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$43, Affiliate Marketing Essentials Bundle - Istacktraining course available
Istack Affiliate Marketing Essentials Bundle

Status: AVAILABLE - Download immediately

Languages: English

Combined file size: 1 GB

Included files: (ts, png)

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Want to make money on the internet? There are some core skills you're going to need, such as campaign testing, and ad spying. ...

Course Provider Name: Affiliate Marketing Essentials Bundle
by Istacktraining

Want to make money on the internet? There are some core skills you’re going to need, such as campaign testing, and ad spying. Beyond that, you’re going to want to master a few of the best traffic sources out there, such as Facebook ads and Native Ads. This bundle addresses all those key topics, featuring expert affiliate marketers teaching their best lessons on these essential affiliate marketing skills. 

Affiliate Marketing Essentials Bundle includes these courses

Next Level Ad Spying // by Paul Jeyapal // $197

Want to make massive profits in the online game? Step number one is learn exactly how your competitors are doing it, so you can do the same, only better. Super Affiliate Paul Jeyapal shows you how to get the best out of every ad spying tool, how to cross reference results from each to find out exactly what all your top competitors are doing to drive massive profits.

What Will I Learn?

In this awesome module, Super Affiliate Paul Jeyapal walks you through step by step how to do some seriously next level ad spying. Many marketers start and end with simple keyword searches, but Paul shows us his simple tactics to dig into the data to find and replicate the true best performing ads.


Section 1

Why Ad Spy on Your Competitors?
Getting Started with Ad Spying
What Tools to Use for Ad Spying

Section 2

HDTV Antenna Campaign
Tracker Domain Spying
Personal Spreadsheet for Ad Spying

Section 3

Advanced Spying Techniques

One Hour to Native Ad Profits // by Tom Claflin // $197

Tom believes that for affiliate media buyers starting out, that there is no better opportunity to make a lot of money with very little overhead or hassle than there is with Native Advertising. Tom’s module gives a complete overview of the native ad ecosystem, and then shows how to get a standard offer from an affiliate network and how to run it on Revconent.

What will I Learn?

Students will finish Tom’s 1-Hour Native Profits with a complete template for how to plan, setup, and optimize native ad campaigns to profitability in as little as three weeks, spending only one-hour a day. Please note that if you plan to follow along with Tom’s efforts, you’ll need to have a budget of at least $5-10K for testing purposes.

Course Description

Tom’s lessons cover strategy, setup, tracking and optimizing. Over the course of 4 lessons (and a little over two weeks) Tom gets his Revcontent campaign to break-even, working about one-hour a day, while spending $1OK. If you want to break into the native ad media buying game, there’s no better piece of training available.However none of the things mentioned above are more important than the type of paper you will choose to print your catalog on. The “feel” of your catalog is important to your potential customers. The longer they have your catalog in their hands, the more product they will buy. In this article I will go over some of the many paper choices you have to print your catalog on.

First you need to decide if the cover will be the same paper as the rest of your catalog. In most cases the cover will be of heavier weight then the interior pages.Curriculum

Many people sign up for affiliate programs with the hopes of making some serious money. They advertise a few places and then wait for the money to start pouring in. When it doesn’t, they blame it on the program and quit.

Section 1 – Intro to Native, Campaign selection and launch

Section 2 – Launching a Campaign

Section 3 – Optimization Theory

Section 4 – Optimization Part 1

Section 5 – Optimization Part 2

Section 6 – Optimization Part 3

Facebook is the in-arguably the most powerful advertising platform on the planet, but it’s definitely not always friendly to CPA advertisers (affiliate media buyers). This is the issue that FBQueen tackles directly with her three part module on Facebook Ads for CPA advertisers.

What Will I Learn?

Students will come away from FBQueen’s module with a clear strategy for how to choose, setup, optimize and scale whitehat CPA Facebook campaigns. Get a glimpse at her mind map for campaign selection and success.

Course Description

FB Queen starts with a detailed analysis of how to choose affiliate CPA offers that will comply with Facebook’s terms and conditions and moves on to how to get them set up for success.

She explains best practices for how to setup your ads manager and campaign structure, as well as how to select content for your ads. This course will walk you through her entire decision making process of ad creation, execution and optimization. 


FB Queen Walks Students Through Campaign Research, Preparation and Scaling Results

1, Introduction to Facebook Advertising and Offers

What Type of Offers Will Work For You
How to Choose a CPA Network
Working with Affiliate Managers
Negotiating Payouts

2. Researching Offers and Set Up

Customer Psychology
How to use Spy Tools
Identifying Audiences

3. Creating Ad Content

Understanding Campaign Objectives
Campaign Structure
Audience Development
Navigating Business Manager

4. Campaign Execution

Campaign Set Up
Optimizing Tips
Account Best Practices
Ad Content Best Practices

Testing is an essential to creating profitable media buying campaigns and learning to test economically can make or break your whole business. However testing is a skill that many marketers overlook. In this powerful module, Purple Leads Founder and CEO, James Van Elswyk teaches you the exact testing methodology that has helped him scale his 8 figure business on Facebook and Native Ads.

What Will I Learn?

James’ module on Ad campaign Testing will teach you the exact system he uses to analyze and optimize his Facebook and Native Ad campaigns for both lead generation and ecommerce offers, in the most economical way possible.

Course Description

In this module James Van Elswyk teaches the exact testing methodolgy that has helped his business save millions of dollars. By learning to test quickly, thoroughly, and economically, you can put your affiliate campaigns as well as your business as a whole in a better position to thrive and grow. Testing is often overlooked by marketers, or worse yet, marketers tend to go with their gut. This approach can lead to thousands in wasted ad spend, days of lost time and campaigns that never reach their potential.

James Van Elswyk says stop going with your gut! Here he provides his methodology to test headlines, ad copy, images, landing pages, audiences and interets. Learn to test properly and watch your campaigns and business flourish.


Section 1 – Data Hygiene

  • If you don’t buy clean data you’ve paid for nothing
  • How to name campaigns
  • How to create a proper testing environment to isolate variables
  • How to run a control
  • Testing is not performance or scaling. Its testing – Don’t fall In love

Secton 2 – Data Purchasing

  • Assume Loss – PNL loss but info Profit
  • How to keep testing cheap by ordering your testing
  • What KPIs to measure and their unique testing requirements

Section 3 – Data Testing Planning

  • How to create a testing plan
  • How much should you spend and how long should you test?
  • Testing with or without algo influence

Section 4 – Data analysis

  • What constitutes statistical significance
  • When to prolong a test
  • How to analyze results
  • Winner moves on: How to advance your test
  • How to verify results 

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