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Success With Sanity – Joe Polish and Dr. Ned Hallowell


Respected, Multi-Million Dollar corporations including Nightingale Conant, Vericomm, Wells Fargo Mortgage, Envision Corporation, N.Y. Times Bestselling Author and Founder of EAS (Bill Phillips),


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Discover how to earn more money than you ever dreamed possible by “unlocking” a little-known “secret” that will simplify your life and have you efficiently dealing with all the relentless “crazy busy” annoying, never-ending distractions that constantly “pop-up” in both every day “life” and in your business. Discover how to forever rid yourself of all the time-wasting “clutter” that’s sucking the “productivity” out of your workdays and that has you feeling like you’re “swimming in quicksand”! This is it… this is your chance to discover…

The #1 “SUCCESS SECRET” Wealthy Entrepreneurs Rely On To Keep Their Life “Simple”& Their Businesses Making “Obscene” Amounts Of Money!


Tempe, Arizona

March 14th, 10:47 a.m. 

Dear Overworked, Overwhelmed, Overstressed & “Under-Compensated” Entrepreneur:

Do you wish you possessed full, “nothing-held-back” knowledge of the “Success Secret” that separates the everyday, average, stressed-out, “workaholic” $100,000/yr. entrepreneur… from the entrepreneurs who, almost effortlessly… and “nonchalantly” rake in..

One Million… Ten Million… Even…

One Hundred Million Dollars A Year…Or More!!!

You know who I’m talking about… those people who seem to have the “Midas Touch”.

Yes… those people who… with seemingly little effort… somehow manage to earn millions… sometimes even billions of dollars… year… after year… after year.

Do you know what their “secret” is?

I bet you don’t.

My name is Joe Polish. I am a self-made millionaire & the President of Piranha Marketing, Inc. in Tempe, Arizona. I love marketing!!! I live marketing!!! “Marketing” is my life!!! Over the past 16 years I have worked with, consulted with and/or have interviewed nearly 100 of the world’s top marketing minds on the planet… including people like Mega-Billionaire Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Records / Virgin Atlantic Airlines fame. (See below).

Respected, Multi-Million Dollar corporations including Nightingale Conant, Vericomm, Wells Fargo Mortgage, Envision Corporation, N.Y. Times Bestselling Author and Founder of EAS (Bill Phillips), Pinnacle Care International and Esselte of the Pendaflex Corporation are among the many firms that have gladly paid up to $3,000.00/hr. just to consult with me. (Below you’ll see a Marketing Program which my company and I authored and created for Nightingale Conant… the largest manufacturer & seller of business-related self-help courses on the planet.)

Many of my peers consider me to be a “marketing genius”. And… heck… on at least a half dozen occasions… I’ve heard a number of well-respected mega-millionaire tycoons refer to me as…

A “Marketing God”!

Whether or not that’s true is “subjective”… and in this case… “irrelevant”… because… the #1 “Success Secret” which I am about to share with you… has… well…

It Has Absolutely NOTHING Whatsoever To Do With Marketing !!!

Now pay close attention… because I need you to focus on what I am about to say here…

As entrepreneurs… collectively… we really have just one thing in common…

Each & Every One Of Us Have Only 24 Hours In A Day!

And for some of us… what we choose to do with those 24 hours we’re allotted each day… what we elect to do with that time… unfortunately…

Is Literally Killing Us!!!

Well… at least some of us. Take a look below and give some serious thought as to whether or not headlines like the following could “ring true” and mavbe: perhaps even apply to a person like yourself some day.

Go ahead… take a look…

Speaking of the Japanese… check out the following information which I dug up on the internet…

Heck, they even have a specially dedicated website which addresses this critical issue…

Death from overwork? 


Don’t think anything like that could ever happen to you?

Don’t Be Too Sure!!!

Don’t Be Too Sure!!!

Never-the-less… why is it that entrepreneurs worldwide… entrepreneurs like you and I… are suffering from 
such maladies?

Why is it that some entrepreneurs earn $1,000/hr. – $20,000/hr. and come home from work at night feeling relaxed… like they just spent the day enjoying themselves at their favorite amusement park… when the majority of entrepreneurs (entrepreneurs who earn only $20/hr. – $40/hr.)… why is it that they come home from work at night stressed out of their mind… feeling beaten like a rented mule?

Actually… it all boils down to the following…

There are two “core” truths which separate the $20/hr.- $40/hr. “stressed out of their mind” entrepreneur from the $1,000/hr.- $20,000/hr. “cool”, “calm” & “collected” entrepreneur… and those truths are…

  1. Entrepreneurs who earn only S20/hr. – S40/hr. are victims of “Information Overload” + “Constant Interruptions” + they are people who lack the ability- to “systematically” focus on “Major Outcome Activities” (M.O.A.’s)… The activities which… when SYSTEMATICALLY focused on… are responsible for making a business owner wealthy!)
  2. Entrepreneurs who earn in the neighborhood of Sl.OOO/hr. – S20,000/hr. HAVE received “systematic training” on how to ignore “Information Overload” + they HAVE received “systematic training” on how to ignore Constant Interruptions + they HAVE received “systematic training” on how to focus on “Major Outcome Activities” (M.O.A.’s)… The activities which… when SYSTEMATICALLY focused on… are responsible for making a business owner wealthy!)

Kind of a “mouthful”… isn’t it?

Let me share a quick story with you to help you better comprehend what those 2 “core” truths mean…

Mark was always the first to arrive at his business in the morning. (Usually somewhere around 7:00 a.m.)

He tried to arrive each day energized and ready to tackle what he anticipated would be a day of major accomplishment. On this particular day though, just when he was getting ready to begin work on “The Big Project”… the project that’s gomg to be responsible for 80% of his company’s revenue for the next 12 months… out of nowhere his cell-phone rings. It’s one of his employees calling to report a minor problem that she’s unable to handle on her own.

Without batting an eyelash, Mark grabs the keys to his truck and heads out to go fix the problem. His mam focus, his primary form of income for the next 12 months, “The Big Project”, which he came into the office to work on, will have to wait a couple of hours… because in Mark’s mind, he’s the only capable “problem solving decision-maker” in the entire company!

Two and a half hours later, while on his way back to the office he checks his voicemail. “Son of a b*tch!” he shouts. A message from his accountant… an urgent message from his attorney… and two messages from his wife. “I’ll call my attorney after I first call my secretary Nancy so she can handle that stupid request from the accountant. As for my wife… I’ll call her back some time later today. She can wait!!! Right now. I’ve got bigger fish to fry.”

After spendmg 35 mmutes on the phone with his attorney, finally, Mark is able to sit down at his office desk and get to work on “The Big Project” (work that is “High Priority”!) But first, out of habit, he goes to check his e-mail.

“Mother f**ker!!!” he screams. Twenty four e-mails… all marked “URGENT!!!” I don’t have time for this sh*t!M”.

“Nancy!!!” he shouts, yelling for his secretary to come into his office. “Will you please respond to these e-mails for me? I’ve got some serious work here that I need to focus on. I’ve already been here at work for over three hours and I haven’t accomplished even one second’s worth of work on what I came in here to do.”

Just then, when he’s finally able to start working on tackling “The Big Project”, two faxes roll across Mark’s desk (distracting his attention). Before he can even start to read them, he sees that he’s also just received an important “text message” on his Blackberry from his company CEO.

“You’ve got to be f**king kidding me!!!” he says to himself. “I must be on Candid Camera here or some other reality TV show. This sh*t just has to be a joke!!!

Realizing that everything is indeed… for real… Mark finds himself rummaging through the drawers of his desk, hastily looking for his prescription bottles of Valium and Xanax for his chronic, stress-related anxiety-condition. What used to be a doctor-prescribed, one-pill-a-day regiment has now escalated into a 5-pills-a-day habit.

“I used to be able to handle days like this with no problem when they were happening even- other week” He says to himself with a depressed look on his face, “But now it seems like this sh*t’s happenmg every other day! No… wait… what am I thinking?” He says to himself. “This is the fourth day m a row this week that I’ve had to put off domg this critically important work which I need to finish up on “The Big Project”. Son of a b*tch… I can’t seem to get any

“real work” accomplished… it’s like I’m constantly spinning my tires in mud!”

Does any of that crap sound familiar to you?

It should… because 99.999% of all entrepreneurs find themselves dealing with sh*t like that on a daily basis.

Anyway… try to picture in your mind… entrepreneurs like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Richard Branson or Michael Dell spending their days at work dealing with such counter-productive, profit-sucking nonsense.

You can’t do it… can you?

If they did spend their days at work dealing with such counter-productive, profit-sucking bullsh*t, they wouldn’t be where they’re at right now… which is… at… or near… the top of the list of…

The World’s Wealthiest Entrepreneurs!

Right about now though, I know what you’re thinking.

I know what’s gomg on in that morose little mind of yours…

“Joe… If I Had The Kind Of Money That Those Guys Have… Sh*t… I Wouldn’t Have To Deal With Such Counter-Productive, Profit-Sucking Nonsense Either!”

Go ahead… admit it.

That’s what you’re thinking… aren’t you?

It’s okay… really… it is!

When I was in your shoes (busting my ass to earn a little more than $100,000/yr. as a self-employed entrepreneur) I was of that same “mind-set”. But then it happened… I finally received the answer to my prayers. I discovered the “secret” of how to effectively & efficiently deal with the…

“Crazy Busy” World Which Every Entrepreneur Lives In…

A “Crazy Busy” World That’s Filled With “Information Overload”

& Annoying, Never-Ending Distractions.

Interestingly enough, one of the first things that I learned when I first discovered “the secret” was that all those time-sucking distractions which were constantly “popping up”, side-tracking & preventing me from accomplishing my list of M.O.A.’s (Major Outcome Activities) well that’s the same kinda sh*t that entrepreneurs like Trump, Gates, Branson and Dell had to deal with in the early part of their careers too.

I was really no different than them.

Like me, they too had to “start out small” and they had to receive “systematic training” on how to ignore “Information Overload” – they had to receive “systematic training” on how to ignore “Constant Interruptions” they had to receive “systematic training” on how to focus on “Major Outcome Activities” (M.O.A.’s)… The activities which… when SYSTEMATICALLY focused on… are responsible for making a business owner wealthy!)

That’s right… they are not (and never were) any different than you or I.

They were merely “open-minded” enough to accept & religiously follow “core” truth # 2.

This life-changing “credo” which… needs to be “burned into” the cerebral cortex of your bram…

“Core” Truth # 2: Entrepreneurs who earn in the neighborhood of Sl,000/hr. – S20,000/hr. HAVE received

“systematic training” on how to ignore “Information Overload” + they HAVE

“systematic training” on how to ignore “Constant Interruptions” + they HAVE

“systematic training” on how to focus on “Major Outcome Activities” (M.O.A.’s)…

activities which… when SYSTEMATICALLY focused on… are responsible for business owner wealthy!)

For it is that “core” truth that’s responsible for transforming my life from that of earning a low six-figure income, constantly feeling overwhelmed, overworked and overstressed… to a life of…

Emotional “Peace of Mind”, Incredible Physical Vitality & A Business That’s Making Me Millions!!!

…And I wouldn’t trade that for the world!!!

That’s Impressive Joe!!! But Tell Me… What Exactly Must I Do To Transform My Life From That Of Being Overwhelmed, Overworked & Under-Compensated (Something Which I’ve Been Wrestling With For Years) To Being A Cool, Calm & Collected, ’’It’s A Wonderful Life!” Mega-Millionaire?

Here’s precisely what you must do…

Recently a life-changing “live” seminar titled Crazy-Busy-No-More “Success With Sanity” took place… it was an amazing and transforming, interactive-training event. And, we recorded every single minute of it into a 8 full-length DVDs for YOU. We’ve even compiled for you every tool and form from the live event (from the Life Grid to the Strategies for coping in a World Gone ADD cheatsheet), even’ bonus gift (from the composition book to the Unload Overload 31 Day Program Journal) and mcluded it with the DVDs!

This is the “Success With Sanity” CrazyBusy NO MORE Home Study Course and it is going to equip and supply you with everything you’ll need to…

Keep Your Life “Simple”, Stress-Free &

Your Business Making “Obscene” Amounts Of Money!

Now keep in mind that this is not going to be one of those Awww Man… I’ve heard this sh*t before .’Time Management courses that are regularly bemg offered by every “Tom”, “Dick” and “Harry” time-management “guru” who’s out there on the “lecture circuit”.


That’s not the case with this “experience of a lifetime” which you’ll be participating in – right from the comfort of your own living room..

This course is presented to you by… “The Master” himself… Dr. Edward Hallowell.

Dr. Edward Hallowell is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist (who incidentally, has also taught at Harvard University) and is considered to be the world’s foremost ADD ADHD expert. This world-renowned educator and best selling author of the book CrazyBusy: Overbooked, Overstretched and About to Snap has taught and appeared on every major television network in the United States including television shows like…

..and in newspapers and magazines including.

When it comes to teaching and trainmg people how to lead a satisfying, balanced & abundantly wealthy-entrepreneurial life…

Dr. Edward Hallowell Is… Quite Simply…

’’The Best Of The Best!”

There’s not a person on the planet who’s even a “close second” at what he does!!!

With that bemg said, the following is a small sampling of what you’ll discover in the Crazy-Busy-No-More “Success With Sanity” Home Studyr Kit… critical information that will be “burned into your brain”… yes… information that will become so ingrained m your mmd… that it will become a permanent part of every fiber of your being.

Information like…

  • A little-known secret (grossly misunderstood) that will multiply your “work productivity” by a factor of 10. (Imagine the dramatic increase in cash-flow revenue you’ll be seeing in your business once you grasp & implement this “secret” that will have you accomplishing 10 times the amount of “quality work” in asingle day versus what would typically take you 10 days to achieve.)
  •  The 7 “cardinal rules” for success which nobody teaches (or even has a clue about) that will INSTANTLY give you greater control over your life… and can have you making millions of dollars in less than 12 months!
  •  An ingenious “reverse psychology” trick that makes it easy for you to say “no” to “time-sucking leeches”… without experiencing any feelings of guilt whatsoever. (Even the shyest, most timid, “spineless” individuals find it easy to drive this wooden stake into the hearts of “energy vampires”… once they’ve been taught this semi-comedic… yet very professional “trick”.)
  •  How to “reboot” your brain so that never again will you find yourself being at the mercy of constant, distracting e-mails, telephone calls, faxes, instant messages, text messages, cell phones, etc., etc. (This nifty little technique alone will more than double your productivity at work… not to mention all the stress & angst it will save you from.)
  •  A simple way to replenish and maintain an energy-level at work each & every day which is so high… that it would make even an Olympic Tri-Athlete jealous!!!
  • The simplest, quickest way to shift yourself out of the mentally-incapacitating “F-State” (frenzied, flailing, fearful, forgetful, furious and f**ked-up) into the empowered “C-State” (cool, calm, collected, consistent & clear) which is largely responsible for separating the $40/hr. entrepreneur from the $4,000/hr. entrepreneur.)
  •  How to eliminate all the “toxic”, self-sabotaging behavior from your life which… even if you don’t recognize or believe exists… affects 99.999% of all people who are self-employed. (Think you couldn’t possibly be amongst those who are affected by these debilitating “emotional anchors”? Think again!!!)
  •  Plus several other life-changing “behavioral business techniques” that’ll have your competitors scratching their heads… pacing back and forth… and contemplating a change of careers.

Again, this is just a small sampling of what you are going to learn in your life-changing Crazy-Busv-No-More “Success With Sanity” Home Study Course.

Is It Possible That Something “So Seemingly Simple” Could Be Responsible For Helping Entrepreneurs Like Yourself Transform Their Lives From That Of Being Overwhelmed, Overstressed & Earning A “Paltry” S100,000-S200,000/yr. To That Of Being Happy, Healthy & Earning In The Neighborhood Of ONE MILLION DOLLARS A Year!!!???

Here is a list of famous authors who have created online courses on topics at the website WSOBox. You can search by suggested author name: Dan Lok; Grant Cardone; Brian Tracy; Neil Patel; Tim Ferriss; Chris Guillebeau; Gary Vaynerchuk; Ramit Sethi; Tony Robbins; Seth Godin; Jordan Belfort; Sam Ovens; Amy Porterfield; Pat Flynn; Marie Forleo; Russell Brunson; Jeff Walker; Tai Lopez; Ryan Deiss; Noah Kagan; Anton Kreil; Nial Fuller; Steve Nison; Kathy Lien; Adam Khoo; Jason Stapleton; Andrei Knight; Navin Prithyani; Vic Noble; Andrew Weil; Mark Hyman; Michael Greger; Josh Axe; Sara Gottfried; Joel Fuhrman; Deepak Chopra; John Douillard; Dan Siegel; Gabor Maté; Richard Bandler; Tony Robbins; Dr. Steve G. Jones; Igor Ledochowski; Michael Breen; Paul McKenna; David Snyder; Tad James; John Grinder; Anthony Jacquin; …

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