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This workshop celebrated the Celtic New Year Samhain (Halloween) Sabbath!
Join Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu in Merlindale as they bring forward this powerful virtual retreat channelled by Merlin the Celtic Wizard.



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Recordings of the Event with Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu

This workshop celebrated the Celtic New Year Samhain (Halloween) Sabbath!

Join Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu in Merlindale as they bring forward this powerful virtual retreat channelled by Merlin the Celtic Wizard.

He was joined by a host of magical beings – Ravens, Dragons, Faeries and more to help you with your inner healing work and Earth Healing Powers.

Merlin is a title given to those who have mastered Earth Magic, Esoteric Healing and Divine Alchemy whilst on Earth.

Many of you will have been trained as Merlins in previous incarnations and again possibly in this incarnation.

On the Eve of the start of the Celtic New Year, when the veil is at its thinnest, this Samhain, the Celtic Magician Merlin is offering to come forward and channel through Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu who is a Merlin Vortex practitioner.

This retreat included live channeling, guided meditation, sound healing, inner activations, crystal skull healing and upgrades within your energy matrix.

Merlin offered for you to be initiated or reinitiated into Merlin’s Magic Circle in the New Earth 5th Dimensional Template.

This is a Circle for initiates (students) of Merlin who will be led on the path of accessing ones own soul magic and healing abilities.

Many of you will have studied with Merlin before when on the Earth or in dream time.

Learning about Earth Magic, how to change situations in your life with ease.

How to heal stuck energies, disease, illness and transform limited thinking, cancelling looping or repetitive thought form patterning as well as transforming your view points on situations and life.

Ultimately Merlin is offering you a healing path to enlightenment using the Earth elements, sacred symbols, energetic structures and animal, plant, crystal and tree magic.

This is an opportunity for you to be able to carry magical symbols, frequencies and activations within your matrix once again.

And to be part of the magic circle mission, activating the great inner Temples of the Earth, as-well as energy Portals and Leyline activations.

Merlin will help you to be able to receive and reawaken your own magical gifts ten fold.

He will assist you in remembering the unique abilities that you have trained in and can offer the world at large.

And he will assist you with your own soul healing, growth and the collective Ascension.

Merlin is always a fun but very wise Ascended Master to connect with.

His humour is very particular and he brings great joy and upliftment as well as helpful knowledge for your soul’s progression.

He will support in connecting you more fully into the magical realms of the Elementals, Nature Spirits, Devic Kingdom including crystals, trees, plants and animals.

In this Retreat we worked particularly with the Dragon and Raven consciousness in the Samhaim Portal to bring inner transformations and to help you step on to the highest timeline your soul is able to access at the moment.

In this Retreat Merlin assigned you a particular task on behalf of the Merlin Circle, as well as providing you with key soul wisdom and knowledge.

This assists you through the great changes that comes with the turning of the Celtic Wheel.

As it was the start of the Celtic New Year, the veils between the worlds were thinner, this means it is easier in this Portal for you to access psychic knowledge and information.

Auraengus Manu has been a Merlin student in many incarnations and again in this incarnation for over two decades.

He will be taking you through Group Vortex healing, Merlin Breath Work activities, and healing work with Merlin’s Magical Staff.

All this along with any further knowledge Merlin wished to bring forward on the day.

Alphedia channelled Merlin live through the retreat in guided meditations with sound healing and assisted Auraengus initiating you on behalf of Merlin into the Magic Circle.

You will be met with a magical being guide from the Elemental realm that is your ally for the work you are to do with Merlin in the coming year.

You will also be assigned Earth mission tasks as well as knowledge and wisdom about your path ahead.

As you remember and reclaim your Earth Magic abilties as a sorcerer/sorceress.

You will remember if you are a healer, a herbalist, an artist, a channel, a seer, a communicator, a transmitter, anchorer or any other role that you play within Merlin’s Magic Circle.

Merlin is very connected with the Fae Realm in particular and often is a bridge between the Realms.

He will bring you Fae healing with the Royal Faery court this Samhain.

The Ravens at this time of year always come forward as a Spirit Animal to offer their consciousness, to help you with your metamorphosis and inner transformations.

Samhain is a Portal of Rebirth, so you will have the opportunity to shed with Merlin what emotions you no longer wish to be holding onto, and any other life patterns that have been holding you back.

You were able to also receive Crystal Attunements and Activations as well.

Come and join us, become part of this exclusive club invited to join Merlin’s Magic Circle!

Auraengus and Alphedia have both individually at times, been asked by Merlin to initiate souls into the Circle, but this will be the first collective group invite.

As always you will be deeply supported through this transformational healing.

Channelled message from Merlin.

“Greetings, greetings, greetings

I am Merlin the Wizard, it is with great honour and joy that I come forward.

I come forward to call those of you who feel the call deep within your heart.

To work with my magic, to work within the magic circle with many other Merlins

And to reawaken that inner knowledge of your inner Magical Abilities.

Many of you are indeed Earth Healers, many of you are indeed Seers, many of you are Activators

And many of you are ready now to reclaim all of your Ancient Knowledge and gifts, to be empowered.

I will work on clearing stuck energies from your matrix.

I will work with you in activating the codes and symbols that are lying dormant within you.

You will be gifted a Merlin cloak as well as your own staff of light during the staff activation.

You will receive a transference of codes from Auraengus and also from the land, known as Merlindale in Scotland.

This will be a powerful activation for the return of the Merlin consciousness deep within humanities matrix.

The title of Merlin is one that can only be bestowed on a few, many of you are close to being bestowed this title,

So it is important that you rejoin and reactivate within the Magic Circle.

Now magic is just a state where one can alchemise and change.

Many lower level initiates, those who are unawake see the work we do is magic.

But in truth it is acknowledging your inner power, it is about you coming into your power, it is about you being able to recognise who you are!

Why you are here and the gifts of healing you have to offer.

I will call in many Magical Beings to assist us and many of you are already connected with the Elemental Realms.

We will in particular work with the Dragons and the Raven consciousness to bring about the inner shifts

And we will also work in sacred ceremony with many plants, incense and other shamanic tools to help you reconnect to earth magic this way.

Know that this is a great opportunity for you all, if you hear the call.

I invite you and I will support you to all become the magic within.

You are ready for this upgrade to start the New Year, the New Cycle, energised, healed and awakened.

You are ready to fully shift your healing into 5th Dimensional form and live in the New Earth Template in inner bliss

Blessed be.”


“I have attended a number of channeled retreats with Alphedia and Auraengus and they are always extremely powerful and expansive. The other people from around the world who attend end feeling like soul family who you haven’t seen for several lifetimes! Alphedia has the ability to channel Beings of Light for hours (and days) on end, and hold a safe container for the entire group. I am able to receive deep healing, insights, and powerful transformation. I know I am always altered on myriad levels during and after attending one of these retreats and they are a deep gift to my Soul.” Kristin, USA

“I take the opportunity to express profound gratitude for the retreats I’ve participated in. I acknowledge that it takes great organizational effort before, during and after and much stamina during the actual event. THANK YOU, Alphedia and Auraengus, and all the support team!” Brenda, UK

“It felt equally powerful to your usual distance sessions and there was a strong sense of you holding the space for us in which we could safely rest and grow. Together with my husband we both felt it was like virtual a sanctuary” Magdalena Thailand

“Thank you so much for hosting facilitating organising guiding channelling supporting journeying with ­us holding the space for us during the amazing autumn Equinox retreat. I am a changed person! I could say a lot more, but I think that sums it up nicely. A few very significant shifts have occurred during working through the recordings, and I have gained and learnt so much from listening to your discussions and sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Thank you Thank you Thank you.” Michèle, UK

“Thank you Alphedia and Auraengus, and everyone participating! Woo hoo! I feel like a new person feeling lighter in creating love and joy for our Earth healings. Details of retreat were very clear and I was able to access all videos, join in zoom and so enjoyed meeting everyone in our private facebook group. Awesome to transform with workshop meditations and clearing issues with people of similar sharing experiences. I loved drumming in the forests and gong bath. The energies from our guides were so intense and amazing . Looking forward to more in future! lots of love! 💕🌈☀️” – Beth

“Alphedia and Auraengus–this was such a spectacular retreat and I am so grateful to have found you and been able to take part. Thank you so much for the potent meditations, activations, gong bath, skull activations.. WOW!! Sunday afternoon I had a couple of hours of deep unwinding and then smooth integration yesterday and even still today. I was surprised by the strength of the activation with Osiris. Super excited to take part in your work moving forward.💟” – Heather

“I’ve loved this virtual retreat and the ability to connect with everyone in real time from out here in Cali. I have felt more empowered to stand in my truth, trust my divine path and in my intuitive vision. I loved the 4 am drumming in the solstice and Roslin Glen activations videos—as a distance participant for retreats in the past, it is so nice to SEE these sacred sites and ceremonies. Loved Auriel’s fern blessing too! 😀 I feel so blessed by all the love and support of the deities, angels, and elementals and gifted to be a part of this group. Thank you, Alphedia and Auraengus, for all your hard work, wisdom, and talents that have brought this retreat into my home! Happy Solstice! ☀️💗💕” – Jackie, California

“I Loved it Alphedia, Thank you for holding the space for such a long time. So wonderful to be working together like that, gives me a sense of belonging. It was an intense time. I am feeling tired and luckily my throat ache is not getting worse, but better. Now it is time to integrate…. which I have to allow time for…. blessings!” – Pamela, Netherlands

“Absolutely amazing retreat!! Thank you Alphedia and Auraengus for hosting this for all of us to still come together in spirit and make more amazing energy clearings, shifts and upgrades!! We all make an awesome team!! Blessings to all!” Jeanna, USA

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