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$34, Guaranteed IQ - Bradley Thompson course available
Bradley Thompson Guaranteed Iq

Status: AVAILABLE - Download immediately

Languages: English

Combined file size: 193.83 MB

Included files: (mp3, pdf)

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They reveal that intelligence - or genius, or IQ - is something that can dramatically and positively change your life. And they reveal that it is also malleable, something that you can change and increase - so long as you know how to do it. ...

Course Provider Name: Guaranteed IQ
by Bradley Thompson

All These Scientific Facts Reveal ONE Thing VERY Clearly…

They reveal that intelligence – or genius, or IQ – is something that can dramatically and positively change your life. And they reveal that it is also malleable, something that you can change and increase – so long as you know how to do it.

Recent studies by leaders in neuro-science and human psychology – such as Win Wenger, Edward de Bono, Tony Buzan, and Dr Richard Wiseman – have paved the way in developing specific techniques that can “shortcut” the intelligence-building process.

These techniques allow anyone to begin instantly building their mental muscle – and boosting your IQ – in absolute record-time.

Want to learn more?

How YOU Can Boost Your IQ Quickly, Easily And Effortlessly…

There’s no doubt about it. There are simple and proven methods of quickly and easily increasing your IQ – and enjoying the health, wealth and life-enhancing benefits that come with increased intelligence.

For example, want to enjoy an IMMEDIATE and SIGNIFICANT boost in your IQ level?

One simple little lifestyle change can make it happen. This tiny alteration was recently tested on over one million people, and resulted in an average IQ boost of 14%.

Or, how about the fun “Image Streaming technique” – which has been proven to increase your IQ by one point for every hour you use it?

Or, what about the simple supplement you can add to your diet, which is guaranteed to sharpen your mind and increase your IQ levels in just a matter of days?

I’d like to share these powerful techniques with you over the next couple of weeks. And by trying them out, you’ll begin to dramatically improve your life. Not only will you experience greater intelligence, but also more self-confidence, an enhanced social status, increased wealth – and more.

But let me start by introducing myself…


My name is Bradley Thompson. I’m the founder of the Self Help Street website, and author of over a dozen courses on the mind and self-improvement.

I’ve spent over 12 years exploring the human brain, researching and writing books such as The Belief Secret, the Ultimate NLP Course, Secrets of Hypnosis, and the Genius Mindset.

Along the way, I’ve discovered some of the most potent (and scientifically-validated) techniques for drastically improving your IQ.

And for the first time ever, I’ve put them all together… a collection of extremely powerful techniques that almost anyone can benefit from…

All inside a brand new program designed to help you increase your IQ, and tap into your inner genius.

It’s name? …

The Guaranteed IQ Course

Uncover the GUARANTEED IQ Course: The ULTIMATE Guide to Rocketing Your Intelligence Levels By Tapping Into These Simple, Scientific Techniques!

Guaranteed IQ is a powerful home-study course, designed to help you increase your intelligence levels to an IQ score of 140 points or more (genius level) – all by following a few simple exercises. And that’s a guarantee!

The course is available via instant digital access, so you don’t have to spend hours reading complicated books on neural theory. Just hit the “play” button, sit back – and follow the material through.

Packed full of simple (and fun) exercises and games, Guaranteed IQ shares the tricks and techniques uncovered by the latest cutting-edge research into raising your IQ. You’ll learn how to switch on your creative genius, and the simple daily exercises that will leave you miles ahead of the crowd.

Inside The Guaranteed IQ Course: And Why It’s Way More Than Just Basic ‘Brain Training’

Inside the Guaranteed IQ course, you’ll discover a step-by-step series of simple, practical techniques you can use each day to boost your intelligence.

These aren’t the usual “Sudoku”-style brain training suggestions you find inside magazine articles, or featured in simulated computer games. These are genuine techniques that you can practice at home, which have been scientifically-proven to dramatically increase your IQ.

That means increased intelligence. Improved income levels. A better career. More loving relationships. Lifelong health and wellbeing. And much, much more besides.

Once you start using Guaranteed IQ, you’ll be well on the way to enjoying the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of.

Remember: This isn’t a ‘tree-hugging‘ program. It’s a practical guide to increasing your IQ.

I think you’ll find the Guaranteed IQ course to be an empowering, educational and entertaining guide to boosting your intelligence and overall well-being. You’ll be inspired to re-evaluate your life, and discover just what you are capable of.

So, What’s Inside the GUARANTEED IQ Course?

Here’s a SNEAK PEAK Inside this Digital Audio Program…

The Guaranteed IQ course is a compressed compendium of the very latest techniques for improving your IQ, all crammed into an amazing digital access program – so that you can listen along, as your intelligence grows.

You’ll uncover the leading techniques borne of the latest scientific research — and how these can translate into practical methods of improving your intelligence and IQ score.

Best of all, you only have to sit back and relax – as the audio guides you through the special intelligence techniques while you listen, so you can instantly practice the methods and see the difference. It also shares the simple lifestyle changes that you can implement, that will make you drastically smarter, in just days.

Audio Session #1: Laying The Foundation Of Guaranteed IQ Success

Guaranteed IQ is a unique audio guide to boosting your intelligence to enjoy all the many benefits this can bestow in your career, family and personal life.

In the first audio session, you will learn…

  • What is IQ, and the multitude of benefits you will enjoy by raising your IQ score — including (in all probability) a longer, happier, healthier and wealthier life!
  • Why, contrary to what is often believed, there is OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE that intelligence is NOT something you are born with that never changes — and how, by applying the techniques taught in this course, you really CAN raise your IQ, potentially by many points.
  • How to choose and set your target IQ. We reveal the IQs of people in various walks of life — and explain exactly how to set a target to achieve ANY IQ LEVEL YOU DESIRE!
  • The three essential preliminaries to tuning your brain for MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE. Making a few small ‘adjustments’ here really can give your IQ — and other areas of your life as well — a MASSIVE BOOST.

  • Twelve top tips for sleeping better — your brain works best when it is fully rested every night. Overcome insomnia and other sleep problems FOREVER by following these scientifically-proven principles.

  • Seven great tips for nourishing your brain — like a car, your brain works best when it’s given the right fuel. Follow this high-octane advice and put your intelligence into overdrive!
  • Why correct breathing is so important to your mental functioning — and a simple, but little-known, technique you can use to IMMEDIATELY BOOST the flow of oxygen to your brain to generate instant mental sharpness..
  • All about the AMAZING “IMAGE STREAMING” TECHNIQUE of Dr Win Wenger — one scientific study found that students who practised this enjoyed a boost of almost one IQ point for every hour they spent using the technique.
  • The THREE KEYS to successful image streaming — and a practical exercise you can try immediately to actually FEEL THE BENEFITS for yourself!
  • How exactly image streaming boosts your intelligence — and five tips GUARANTEED to get your image stream flowing, even if you’ve never been able to visualize in your life before.

  • A little intelligence-boosting technique you may like to use – Taught by one of the world’s leading experts in human potential and self-development, yet so simple a child could do it. Try it now and feel the immediate benefits…
  • real-life description of an image streaming session performed by the author — LEARN FROM THE MASTER!
  • A full TEN MORE POWERFUL TECHNIQUES for opening your image stream in the unlikely event that you’re still having problems — including one straight from Lewis Carroll!
  • Why image streaming is far more than ‘just’ a method for boosting your IQ – how to apply this powerful technique to specific day-to-day problems and decisions.
  • A full-length guided practice session — use the image-streaming technique to find solutions to ANY PROBLEM OR ISSUE that may be troubling you.
  • Four more practical methods you can use to improve your image streaming skills still further and become an IMAGE-STREAMING MASTER!

  • And much, much more…

Once you complete Audio Lesson #1, you’ll see exactly how it provides you with a wide range of fresh perspectives and practical day-to-day solutions for familiar (and possibly stressful) situations.

What’s more, you’ll probably be already enjoying the benefits of following the advice in Audio Lesson #1, and noticing improvements in your IQ and overall mental functioning.

Audio Lesson #2: Advanced IQ Development: Building On The Foundations Of Guaranteed IQ Success

Audio Session 2 in the Guaranteed IQ course builds on the foundations of your early breakthroughs in mental capacity – and takes you to greater levels of intelligence and achievement.

In this powerful advanced section, you’ll discover a range of additional techniques you can use which will boost your IQ even further, including:

  • An amazing IQ-boosting technique using a proven but little-understood capacity of the human mind. This capacity is more usually associated with mental illness — but we reveal how you can apply it to turbo-boost your intellectual powers!
  • How a performance-improving technique first used by Stone Age man can still be applied to astonishing effect in the 21st Century — full guided practice exercise included!
  • How a woman named Mary learned to play the violin to concert standards in just two weeks — and how YOU could follow her example to master ANY SKILL YOU DESIRE!
  • A method first suggested by lateral thinking guru Dr Edward de Bono to improve thinking skills in groups and individuals — and an easy, step-by-step guide to help you harness the power of this amazing technique for yourself.
  • A deceptively simple technique from Dr Win Wenger for improving your thinking skills — with a four-step method you can use RIGHT NOW to enjoy all the benefits of this technique yourself!
  • The intelligence-boosting method of mind mapping, as developed by UK psychologist Tony Buzan — and why it’s such a great tool for tapping into the inspirational power of your unconscious mind.
  • Ten great tips for getting the most out of mind mapping — and the software (some of it FREE) you can use to multiply these benefits many times over on your computer!
  • All about brainwave entrainment — what it is, and why it’s such a powerful tool for boosting your creativity and getting your brain into gear for ANY task. PLUS, we reveal where you can obtain the very best, cutting-edge brainwave entrainment products.
  • A dirt-cheap, low-tech tool you can start using TODAY to boost your intelligence and every other aspect of your mental functioning — plus SEVEN TOP TIPS for getting the maximum benefit from it!
  • How information overload can reduce your IQ by TWICE the amount caused by smoking cannabis – and seven essential tips and techniques for overcoming it.
  • Why a kitchen timer can be your best friend for organizing your working day — and why attempting to multi-task may be the WORST thing you can possibly do as far as your intelligence is concerned!

  • The incredible power of goal-setting — and the five-letter acronym that ensures that any goals you set guide you WITH LASER PRECISION towards achieving your targets.
  • Why having goals can make all the difference between achieving your full potential and drifting aimlessly through life — and how combining goals with intelligence and one other quality will ensure there really are NO LIMITS to what you can achieve!
  • And much much more!

Any of these strategies – especially the handful of “super-sonic” techniques we’ll share with you – has the power to seriously increase your IQ, and change your life for the better.

And just imagine what could happen if you decided to use several of them at once!

By following the principles you’ll learn in Guaranteed IQ, you’ll find yourself achieving more of the things you’ve always wanted to — but never thought you could — UNTIL NOW.

All thanks to your greater intelligence and higher IQ. People from all walks of life have enjoyed and benefited from these breakthrough self-development techniques. Now it’s your turn.


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