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The Copywriter’s Cheat Sheet, Part 1 and Part 2 – Ben Settle


The Copywriter’s Cheat Sheet :
Over 300 pages of advanced copywriting secrets and rare swipe file ads you can’t easily find anywhere else.



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The Copywriter’s Cheat Sheet :
Over 300 pages of advanced copywriting secrets and rare swipe file ads you can’t easily find anywhere else.

Table of Contents

Forward By Michael Senoff
1. How To Make People Salivate Over Even Deadly Boring And Completely “Ordinary” Products And Services
2. How To Use Video Games To Eliminate “Writers Block” Forever
3. How Watching A Certain Kind Of Movie Can Triple The Response Of Your Next Marketing Promotion
4. The Incredible Copywriting Secret Of A 480-Pound Woman Who Died While Being Surgically Removed From Her Couch
5. How To Seriously Crank Up The Response Of Your Advertising…By Studying Your Family Tree
6. Astonishing Advertising Secret Used By Mother Theresa And P.T. Barnum…Forces Even The Coldest, Most Sales-Resistant Prospects On The Planet To Eagerly Buy From You
7. The Million Dollar Copywriting Secret Discovered In Ancient Religious Texts
8. Amazing Copywriting Secret Found In Old Batman Comic Dramatically Boosts The Readership Of Your Ads
9. Little-Known Copywriting Trick Makes Even Your Most Outrageous Claims 100% Believable
10. How To Make A Bundle Of Money Using Your Competitor’s Customer Testimonials…In Your Advertising
11. The “Binder” Secret Of A Multi-Millionaire Lawyer Who Stubbornly Refuses To Advertise
12. How To Gain Instant Trust From Your Readers With Just A Few Simple Sentences…Even In Hyper-Competitive Markets Where Nobody Knows About You Or Your Product
13. How To Protect Yourself From Being Screwed Over In Business…Without Needing A Contract Or Lawyer
14. Fast, Dirt-Cheap Marketing Secret Gives You Automatic Credibility – Even With Your Most Skeptical Customers And Prospects
15. A “Fool-Proof” Way Of Finding Out What People Secretly (And Desperately) Want You To Sell To Them
16. Copywriting Secret Revealed By “Boogey Man” Novelist Skyrockets The Response Of Almost Any Ad You Run
17. How Listening To Tree Huggers And Hippies Can Make Your Advertising So Hot – And So Profitable – You’ll Hardly Believe It
18. Why Bad Writing And Lots Of Typos Can Actually Make You More Sales
19. How A Kung Fu Master In Florida Rakes In Tens Of Millions Every Year…By Breaking This Famous Direct Marketing Rule
20. How To Make Even Your Limp, “Plain Vanilla” Bullet Points Impossible To Ignore
21. How To Use Photographs To Instantly Increase The Response Of Your Ads
22. How To Triple The Response Of Your Advertising…By Trying To Convince People Not To Buy From You
23. How To Create Inexpensive Advertising That’s Simple, Fast And Will Keep Making You Money…Even After You Stop Using It
24. How To Get Almost All Of Your Prospects And Customers To Click On Your Email Links
25. How To Use “Gag” Headlines To Jump start Your Creativity
26. How The Size Of A Man’s Butt Relates To His IQ
27. Copywriting Master And Former Mentor Of John Carlton Documents Over 100 Authentic Cases Of People Being Raised From The Dead
28. How To Use Transition Sentences To Make Your Copy 1,000 Times Better
29. Why Your Swipe File Will Cripple Your Sales…If You Don’t Know This
30. How To Get People To Lean In And Anxiously Read Your Sales Pitch…Almost 100% Of The Time
31. How To Get People To Lean In And Anxiously Read Your Sales Pitches
32. How Crooked Politicians Screw You Out Of All Your Money…And You Can Honestly And Ethically Use Their Tactics In Your Ads
33. How to Use Ebay To “Kick Start” Your Copywriting Business
34. A Booger A Day Keeps The Doctor Away?
35. Why You’re In Deep Dog Poop If You Rely Exclusively On The Internet To Market Your Business
36. The “One-Two Punch” Strategy Used By A Copywriting Heavyweight
37. Copywriting Secret Used Centuries Ago By Socrates Works Even Better Today
38. Where To Get (Almost) Every John Carlton Golf Ad Ever Written – FREE
39. Uncovering Your Ad’s Nakedness: An Important Copywriting Lesson Straight Out Of The Holy Bible
40. Indisputable Proof That “Wall-To-Wall” Copy Works
41. A Classic Copywriting “Blunder” That Makes Your Glowing Testimonials Work Against You
42. A Million-Dollar Lesson About Using Personality In Your Advertising
43. How To Practically Guarantee All Of Your Email Pitches Make A Profit
44. Extremely Simple Way To Beef Up The Power Of Your Bullet Points
45. The Secret To Having Three Wives
46. How To Read And Study The Headlines On Every Magazine Cover In The World…Without Having To Pay One Single Penny, Leave Your House Or Even Get Up From Your Chair
47. A Rare Look At An Old Direct Mail Piece That Raked In Millions
48. The Amazing Copywriting Secret That Can Also Help You Get A Second Date
49. Profile Of A Marketing Genius Nobody Ever Seems To Talk About
50. The Stunning “Money-Attraction” Secret Of Rush Limbaugh And Fidel Castro
51. A Truly Dorky Ad Written By A Certified Marketing M****
52. Why So Many Hot, Sexy Women End Up With Idiotic, Abusive Dorks
53. How To Make Your Advertising 1000% Stronger…Simply By Rearranging The Order Of Your Testimonials
54. Breakthrough Headline Tactics Of One Of The Most Visited Sites On The Entire Internet
55. How To Give Even Your Most Skeptical Prospects That Little ‘Nudge’ Over The Fence And Buy From You
56. The Totally Free Way To Improve Your Sales Letters By Up To 1000%
57. The Pure Magic Of Using “Precaution” Copy In Your Advertising
58. How To Use “Zig-Zag Marketing” To Spank And Humiliate Even Your Savviest Competitors
59. The 30-Minute Copywriting Secret Turns Your Love-Life Around Overnight

The Copywriter’s Cheat Sheet – Part 2 :
More copywriting secrets guaranteed to put money in your pocket fast – No matter who you are or what you sell

Table of Contents

1. How To Make Even Sucky Ad Copy Virtually Unbeatable
2. How To Eliminate Anxiety And Procrastination When Starting A Copywriting Project
3. Squeeze More Money From Your Ads Without Changing Even One Word Of Your Copy
4. How To Quickly And Easily Turn Pissed Off Customers Into Happy Buyers
5. This “Innocent” Copywriting Mistake Is Almost Guaranteed To Make You Look Like Either A Flake Or A Liar
6. Triple Your Response By Being A Downer
7. How To “Outfox” Your Competition
8. How To Discover Your Customers’ “Hidden” Fears And Desires
9. How To Use Your Competition’s Product Or Service To Sell Your Product Or Service
10. How To Turn Non-Buyers Into Buyers
11. How To Make Your Ads Easy For Your Readers To Chew, Swallow And Digest
12. Barely Legal Copywriting Secret Gets People Flocking To Your Ads And Sales Letters In Droves
13. How To Make “Dry As Dust” Case Studies 100% Fascinating And Interesting
14. How To Make The Newspaper Your Unofficial “Sales Assistant”
15. How To Dramatically Increase The Pulling Power Of Your Premiums And Free Bonuses In Your Ads
16. 100-Year-Old Copywriting Secret Makes All The Claims In Your Marketing Ten Times More Believable
17. How To Make Sure You Never Sound Like An Obnoxious Braggart In Your Ads
18. Why “Can’t Refuse Offers” Hurt Response
19. Another Copywriting “Rule” Bites The Dust
20. How A Stupid Copywriting Mistake Killed An Otherwise Perfect Marketing Piece
21. Why Sampling Is A Waste Of Time…And The Simple Thing You Should Do Instead
22. How To Breathe New Life Into Dying Sales Letters
23. How To Make More Money…By Hiding Your Ads
24. How To Instantly Gain The Trust Of All Your Customers
25. How To Create Money-Making Headlines Under Pressure
26. How To Make Your Marketing Promotions “Skeptic-Proof”
27. The Childishly Simple Copywriting Secret That Drives Up Response Almost Overnight
28. A Simple Copywriting Tip That Makes Most Marketing Problems Instantly Evaporate
29. How To Use An Ordinary Stereo To Drive Your Ad Response Through The Roof
30. How To Be “Number One” In Your Market…Without Even Having The Best Product Or Service
31. How To Make Price Irrelevant
32. Incredible Copywriting Secret Used By Cults And Marketing Gurus Multiplies Your Response Overnight
33. How To Make Crazy Promises And Claims In Your Marketing Totally Believable
34. Copy Editing Secret Makes Your Marketing Promotions Irresistible To Read
35. How To Make Dull Guarantees Exciting And Dramatic
36. How To Instantly Remove Any And All Hesitation About Buying From You
37. How To Mentally And Emotionally Glue People To Your Ads
38. How To Make Complex Products and Services Seem “Monkey-Simple”
39. The John Caples “Milk Bone” Secret
40. Why You Shouldn’t Always Use Testimonials In Your Ads
41. The Incredible Copywriting Secret Of My Left-Wing Grandmother
42. Rare Copywriting Secret (Used Only A Few Times In History) Leaves Everyone Riding Your Coattails
43. Copywriting Secret Used By Famous Trial Lawyer Lets Even “Amateur” Copywriters Beat Seasoned Pros
44. How To Make Your Ad Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb In Noisy, Over-Crowded Markets
45. How To Get People To Look For Reasons To Buy From You
46. Why Writing Ads In Your Doctor’s Office Can Give You An Incredible Edge Over Your Competition
47. “Long Copy Versus Short Copy” Mystery Finally Solved
48. How To Write Great Copy…Without Having To Be A Great “Copywriter”


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