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The Fast Guide to Launching – Elizabeth Goddard


The Fast Guide to Launching
Ditch the launch stress, and go from idea to paying clients in a week
with my fast launching process.


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The Fast Guide to Launching – Elizabeth Goddard 

The Fast Guide to Launching

Ditch the launch stress, and go from idea to paying clients in a week
with my fast launching process.

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly having really good ideas for your business… but you know that if you put them on a to-do list, that’s like the kiss of death for them – they’re doomed to never see the light of day.

And if you never actually launch your ideas, you don’t help the people you’re meant to help.

But I get it, launching is incredibly stressful and overwhelming. There’s a million and one things to do, and that’s just to hitting ‘go’… next comes the emotional roller-coaster quite unlike any other!

Omg, what if no-one buys?! I will legit die.
Omg, what if someone buys?! I will legit die.

I’ve been there – it’s intense.

And then there’s all the decisions you’re going to need to make… and all the tech you’ll have to figure out…, and all the planning you’ll need to do… and is current best practice 3-part video series or 4?!

It’s all going to take months.

And before you know it… all that beautiful excitement for your new offer… well… it’s gone. Poof.

Fast launching has been pivotal in my business

And proof that you don’t need crazy, over-planned, gigantic launches to grow your business well into 6-figures.

These days, when a fully formed idea comes to me, I can get it launched AND making money within the same day. No more struggling through months and months of planning, self-doubt, overthinking all my emails, and secretly worrying that all this work won’t lead anywhere.

When you’re moving fast…

You don’t have time to get all freaked out. You have to hold on tight and figure it out as you go – if you ask me, that’s when a lot of the best things come to life.
You’re less attached to the results, because you haven’t invested months of your life and a whole lot of money into it.
What might have taken you 3 months to plan and launch now takes 3 weeks – leaving a whole 9 weeks to launch several other things. And that means…
You can launch more stuff and give your people more opportunities to pay you.
You can quickly gather real-world data on what your audience responds to, and then use that data to increase your successes with every launch.
You feel like a freaking rockstar who is totally bossing this “having an online business” thing, and turning your ideas into real things in the world!

Sounds intriguing?

It’s time you meet…

The Fast Guide to Launching

The Fast Guide to Launching is a 4-module online course covering
the exact process I use to plan out and implement my launches fast.

Imagine if you could…

Launch a membership program with 2 emails, a tiny list and bring in $600 in monthly recurring revenue.
Create $4800 out of thin air by launching a whole new program in 48 hours, after having an idea for it in the shower.
Sell 33 spots in a brand-new training in a matter of days, bringing in over $1500 – and then another $11K from selling the recording.

Because these bullet points come to you straight from my personal journal of fast launches. And they’re the perfect example of the kind of online business magic you can create when you learn how to fast launch.

Here’s your fast-track to profitable launches:

Module 1: Fast Launching 101

Here you’ll learn how fast launching is different from, err, “slow” launching – or you know, the big launches with all the bells and whistles and months of planning and preparation. You’ll discover the benefits of moving fast and the principles underlying fast launching, so you can decide how this strategy will fit your business.

Module 2: Preparing to Launch

This is the biggest chunk of the work, and where a lot of business owners get stuck due to perfectionism, overplanning, or just good ol’ fear. In this module, you’ll discover my 5-step process to take you from idea to cart open fast – including creation, content, tech, and essential mindset shifts to set you up for

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