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VentureMage Course – ALEX BERMAN


This Simple, 3 Step Method Helped Us Collect A 6 Figure Pay Day by Helping A Startup Raise $5.5M In 6 Weeks By Just Sending A Few Messages A Day


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VentureMage Course – ALEX BERMAN

VentureMage Course - ALEX BERMAN

This Simple, ^ Step Method Helped Us Collect A 6 Figure Pay Day by Helping A Startup Raise S^.^M In 6 Weeks By Just Sending A Few Messages A Day

Now anyone can make a full time living by applying our exact plug and play methods to help startups raise capital.

Startups need help raising capital

Running a business is simple in theory, if you really break it down, there’s only 3 components:

You have marketing to attract new customers towards your product or sendee.

You have sales to be able to exchange their hard earned cash for your product or sendee. And ultimately you need to be able to fulfill the promise through your product or sendee. These 3 components are simple enough to learn.

Running a business is simple in theory, if you really break it down, there’s only 3 components:

You have marketing to attract new customers towards your product or service.

^ou have sales to be able to exchange their hard earned cash for your product or service. And ultimately you need to be able to fulfill the promise through your product or service. These 3 components are simple enough to learn.

Market it, sell it, and build it.

And if you have some profit left to continue this process, congrats, you are in business.

So why isn’t everyone rushing to become an entrepreneur if it’s that simple?

Well, you see there’s a bit of a problem for most entrepreneurs.

Let’s get back to the 3 components:


in order to do a successful marketing campaign you need traffic, also known as eyeballs. This isn’t free. You need to either be willing to pay for ads, pay for an influencer to shout you out, or build an audience over time, and time is money.


If you can sell that’s fantastic, you’re an asset for your own business. But what happens when you fill your own calendar with meetings? You become capped, you can’t grow any further. Which means you need to invest money into hiring others. If you can’t sell, you need to hire from the beginning.


You could be fulfilling yourself, if you’re a freelancer, but then who’s selling for you? Can you do both and grow a multimillion dollar business? Chances are the answer to that is no. You will need to hire additional people in order to grow your business.

“I don’t sell a service, I sell a product”
Great, how are you going to improve it, build features, support your existing customers?
The problem is very clear when you do the math.
You need MONEY in order to scale a business.
But don’t worry there’s a few ways to get this money.
In fact, you will learn in a few minutes how you can use one of these ways to make top dollars yourself.
So here are the ways entrepreneurs fund their businesses: 
The founder funds it themselves using their own hard earned money. The problem here is clear, you will risk a lot, if yTou don’t have a lot of money to start with. And you are limited to the size of your bank account.
Friends, Family and Fools
This one is funny, collect small investments from friends and family or anyone foolish enough to risk their money, or at least that’s how the joke goes. Risks? Broken relationships if things don’t pan out.
You get to keep 10096 ownership of your company with this one, but what happens when the interest starts to add up? Plus banks hate lending money to startups.
Angel Investors & Venture Capital (VCs)
These are my favorite for a couple of reasons.
1) They invest in exchange for equity-, which means that they will own a piece of the company. That makes them have skin in the game, so they will happily share resources beyond money with the founder.
2) They can invest A LOT and bring others who will invest even more.
In fact, we recently reached out ourselves to VCs and managed to raise 7 figures for a project in the idea phase in just 6 weeks.

It’s super easy to get investors to respond if you know what you’re doing.

And the best part about this, is NOT that you can do this for your own company to raise capital.

Startups are so desperate for this knowledge that they will gladly pay you 6 figures to help them raise capital. 9 out of 10 startups will fail.

According to a 2021 CBInsights report, there are 12 reasons why startups fail.

But check this out:

Almost 40% of startups never even get a chance to market or get outcompeted by similar products.

They just run out of cash and have to close their doors.
And 38% of them can’t raise capital, but why is that?

It really boils down to a silly reason.
Raising capital from VCs is just like selling a product or service to a prospect.
It involves marketing and sales.
However, you need to know a very specific style of selling for investors to pour money into a startup.
But it’s actually pretty easy once you know what you’re doing.
In fact, we were able to do it with just an email, a notepad and Zoom. And the best part, we automated it all.
This process is also nskless, because we got the startup to cover the cost of the softwares we needed to make this investor machine work.
FYI, the entire thing cost less than $50 a month, and we raised 7 figures for the startup.
And startups will happily pay you $50k+ per deal closed, if you can help them raise money.
And I know you might be wondering, “It must be difficult to get investors to pour millions into a company”
“You need to know rich people or be born rich to have that kind of access”
The answer is NO. Investors want to invest.
In fact, they need to.
They are constantly competing with other investors to get a hold of a winning company.
In fact, investors are a commodity, not a luxury7 item.
If they don’t invest the money they have, it will just rot away because of inflation or they will have to settle for mediocre returns.
And that’s not an option for them.
So people with our investor prospecting method can make a ton of money by ethically standing in the middle of startups and investors.
Startups need the cash, and investors need to move the cash.
It’s a win-win situation.
The process doesn’t require a lot of risk on my part
The process is super easy to follow as well.
Have you ever sent an email to someone you know?
If you can do that, you can also do this.
Have you ever typed something special on a birthday card for someone? If you can do that, then you can also do this.
There’s 3 stages to this process.
Intelligence Building
Finding who are the right investors for your startup client.
And lastly how to turn this skill into a business that allows you to bring 6-7 figures with just 5-10 clients. This part covers how to get startup clients as well!
Writing effective outreach messaging that will have them booking calls with you all day and developing the ultimate pitch to get them to send the term sheet right after your call.
I believe I can help startups raise money
By now you should really be confident that helping startups raise capital is a heck of an opportunity-.
The best part? Very few people are doing this.
Right now people are letting investment banks keep all the money because they think you need some kind of “banking permit” to do this.
With our method, we also teach people how to do this without needing any sort of banking or brokerage license.
All you need is an email, a notepad and Zoom.
That being said, if you are going to help startups raise capital you need to be careful.
There’s certain laws that prevent the even-day average joe from partaking in this profit feast.
However, if you know how to maneuver the regulations, you quickly realize that there’s a loophole.
Hundreds of people are capitalizing on this loophole to facilitate deals between investors and startups.
We call this loophole becoming a Deal Flow Consultant, and it allows people to legally and ethically charge for the sen-ice of raising capital for a startup.
We are opening up a new implementation program that will help people like you navigate the process of becoming a Deal Flow Consultant.
As an added benefit, you will learn how to raise capital, meaning in the future when you sit on the other side of the table as a startup founder, you can do this for yourself!
It’s very easy to get a startup to agree to this
The best part about becoming a Deal Flow Consultant and raising capital as a sendee is how easy it is to get startups to agree to your sendee.
In the implementation program we will show you who to target, how to negotiate your deal to make it extremely painless for startups to work with you, and we’ll give you the entire done-for-you process to get them results.
If someone went to you, and said they could get you 6 to 7 figures in funding to scale your business, and on top of that, there’s zero risk foryou as a consultant or the startup….
It would be very’ hard to say no.
At the end of the day’, y’ou’re helping grow their business, rvith zero downside.
Fulfillment is fully automated
The best part for you as a consultant (or even if you are trying raise capital for yourself)
The entire Deal Flow Process is fully automated.
And we really mean it.
Getting investors, getting startups, the exa

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