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$18, Agora Tapes Pt 2 - Agora Email Marketing course available
Agora Tapes Pt 2 Agora Email Marketing

Status: AVAILABLE - Download immediately

Languages: English

Combined file size: 10.3 MB

Included files: 1 mp3 (mp3)

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They also hire the best of the best copywriters in the world, do millions of dollars in testing each year, and are in one of the single most competitive and “cut throat” markets on the planet (financial). ...

Course Provider Name: Agora Tapes Pt 2
by Agora Email Marketing

If you want to write emails that make sales nearly every time you push “send”, then here’s how I do it.

And, how you can, too.

(Yes, even if you flunked English and horrified your grammar teachers)

Here’s the scoop:

Last year the prestigious Agora Financial flew me in to their Baltimore office to teach about some secret ways I use to outsell my competition online. Agora is a 9-figure earning publishing and (most recently) supplement company. They also hire the best of the best copywriters in the world, do millions of dollars in testing each year, and are in one of the single most competitive and “cut throat” markets on the planet (financial).

Anyway, one of the things they asked me to teach was email.

So, I taught them a “warp speed” version my email system and they taped it.

This recording is now part 2 of what I call:

“The Agora Tapes”

Here’s a “sneak preview” of what I taught them:

  • The 4-minute email secret that even someone who doesn’t know how to spell can use to bang out all the profitable emails you want, whenever you want, and in less time than it takes to watch a TV commercial. (Another bonus: If you’re in a new market it’ll also cut your market research down to a fraction of the time it normally takes.)
  • The Las Vegas stripper secret for extracting the maximum amount of sales out of customers using nothing but email. (Do this and people will not only rush to your shopping cart to buy from you… but they’ll enjoy every minute of it. And before you even ask, you don’t have to take your clothes off…)
  • How to write emails that make sales even if you don’t mention a single benefit. (This technique is perfect for people who are afraid of selling or coming off “pushy” in their emails.)
  • How to “jump start” a dormant (and even dead, in some cases) list so the people on it are ready and willing to start buying from you. (If you haven’t mailed your list in months, this one sure-fire way to turn many of those dead leads into living buyers.)
  • The “haunted” subject line technique that immediately stands out in overcrowded inboxes. (If your list gets a lot of email, this simple subject line trick can make you the only one they see and pay attention to.)
  • 7 “newbie-proof” ways to write profitable emails in just 15-minutes or less. (Don’t let the word “newbie” fool you — I use these 7 ways myself in nearly every email I send, and are so simple they work even for people who have trouble writing a grocery list.)
  • The big mistake probably 90% of email marketers (especially many email marketing “teachers”) make that is guaranteed to cut your sales in half or worse. (You’ll get lots of “fans” doing this, but only a smidgen of the sales you should be making.)
  • The single best way ever invented to (1) repel hostile freebie seekers and (2) double your sales with emails. (It took me half a decade to figure this out, yet I taught it to Agora in about 10 seconds.)
  • The never-talked-about reason why people ignore emails with lots of content and value. (People appreciate those kinds of emails, but they ignore them, don’t read them, and never buy from them. You’re much better off doing what I taught Agora in this training, instead.)
  • The “bait the hook” strategy that gets people reading (and buying) even from blatant sales pitch emails. (I overheard one of the world’s top direct mail copywriters talk about this on a phone call once, and it works like gangbusters for ratcheting up sales from email.)
  • A secret subject line trick that “sticks” in your reader’s brain and gets his attention even if he has 100 other distractions around him. (Best part: These subject lines are already 95% written for you, you just have to know where to look to get them.)
  • A little-known negotiation tactic that can make absolutely sure nobody is ever bored by your emails. (Being boring is the #1 email sin there is — here’s how to write emails that are impossible to bore your list with, and will keep your cash register ringing.)
  • A secret way of using your tongue to bat out dozens of emails quickly. (This secret is especially helpful for people who find writing stressful and frustrating.)
  • The catnip subject line used by one of the highest paid copywriters on the planet. (I actually learned this from an A-list copywriter’s long-running direct mail letter. And, if you do this correctly, your list will have almost no choice but to open your emails, even if they hate you and purposely try to ignore you.)
  • Why perfectly written emails with zero grammar or spelling mistakes can often make less money than imperfect emails with lots of errors. (There is a reason non-polished salesman with crummy-looking clothes and gaffe-prone politicians who screw up their speeches tend to be more persuasive — here’s how you can use this little-known quirk of human nature in your emails to make more sales, too.)
  • How to use ordinary slang to slip into your reader’s mind and make them more likely to buy from your emails. (And, which exact country has the best slang for English-speaking email marketers to use.)
  • How people are naturally “hardwired” to be persuaded… and how to use this knowledge to double (even triple) your sales via email. (This technique has been used by everything from ancient religions to amass millions of new members… to blockbuster Hollywood movies to amass millions of ticket sales. It also lets you invade markets where you don’t know a lot and still pound out hundreds of emails that sell.)
  • The two best people to learn how to tell stories in emails from. (One is the late, great copywriter Gary Halbert. But you’ll never guess who the other one is, even though you can hear him tell stories free each day online.)
  • A neat email story “guide” you can get free online. (These stories are basically written for you, and it’s easy as pie to adapt them to emails that people will love to read and buy from).
  • How to use the psychological “contrast-effect” in your subject lines to seize your reader’s brain. (It’s like holding up a giant stop sign to their neurology and stopping their scattered and wandering thoughts dead in their tracks.)
  • The “Dear Abby” secret for quickly writing profitable emails people can’t help but read. (Advice columns and certain ads in high-selling publications like “Mens Health” have been doing this for decades to get people coming back day after day… and this little-known tactic works like crazy to get people engaged with your emails.)
  • How to turn the drama queens on your email list into rabid buyers. (I admit this one is weird… but if you use this tactic in your emails, you can turn some of your loudest and most obnoxious complainers into your best buyers and testimonials.)
  • How to get less spam complaints by sending more emails. (I get very few spam complaints — maybe one every couple weeks — yet I mail 1,2, even 3 times per day. Here’s how I do it, and how you can, too.)
  • Should you be sending “good will” emails where you don’t sell anything and just give information free? (The answer will surprise you.)
  • How to scare away freebie-seekers from your list while turning on everyone else to buy from you. (This is some of the best list management advice you will ever get, and it can put more sales in your pocket, too.)
  • How to get bestselling authors to help you explode your open rates. (This is just one of many ways how you can legally use someone else’s hard work to get more of your emails opened.)
  • Why a lot of email marketers who don’t sell because they want to come off as “nice” are really douche bags who are doing their market a disservice. (If you are someone who thinks you’re doing people a favor by not selling, then this part of the training can cure you of your wicked ways and bump up your sales — fast.)
  • How to “tweak” your emails so they’re easier to read. (Automatically making it more likely your emails will be read and bought from.)
  • The shot gun subject line that is so potent it’s almost guaranteed to get opened by the biggest number of people on your list. (The good news is, it gets your emails read even by people who never open your emails… the bad news is, you can only use it once in a while.)
  • Word-for-word the best kind of subject line you can use. (Best part: Not only do people enjoy and look forward to reading this kind of subject line, but it puts readers in a “buying” frame of mind from the start.)
  • Should you start with the subject line when writing an email? Or should you start with the body copy? (A good question — and the answer will make the whole process a lot faster and easier for you.)
  • What to do if you can’t think up a good subject line and want to get an email out quickly. (Nothing mysterious or “ninja” about this, but it can definitely save you a lot of time and frustration.)
  • How to “sexy up” plain vanilla subject lines. (Just do this and you can often transform a boring subject line into an email that people can’t open fast enough.)
  • How to bring new opt-ins in to your list so they expect you to pitch them. (Almost everyone gets this wrong, which is why so many people have problems keeping their spam rates and other complaints down.)

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