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Ultimate Indicator Bundle Elite package -Simpler Trading – Sam Shames


However, when the market’s choppy, it’s like a road with hairpin turns so you drive more slowly and carefully. The key to trading through all market conditions is to get a grip on what it’s actually doing.

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Learn how the “True Momentum” of the market uncovers invisible setups most traders miss

Trading is like driving a car. How fast you drive depends on whether you’re on a curvy or straight road, right? It’s the same in the markets. When your trend indicators are aligned, it’s like the road is straight so you can drive faster.

However, when the market’s choppy, it’s like a road with hairpin turns so you drive more slowly and carefully. The key to trading through all market conditions is to get a grip on what it’s actually doing.

Take this GOOGL trade…

That was a 300% gain in less than 3 days. Traders can’t choose the right strategy if they can’t adapt to the “true momentum” in the market. That’s why you need the right tools to help you quickly adapt to whatever the market’s doing.

How Sam Shames Used “True Momentum” to Grow $80k to $320k in only 12 months

Most indicators work in either trending or non-trending conditions (but not both), right? That means you’re always at risk of being whipsawed by false signals. But what if there was a solution to this problem? For Sam that answer lies in his HiLo Pro and TrendOscillator tools. These tools are a culmination of Sam’s entire trading career.

These tools are also how he was able to grow his $80k account to $320k in only 12 months. His secret weapons were his “True Momentum” tools that quickly gauge market direction. How do they manage this? Simply put, these tools are able to adapt. Sam uses these momentum tools every day to identify the “best of the best” setups and pass on the rest. This creates back-to-back profit opportunities to “get in and cash out.”

In this step-by-step training you’ll discover:

What Sam’s new “true momentum” tools tell us about this market

How to get leading signals in any market or timeframe

How Sam traded the recent market drop (and his plan going forward)

Why seeing “true momentum” is critical for timing reversals

How to expose precise and objective signals in this ugly market

Why Sam’s popular pre-trade checklist is essential right now

Here’s more of what you’ll get in this exclusive new indicator bundle

How to use the HiLo Pro and TrendOscillator Pro to instantly tell if a chart is trending

How to identify “perfect” trends at a glance using “pure” momentum

How to use TrendOscillator Pro divergence to anticipate trend changes on any chart

The breakthrough momentum indicator that LEADS trend changes

 How to use the HiLo Pro indicator to trade “Smiles and Frowns”

 How to use the HiLo Pro indicator arrows to time trades in 3 simple steps

E-Learning Module

Included in this package is the E-Learning Module. All the important sections of the course are presented in video modules that are organized into specific training topics.

Like all recorded sections of this package, you can watch, study, and watch again everything the course has to offer from anywhere you have internet access — your phone, tablet, and computer.

Your course is available around the clock for your convenience.

TrendOscillator Pro

Sam developed this indicator to reveal when a chart has a perfect trend. This makes it possible to quickly flip through charts and identify trend quality at a glance. Is it up, down, or sideways? Now there’s no guesswork, you can see instantly. The goal is to only take “best of the best” trades that match your trend criteria and pass on the rest.

HiLo Pro Oscillator

When stocks are in non-trending mode, the HiLo Pro Oscillator shines because it reveals Sam’s “Frowns and Smiles” patterns. The built-in timing arrows help Sam pinpoint when to execute trades with an intuitive 3-step system. The HiLo Pro identifies significant oversold and overbought conditions with as little “noise” or false signals as possible.

These indicators are designed specifically to work together and they are both available on thinkorswim® and TradingView.

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