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Wake Up Productive – Eben Pagan


Wake Up Productive gives you the mindsets, tools, and techniques you need to double your productivity over the next three month

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Here’s A Breakdown Of The Entire
90-Day Training Curriculum

The Wake Up Productive System

Wake Up Productive gives you the mindsets, tools, and techniques you need to double your productivity over the next three months.

You’ll discover how to get more done in a single hour than you do now in two, without needing tons of willpower or extreme discipline.

And because you’ll be able to extract twice the value from every hour you get, you’ll have a lot more free time on your hands.

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently at a 9-5 job, if you’re self-employed, or even if you’re running one or more businesses…

Take action on the knowledge you’ll gain in Wake Up Productive and at the end of the 90 days you’ll wake up with a new sense of control over your life … you’ll greatly reduce any feelings of stress, anxiety, or overwhelm … and most importantly, you’ll have time for the things that matter to you.

12 Weeks Of Video Training

Wake Up Productive helps you install two critical habits that will transform your life for the better if you do them.

That’s why each week – for 12 weeks – you’ll have a video training that guides you through each step of the process.

The steps are easy to follow. Just do the exercises, and by the end you’ll wake up far more productive than you are now. And you’ll have installed the 2 key habits that make it “automatic” for you.

The entire program is broken up into four main parts.

Here’s how it works…

Orientation And “Fast Start” Sessions

Before we can get started, you’ll go through an orientation video that gives you the foundational principles of productivity and the concepts you’ll be learning throughout the program

You’ll get five Fast Start sessions – short, 7-minute videos – that walk you through key exercises to get you ready for the training ahead.

You’ll discover how to clear your mental clutter, zap “energy robbers”, get closure on “open loops” in your life, and get out of the dangerous “Grey Zone.”

Month 1 — Inner Game Of Productivity

In the first four weeks, you’ll discover how to create your personal success ritual and really get it nailed down for maximum impact in your life

You’ll get a technique to calm down your “inner butterfly effect” and also discover how to fire your “Success Prevention Department.”

Then in the final week of this month, we’ll start building your focus muscles in preparation for what comes next…

Month 2 — Outer Game Of Productivity

You’ll fully understand how to implement the “60-60-30” solution to get far more done in a single hour than most people do in an entire day …

We’ll help you uncover your most valuable tasks so you can focus on them … and help you create the “habit” of getting your most important work done each day.

You’ll also get strategies and techniques for getting out of the energy-robbing “Grey Zone” and learn how to use the Productivity Pyramid as you level-up your life …

Month 3 — The Next Level Of Productivity

Why the “Dark Side” of success is something you’ve got to avoid … and learn how to deal with any obstacles or challenges that come your way as you become more productive …

You’ll learn how to apply one of my most valuable concepts – inevitability thinking. This allows you to think of an outcome you want, and practically guarantee it’ll happen.

How to create “You 2.0” and discover your true purpose in life (and free up your time and attention so you can focus on it with everything you’ve got …


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