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The Mind Freedom Course – Kristopher Dillard


The mind’s a little bit trickier though. We’ve lost clarity as to how we are the operator, and have placed ourselves into a very weird relationship with it. It bosses us around, and we submit to it—unconsciously.


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Take Your Power Back Today

The mind is set up, and behaves, exactly like a computer system. Exactly.

It uses a storage drive to save information (memories) and it runs automatic processes (programs).

When you operate a computer, you have a certain degree of control. If a program that’s running your computer is acting up, or isn’t providing the value you need, you remove it.

The mind’s a little bit trickier though. We’ve lost clarity as to how we are the operator, and have placed ourselves into a very weird relationship with it. It bosses us around, and we submit to it—unconsciously.

So, say if we want to create some financial freedom for ourself. Our mind grabs us by the throat and tells us why it’s impossible… why we’re not good enough… why we don’t have what it takes… why it’s so hard, risky, and so on.

And we listen to it.

We. Take. It. As. Fact.

And as this goes on, those programs keep us secretly demoralized, and relying on the mind to protect us. We play small and play it safe. We tell ourselves that we are ‘on the path’ but our actual progress falls way short of our ambition.

These programs keep running us subconsciously, even though we know better! We’ve handed our power over to them, and we fight furiously to protect them.

It’s time to discriminate and know, through and through, that these beliefs are not reality.

That’s why I’ve created this brand new course that puts you back in power, so you full control of your computer, your mind. 

I’m going to give you some powerful insights, and walk you though incredible exercises, that will let you:

  • Identify these programs that are keeping you ‘in a bubble’ of illusion
  • Dismantle these programs so they don’t run—at all—in your mind, anymore
  • Know the power in you, and understand what true self determination is all about

Eradicate The Limiting Programs That Are Currently Sabotaging Your Life

If you don’t decide to take a stand, these programs will keep you on the same restricted path:

  • With the SAME income
  • The SAME problems
  • The SAME thinking
  • People treating you the SAME
  • The world going in the SAME downward spiral
  • And the SAME inevitability… sickness and death

(A bit dramatic, I know — but it’s true!)

These programs are the underlying reason your life always seems to get stuck in a certain pattern that you cannot break free of (no matter what you intend to do).

But if you take a stand, you can totally turn around these programs that are also limiting beliefs.

For example, just look at some common money programs (beliefs) that we all tend to have (you might too). And see what’s possible when the program is removed…

Limiting Belief: I’m just not good with money.

What happens when you let this go: You develop a new relationship with money – a healthy and loving relationship. There’s no fear or resistance to look at your account balances. Your head’s up, looking forward to all the options you have to letting your money grow, and working for you.

Limiting Belief: Money is a limited resource.

What happens when you let this go: You stop playing the losing game of competition, scarcity and lack. You see the Universal Picture that opportunities are UNLIMITED and EVERYWHERE. You stop trying to figure out what to do to create abundance, and allow it to come to you.

Limiting Belief: I’ll have to work hard and make a lot of sacrifices to be wealthy.

What happens when you let this go: You drop your resistance to working hard (which is hard work in and of itself) and start coming from a sense of courageousness – all the time. You get crystal clear on your goals, and you work smart… not hard… to make them a reality.

Limiting Belief: Can’t be rich and happy… rich and healthy… rich and spiritual.

What happens when you let this go: You open yourself up to have it all. Everything in your life now flows out of LOVE, and you have to make no compromise – ever. Life becomes a delightful game, where you don’t have to hold onto anything. Instead, you just let go and live in the flow.

Limiting Belief: It’s selfish to want a lot of money.

What happens when you let this go: You are a creator, and you know it! Likewise, you see everybody else as a creator. You’re in a position to show others that they are just as unlimited and abundant, and make the world a better place.

Of course, there are many more programs (not just about money… about everything!) And they’re not going to leave on their own.

You know that.

Because when you look at your limiting programs and beliefs, you see that many of these have been with you for as long as you can remember.

And I’m going to show you how to erase them – forever.

Here’s how the course works and what you get:  

  • Two 2-hour live video conference sessions each week, Thursday and Saturday at 5:30pm BST (12:30pm EST).
  • You may connect to the video conference using a simple app on your phone, tablet, or computer. You have the option to share your video, or interact verbally (without sharing your video), or you may dial in by telephone (local to most countries).
  • During these live conference sessions, I will work with you directly on your goals – showing you specific tools that will enable you to remove the limitations that have blocked you from living your ideal life already.  
  • Two additional 1-hour video sessions each week guide you, one-on-one, into the workings of your mind so you can understand how you’ve always had the power to consciously create whatever you wish in life.
  • All sessions are recorded and will be added to your personal library in the Members Area for you to access any time you choose.
  • Each week, you’ll get homework assignments to follow until the next week’s sessions.
  • You’ll be assigned a partner through the duration of the course, to keep each other motivated and accountable, and to maximise your momentum.
  • You’ll learn how to identify the exact programs that are creating conflicts in your life and neutralize those programs right at the source.
  • You’ll discover how to clean up your past, so you no longer carry the weight of past regrets, painful moments, and failures on your mind. You’ll find yourself free to live IN THE NOW, taking advantage of the unlimited opportunities available at your finger tips.
  • You’ll learn how to open yourself up to true unconditional giving and receiving.
  • You’ll discover how to take 100% responsibility for your life and to use it to reclaim your happiness.
  • You’ll stop wasting time with limiting thougts and learn how to develop and trust the power of quiet.
  • You’ll effectively dismantle the self-sabotage programs that have created a pattern of abandoned goals and dreams.
  • You’ll develop a clear picture with which to implement the life of your choice.
  • You’ll to stop settling for less than you deserve. You will learn how to say “yes” to love and abundance of all kinds.
  • You’ll learn how to create an abundant lifestyle where you can inspire and help others attain abundance, happiness, and Total Freedom.

Bring Out The True You And Manifest At Will

In each live conference, and guided video session, I will work with you directly and show you how to erase your past (once you realize you don’t even need it) by bringing together all of Lester’s advanced teachings that will connect you with your inner power.

If you really want to open up your life and change your current results to happiness and bliss—the answer is right here, right now.


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