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System Building Masterclass – Scott Phillips Trading


I completely redesigned my Systems Building Workshop for version 2.0, adding 11 new systems with outstanding performance. Includes the latest versions of all my own trading systems.


[UPTO 70%] for the System Building Masterclass – Scott Phillips Trading $101.70 course. The course content is always complete and of the same quality as the sales page. Save money and learn more with WSOBox

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Complete rules for all my production trading systems

Massive Library of Professional Systems From Other Professional Traders

A step-by-step process of design, testing, optimization and implementation of highly profitable trading systems

Comrade Trader,

I completely redesigned my Systems Building Workshop for version 2.0, adding 11 new systems with outstanding performance. Includes the latest versions of all my own trading systems.

Complete System Rules And Detailed Instructions (With Spreadsheets)

Thor Daily Trend Following System (developed by me)

Crazy Ivan FX System (developed by me)

Emini Daily Ivanylizer Stock Index Daily Chart System (Developed by me)

Scalpius Mean Reversion System for daily charts (developed by me)

Mechanical Bitcoin System

Altcoin Impulse System

Seikota Shadow Trend Tracking System

Non Breakout Intraday Forex System (5 minute Forex system chart with some freedom)

The Daily Gap Stock Index System (new to v2.0)

15m Forex European Premarket Forex / Ducks system

Protect-R plugin exit methodology for marginal edges

Standard Pulse System v2. 0 (new for v2.0)

Stock system NR7 (new for v2.0)

Unsuccessful Breakout System (FX / CFD / Futures)

Mechanical 4hr system (FX / CFD / Futures)

Volatility breakout system (stocks) on average 3.8 R / week

Slot-in bear market system (when the bull market ends, switch to this mode)

Once a month basic Rebalancing (for long-term investment, eg retirement accounts. Actually manages the retirement accounts of Van Tharp’s instructors!)

This refers to the stock return Cookbook (many similar to the presence of a reverse system)

The intraday stock scalping system (3min charts) is a very highly efficient system for experienced traders with a fair amount of caution, accepting 10-30 trades per day pending .3. Traded widely by professionals but requires a lot of skill

New For Version 2.0 – Our Flagship Long Term System

Master class building system Standard Momentum System v2. 0

For the first time, all participants receive the full source code of the system to run both fully automated and semi-automated

This is a push-button done-for-you solution returning 26% CAGR over the past 15 years

Once a week execution makes it easy to maintain a trading business in the long run

Based on the highly researched and peer-reviewed momentum effect so you have confidence in the edge

The system exits all positions to capitalize on the bear market so you don’t have to worry about another 2008 style event

Exciting performance 26.6% per year from 2003-2018 with a maximum drawdown of 22%

Also new for v2. 0-Scalpius Mean Reversion System

System of winning bets 62% for daily charts

Trades outside of daily charts, so your work gets done in minutes a day

For FX / CFD / Futures markets this is how you can trade small and large accounts

High win rates and low drawdowns make this game very easy to trade (much easier than following a trend)

A simple and reliable set of rules based on a known property of markets – it is extremely unlikely that an edge will stop working

You will save yourself from a huge amount of torment and difficulties … by shortening your journey for years

The reason most traders end up “learning technical analysis” and just doing their best is because they don’t know how to trade the system properly.

It is very difficult to build a trading system. There are dead ends that can take years. There are scammers who are waiting to sell you the wrong information.

You should avoid curve fitting … do enough backtesting (but how much is enough?) … make sure you have the edge … get the right position sizing … manage correlations and portfolio heat … and much more.

Yes, that’s a lot of work. I’m not going to feed you a bunch of Bull Plop. It will take you at least 3 months of work, and most likely 6 months of work, to conceive, design, test and implement a professional quality trading system.

You can buy the system, of course, or use one of mine. But you still have to do the hard work of testing it to make sure it’s an advantage. And the System Buidling workshop will show you exactly how it is done.

Why should you finally stop accepting trades you like and start following a set of rules?

It’s really that simple

When I became honest with myself, I was finally able to recognize the reasons why I avoided systemic trading in the past.

I came to trading in order to have the freedom of a lifestyle, and I didn’t want to feel compelled to take trades that I didn’t like.

Deep down, I didn’t believe I could build a system with better results than “just reading the charts”.

But I was completely wrong … what mattered most to my subconscious was whether the current trade was profitable … but what really matters is the long-term advantage of my trading rules.

Did you know that some of the best systems still give you freedom

To Select And Select Your Deals?

Market Master Van Tharp is arguably the world’s leading expert in trading systems design. He was the only trading trainer mentioned in Jack Schwager’s bestseller Market Wizards: Interviews with Great Traders.

He has told me many times that he thinks discretionary traders are the best traders.

And I saw with my own eyes the results of the work of his Super Trader group. For more than 10 years, no one in his group has ever had to stop trading after a large drawdown.

Since you must understand that discretionary systems (which are admittedly much more difficult to trade) typically yield over 100% returns, they are a logical choice for any trader starting with a small account.

Don’t worry … I’ll teach you the crucial difference between creating and executing discretionary and purely mechanical systems in exhaustive detail.

If you have 20 minutes a day

I Guarantee to remove confusion, inconsistency and fear from your trading

Last year, I nearly died of kidney failure. And yet, even in a hospital intensive care unit with a tube filled with blood in my neck, I could still perform my systems flawlessly … just minutes from my hospital bed. Watch the video below to see how much easier a complete systematic trading can be.

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In a free economy, a country’s currency is valued in accordance with the laws of supply and demand.

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However, most countries freely exchange their currencies for the currencies of other countries, which leads to their constant fluctuations.

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