which you’re centered in non secular service and are approaching your later years as a time to contribute your biggest presents and serve the deepest wants of our time, that perception will form and rework your actuality.

What’s extra, embracing and embodying that quest will feed you with vitality and strengthen your spirit at the same time as your bodily physique undergoes the inevitable adjustments that include getting older.

Are you able to turn out to be a shining instance of what’s attainable in your later years?

Suppose what life would appear to be in the event you appeared ahead to your elder years in the identical method that so many individuals in conventional and Indigenous cultures do — the place elders are honored as sages who’re known as upon for counsel due to their wider imaginative and prescient of the world. And the place getting older is a time the place you harvest the love, pleasure and knowledge of a lifetime and occupy a spot of honor, service and that means in your loved ones and group…

Sensible, engaged and caring elders are important for our world. So a lot of our collective challenges are born of battle, misunderstanding, greed, unhealed wounds and lack of foresight — all areas that elders are naturally gifted in serving to to resolve.

In some ways, it’s our elders who’re most capable of shift our world to at least one that’s wholesome, sustainable, peaceable and affluent. And shifting this actuality begins with every of us…

Rewrite Your Script of Getting old

In Dr. Tom Pinkson’s 7-part program, Shamanic Knowledge for Fruitful Getting old, you’ll uncover how one can rewrite the script in your getting older journey so to dwell a extra significant life and domesticate extra spiritually enriching and impactful elder years than you will have thought attainable!

For greater than 50 years, Tom has traveled the globe learning Indigenous knowledge methods and greatest practices for therapeutic and getting older fruitfully.

He can present you time-honored methods to broaden your consciousness, which ends up in deep inquiry and helps form the views that lead you to thrive in physique, coronary heart, thoughts and soul.

He’ll enable you to entry what Indigenous knowledge calls your “coronary heart reminiscence,” that intuitive data and understanding inside your deeper being that’s solely accessible by means of the deep listening of your soul.

He’ll enable you to step into a brand new getting older paradigm that provides you a extra multidimensional understanding of your potential for that means and continued development — and that helps you faucet into reservoirs of pleasure and vitality.

He’ll share how one can totally embrace the id shift that being an elder represents. Within the course of, you’ll be taught to launch unresolved emotional baggage that may sabotage your story of getting older, get in contact together with your genuine coronary heart path imaginative and prescient to your elderhood, and entry the power and fervour that may make that imaginative and prescient a actuality.

You’ll end up buying and selling in emotions of isolation and loneliness for an empowered and purposeful group of allies. You’ll be poised to create a legacy of service by giving and sharing the deepest, most stunning components of your self in ways in which assist a wholesome world to your descendents.

Certainly, the creation of your legacy doesn’t finish with retirement. The legacy you create on this stage of your life flows out of your continuous development and repair to the world.

Getting old Consciously and Fruitfully

An necessary key to fruitful getting older is aligning your self extra together with your spirit than together with your ego. This core paradigm shift frees you from enslavement to an illusory world ruled by the deceptive enter of your senses, and opens broad the gateway to a wondrous new world bursting with magnificence, promise and countless chance.

What your ego sees isn’t an clever, advanced net of divine power through which each atom is linked to each different atom past house and time, however a projection of a deeply flawed worldview primarily based by yourself experiences, biases and judgments.

While you determine with ego, with separateness and shortage, you see your self as alone and susceptible in an unfriendly world. Transcend your ego, and also you awaken to find that behind each perceived separation from Spirit is a doorway to the Divine.

Change your allegiance out of your ego to your spirit, and strain and struggling give method to peace and serenity. Your relationship together with your physique is remodeled — the place as soon as any proof of getting older threatened to devour your ideas, you now compassionately view your physique as a helpful car enabling you to contribute to the world in fulfilling and significant methods.

Whereas the challenges that include getting older — from aches and pains to diminished bodily capability to the grief related to loss — are very actual, reframing your perspective on life and getting older may also help you cope with these conditions in a skillful method that enriches your experiences and gives you with a deeper sense of dwelling in alignment together with your soul.

So whereas there’s a letting go, with religion and belief, of the id round ego and the bodily capabilities that decided your sense of wellbeing and id, you possibly can empower your self by means of connecting with the deeper essence of who and what you actually are.

And that in flip connects you to an infinite supply of creativity that may reignite your pleasure with life, and add readability and depth to your sense of that means and goal if you awaken every morning to begin a brand new day.

Tom will share with you his deep insights into the shamanic worldview that the inventive energy of the universe needs to assist you to find and creating your distinctive presents which can be aligned together with your goal in being on the planet right now in historical past.

Discovering that goal and dwelling in service to it’ll give you a comforting sense of completion and the gratifying data that you’ve got fulfilled your mission on this life.

Your mission isn’t about being excellent and it has nothing to do with how profitable you have been in life as outlined by how this society retains rating. It’s about exhibiting up and doing all of your greatest to dwell out of your integrity, your coronary heart, and your very essence to meet your intuitive sense of goal and that means in devoted communion with the inventive energy that gave you and sustains your life.

The Energy of Shamanic Knowledge Teachings

Tom’s years of immersion in shamanic cultures have yielded a treasure trove of knowledge and perception into the artwork of dwelling harmoniously with the pure world with mindfulness and aware intent.

His half-century of labor with Indigenous elders all over the world, highlighted by his profound 11-year apprenticeship with Huichol shamans within the Mexican Sierra Madre, offered a wealth of therapeutic earth-wisdom that may adorn your getting older journey with magnificence, grace and energy.

Some fascinating ideas from the Huichol that may positively influence the standard of your life embrace:

  • Nierica : A sacred portal you possibly can open between dimensions of consciousness, accessing ancestral data, animal spirits and deep steering
  • Tatewari : The spirit of fireplace, seen as a grandfather; by invoking this spirit by means of the ritual of lighting a candle within the morning and honoring the daybreak, you possibly can empower a extra aware, intentional, inventive day
  • Takutsi Nakaway : This grandmother spirit connects with the flowers on the fruit bushes and the invisible energy of Mom Earth

Data and observe of those medication teachings may also help you make a paradigm shift in the way you relate to getting older. By discovering how one can feed your ancestor spirits and heal intergenerational ancestral wounds, you possibly can launch your self from unfavorable programming round getting older and acquire entry to deep knowledge.

You’ll additionally uncover that it doesn’t matter what challenges you’re dealing with, you don’t need to face them alone. On condition that we’re all linked past house and time, you’ve gotten perpetual entry to ancestor spirits and energy animals who may also help with and assist you thru any challenges — and transfer you from sufferer consciousness to a lived-in state of empowerment.

These shamanic knowledge teachings are an efficient method to acquire readability about your intentions for the remainder of your days — the qualities of consciousness and being that you just wish to expertise extra steadily and extra constantly in your life. These qualities might vary from extra inside peace to a better sense of braveness to a deeper connection to grace to elevated self-confidence.

In the end, by working together with your unconscious and your intentions, and by connecting together with your ancestor spirits and energy animal allies, you possibly can emerge with an empowering view of how your golden years can fulfill their highest goal.

Throughout Shamanic Knowledge for Fruitful Getting old, you’ll:

  • Expertise a optimistic imaginative and prescient of getting older and a aware method to elderhood
  • Entry Indigenous knowledge and rituals to expertise a deeper sense of connection to life
  • Faucet into goal, ardour and the next imaginative and prescient to your life
  • Deepen your relationship with the sacred drive that governs the universe
  • Apply shamanic knowledge to empower a brand new coronary heart path imaginative and prescient to your life
  • Discover a pathway for being “related”
  • Uncover how one can reshape your legacy in a deeply significant method
  • Be part of a supportive group of kindred spirits
  • Awaken from the delusion of separateness
  • Domesticate a deeper sense of dwelling in alignment together with your soul
  • Discover the chances for the following stage of your life
  • Encounter a brand new method of taking a look at your life’s “assignments”
  • Acknowledge how non secular wants change as you age
  • Expertise higher power as you shed your “baggage”
  • Discover your function as an elder who may also help others now and go away a worthwhile legacy for the long run

What You’ll Uncover in These 7 Modules

On this 7-part transformational program, Tom will information you thru the elemental non secular expertise and competencies you’ll have to efficiently develop a brand new understanding of who and what you actually are, past the bodily physique and ego id, that opens up your entry to infinite creativity.

Every contemplation and coaching session will construct harmoniously upon the earlier ones so that you’ll develop an entire holistic understanding of the practices, instruments and rules you’ll have to maintain dwelling your life with extra intention and ritual.

Module 1: Use the Energy of Acutely aware Intention to Rework Your Journey of Getting old

Getting old is a pure course of however the way you age is as much as you — and it begins together with your intention of the way you wish to expertise it. We’re culturally programmed to view getting older in a unfavorable method. This primary module will enable you to shift to a brand new paradigm that values older individuals and leverages their knowledge in a socially integrative method that produces intergenerational therapeutic. You’ll discover how one can welcome and profit from your getting older course of so to develop into the fullest blossoming of your biggest good whereas skillfully assembly the challenges of getting older.

On this module, you’ll uncover how one can:

  • Shapeshift the basis drawback of dysfunctional and ageist cosmology to a purposeful one primarily based on science and the knowledge of a shamanic worldview that honors and makes use of the knowledge of elders
  • Determine out-of-balance soul traits that “clog your pipes”
  • Elevate your “sparks of divinity” to an infinite self that transcends the getting older physique
  • Create an Uru, a shamanic device to information your life primarily based in your intention to age fruitfully, consciously and assuredly

Module 2: Create a Apply to Actualize Your Intention to Age Fruitfully

On this module, you’ll transfer previous wishing and hoping to create a daily set of practices primarily based on the qualities of thoughts and being that you just wish to expertise on a extra constant foundation as you develop deeper into your elder years. Shamanic practices will enable you to acquire empowerment by means of the at all times current powers of nature — the true “elders” which have withstood the passage of time.

On this module, you’ll:

  • Uncover how one can entry the powers of nature
  • Research the sensible instruments of right-relationship
  • Come to know the sacredness of reciprocity
  • Create a personally designed ritual to begin and finish your day with energy and consciousness, constructing vanity by means of your getting older years
  • Program your inner and exterior atmosphere for efficiently assembly and utilizing the challenges and alternatives of getting older as presents that can assist you develop in a optimistic method

Module 3: Befriend Your Ancestors’ Spirits

Opening the doorway of aware connection to your ancestors gives you with survival-based knowledge data from the ages to counterpoint your each day life with a useful resource that desires you to succeed, particularly in your function as elder. Ancestor steering and assist will empower you to share this knowledge together with your group in mutually useful methods for generations to return.

On this module, you’ll uncover how one can:

  • Heal ancestral strains and open the circuit of connection
  • Faucet the knowledge energy of your ancestors
  • Create an ancestor altar
  • Feed your ancestor spirits
  • Heal intergenerational ancestral wounds
  • Preserve the ancestral circuit open and obtainable to you for drawback fixing and assist to counterpoint your elder years with that means and goal

Module 4: Discover Your Energy Animal Ally

Would you want any person to observe over and information you in your method as you age? Effectively, you do — solely it’s not a any person, it’s an animal spirit. We’re far more than our our bodies and our rational minds; we’re multidimensional beings. Forging a relationship together with your energy animal will enable you to faucet right into a trans-human useful resource of assist to deal with the challenges of getting older with confidence and inside power, deepening your spirituality in superb methods.

On this module, you’ll uncover:

  • What an influence animal is
  • What an influence animal does
  • Learn how to join together with your energy animal
  • Learn how to strengthen and deepen your connection together with your energy animal
  • Learn how to use the presents of your energy animal to deal with getting older challenges of each day life
  • Learn how to use second consideration notion to seek out magic within the odd when you possibly can not do what you used to have the ability to do if you have been youthful, stronger and extra able-bodied

Module 5: Befriend Your Reptilian Mind

When circumstances of getting older push our buttons, our primitive mind reactivity patterns get activated and {our relationships} endure, each with ourselves and with others. Shamanic strategies may also help you employ these exact same patterns as automobiles for wholesome shapeshifting, leading to better peace of thoughts, confidence and extra loving relationships. What it’s important to supply is sorely wanted, so it’s very important that you just turn out to be an agent of aware evolution at this superb time of transition we’re dwelling in.

On this module, you’ll uncover how one can:

  • Acknowledge and “tame” your reactivity patterns
  • Faucet the knowledge energy of the shadow
  • Determine the checks of your non secular curriculum
  • Shapeshift emotional, psychological and bodily power states for enhanced wellbeing and vitality
  • Transfer from sufferer state reactivity to empowered non secular warrior, contributing consciously and assuredly to your personal evolution and to the planets as properly

Module 6: Stroll the Good, Crimson, Coronary heart Path Street to Completion

Bodily, psychological, emotional and non secular well being are all strengthened when you’ve gotten an egoless sense of that means and goal in your life that nurtures others. Your elder years is the exact time to shift from a job-related focus to a heart-centered focus that brings deep satisfaction, as you progress extra deeply into soul-guided authenticity and integrity with creativity, braveness and charm. Embracing the getting older course of lets you blossom into the conclusion of what really has the best that means and worth to your deepest being.

This module will enable you to:

  • Discover your coronary heart path imaginative and prescient
  • Faucet infinite creativity
  • Strengthen your braveness to behave
  • Use problem and adversity as automobiles of alternative to do your development work
  • Train your religion, belief and give up muscle tissue
  • Shift id from private to transpersonal consciousness for extra coronary heart sharing relationships primarily based on love, and for contributing your presents to your loved ones and group the place they’re most wanted

Module 7: Befriend Mortality as an Ally for Empowered Residing

In a death-denying tradition we see loss of life because the enemy, so we dwell in anxiousness and concern of the Grim Reaper, which diminishes our life drive vitality and constricts our life expression. We have to convey loss of life out of the closet and use the very fact of our mortality to counterpoint our each day dwelling, preserving it juicy proper as much as the final breath… and past!

On this module you’ll:

  • Discover who and what dies and what doesn’t
  • Achieve a brand new understanding of the significance of navigational expertise for working with altered states of consciousness
  • Create and enact a Loss of life Arrow ceremony that may empower your dwelling
  • Use shamanic practices to dissolve the causes of struggling
  • Get up and keep in mind the reality of your being — what you might be and why you might be right here

Right here’s What You’ll Obtain

Seven 90-minute Recorded Class Classes With Tom Pinkson

Expertise a uncommon alternative to be mentored and be taught with writer and instructor Tom Pinkson — from the consolation of your personal dwelling. Every class session guides you to be taught the particular expertise and skills to awaken your non secular potential.

Seven PDF Transcripts of Class Classes

Along with the high-quality MP3 audios, you’ll additionally obtain all the class transcription in PDF format. You’ll be able to then evaluate, print and spotlight crucial insights and practices you got.

Workout routines and Questions for Every Lesson

After every lesson, you’ll have the choice of finishing associated workouts, observe new instruments and reply inquiries to speed up your studying.

The Shamanic Knowledge for Fruitful Getting old Bonus Assortment

  • New Imaginative and prescient of Getting old
    Audio Dialogue With Tom Pinkson and Sue Steele
  • A Ritual for Letting Go
    Audio Session With Ron Pevny
  • Acutely aware Getting old: What It Means, Why We Want It
    Audio Dialogue Hosted by Ron Pevny With Harry Moody

An Unprecedented Alternative to Be part of the Shamanic Knowledge for Fruitful Getting old Digital Coaching

We really feel honored that Tom Pinkson has chosen to associate with The Shift Community to supply this unique on-line coaching. It is a uncommon alternative to be taught from a recent non secular instructor and writer whose highly effective insights and pioneering work are serving to us heal and awaken ourselves and our world.

By way of this highly effective on-line format, you’ll not solely save money and time on workshop prices (plus journey, lodging and meals — which might price hundreds of {dollars}), you’ll be capable of profit from Tom’s unbelievable teachings and workouts from the consolation of your property — at your personal tempo!

Should you’re severe about empowering and shifting your id past your physique, thoughts and ego, you then owe it to your self, your family members and our world to take this one-of-a-kind coaching.

Should you’re able to take the following step in evolving your self, click on the register button beneath to order your house now.

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