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Sharnee Bennett – Online Accelerator™Level OneBeginner


Business Online isn’t magic, it’s cause and effect gets entrepreneurs & business owners laser-focused on the simple actions that create big reactions. You’ll find our students adding value, optimizing systems and doing work, not talking on social media.


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Sharnee Bennett – Online Accelerator™Level OneBeginner

Sharnee Bennett - Online Accelerator™Level OneBeginner

Business Online isn’t magic, it’s cause and effect gets entrepreneurs & business owners laser-focused on the simple actions that create big reactions. You’ll find our students adding value, optimizing systems and doing work, not talking on social media.
We help business owners move beyond “just posting” on social media
The majority of business owners are like this.  They spend everyday posting on social media in a frenzy to trade attention online and hope that this leads them to their actual goal of more clients & customers.  Sadly this approach doesn’t work and just ends up with the business owner torn in a thousand directions, posting like a maniac online and getting nowhere with this approach.  In reality, the ROI from Social Media is unclear or missing.
Towards a systematic & profitable way to growing a business online
This approach is reserved for those business owners that truly understand the principles of doing business online.  By having  a system of getting predictable, consistent, profitable leads & sales into the business model, the business can ascend to the level it wants to grow towards.  Using the basics of mathematics and by having an investor-like mentality the business owner can have a laser focus only on the tasks that move the needle the most and and eliminate all the time wasting exhausting social media.  Now the new reality is the business knows how to generate clients & customers profitably and at will.

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Here’s how it works provides you with everything you need to be successful in business. No lecturing — we provide an environment and building blocks so you can build and play.
Messaging & Offers
Dialling in the niche, message & offer is one of the most important things about being online.  Get this right and you can lift yourself out from your competitors and dominate the entire market.
Online Funnels
Online Funnels build bridges of communication between you and your audience on social media.  These funnels allow you to substantially increase your conversion rates and maximise your return on visitor, lead & sale.
Online Traffic
Future proofing your business with online traffic is the name of the game using  the principles of organic attraction marketing (people come to you first) and the principles of paid traffic (you invest in people coming to you first).
Scaling Online
Once you have figured out what works on a small scale then the final step in the process is online scaling.  This is amplifying all your online results with large scale traffic efforts so that you can grow to your desired level on demand.
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Battle tested and proven results
We  don’t show you how to build millions of followers, win like campaigns, become the most popular or give away the farm with competitions.  We focus & obsess over real business results: Customers, growth, profit, self-improvement and success.
Organic Social Media Free Case Study
Recently, one of our clients did one post on Social Media that generated 10500+ comments, 5000+ email leads, 384000 video views, in 30 days with no ad spend.  This is an example of organic attraction marketing in operation.
Access Free Organic Case Study

See our free case study on how this organic result was achieved
Paid Traffic Free Case Study
One of our clients started working with us on the 9th January 2019.  Within 5 months of working together she had reached $500,000 in cash sales on an ad spend of $60,000.  This is an example of paid advertising in operation.
Access Free Paid Traffic Case Study
See our free case study on how this paid traffic result was achieved
We teach the full stack for business online
Most courses teach a specific piece of the puzzle like Facebook Ads or Social Media which creates a focus on one part but not the sum of the parts coming together as more -which is called “synergy”.  In the end the only thing that matters is are you getting the right customer or client coming into your business model easily & profitably.  To succeed in business online you need to learn the “full stack” — four interconnected layers built ontop of each other
1.  Motivating Awareness — Understand “why” you are doing what you are doing

2.  Educating Framework — Understand “what” you need to do so you understand how the parts connect together

3.  Coaching Principles — Learn the “how” to do all the components so you are following step by steps on building things out.

4.  Dealing with Issues — Discover how to avoid common pitfalls and roadblocks and learn how to move seamless & effortlessly past these issues.
Learn everything online, outsource as you grow
The building is only as tall as the foundation is strong enough to build on. We teach you how to future proof your business with an online focus by showing you how it all works so you can succeed now and into the future.
Defining A Niche
Picking a niche, identifying market problems, & finding opportunities so that you can focus on targeting a segment of the market.
Assembling An Offer
Putting together your offer so it stands out from the market and can be priced according to value not to compete.
Sales & Validation
Learn how to position your products & services so people say yes and you know that you have market validation and proof of concept.
Organic Traffic
Learn the principles of organic marketing via Social Media Platforms including master of Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube & Instagram
Website & Funnels
Creating websites, landing pages, online funnels, all by yourself without technical support or design input.
Paid Advertising
Learn how to scale your business quickly to the desired level you want with the principles of direct response advertising
Online Programs
Learn how to replace yourself in the business by building an online program course so you can start delivering one to many.
Building A Team
Learn how to work on your business not in it by build out a team of contractors & employees and establishing company culture.
Next Level Iteration
Business owners realiise  that you never really “get there”.  This means as soon as you reach the next level, the next goal is defined and shot for.
About Sharnee Bennett
Founder “Power Of Business Online” dedicated to showing businesses how to grow their business online.

We are known for helping people adopt the new paradigm of doing business online instead of it being an afterthought or an optional strategy.

We help business owners simplify their approach online, reach more people with paid advertising, organic content marketing, and get more sales & customers with funnels.
Three stages of evolution
Whether you’re building a brand new business online or you are already an established business has you covered!


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